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I havebeen able tohear fluid draining through the backof my head. Itsounds asif water isflowing down a pipe&draining through a drain.what can itbe?

"no significant free fluid in pelvis" on u/s. Impressions says normal u/s. Couldn't have been ruptured cyst because i was nursing and didn't have period until 7 months after u/s. Dr said normal?

1/4" - 1/2" deep puncture in foot is closed on surface but continues to produce clear fluid without odor. Relieved every 2 hrs with clean pin. Advice?

10-12 cc of free fluid is seen in pelvis what does indicate? I have pain in my pelvis, my dr. Said nothing gonna happen, but i still am really worried

2 episodes of sudden bright red blood drain through the drain tube 3 weeks post renal transplant. Creatinine, CT normal. Possible leak sources ?

2 mds tried 11 times over 5 hrs to secure a peripheral IV access. Veins visible but tiny & slippery. Drank tons of fluid. Need IV weekly. What to do?

24w6d my water broke. 25w1d doctor confirmed there not much fluid left, and told me they monitor. How long baby can stand without fluid?

25 weeks pregnant is mild cervical pressure, no loss of fluids or blood, and what I'd consider normal discharge, normal?

25 weeks pregnant. calcium deposit on heart with extra fluid. Extra fluid in the back of the brain. Nephew has cardiomyopathy. Is something def. wrong

2mo.old body tightens can't breathe sometimes fluid out nose, last four times no fluid Last time baby apnea repeated two more times redtopale Thennorm?

3 year old refusing to swallow after t&a-ectomy. 17 hrs since last fluid. (I.v fluids) 12 hours since pee. At what point do I take her in for fluids?

30 weeks pregnant-is a slight increase in ammionic fluid something worry about?

35y. No pregn. Pelvicpain/EndoUltrasound: Small amount of free fluid at cul-de-sac. Nonspec. finding & small amt of fluid endocervical canal. Meaning?

38 weeks, 2cm 50 effaced and having contractions and pressure also maybe leaking fluid. What is this?

4wks post abdominal hysterectomy with small amount of bloody cloudy fluid leaking from incision right side. Keep it clean and/or go to medicenter?

A seroma was found during an abdominal ultrasound. Would increasing pain and pressure indicate growth of seroma or emptying of serous fluid?

A year after a nerve wrap was placed in my hand, fluid began to build. I had surgery to clean it out. 3 months later fluid is building again. Why?

After my nana 89 has had bore hole surgery , for hematoma she not drinking and hasn't been before this , on IV fluids why she not drinking thanks?

After surgery 4 weeks ago for 7 hernias I'm now bloated and uncomfortable, am I retaining fluid and will it disperse? Thank you

After urination, do bubbles caused by protein take longer to disappear in water than bubbles not caused by protein?

All organs tested normal, still have pitting edema. In what places can fluid hide where farxiga and bumex won't help. Its been 3 yrs no one knows why.

Am I correct in saying that my first line of action to prevent incontinence is not to cut back on fluids, but specifically fluids with caffeine?

Any other suggestion to stop chyle leak after nephrectomy? Have tried mct diet, octreotride with TPN for 5 weeks. Still draining 10 liters per week.

Any possible structure injuries within neck (exc. Disc) that could cause waste / fluid with need to secrete through small spontaneous skin lesions?

Are cervical tears guarenteed in labor/delivery? If i tear and water breaks and gets in cuts will i have amniotic fluid embolisim?ifear this big time

Are there any medicines available to stop the reoccuring of the pericardial fluid.And to treat the left over fluid after procedure?

Are there certain things that make getting amniotic fluid embolism more likely?

At what stage of stomach cancer does fluid start to build up in the abdomen?

Can a fetus have extra fluid behind the neck and still be okay and have no disorders or problems?

Can collection of fluid and small tissue reminant in the uterus be treated with nospa, metronidazole and cefuroxime?

Can fluid behind the uterus be a sign of cancer?

Can i fly with fluid on the lung? I suffer from c p l d

Can i leak amniotic fluid where it is absorbed into my body? I am 32 weeks. I feel like my belly is shrinking

Can medicine affect vaginal fluids?

Can the fluid known as pre-come secreted from the male, impregnate? Also, it'd be good to know what this fluid contains. Thank you.

Can you explain if it's too far gone if your lungs keep filling up with fluid when you have 4th stage large cell b lymphona?

Can you please discuss the possible causes for blood in spinal fluid?

Can you please explain why physicians take cerebrospinal fluid from you to determine if you have meningitis?

Can you tell me if my tubes been tied 16yesrs ago do my breast supose to leak clear fluid. Out both breaththeir?

CNBP and had massage yesterday. Doctor advised to drain out prostate fluid after every 10 days by massaging prostate. How does the fluid filled?

Could fluid hide under your heart and not be detected?

Could free fluid in pelvis be a symptom of lupus?

Could it be to far gone if your lungs keep filling up with fluid when you have 4th stage large cell b lymphona?

Could my water retention for last two years be due to an undetected small cell lung cancer. Sodium has also been low over this time. Thank you.

Could someone get chemo if they have fluid around their heart?

Could trace free fluid in the pouch of Douglas signify a leaking ovarian cyst? Or is trace too small of an amount since it was also around ovulation.

Ct in feb13 19mm cyst and small amount of fluid in pelvis MRI jun multiple cysts on both overies and moderate amount of fluid why the fluid increase?

Dad refused stomach feed, there is now pleural liquid, not treatment suggested, what if liquid not drain? how long has he really got?

Daughter is 36 weeks along and thought her water broke, but the hospital sent her home saying there wasn't ambeontic (sp?) fluid present. What was the fluid if not her water breaking? How close is she to going into labor?

Dilated pupils, urinary retention, tachcardia. Flushed skin dry mucous membranes, and decreased bowel sounds?

Diverticulitis, drain tube placed on pelvic, gets 5ml/24h gray foul smelling fluid. Is safe to remove drain tube? What is this fluid?

Do people sometimes throw up spinal fluid?

Do sum docs give IV fluids to help Sjögren's? My stomach can only handle limited water.water doesn't seem to help.iv fluids always help me feel best

Does "no significant free fluid in pelvis" on u/s mean that there is none? Or does everyone have a little bit or this is totally normal?

Does ascites fluid get reabsorbed by the body or does it need to be drained (tapped)? It is not growing, just remained the same.

Does breast milk have HIV viral load similar to those in semen / vaginal fluid or is it lesser?

Does bulimia caus fluid on the lungs?

Does having fluid around the cul de sac in males mean they have an std?

Does having some kind of infection in your system make you retain fluids? yrs ago when i had pancreitis i retained, and now if im sick i retain too.

Does my general practitioner give an amniotic test if my water is leaking?

Does vaginal fluid healthy for swallow?

Does vp shunt reservoir fill back up after being pressed bc of its original shape or bc of fluid? If there's not a lot to drain, will it still refill?

Dr said everyone has a little bit of fluid in pelvis/abdomen for lubrication and this is sometimes noted on u/s. True?

Fluid and electrolyte balance in and out always equal in surgical patients?

Following a CSF leak, does spinal fluid replenish itself after the leak had been sealed? If it replenishes itself, how long does that typically take?

For the past 7 days I've been having fluid or water pouring down from my peg tube site. Is this normal or do I need to see my doctor?

For what length of time can one survive on a clear liquid diet?

For what reason would a full elbow replacement constantly be leaking fluid?

Gas and a small amount offluid that could be a small abscess in the deep subcu tissues above peritoneal cavity. Could this b the cause of severe pain?

Had a CT of the lungs and they injected the fluids inside my IV that's makes you get really warm everywhere. When do the side effects wear off?

Had a fluoro-guided spinal tap that ended up being dry. Needle was put in 2 spots, but no fluid. Does this happen often, even w/ fluoroscopy guidance?

Had colon resection 4 mo ago. Having pain and nausea. Had ct. No diver but found 5cm free fluid in abdomen. No leaks will this be reabsorbed into body?

Had oats procedure 5 months ago. Just had knee drained & there was a little yellow synovial fluid and then a lot of red blood. What could this mean?

Had surgery close 8mm hole in brain membrane as cs fluid has been dripping for yrs, if its cloesd now & im producing too much fluid where will it go ?

Have been told I have fluid round heart.what do I do and what are the implications?

Have you ever seen a bladder perforated if the CBI is draining into the reservoir, equal fluid in and out?

Hello What will happen if my gastric balloon not fully filled by its fluid ?

Hello Doc. Please, what does moderately filled with fluif(pouch of douglas) mean? Just had my 1st scan.. Its 9weeks+1day

Hello doctor,some blood kind of liquid comming out from my umbilical region(minimal subcutaneous collect at umbilical) kindly advise on this pls?

Hi , i m 8 months pregnant my doctor said I have less fluids (water) and they have given hermin fluids to me.. Does it helps?

Hi dr. Is it normal to pass endometrial tissue in period as circle fluid filled sac? ( when there's no pregnancy and disease)

Hi I have fluid in my endometrium is the dangerous and what arw the treatment for it?

How can chloride ions affect water transport and mucus buildup in cystic fibrosis?

How can I fix the fluid building up in my scrotum?

How can I tell if my baby has low amniotic fluid? The ultrasound looks like it doesn't have any fluid for it. It almost looks like it's squished in th

How do I control fluid deposition in the stomach due to restrictive cardiomyopathy?

How do I explain to my daughter what it means to have fluid accumulation in the skin?

How do you know if you're suffering from fluid overload in the blood stream?

How do you relieve stomach cramps during dialysis probable cause membrane(dialysis) reaction.?

How does d5nr IV fluid aid in uti?

How does fluid and abscess accumulate in the pelvis, pelvic area.... is there lots of reasons for this ? Male patient

How effective is fluid replacement for treating dysentery?

How long does a bag of IV fluid last in your body?

How long does the spinal fluid analysis take?

How long fluid in douglas pouch remain after ovulation?

How low a fluid intake can I allow my refusing 6yo (with trach, no gtube) to be (ounces)? As long as he still pees, will we need IV fluids?

How much fluid should I drink right before my ultrasound?

How much liquid can the bladder hold before it bursts? and also how do we measure how much liquid is in the bladder in an 8th grade science lab?

How much liquid can the bladder hold before it bursts? and also, how do we measure the amount of liquid in the bladder in an 8th grade science lab?

How much volume in ml would it take to completely fill the sinuses?