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Pearshaped posterior right cardiopherenic angle draping around suprahepatic ivc likely representing pleuropericardial cyst On CT scan report what?

Periportal edema and abnormal, heterogeneous enhancement pattern within the liver - what could this be? This was found when I had an appendectomy

ultrasound shows bilobed cyst in right parotid gland, 3.5 x 2.5 x 2.2 Its thin walled and has anechoic fluid. Texture is homogenous. serious??

1/2/13 MRI - Myomatous Degeneration in uterus.1/15/13 Ultrasound Normal. 4/25/14 US Showed Uterus enlarged, Heterogeneous texture 128X40x80 no mass?

. What is a 6mm anechoric structure with through-transmission in thyroid gland. At the int extent has focal course calcification mean?

"11.6 x 9.9 CM large heterogeneous mass involving right ovary."is the result of ultrasound test.Is it cancer?

"Incidental low attenuation lesion" found in kidney. 7mm in size. What does "low attenuation" mean?

(fatty liver)delayed post infusion images1cm hyperenhancing lesion posterior segment right lobe liver image dr said watch diet should there be concern?

0.61 x 0.34 x 0.48 cm well marginated hypoehoic soft tissue mass is noted at right submandibular area representing a lymp node. What does it means?

1 nod. (1.6x1.1x1.8) is solid and cystic, somewhat circumscribed. 2nd nod. ( 2.3 x 1.1 x1 x 1.3 cm), is solid with blood flow. Lobe is very vascular.

1. A lower uterine cystic lesion measuring 0.6 cm, of uncertain etiology. 2. Multiple hyperechoic foci in the endometrium. Dr not sure, thoughts?

1.5x0.6x1.1.1cm ill defined heterogeneous hypoechoic area w/internal vascularity no calcification found on heterogeneous right thyroid lobe. Explain?

1.5x6x1.1 CM ill defined heterogeneous hypoechoic area internal vascularity no central calcifications on a diffusely heterogeneous lobe. Is this bad?

1.7 ×1.5 cm of hypodense multiseptated cystic lesion detected on pancreas. Can send across the report on email.please advise on the state and next ste?

1.7cm simple liver cyst found 3yr ago. Recent US showed 2.2 cm mildly complex liver cyst. Some mural thickening or nodularity. Should I do a CT or MRI?

10x9mm hypervascular lesion (prob focal modular hyperplasia) & 5mm cyst on my liver-right lobe. No symptoms. Are these something to be concerned about?

14mmx8mmx13 mm smooth bordered pleural based nodule anterior left upper lobe demonstrates intermediate grade activity. SUV max 1.3g/ml. Treatment?

18 mm sub plural nodule with no size change in 6 months, CT enhancement less than 10 hu no lymph involvement.Is there further flow up needed ?

18x14x7mm & 11x8x5mm complex cystic nodules right parotid.Echogenic,hypoechoic vascular septations, coarse calcifications. Inconclusive Biopsy to come?

2 solid right thyroid nodules 2.2 cm hypoechoic on the larger one with diffusely increased internal vascular flow. Suspicious in appearance. Cancer?

2.0 CM mass rt upper pole of thyroid, marked lt enlargement. Cause of enlargement? Surgery?

2.1 CM lobulated t2 hyperintensity w/in posterior segment of rt hepatic lobe, hepatic ultrasound advised. Is this a mass, lesion, malignant possibly?

2.5mm heterogeneous hypoechoic nodule and ovoid isoechoic bilobed mass with hypoechoicc band through it which may be fluid.The mass measures 22mm long?

2.5x1.5x2.1cm, well-defined, complex cystic focus is noted in my left thyroid lobe. Is this malignant?

21 weeks pregnant with 10x9cm solid mass on left lobe of liver-adanoma or fnh per u/s report. Recommendations? Liver resection?

24 yrs smoker.Ct found11mm lobular density w/punctate calcification.Posterior lumbar subcutaneous edema.Basilar atelectatic cyst.whats this mean?worry

24 yrs smoker.Ct found11mm lobular density w/punctate calcification.Posterior lumbar subcutaneous edema.Basilar atelectatic cyst.whats this mean?worry

24 yrs smoking.Ct found 11x10 lobular density containing punctate calcification.Posterior lumbar subcutaneous edema.Basilar atelectatic cyst.worry?

3mm by 5mm slightly prominent hypoechoic area in right breast, well defined, round , wider than taller NO posterior shadowing, likely benign?folow up?

46m,Ultrasound "There is a subtle and vague hypoechoic area, 1.5 CM w/out internal vascularity in right hepatic lobe of Liver, otherwise unremarkable"?

6/2014 sonogram showed 1.7 x 1.0 cm hypoechoic lesion in superior R lobe of liver-cannot be confirmed to reflect a simple cyst. Need follow-up?

7 months ago 2.4x1.6cm mass was found on liver. They think its focal nodular hyperplasia. Today had rescan, it's 2.4x1.8cm. Still FNH or worse??

7 x 17 mm nodule mid pole, 5 mm upper pole, 4 x 5 mm inferior pole multiple scattered hypoechoic micronodules, feel awful?

8.5 yrs daughter with bone age of 11.5 yrs. Mri: diffused enlargement of pituitary gland 10.5x7.3x7.8mm with no focal lesion. How abnormal is the size

8mm hyper enhancing focus of liver flash filling hemangioma. Is that benign?

A 0.3 x 0.5 x 0.3 CM hypoechoic cystic nodule with punctate internal echo is noted in the lower pole of the right lobe of the thyroid gland. ?

A complex partially solid nodule is seen in the right thyroid love measuring 17 x 19 x 24 mm. The lesion appears hypovascular. ?

A hypoechoic lobulated mass in the interior pole of the left kidney demonstrates internal flow on doppler interrogation measuring 1.1x1.4x1.2cm. Findi?

A right level IIA node is 1.5 x 0.8 x 1.3 cm and is diffusely hypoechoic lacking an echogenic hilus or central vascularity. does this need a biopsy?

A right level IIA node is 1.5 x 0.8 x 1.3 cm and is diffusely hypoechoic lacking an echogenic hilus or central vascularity. is this concerning?

A single small hypo echoic irregular margin solid SOL of size 16.4 mm x 29.2 mm in right breast at 8 o'clock position.I'm 18yrs old.would it be a canc?

A tiny well defined hypo echoic lesion measuring 4.5mm with lateral shadowing suggestive of a fibroidenoma is found in left breast age 28.means?

A transvaginal ultrasound was normal and that a 2cm shading on r ovary looked benign as US did not brightly shine on it. How do tumors appear on US?

Abdominal ultrasound: 13x8x8mm sharply marginated echogenic focus, left kidney, angiomyolipoma. Should this be any cause for concern?

Abdominal US revealed 8.6 cm x 6.5cm x 6.1 cm echogenic solid mass in right kidney. Is this cause for concern?

After my USG it was found that my liver size is 15.7 Cms long axis at MCL. Parenchymal echogenecigy is increased and also deceted 5.3 mm echogenic foc?

Am 23, my us scan say"both ovaries show multiple small follicles along the periphery with increased central stroma- subtle poly cystic ovarian pattern?

An oval shape well defined hypoechoic masd seen in left axila 2.3x1cm. Homogenous echotexture with no vascularity speaks of calcification .Pls advice?

Angeography of fater 66 year old?

Are long flat lymphnodes in USG (axis ratio>2) always benign or they can be lymphomatous??

Are pelvic calcifications similar to phleboliths?

At present 1 liver met - small , 1 node small and under 1cm sub pleural nodule ... All blood work normal . Approx what can be survival duration ?

Attenuation of hep parenchyma. Diffuse capsular enhancement and focal capsular retraction on liver ct. No focal lesions. Could sle serositis cause ?

Bilateral subcentimeter low attenuation lesions in kidneys?

Both fallopian-tubes have been demostrated & are Normal In outline & fimbrial morphology with bilateral free peritoneal contrast spilage. Meaning pls ?

Both lobes demonstrate a mildly heterogeneous echo pattern. Right mid love complex solid mixed echo solid nodule demonstrating calcification and increased vascularity. Measures 2.8 cm x 1.7x1.7cm Bloodwork came back with a thyroglobulin of 251 all other b

Both ovaries have multiple follicles of varied sizes with cortical / subcapsular location. Medullary stroma is relatively echogenic . is it harmful?

Both ovaries show multiple peripheral follicles with a central echogenic stroma what does it mean?

Breast u/s: well circumscribed hypoechoic solid nodules slightly lobulated wider than taller 2cm x 1cm and 0.84cm x 0.47cm means??

Breast ultsound reports a prominent lymph node 7mm on short axis, retains normal echogenic hilum,prominent retroareolar duct. What follow up is needed?

Brother has hyperechoic heterogenous mass measuring 12 x 4 x 7 cms in lower back and in agony what is it?

Bulky uterus with focal lesion welldefined heterogenous mass within measure 3.4*2.7cm in maximum dimension with small calcifi foci within,cause colic?

Can a reidel lobe of the liver give you a larger midclavicular measurement?

Can possible fibroadenoma on sono with hypoechoic, partially calcified (coarse), oval and circumscribed features be simple or complex? Anyway to tell?

Can rcc always shows vascularity inside in ultrasound images?

Can you please define a complex mass?

CAT scan came back saying multiple scattered soft tissue density foci in upper cervical subcutaneous calcification of pineal gland. What's meaning?

CEA levels of 18 with a small circumcised hypodense ovary lesion & intra and extra hepatic mild biliary dilation?

CECT whole abdomen withrectal contrast. Liver is normal in size and shape with homogeneous parenchymal enhancement except fatty changes. Significance

Cellular, micro & macrofollicular clusters of follicular cells, enlgd nuclear size, rare nuclear grooves, lg follicular clusters, dense colloid.Means?

Circular hypoechoic lesion (0.7 x 0.6 x 0.5 c) in midpole of right testicle. No internal vascular flow or calcification found. What is the diagnosis?

Clinically palpable Lobulated solid hypoechoic mass within the left inguinal region measuring 4.2x1.5x1.3. What is that?

Coarse echotexture of liver parenchymal.Portal vein/spleen/pencreas normal.No focal lesion seen.Pv10mm.Cbd 4.6mm.Kidnys normal.No postvoid residue?

Concerned about a solid 2cm hypoechoic area on left kidney midpole parapelvic region contiguous with lateral cortex similar color flow as renal cortex?

CT - 5.8x6.4cm rnd complex cystic mass in posterior pelvis inseparable from adjacent sigmoid colon. Demonstrates lobulated enhancing nodule centrally.

Ct 4 pneumomed (ok now) also noted "minimal interlobular septal thickening @ lung apices", "thickwalled but decompressed bladder", "irregularly shaped enhancing follicle in left ovary". Translation?

Ct images reveal a spiculated mixed attenuating solid mass at the superior segment of the left lower lobe lungs est. Vol of 203cc. Der are minute calc?

Ct results: low-density lesion in the left lobe of the thyroid gland likely reflecting a small region of colloidal degeneration or cyst more in nxt q?

Ct Rpt- curvilinear soft tissue density with irregular peripheral margins in the subcutaneous fat in thigh measures 16.4 x 2.3 x 10.1cm - Sarcoma?

CT scan says "Liver is normal in size, shape & attenuation. " Focal calcification in the liver dome(2,14)represent calcified i need worry?

CT scan showed multiple hypo dense lesions with faint peripheral enhancement one measures 7x5cm and wall thickening of gastric fundus is this cancer?

Ct scan showed upper left adnexal region cystic mass 4.2x3.2x4.2cm with thickened enhancing rim, suggested follow up ultrasound. What does this mean?

CT Scan shows "Lobulated non enhancing hypodense Lesion noted at 2nd segment of left lobe of liver 4*3.6cm in size (Arterial phase). Next step pls?

CT scan shows I have a cystic teratoma/dermoid cyst with an additional 3.5 cm rounded fluid attenuation mass within R pelvis abutting the above mass.

Ct scan w/enhancement It says ill defined 8mm hyper enhancing focus in segment 4 liver. May reflect flash filling hemangioma. Is it benign?

CTScan:partially imaged cystic appearing in clival lesion 1.4cm(max)Hypoattenuating,well marginatedT1-hypo&T2-hyper.Should I get contrastMRI&bonescan?

Dear Doc, Ultrasound says: Prostate is mildly enlarged with heterogenous echotexture (27.29 cc). No bladder base indentation seen. Please help. Thanks?

December found a 7mm echogenic spot on ovary non vascular no change in 7 months and appears as fat is that unlikely to be ovarian cancer?

Dermato. Report showed that I have a dermal proliferation of small-med. Size vascular spaces w/in a fibrous stroma on my lower left leg. Treatments?

Doctors: what does having a large hypoechoic mass with multiple anechoic cystic areas mean?

Does a 1.1 cm ovoid, circumscribed hyperechoic nodule w/ accompanying internal color Doppler Flow in thyroid need a FNB? Not sure its necessary?

Does size of hyperechoic lesions mean anything?

Dr my ultrasound report showed bilateral testes are normal in size but show multiple tiny scattered calcific foci through parenchyma.Please help me!

Echogenic focus on LV, fullness of left pelvicalyceal system.found in anomalies scan at 22nd week. Does it indicates down syndrome?

Endometrium is tubular to elongated endometrial glands, separated by dense stroma, and focal crowding of stroma with areas of hemorrhage, nonsecretory?

EUS found pancreatic tail duct dilated to 1.8mm with surrounding isoechoic changes. What can cause this?

Explain Findings- right extrarenal pelvis of normal variant, free fluid & multiple vascular calcification's in pelvis, simple right renal cyst <1.0cm.

Fundus contains enhancing lesion measuring 3.5x3.3cm bilateral ovarian follicles are noted largest one on right ovary measuring 11.9x9.2mm on MRI

Gallbladder scan came back w/liver echogenic w/area of low echogenicity in the right hepatic lobe measuring 2.4x2.7x2.5 cm & liver enlarged to 24.2 cm?

Gallbladder without gallstones but with a few small hyperechoic nodules along its inner wall largest measuring 0.8 x 0.9 x 0.6 cm compatible with small polyps versus adenomyomatosis. No Sxs. Treat?