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Thyroid follicular lesion 2.4cm solid circumscribed with mild vascularity.Thyroseq pending Can this test show a definite benign? what's circumscribed

1 CM solid hypoechoic nodule no associated calcifications or increased vascularity have been seen?

12x10x9mm heterogeneous nodule isoechoic what is that?

1st FNA is benign follicular lesion, u/s ;hypoechoic thyroid nodule with few small calcifications, 2nd FNA ; hard consistency solid nodule,%ofcancer?

2 times of FNA are benign follicular nodule but US finding irregular hypoechoic solid nodule with internal flecks of calcifications, possible?

3 thyroid nodules, hypoechoic solid nodule with few tiny calcified 1st FNA is benign follicular lesion and 2nd is benign follicular nodule,possible?

3cm hyperechoic thyroid nodule with increased vascularity, normal TSH fnac- follicular cell with hyperplastic area. What it indicates?

3cm hypoechoic solid vascular thyroid nodule with a cluster of hurthle cells, fna benign, follow up ultrasound now shows microcalcifications. Cancer?

6.5X5.5CM multioculated hypodensity nonenhancing liver cyst with no solid mass but with lobulations. Could it be cancer?

8mm normal vascularity hypoechoic thyroid nodule incidentally found on ultrasound. Does this need to be biopsies? Had one before and it disappeared.

A 2.3 CM solid nodule found on my thyroid on left lobe. No needle biopsy yet. Can I have the nodule only removed? Or is lobe removal the only way?

A CT scan showed a solitary thyroid nodule and a solitary nodule in my upper lung. Are these often related?

Abundant benign appearing follicular epithelial cells, hemosidering-laden macrophages &colloid present. & scattered micro follicles noted. Favor adenomatoid nodule. What is adenomatoid nodule?

Any docs familiar with "picker's nodules"? What can you tell me about it?

Are 3 nodules on thyroid 1.5, 1.0, and .9 hetergenorous and hyperechoic cancer. ?

Are all types of thyroid nodules / lumps cancerous?

Are all types of thyroid nodules/lumps cancerous?

Are cold nodules in thyroid with increase vascularity always malignants?

Are heterogeneous complex thyroid nodules degenerating adenomas and have to be removed if peripherally vascular?

Are isoechoic and hypoecoic nodules and cysts cancerous?

Are single dominant heterogenous thyroid nodule no calcifications which increased in size both lobes. 1.2x1.3x2.4cm and 2.9x2.9x3.7cm. usually benign?

Are solid nodules of the thyroid usually biopsied?

Are solid nodules on thyroid more likely to be malignant?

Are thyroid nodules with microcalcifications always cancerous?

Bilateral avascular hypoechoic nodules greater than 1 cm in heterogenous thyroid. Diffuse uptake on PET as incidental finding. Cancer or thyroiditis?

Breast Sonograpgy well circumscribed hypoechoic solid nodules slightly lobulated wider than taller means?? do i need to be afraid??

Can a "normal" thyroid nodule develop abnormal follicular neoplasm cells over time?

Can a 7mm hypoechoic thyroid nodule resolve in a month? Nodule not see on ultrasound 1 month later.

Can a solid nodule 1.1 CM on thyroid go away on its own?

Can a solid thyroid nodule shrink in size on its own?

Can anaplastic thyroid cancer be found on ultrasound? Is the nodule or appaerance solid, cystic or both. Would the radiologist be able to tell?

Can benign thyroid nodule become malignant?

Can benign thyroid nodule turn cancerous?

Can calcification in thyroid nodules mean you have cancer?

Can calcification in thyroid nodules mean you have cancer?

Can cystic thyroid nodule be cancerous?

Can multiple nodules be cancerous?

Can the hypoechoic&isochoic nodules&cysts in my thyroid be cancerous?

Can there be a cyst and a exophytic solid mass lesion on a kidney? are the thge same? does the solid mass indicate cancer?

Can you tell me about complex thyroid nodule, was diagnosed benign about 12 months ago?

Can you tell me what a 2.4 CM left ovarian cystic lesion with 8mm enhancing mural nodule suspicious of neoplasm.

Complex cyst with small mural nodule what is mural nodule?

Complex cystic hypoechoic nodules right parotid gland with internal vascular septations &calcifications Echogenic foci Biopsy in future. Inconclusive?

Complex thyroid nodule biopsied said to be benign... Now regardless of the diagnosis... Could it be possible that nodule is cancerous and biopsy missed it?

Complex thyroid nodule... Negative for malignancy ... Adenomatoid nodule with resolving hemorrhage? What? And is it still possible for it to cancerous

Could biopsies that i had in the past cause punctate calcifications on my thyroid?

Could you tell me what happens if my multiple thyroid solid nodules unremoved?

Cyst with papillary excrescences is solid compact tissue?

Do all neoplastic masses, both benign and not, have vascularity of some kind? What ones have moderate vascularity?

Do calcified nodules grow in size?

Do mural nodules mean cancer?

Does a homogeneous or heterogeneous solid thyroid nodule have more cancer risk? I see lots of info on heterogeneous but not on homogeneous.

Does a solid 1.1 CM thyroid nodule need to be biopsy?

Does calcification in thyroid nodules mean that you have cancer?

Does calcification of thyroid nodules mean cancer?

Does vascularity in a throid nodule meam cancer?

Fna on thyroid nodule shows predominately hurthle cells with follicular and colloid....34yrs old....nodule 2.7cm...hurthle cells cancer??

Had breast cancer (6 yrs ago) and us shows I have hypodense solid nodules on my thyroid. Should i be concerned and what would you recommend doing now?

Help please? What is the difference between a thyroid nodule and a calcification?

Heterogeneous mass what is the answer for this is it surgery?

Heterogeneous thyroid, my ultrasound stated that diffusely heterogeneous thyroid with no discrete cystic or solid nodule identified.

Hi,I had a partial Thyroidectomy in 2008 (papillary carcinoma)I've just had a CT scan that said lobulated heterogenous appearance.Normal?

How is it a 20 yr old (so called benign) thyroid nodule have new calcification and may now be cancerous? Why not take it out years ago? Very upsettin

How often are thyroid nodule microcalcifications cancerous? Can capsule be ruptured during biopsy?

Hyperechoeic nodule in liver - what is this?

I had a sonogram of my thyroid. I have 9 nodules/cyst. 2 solid hypoechoic heterogeneous nodules. What does this mean? Cancer?

I had an ultrasound of my thyroid that states thyroid has multiple subcentimeter nodules but is homogeneous in echotexture with no mass, nodule, or other abnormality, Hypoechoic nodule at the lower pole on right 3x3x3mm, cystic nodule in the interpol?

I had endometrial cancer in 9/2012. I have thyroid goiter with nodules, virchow's node, mediastinal and bilateral hilar adenopathy. Could it be thyroid cancer?

I had my thyroid removed because pf papillary cancer. Sonogram shows three nodules - all small and avascular hypoechoic . They have not grown.?

I have 12 nodules in my thyroid, one is in the isthmus. Is it likely my specialist will biopsy all nodules?

I have 2 thyroid nodules and 1 is hypoechoic and the other complex should I worry?

I have a 2.4 heterogeneous hypoechoic solid nodule with cystic components and no increased vascularity or interna calcification. Shortness of breath?

I have a 1.0cm x.80cm hypoechoic solid nodule. Could it be cancer?

I have a 2.4 heterogeneous hypoechoic solid nodule with cystic components and no increased vascularity or internalcalcification on thyroid. Is it bad?

I have a 2.6 mass in the midline of my neck. did a sonogram, CT scan, and a biopsy. It says I have a benign thyroid nodule. One of the dr is recommend?

I have a 2.7 CM complex solid nodule with coarsened calcifications in the midpole with mild intranodular flow...could this be cancer?

I have a 3mm hypoechoic solid nodule, with an midly enlarge thyroid, should I worried about that?

I have a 4.4cmx3.5cmx1.1cm solid thyroid nodule. The report read "Microcalcifications" and "Hypervascular". What is the likelihood that it is cancer?

I have a 57x37x56 nodule on my thyroid. It is solid and hetergenously hypoechoic and is hypervascular at the periphery of the lesion. Is it cancerous?

I have a 5xmm isoechoic solid nodule in.The thyroid can u please tell me what is?

I have a complex cystic ovarian mass with mural nodularity measuring 4.1 cm. Is this suspicious for malignancy?

I have a heterogeneous hypoechoic thyroid nodule with solid components, internal vascularity and calcifications. Is there a chance this is cancer?

I have a large complex nodule (mass) on my right thyroid and a small hypo echoic nodule on my left. Is this more likely to be malignant?

I have a large hot noduleon my thyroid with punctate calcifications. I thought hot nodules could not be cancerous. What is the likelihood that it is?

I have a multinodular goiter, biggest nodule 1cm/exophytic. Repeat US in 6 months. Did not suggest aspiration. Should I worry about malignancy?

I have a paraovarian cyst that has a mural echcogenic nodule, is this serious? It's about 2cm and the nodule is 7mm.

I have a solid hypoechoic nodule with microcalcifications in the thyroid. I am 45 years old. Could it be cancer?

I have a solid hypoechoic nodule with microcalcifications. Could it be cancer?

I have a solid thyroid nodule with faint vasculariy surrounded by multiple ethnocentric nodules and a hypogenic texture. Do I need a biopsey?

I have a Thyroid Nodule and the ultrasound showed it was not cancerous. Two years it hasn't changed. Can it become cancerous?

I have a tiny hypoechoic nodule in isthmus measuring 8.5-5.9mm .Is it a colloid nodule ?

I have calcification on my thyroid and some in my neck mass. When i did my fna, the doctor only sampled the thyroid. Why not the mass? Same finding?

I have had a intrathyroid parathyroidectomy . I now have three nodules one of which is small, cystic and with calcifacation . Do i need a biopsy?

I have hashimoto's and have previously had fna on left lobe solid nodule. I now have a solid nodule on right lobe. Should I have nuclear uptake scan?

I have large thyroid nodule with microcalcifications and an additional solid hypoechic nodule. Is this indicative of malignancy?

I have multinodular goiter with two nodules measuring 10 mm and 11 mm on each lobe, then there are scattered ones throughout my thyroid. Biopsy?

I have multiple heterogeneous hypoechoic nodules at both lobe of thyroid gland and right isthmus?

I have small nodules on my thyroides. It says Heterogeneous thyroid gland. What does it mean. 3.4 to 3.7 cm. Is it cancerous? I'm only 17.

I have thyroid nodule for 20 years and grown from 2.7cm to 3.2cm in 4 yrs - now has scattered echogenic foci-calcify and increase vascularity-is canc?

I recently had a FNA of my thyroid nodule. The results showed "benign, hyperplastic nodule with extensive Hurthle cell metaplasia". Should I worry?