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18 yr and have been having diarrhea have been under lots of stress went to dr she says she would bet her life on it that im ok. do i have colon cancer?

2 enlarged symmetrical groinlymphnodes.Have seen 2doctors about them just cuz they make me very anxious. Both say dont worry. PerfectCBC,scrd cancer:(?

2 years ago I decided not to treat my cancer for a few reasons. I am now very sick and am regretting, do I still have hope?

20yo,with no family history of colon cancer,have soft stool for nearly my whole life,lately feeling a light pressure my lift hip area,afraid it cancer?

20yrs old. 122 lbs. Every part of me is developing properly except for my breasts--not at all. I'm getting really worried. What might be causing this?

22. I masturbated about once a day. Worried that I will get prostate cancer later in life. Should I stop?

25, male. How do I deal with my hypochondria? I'm tired of thinking a stomach ache is something dumb like pancreatic cancer or something else serious.

4 years ago,I worried my friend poisoned me while I slept.I worried she injected me with a poison that would cause cancer later in life.Is that likely?

45 F. Is it rational to think about brain tumors all the time ? I read a story about GBM in a young girl and now I'm scared that I'm going to get it

68yr old man diabetic with kidney cancer wha is going to happen ?

70 year old mom's voice getting hoarser & spits more. Normal? She won't go to doc to check for cancer b/c she has no other symptoms & feels good.

A cyst on my anus for about 5 years. I finally got health insurance; i'm just terrified it might be cancer. It has never hurt or changed. Need encoura?

A far away cousin recently died from OVARIAN CANCER at only 28! She didn't know she had it, she just never woke up. I'm worried I'm 22 & scared?

A friend is coughing over 3years.Doctors find nothing.He is overall healthy, lungs clear.He throw up 2x per week cos of it.What could it be? Worried.

A friend of mine, who we were going camping with for a month, was just diagnosed with mrsa. Being in such close quarters scares me for the fact my husband has chronic stage 4 sarcoidosis. I canceled the trip. Was it dangerous for my husband? He also has

A little freaked out about childhood diabetes, can you tell me more about this?

A lot of internet sites are saying ovarian cancer is a common for young teens. Is this true? My daughter has anxiety and is worried about it now

Advice? I am sick frequently all year. Could it be something as bad as cancer?

Am a naturally paranoid person, and I am scared I have cervical cancer. How do I find out?

Am i going to die if I have cervical adenitis?! i read some where about celluits i'm freaking out

Are cancer survival rates truly improving, or is it mostly due to earlier diagnoses making it look that way?

Back to my original question, I'm very scared about nose breathing and swallowing issues,worried I have cancer, I have no money to see doc.What to do?

Been to a few drs for Vulvar Burning for months. No external "signs" so no biopsy has been done. Does that mean it's DEF not cancer?scared/paranoid :(

Been treated for GERD medicine didn't help itchythroat for months.I worry too much i read about rrp. It is rare I am worried. Can this be the cause ?

Being worried all the time about close people and afraid that they might have cancer or other serious condition is a sign of obsessive compulsive dis?

Bf has testicular cancer. Could ultra scan be wrong and he is fine? Or naive, wishfull thinking on my part?

Bladder cancer runs in my family is it possible I have it even though my ultrasound looked good I have very BAD incontinence and have hematuria Im 18?

Blood when pooing going more 3 times a day been going on for 4 days dosent want food he has postrate cancer very worried?

Can a person get blood cancer if he accidentally touch a blood cancer patients blood?I heard 2 different opinion so want to know the exact answer.

Can a person with serious cancer look and feel fine at the time of the first diagnosis by a biopsy? Are there always physical signs?

Can a woman get cervical cancer after a one night stand? Is my one night stand responsible for me getting cercical cancer or my ex? It happened a long time ago and i'm fine. Just want to know.

Can having hypodontia mean i will get cancer sometime in life?

Can night sweats also be a symptom of cancer cells regressing or dying? Any help appreciated!

Can woman with bloood cancer have kids my family foud out i had cancer when i was 6 it be gone for 7 years and i would like to know if i could have kids

Can you advise me on going bare faced without makeup to raise awareness for breast cancer?

Can you please talk about of the early signs of lip cancer from dip?

Can you please tell me if it's just me or dose it seem that everything causes cancer?

Can you tell me some odd cells that were on the tumorthey called it sarcoma. What is going to happen next?

Cancer in 20s. How common? Symptoms to look out for? I always have health anxiety about this & i know a 25yr old w/ leukemia. :/ any stats? Thanks!

Cancer: Am I adding to the stress when significant other is told at consult next week she has cancer and I cave in and cry? Any guidance?

Colonoscopy coming up worried about it being cancer symptoms leading to test had for 6-10 years doc said if it was cancer Is this a correct notion?

Colonoscopy coming up worried its cancer doc assured me since I've had symptoms 5-8 years its likely not cancer is he correct saying this?

Constant worry about child (8yr.Old) getting cancer.. Few kids at her school have it.. I have strong family history of cancers. Can't sleep . Not rare?

Convinced I have cancer, bc I have been extremely fatigued for a few months now. I've convinced myself I'm dying. CBC-normal. Please help. ?

Could you tell me what are my odd of getting cancer when on both sides of the family?

Could you tell me what would it feel like to have terminal cancer?

Discouraged.Lost ten unintended lbs abt.18 months ago.Drs.Have done many tests.Only gaibed 3 lbs back.Fear cancer.Drs say no.How long can cancer hide?

Do you think alzheimer's will be cured in 60 years? Im 22 and am kinda worried.

Doctor Has recommended biopsy for urinary bladder coz there are two masses seen about 3.9 x3 cm i'm so worried is it dangerous plz help we're scared?

Doctor test my breast tumor tissue n say it wasn't cancer. Could it be possible turn into cancer and how? What should I eat to not make it worst?

Don't want to go back to a tanning bed again because of my fear of developing skin cancer. Is it possible that i might already have it?

Dose coffe helps for oral cancer or it make it more worst?

During menstruation I get tissue clots and it hurts really bad gets worst every time can this be cause by cervical cancers? I have Hx of abnormal cell

Dx Barrett's with no dysplasia 10 months ago- chances it turned to cancer already? Scared for next EGD at a year. 32 years old and panicked

Enjoyable things cancer patients between 40 to 50 can during chemo rounds to make it less boring for them?

Fatherinlaw has stage 4 prostate cancer, glands, bladder. How can you get him to take it serious he thinks 2 docs lying. putting family through hell?

For what possible reasons have i convinced myself I have stomach cancer?

Girlfriend getting very strong pain in abdomen, her sister died of pancreatic cancer a few years ago. She is 21 and vegan if this makes a difference?

Going for followup 2mrow.Worried abut mu lung nodule..Scared too, ..

Grandma watches fox news all day and gets worried. She already had a stroke. Should she change channels?

Graves disease: I am scared that it'll make my eyes bulge does this always happen?

Had lost 6 lbs in 9 mths.This week 3 more.Ill and under stress.Worried if its cancer?

Had symptoms over the past year that make me worry it could be breast cancer - but how likely would it be for an 18 yr old girl? Nan & her sis had it

Has anyone proved the white light when dying?

Hav 6 nodule. Dr saz bigest 9 mm if grows to 10 - 5% chance cancer. This bad? Y dos he change my US from 1 to 2 years then? What happen if go to 10?

Have been a moderate drinker (2 drinks per day, 2-3 times a wk) for 15 yrs. Just read that now I have a 24% chance of getting breast cancer? Panicking

Have no allergies whatsoever, no diseases in tongue. What are the chances that the tongue is going to swell?I have health anxiety. Will it ever happen?

Have smelly breath in the morning im scared this is candida which can become cancerous will i die?

Have smelly breath in the morning im scared this is candida which can become cancerous, will i die if it is?

Help please! is coitus good or bad for people who are suffering from cancer?

Help, I can't stop thinking of testicular cancer. How to get it off my mind?

Hi 19 years old been having yellow stools for a while now almost all my life recently found out on internet that could be pancreatic cancer scared!!

Hi am wondering if when getting a second opinon how often does a person diagnosed with cancer does the sceond opinon caome back negitive of cancer?

Hi I'm 38, and over 12 years I've 3 barium enimas and 3 barium swallow I'm so worried I'll get cancer now from these test, so worried :( please let me know my risk so I can stop worrying thanks.

Hi my mane is Mario reyes and I have a question my father get nake cancer like 4 years ago but after doctors move the tumor he have pain all his body?

Hoping you can tell me, is tingling body all over a sign of cancer ?

How big of a miscarriage risk would i have? ı did have thyroid cancer about 18 months ago-will be 33 in july

How can I avoid getting pancreatic cancer, although it does'nt run in my family, i'm still very concern?

How can I deal with worries about cancer?

How can I possibly protect myself from one of the 100 different types of cancer beside not smoking, watching diet and reporting suspicious pain to MD?

How can I tell if I have hodgkin lymphoma? Cant stop thinking about it.

How can lung cancer affect my sex life? Cant light up after, I know, but what else can't I do?

How can you deal with pain of losing a mom from cancer?

How can you go about asking the doctor to look for stomach cancer ?

How can you save a person from cancer inside the stomach?

How comfortable must I feel in working with my breast cancer doctor if he is a man?

How common is cancer of the hard palate in a male 28 years old smoker i constantly worry about it.?

How do gamma rays treat cancer without making people ill?

How do i get over the thought of getting cancer? I've had few relatives have it but im still worried.

How do people get over cancer. I mean i still am bummed over factor why me? What made me had testicular cancer i don't do drugs or smoke, no risky sex

How do people with terminal cancer go about day-to-day life with all the pain?

How do you cope with the big c word, that dreaded cancer, or do you just ignore it until it happens ?

How do you tell someone that you are close to, that someone they are close may be dying of cancer real soon?

How do you tell your child you're going to die of cancer?

How does a bad diet cause lack of appetite? Im 22 and my appetite just isnt as strong lately I've been fearing cancer but everybody is saying appetite loss is not a usual sifn of cancer true or false please explain in detail so I can understans fully?

How fast does colon cancer progress? Dad (50 years old)was recommended colonoscopy 8 months ago. He never went. Little bit worried.

How is someone suppose to act when it comes to seeing a friend living with cancer?

How likely is colon cancer in a 15 year old girl? My daughter keeps thinking she has it for some reason What about are the chances?

How likely is it my gp is not telling me the whole story about cancer?

How long before the female would know if she has HPV in the mouth. She has been going to the desist and has not found any signs.