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Can hashimoto be the cause of mild hypercalcemia and normal pth in 28 yrs non smoker no other abnormal except a CT with a calcified left hilar node?

had a ct scan done said i have calcified granulomas bilateral hilar and and a subcarnial lymph node prominence pulm artery..should i be concerned?

R supraclavicular lymph node for 8 mths. 2 FNA's. Indetermined. Enlarged thyroid with bilateral nodules. L hemithyroidectomy 2 wks ago. Poss ca?

There is a heterogeneous fibroglandular distribution. There are axillary lymph nodes present bilaterally. mammogram report, any worries?

1.5 to 1.9cm, 2 lymph nodes neat suspected thymoma in ant mediastinum. Pet suv was 3.8 for thymoma and 4.7 for 1.9 node. Could it it by lymphoma?

1.8 CM left supraclavicular node soft & stable for 2months now.Ct: swollen para-aortic nodes. Recent acute toxoplasmosis+typhoid o.Male 28 yrs.Cancer?

2.2 cm lymph node in groin. US showed abnormal structure, small hilum, thickened cortex. Can any disease process cause node to look like that?

2mm lung nodule grew to 4.5 mm in 12 mo new nodule noncalcified punctate 2.7mm , 1palpable intramammary lymph node and tiny axillary nodes, related?

35yr female,mri showed tumor on t6,pet scan showed hypermetabolism in lymph nodes neck,chest ,med.focal uptake in esophagus.what can that be? Lymphoma

36 y/o female.Blood and mucus in stool. CT scan showed multiple mesenteric and retroperitoneal lymph nodes.Largest 2.1cm.Is this cause for concern?

3cm thymoma detected. Pet suv peak 3.8 with nearby lymph node 0.7-1cm. Results inconclusive. Is a biopsy dangerous to do. Is cancer spillage possible?

3mm preffisurral nodule found on chest ct scan. report says most likely representing intrapulmonary lymph nodes. Could this be cancerous? How likely?

73 yo with new L1 distribution of shingles and CT shows scattered nonspecific retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy. Is follow up of lymphadenopathy needed?

A 2cm probable lymph node was found between my abdominal wall and latissimus dorsi. Is this worrisome? It enhanced on the MRI - what does that mean?

A CT of my chest showed an enlarged lymph node in the carina area. It measured 1.8 cm. What is the likelihood this could be a symptom of lung cancer?

A CT scan shows several prominent peripancreatic lymph nodes and mildly prominent para-aortic lymph nodes. What does this mean?

A friend had a standard brain and orbits pre and post contrast mriperformed.There are subcentimeter bilateral parotid lymph nodes.What does that mean?

Abdominal CT scan showed mesternic and retro-penal lymph nodes. They did not note if the were enlarged but put--- infections or maligant?/

Abnormal lymph nodes demonstrating ulceration and echo intensity and hypervascularity in and about the right parotid ?

After bronchitis, could a year of pleurisy and severe fatigue followed by necrotizing granulomatous lymphadenitis be from tuberculosis? Node is benign

After CT scan found out that I have prominent lymph nodes around small intestine. What does this mean?

Age 25 F, For an year hvv rt post cervical lft supraclav bilateral axillary n mesentric few and sub centi nodes, needle biopsy of supraclav is reac?

An u/s showed "reactive size (3mm) nodes" (bilateral cervical in 7 y/o child). what could be the cause to be "reactive," if enlarged for 4+ years?

Are mesenteric adenitis and mesenteric lymphadenitis the same thing?

Benign enlarged hilar lymph nodes - just diagnosed with thyroid cancer - can they be related even though hilar biopsy was benign?

Bilateral parotitie with intraparotid lymphnodes and few lympho epithelial cysts treatement for 28 years old female?

Bilateral, anterior and posterior cervical lymph node enlargement ( all about 1cm or less). No symptoms should I be concerned? Present for over 7 months.

Blood test sgot/alt 40 abnormal high, lymph 1.1, abnormal low, w/all mediastinal & bilateral hilar nodes enlarged + virchows node. What could it be?

Can Bronchitis cause supraclavicular and superior mediastinal lymphadenopthy?

Can endometrosis cause mesternic and retro-penal lymph nodes to show in a CT scan. The radiologist noted them but did not say they were enlarged. ?

Can gastritis cause hyper metabolic retro peritoneal lymphadenopathy?

Can para - aortic adenopathy whuch are swollen be treated if is a result of cancer or TB in the stomoch?

Can RA enlarged without RV enlarging first?

Can stage 1a endometrial cancer (removed) spread to mediastinal, bilateral hilar and virchow's node w/o infiltrating another organ?

Can you help interpret u/s of cervical nodes? "None appear pathologically enlarged.Short axis is 3mm in all nodes. impression:Bil reactive size nodes"

Can you please explain the function of the lymph vessels of the chest?

Can you tell me what my ultrasound results mean. A superficial lymph node measuring 1cm in the right parotid gland. Is re active in nature.

Cervical lymphadenopathy with scan, can you tell me more about this?

Chest CT clean but mild enlarged scattered and bilat hilar L-nodes.18x19mm largest. Same on 2 CTs 14 mos apart. Stable? Sarc? Cancer? Biopsy? Watch?

Chest CT mediastinum with a number of tiny non aggressive lymph nodes what does this mean is it something to worry about?

Chest CT scan shows "nonspecific subcentimeter mediastinal and right hilar lymph nodes" should this be repeated?

Chest CT scan shows multiple scattered tiny ill defined nodules in the right lung & subcarinal lymph node measures 1 cm in its short axis, prognosis?

Contrast enhanced CT showed 'reactive appearing mediastinal lymph nodes.' What does this mean? I had pelvic phleboliths too. Normal blood work. Blood in urine.

Could a 7 mm grade 2 lymph node in the breast identified incidentally on a cervical MRI be benign?

Could a finding of left hilar lymph node calcification been caused by a pneumonia infection 2 decades ago? Could it be cancer? No TB hist. Chest pain

Ct and/pelvis contrast for lymphadenopathy. multiple non enlarged retroperitoneal lymph nodes visualized. Do you always see these nodes on ct? Normal?

Ct and/pelvis contrast for lymphadenopathy. They wrote multiple non enlarged retro peritoneal lymph nodes visualized. Is it normal to see them on ct?

CT in ER today showed an anterior mediastinal soft tissue mass 2.5x3.7x5.5cm.Bilateral axillary lymphadenopathy.Likely thymoma? googling myself crazy!

Ct neck shows scattered subcm short axis dimension lymph nodes anterior posterior cervical chains bilat. 2 x triple neg breast cancer surv. Biopsy?

Ct of neck showed scattered subcentimeter lymph nodes, is this normal or concerning?

Ct Pet brown fat in neck/ mediastinum near small lymph node difficult to know if node hypermetabolic SUV low in node not enlarged. SIGNIFICANCE?

CT report says small lymph nodes throughout small bowel mesentery, but says no significant lymphadenopathy is seen. Normal blood work.Worried? Normal?

Ct report says"nonspecific enlarged lymph node.No gross necrosis by this study to suggest metastatic disease or neoplasm otherwise."do i need a bx?

Ct results lymph nodes no significant adenopathy by size or enhancement ctitetia. Lymph node margins are sharply defined. Normal?

Ct scan - it says left-sided parapelvic cyst and it also says prominent mesenteric and retroperitoneal lymphadenopathy. What does this mean for me?

CT scan (for kidney stone) showed enlarged spleen,enlarged para-aortic lymph node, & diffusely hypodense liver-no lesions. What can this mean?

Ct scan for kidney stones reveals 'a few small stable bilateral inguinal lymph nodes all less than 10mm.' all other results normal. What are these?

Ct scan found a lesion on my liver, a 6mm nodule on my lung, 2 tracheal lymph nodes 1cm each?

Ct scan showed 1.4x1.4 CM ill defined mass right hilum.Too small to biopsy? 2.5cmx1.5 CM lymph node between aorta and IVC below renal hilum.concerns?

CT scan showed non specified borderline enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes in the RT lower quadrant, my uterus and cervix appears bulky and heterogenous.

CT scan shows "mass of calcified lymphadenopathy in the anterior mediastinum", what does that mean? Previous history ('90-'92) of stage 4 hodgkins, tr

Ct scan shows 2nodule and upper l and lr enlarged lymph node in right paratrachial, tracheal bronchial and subcarina no biopsy yet is it 100% cancer?

Ct scan: cervical lymph nodes, scattered jugular posterior. Referred to rheumatology. What can this indicate?

Ct showed 7mm and 11mm pulmonary nodules with enlarged sub cardinal node, 2.3 x 1.9 CM and another mildly enlarged node. Non smoker. How concerned?

Ct shows borderline enlarged lymph nodes that have been there for over 6 months, should they be biopsied?

Ct shows bilat hilar, all mediastl & virchows node enlarged @ least 3 mos dr says not sarcoid. Past endo cancer 1a, can biopsy of virchows tell issue?

CT shows calcified granuloma in left lobe, calcified hilar & mediastinal lymph nodes. Spleen upper limits of normal. Chronic pain, no answers.

Ct shows slightly enlarged mediastinal node. What is best way to rule out malignancy. Stage 2B bc diagnosis 4/13. Calcifications on thyroid. Cysts on liver?

CT-Thorax extensive mediastinal lymphadenopathy with central caseation ,tuberculous lymphadenopathy to consider skin test,blood cultural neg itisTB?

Ctscan chest showed couple of small non calcified nodes in the pre tracheal location and a densely calcified node in sub cardinal region. Significance?

CTshows enlarged lymp nodes(Lower cervical/mediastinal and hiller); Also possible hepato-spleanomegaly-No discrete this sarcoid or Lymphoma?

Current scans revealed only "multiple enlarged root of mesentery lymph nodes". Largest is 2.6 x 1.6 cm. Is this cancer? Are there noncancerous causes?

Dear doctor, i'm suffering from enlarged lymph nodes, could it be from focal segmental glomerulosclerosis?

Does anyone know what cause bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy?

Does having a maxilliary retention cyst on the left side of neck for months mean i have cancer?and reactive adenopathy CT scan results.

Does Koch's Neck lymphadenitis cause infertility????

Does mediastinal lymphadenopathy and hiler mass mean it's spread if it's lung cancer? Thank you

Does scleroderma present with just a lymph node with punctate foci in neck & reflux no other symptoms fna neg 4 cancer no signs of anything ?

Does the mediastinal lymphadenopathy and Hilar Mass mean that's metastasized?

Double pneumonia 3 yrs ago. Bad chest infection 3 months ago. CT scan showed 1.6cm enlarged hilar lymph node & emphysema & unchanged 3 months later. ?

Dr said I have mesenteric adenitis, what does this mean?

Enlarged hilar lymph node, bilateral ant groundglass opacities, rt pulm nodules, elevated ana, fam hist. Odds of lung cancer/metasticzd fromelsewhere?

Enlarged lymph nodes in pre-paratracheal, subcranial & right hilar. largest 26x18mm. no necrosis or calcifi. came up in regular body check.No symptoms?

Enlarged right hilum abnormal x ray?

Extensive mediastinal lymphadenopathy with central caseation tuberculous lymphadenopathy to be considered. pl let me know this TB disease?

Finally got my CT scan report. It says calcified left hilar lymph nodes and calcified left lower lobe granuloma. History of oral cancer. Benign?

Findings on my ct scan say shotty left para aortic retroperitoneal lymph nodes what does this mean?

Focal cortical thickening of axillary lymph node measuring 4.4 mm - What does this indicate?

For almost six months I have had both anterior and posterior cervical lymph node enlargement. All are about 1.0 CM or less. Should I be concerned?

Had c.t scan done for abdomen . Flank pain and says prominent but not enlarged para aortic retro operational lymph nodes are identified ?

Had CT chest showed fatty tissue on thymus gland. Is this considered thymolipoma? What is, if any, treatment?

Had Ct to check rt kidney. Report says  A few scattered periaortic lymph nodes are noted. Limited evaluation due to lack of contrast. is this normal?

Had ctscan 11/19/13, and 2/6/14. The 2nd report said mesenteric lymphadenopathy remains stable, neoplastic process not excluded. Should i see oncol?

Has subcentimetric enlarged para aortic lymphnodes has got to do anything with the history of breast cancer or can it be related to colitis?

Have a calcified left hilar lymph nodes in ct, no history of histoplasmosis etc. negative tb. Have hemopstasys and chest pains have hashimoto. Cancer?

Have a ovarian cyst 8cm, on CT scan mesenteric and retroperitoneal lymph nodes noted? Does that mean enlarge?. I'm confused. It didn't say enlarged.

Have chronic cough, small 4mm nodule. 3.3cm soft density tissue in anterior mediastinum. etiologies residual thymus,thymoma,lymphoma. should i worry?

Have heterogeneous hypoechoic nodule in upper left neck w/enlarged lymph nodes & heterogeneous hypoechoic nod left thyroid. 2x cancer surv. Concerned?

Have u ever seen dilantin induced hilar/mediastinal lymphadenopathy?

Hello Docs, had US, pls what does this mean, Conclusion: Bilateral benign cystic masses(Bi-RADS Assessment Category 2)n left benign lymph node