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1-2x week while having a normal bowel movement I sometimes uncontrollably vomit at same time! All tests Ct, colonoscopy, etc came back normal?

Bowel perf. In June. chest X-ray elevated right diaphragm. Thought it was from free air in abdomen. Sniff test shows not improved. Any thoughts ?

1 x1.5cm lump found in pancreas. Colonoscopy/endoscopy/CT next 2 weeks. Pain 8/10, not eating, weak, tired. lost 10kgs last 3 months. what do I do?

10 yr son 101 temp acute severe belly pain. Blood work normal. CT scan fluid around appendix. Sent home with diagnosis constipation. Stooling fine. Opinions?

13 YO daughter complaining of stomach pains. Lab work is normal. Xray shows feces in abdomen. What could this mean?Awaiting appt w/ GI spec. Rx Colace (docusate sodium)

15 days of vomiting and diarrhea came back as Crohn's after blood test and x rays. Is this normal in a 6 yr old? Yes, family history.

17 y/o gallbladder not shwoing up on hida scan after 2 hours. Going back in another 2 hrs to see if shows up. Why would it take so long to show?

20 year old a son had stage 3 melanomia. Now he doesn't eat, stomach hurts and he is passing out.. Ct scan came back ok. What could be wrong?

22yr oldmale softyellowstools, upper abdomen/back pain,itching - blood test ultrasound,hidascan,all normal,fear of cancers?Am in fear! Help docs !!

22yr oldmale softyellowstools, upper abdomen/back pain,itching - blood test ultrasound,hidascan,all normal,fear of pancreascancer, thank u doctors?

28 yo clear colonoscopy and endoscopy, and all full blood work that came back normal as well. Could pancreatic cancer be causing my low abdomen pain?

28 yo male, original diagnosis was IBS but I am beginning to have doubts. Clear colonoscopy and endoscopy, and all full blood work that came back normal as well. Could pancreatic cancer be causing my abdominal pain? getting a CT and am nervous.

28f had stomache pain since nov been on all kinds of meds had all the tests norm except fistula in upper area confirmed blood in stool need answers?

2day had abdomen MRI contrast later after having dinner i had nausea and running floating stool. I under big stress from scan and waiting results ?

2nd opinion. 8yr boy intermittent stomach ache. Abdominal u/s showed all fine. Urine test clear. Vomitting-dr gave injection. What to look for?

3 sets of bloods normal. Ultra normal. Ct normal. Liver pain for 8 mths due to drinkin heavy for 7 mths. Quit drinkin. How likely tests miss somethin?

35 M with discomfort below ribs, either after eating or after not eating for too long. All cardiac tests and endoscopy fine. What could be the reason?

39 and up back started hurting aftr losing wt from diet. Pcp ordered huge blood test including early cdt lung. Mage4. Little over cutoff. Ct clear.

3wk old projectile vomiting no fever but not keeping anything down , ultrasound was good. What else should drs be looking for?

4 months post gallbladder removal, having lots acid to the extent of feeling like throwing up. Ultrasound and blood test normal what could this be, ?

44y.O. With periodic abdominal pain. Blood, urine, stool, ultrasound all neg. And normal. Egd tomorrow. Worried about stomach cancer...

5 days of taking 2000ug B12 due to low val. Had red-purple bowel movement today. Related? (Colonoscopy/upper scope done last year with no sig. finding

6 month on/off again/chronic diverticulitis, had a bleed tonight, went to ER said normal. Is it okay to have CT colonography in about 7-10 days?

78 day preg. Abdominal pain 50th day onwards, scanning found one healthy fetus, another shell also found but not sure. Still pain&vomiting. Any prob.?

9 wks pregnant, what test can I do to make sure I don't have cancer on tail of pancreas?

A pain around the gallbladder that comes goes. nothing wrong on ultrasound. my poo is almost white. old liver lac from motorcycle accident 1 yr ago?

A stomach ultrasound was fine but the sonographer said she couldn't see the liver clearly because of excess gas. What causes this and how to treat?

Abd pain & nausea w/eating.Neg GI tests.Aortic US &CT show hook shaped celiac artery. Surgeon suspects MALS.Ordered angiogram.Might surgery help ?

Abdom. ultrasound clear but for 6mm stable gallstone. Blood fine. Healthy, fit, eat well. Just pale stool. Can I live like this until/if I have pain?

Abdomen CT scan normal, xray normal of stomach, blood work normal, stomach doesnot hurt, diaherrra back to normalbut scared I have something so i stl?

Abdominal and back pain for month, negative ct scan,negative bloodwork. Negative scope only some abnormal results of villa in small intestine. Frequent urge to deficate but hard to go. Strong family hx of cancer. What else could be wrong ? Tests?

[email protected] chest pains.Ejg, xrays, blood, ultrasound neg. On maalox, pepcid, (famotidine) morphine. Poss belly issue. Liver func down, then norm. Whats next?

Age 21, stomach cancer possible? Abdominal ultrasound was clear, and abdominal physical test was okay i think, very scared! please help!

Any advice? What tests should be done on severely blocked bowels and abdominal pain?

Anyone know what test I should undergo - spitting up blood in AM. 9months. I had CT scan, bronchoscopy, seen ENT (varicose vein in throat) Whats next?

Are chest x-ray's reliable for any abnormalities? And do they show liver and gallbladder? Upper right side pain for months afta quit drinking. Thx

Bad abdominal pain only. Not IBS. All tests neg: blood, endo, ct, us, colonoscopy, stool, urine. Going on 3 months with flair ups once a week. ?

Bad gas pain upper ab pain and constipation. Negative colonoscopy endoscopy full body CT scan normal blood test thyroid blood work normal. I'm lost?

Bad gas/urination/anemia for over 2 years. Endoscopy/colonoscopy clean. Was told stress. Now I have a late period. Could it be a UTI or bad thyroid?

Band>vsg revision.Did ok for first week, then cannot keep even water down.Tests done.Only thing seen was slow stomach motility.On tpn, spitting up foa

Been having feces that smell like burnt hair. The color is normal though. I've had this in the past but goes away over time. I recently had a CT scan of the abdomen and nothing abnormal was found.

Been in pain and nausea for a week. The drs have run tons of tests snd scans but all is normal. And IV had thr same healthy diet forever i havecrohns'?

Before my abdominal CT scan the technician gave me a big glass of water and said i shld drink and finish it up..What is that for?Thanks?

Can all available tests possibly miss gallstones still stuck in the liver?

Can an endoscopy see if there can possibly be something wrong with my pancreas? I'm a little worried!

Can anyone give some suggestions as to what i may have? Ok long story short im sick, I've had xrays done blood work urine test ultra sounds colonoscopy gastroscope exam, even had my gallbladder removed(how this all began) my symptoms are: sever abdominal

Can appendicits last for 11 days? I went to ER, all tests positive, and even had an ultrasound image of my appendix. It is shown healthy and normal.

Can Barium Swallow Test diagnose SMALL tear in Esophagus? How much mSV radiation do you get from this test? I''m not getting straight forward answers.

Can I get chest x ray without prescription since I can't get hold of my gastroenterologist after Colonoscopy with biopsy. I am having lungs pain?

Can I smoke two hours before an abdominal ultrasound?

Can I still get my HIDA scan if I'm sick with a fever?

Can past abdominal CT affect my pregnancy?

Can you drink 2 beers 2 days before a HIDA scan? The test is this Thursday

Cold sweats, belly/backpain, gas,Feeling ill, constipation, bunch of blood test,ultrasound, hidascan,5 ER visists dr's cant find anything? Help docs??

Colonoscopy/upper endoscopy say everything fine, still burning/stabbing pain in abdomen. Worse since procedures. 40mg Omeprazole & Dicyclomine.

Confused by lab variation. Over past 2yrs my lipase has been checked intermittently. At one lab I'm always slightly elevated, but at another I'm normal. Initial symptoms of burning stomach for which I had a normal endoscopy and CT scan. PPI helps. ?

Constant vomiting for four months. We have already had an upper GI, a hydro scan, an ultrasound, and an x-ray with both food and drink. What next?

Continuous and immediate burps after drinking water or eating anything. Barrium Test, Sonography, Stool test shows everything normal. What could be th?

Contrast CT showed mild thickening of stomach. Doc said probably because stomach was empty. Egd 1yr later showed nothing now ab pain for 8wks cancer?

Ct abdomen scan with contrast and swallow. Nothing wrong but my upper abdomen still feels very tight. Ideas ?Had gastritis took Carafate (sucralfate) and felt fine

Ct colonoscopy was normal but I've still got pain. Diahoorea bile like appetiteblood tests normal i feel something missed n serious ?help

CT scan 4 days ago. Diarrhea since then. Also sulfer burps yesterday today gone but still have cramping. Had 3 teeth removed last week had allergic reaction to amoxicillin. That's why I went to er and had ct D-Dimer showed possible clotting but ct came ba

CT scan shows Gallstones... feel weak and no desire to eat. Dr. out of office for 1 week and not sure if I should wait.

Daily nausea/vomit. Doctor has ran every test he knows to. At a dead end. Any idea on what it could be? What more tests? Scopes scans bloodwork done.

Daughter 11 years old almost every night intestine area cramps xray revealed she is constipated ,barium test negative ,she is on laxative,worried ?

Diagnosed with pancreatitis Wednesday. Labs normal yesterday. But I still have symptoms. CT and X-ray scans are normal. Never drank and don't have a gallbladder. They say it's inflamed causing pain. But won't treat me. What can I do?

Diverticulitis was getting better with antibiotics then had upper GI CT scan with barium. Hours later it felt like my previous spot exploded. Explain?

Do you also get a blood test when you get an upper GI endoscopy?

Doctor ordered abdominal ultrasound for RUQ discomfort. It came back clean. What exactly would this show the doctor? Worried about liver disease.

Doctor should I b worried about this pain in my stomach if I've been to the ER 3x for it n they tell me the same thing there's nothing wrong wit me they've done ultrasounds checked my gallbladder,heart,kidneys ,liver all good what could this b sharp short

Does omeprazole with sodium bicarbonate .Dicyclomine and quetiapine interfere with this test catscan of abdomen and pelvis with contrast .

Does a cystoscopy without sedation hurt? MRU (MRI of Pelvis/ abdomen) was all perfect. Pink urine after exercise and Sudaphed/ aspirin.

Dr ran test thinks its my gall bladder or gall stones they think they saw some what are they going to do with the next test to see what's going on?

Dr. Faron, I have fecal odor in body and breath. Looking for help, been diagnosed w/ celiac through up. endoscopy. things have got worse since diag.

Dr. Wants me to do CT scan of abdomen bc of stom. Cramps, not able to lose weight for 6+ mos. Skeptical bc i had CT of chest negative/ all tests neg. Feeling extreme nauseated today. Help? Radiation?

Drank contrast for stomach scan. Later that day had prep todrink for urea breath test h-pylori. Can the two different preps same day cause diahrrea?

EGD stomach scope scheduled for 28th sept. My GI problems n symptoms has worsened. Including weight loss of 10 pound in just one week. Can I ask for scope to be done sooner. Is it legit reason ?

Epigastric pn after many mths, numerous tests. Er ? H pylori, had blood test & shows on the border? Gi not very concerned? Any ideas appreciated,

Excessive vomiting and diherrea. Had ugi, CT scan, abdominal ultrasound, egd and colonoscopy done. No signs of ulcer or anything of concern?

Exteme pain just under my sternum after eating. Oily residue floating on toilet water. Had xray, ultrasound and EKG they say all is fine. ?

Extreme itch after all food no rash.Colonoscopy endoscopy thryoid blood(full) abdominal CT contrast brain MRI urine 4 yeast clean hysterectmy 6yr ago?

Feel very full after I eat, even very small amounts. No pain, just uncomfortable. Normal hida scan and endoscopy. Any ideas on cause?

Feels like food keeps getting stuck in my throat but had n endoscopy done and it came back with mucus. Would a tumour have been detected in this test?

Female-20 - blackish brown thick blood in sputum for15days.Chestxray CT scan blood reprts endoscopy of stomach done-all normal. Plz suggest a way out?

Fluid in abdomen and liver is normal what else could cause this? Seen doctor and he is waiting a week to check it again.

Friend 31,had gastric bypass nov. now fainting 2-3 times a week.5-20 mintues.had mri,cat,doc finds nothing.possible cause?

Full panel of bloodwork normal, abdominal ultrasound and CT scan normal. Still loosing un intended weight.

Gas and discomfort come and go for a while now. EKG xrays ultrasound were done, all were good. Awaiting stool sample tests. Anything I can do to help?

Gastric bipass that wasn't done right over 8 yrs. Ago only 50 lbs.&all food as late is making me throwup.Another doc looked @me & said pouch was 2 big?

Gi problems, every 8-10 weeks i end up with really bad abdominal pn & er. Sometimes CT & labs prob, sometimes not! no explanation. Have had blockages!

Got endoscopy,whole abdomen color IV CT scan, whole abdomen ultarsound & all came ok except a mild GERD.Will these show issue in colon too like cancer?

Had a gastrites 3 years ago I've been feeling my stomach bumping in a second now and then, been seen and had a CT scan all gassy. Sensitive stomach ?

Had a stomach CT scan 6 mnt ago for severe bloating nothing was found is it possible for something major to change in liver or pancreas in this time ?

Had appendicitis it never showed up in blood test or u/s now I have abdominal pain that is getting worse but nothing is showing up in labs is it norma?

Had CCK HIDA scan today, diarreah and hour after test was done. Pain is worse since test. Any connection ?

Had ctdone, dr called said my appendix was bigger than it was on prior scan put me on 2 antibiotics 2500mg a day, is this appendicitis? Dr was not sure

Had endoscopy today, multiple polyps in stomach, doc said not to worry, is there reason for concern, can they turn into cancer? Doc took biopsies .

Had my gall bladder out 10 months ago, 5 months ago exactly the same pains started had all the scans and tests done and everything appears normal?

Had my gallbladder removed and still having nausea and vomiting? Had all tests done and nothing is wrong they say. What can I do? I'm miserable!

Had upper GI series today, dr says ther is lots of stuff from the stomach to the neck, what is it called and what is done for it.