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How can someone live normally with inner ear disorders? The CT scan showed chronic sinusitus and meds help with symptoms but I think was misdiagnosed

"Short fluid level in the maxillary sinus" on CT of brain. Could this point to a CSF leak? I had chronic post nasal drip and sinus issues for years.

5 days post op sinus surgery, right pupil dilated with blurred vision, ct scan show a little infection, lot of pain. What could this be ? I am worried

5 month ago My MRI results is sinusitis maxilaris at right side. along 10 months i just 1x flu, when MRI i wasn't Flu, Could i do heart CABG?

6 months pharyngitis with occasional throat blood. PNS CT scan result Deviated nasal septum 'S' shaped with bony spur. what is the underlying problem ?

A cat scan was done, and i went to an ent. He said i was suffering from silent sinus syndrome. Are there alternatives?

A CT scan shows that i suffer from deviated nasal spectum&acute sinusitis.They gave me zinoximor for 1week & nasal spray.I'm better now but headache..

A ENT said I have a cholesteatoma but the CT report did not indicate I have one. Ent still thinks I do and suggests surgery. What now?

A facial mri, revealed a sever sinus infection, i was on cipro (ciprofloxacin) 500 mg 2x28 days, and a brain mra, should a infection to the brain have been visible?

About 10 years ago found through cat scan sinus cavities were double the size. To this day have nose bleeds and cluster headaches. What can help me?

After 4 rounds of antibiotics, predinsone, CT scan still showed mucus in my maxillary sinuses. Now I'm feeling pressure again. Did it never clear up?

Am experiencing chronic sinusitis....What's the proper treatment ?X-ray photo and para nasal sinuses X-ray diagnosis notes are in my profile.

Bad pressure in bridge of nose & nausea nearly everyday..Ct scan on sinuses showed all clear.. why am i stil suffering daily? Can anxiety be culprit

Bilateral sphenoid sinus,medicines used are clavam,xyzal-m,velgut and a nasal spray.have head heavyness whole day.I'm scared is it brain tumor!

Can a catscan of the sinuses detect migeaines?

Can a ct scan show a plugged parotid duct and what is plugging it such as stone or mucus? Ent says no mass he thinks just plugged duct I taking mucine

Can a cyst in the sinus cavity cause headaches? If so what can be done about it?

Can a low B12 level cause dizzyness and pressure behind eyes nose and eyebrows. Ct scan clear. Slight thickening of right maxillary sinus ( mucossal)?

Can a maxillary sinus cyst be mis dxd? There is worry this is a polyp. How do I find out?

Can a person have a clear sinus CT scan but still have sinus infection. I have had sinus infection symptoms for 7 months and clear sinus CT scan.

Can a person have a sinus infection and it won't show on the sinus x-rays?

Can a rear-end collision cause any type of sinus problem? What about sinuses and hemorrhages? 1st CT (10/14) showed abnormal sphenoid sinus layering; repeat CT (1/15) says Paranasal sinuses: Normal

Can a sinus CT scan tell the difference between a mucocele and a cyst?

Can a tumor in the maxilliary sinus cavity be seen when performing an endoscopy?

Can an MRI show meningitis in the brain? What about sinusitis or any sinus inflammation ?

Can chronic sinusitis cause thick mucus in nasopharynx area? No facial pain, CT scan show mild mucosal thickening with clear sinuses. No ENT meds work

Can CT scan of sinus damage eye cells if I have fuch dystrsaphy?

Can I have chronic sinusitis without nasal discharge? I feel 'blocked' but mri/x-ray revealed nothing. No allergies, been tested twice.

Can I use peroxide drops in the ear.I had ear infection in 1988, could it have caused mastoiditis and infect the bone, which would only show CT contrast?

Can please help my husband, because he has a small mucus retention cyst or polyp in the right frontal sinus? What does he do? Thank you!

Can small macillary sinus cyst cause severe dizziness?

Can swollen nasal passage and sinus cause partially blocked tear duct Ct scan showed no growths ?

Can thick severe post nasal drip/drainage be caused by sinus issues, although CT scans show sinuses as completely clear? And no sinus pain present?

Cat scan of sinus today showed thickening and a few cysts/polyps. Facial/headache for a month. Got Medrol (methylprednisolone). Anything else I can do for chronic sinus?

Cheekbone burns on left side, MRI with contrast shows maxillary sinus blocked, I have no mucus? is that normal? other issues ruled out!

Chronic sinus issues for years. Polyps,opacification of mult sinus, etc. Three surgeries in ten years. After1 year of CPAP, all's clear. Huh?! How?!

Chronic sinusitis and post nasal drip. Ct sinus says low cribiform plate otherwise wnl. What does this mean?

Clean MRI and venogram, can Crohn's really be causing headaches this often?

Complete shading sinus mksilri left, intervention lining the nasal cavity on the left - acute sinusitis..What to do ! is it dangerous?

Could a fragment of tooth root (my ENT doctor believe) in sinus cause headaches only on one side? What else could a white shadow on xray be in sinus?

Could a nasal endoscopy detect sinus problems a CT couldn't pick up? Is there a need for both?

Could all this infections in my sinus cause me to end up with brain lesions and itp?

Ct confirmed inflammation in left petrous apex. Does inflammation = infection? Would I have pain and headaches if it was just fluid w/o infection?

CT says "Frothy secretion is present which is not layering dependently in the right sphenoid sinus. The appearance would be more consistent with sinus disease than blood products. What does this mean?

Ct scan and was told that I have a cyst in the back of my sinus cavity connected to my brain will I need surg?

Ct scan came back normal. Could my sinuses still be causing problems?

Ct scan for showed protuberant cavernous carotid artery. Blood in nasal drainage for months. Not a lot, but definitely present. What does this mean?

CT scan Neg. For clogged sinuses on Doxycycline for sinus infection still, however having horrible sinus pain and pressure what is it?????

Ct scan of sinuses done years ago. Looked at report and one thing I don't understand is partially occluded left ostiomeatal unit?Dr never mentioned it

Ct scan of sinuses showed little mucus in my maxillary sinuses. Frontal looked good. So would allergies cause some pressure in forehead as well?

Ct scan report reveals acute sinus and bilateral sphenoid has prescribes clavam,velgut,xyzal-M and nazal spray.I have head heaviness.

CT scan report reveals polyp retention on left maxillary sinus(3*1.5) and bilateral sphenoid sinuses.Doctor has asked for surgery,is surgery necessary?

CT scan showed mild right ethmoid sinusitis. ENT didn't suggest anything. Do I need something for it?

Ct scan showed protuberant cavernous carotid artery covered by bone. What does this mean?Should i be worried? Nasal/ear issues and blood in snot.

Ct scan showed right maxillary infection. No symptoms. How long should amoxiciilin 500 mg be taken? How do you know if bacterial or viral?

Ct scan showed sinus fluid in my mastoids below ear. Dr recommended sudafed. Will that help?

Ct scan showed thickened membranes in my sinuses. Mainly left maxillary (mild) what's the best way to deal with the inflamamation which is the problem?

Ct scan shows as 'bilateral fronto ethimoid and maxillary sinus ' how it can be cured thru medicine or by operating?

Ct scan shows mucus retention cyst in right sinus 9*11 mm.Left concha bullosa and patchy mucosal thicknening.Please suggest ways to improve symptoms.

Ct scan shows opacification of left maxillary sinus with large soft tissue consistent with polyps/retention cysts. I have terrible daily migraines & want to avoid another surgery. What alternatives?

CT Scan, MRI (extensive left mastoiditis) ears ok. Headache w/ darkness (corner of eyes). Bacterial infection in June. ENT on Fri. Allergy/recovery?

CT showed small area mild pneumonia or clearing infection. Radiologist/ onc agree. Can sinus drainage cause pneumonia? Mild cough no fever. See prev.

Ct shows all sinuses diseased. Rt ethmoid drain blocked, plus 2 polyps, causing chronic pink eye. Surgery's next week but prednisone/antibiotics helping (after 3 months). Still need surgery? Normal?

CT shows obstruction of L ostiomeatal complex & opacification of sinuses. Is there a possibility this is a fungal ball? Can CT scan find fungal ball?

Cyst&tooth#3 removed,maybe old root canal caused,ate thru nasal cavity bone.CT says maxillary retention cyst now,2 weeks ago 3Dxray showed nothing?

Daily headache.MRI showed bilateral mucous retention cysts or polyps within the maxillary sinuses. could this be cause? worth seeing otolaryngologist?

Daily migrains. CT scan relevealed mucous in sinus cavities...took help. still get them. been 5 weeks now. what to do next?

Daughter was diagnosed with sinusitis, frontal maxillary, hypo plastic. Will it affect her to fly in an airplane?

Do people with cavernous sinus tumor have a lot of pain?

Doctor did i CT scan of my nasal cavity to see if i have an infection. He said i dont but i really think i have a deviated septum why didnt he tell me?

Does a CT scan of the sinus show sinus infection or just structural abnormalities?

Does a near complete opacifcation of the sphenoid sinus in your MRI, warrant an ED visit or can it wait for a MD office visit?

Does a sinus CT scan show a deviated septum if you have one?

Does a sinus CT show the eustachain tubes? Or does a CT of the temporal bones do a better job of this?

Does sinus disease go away? A recent head MRI revealed sinusitus but I am not symptomatic in any way so could it have been there for a while and me not know it? Have an ENT appt next week. Just curious. I have a history of seasonal allergies

During a cat scan Dr said I had fluid in my mastoids behind ear. Recommended sudafed. Will that help? Does that mean I have a sinus infection?

Ear pain 4 2 mo. 4 courses abx didn't help. No tmj. Hearing tests = normal. ENT ordered temporal ct. What r possible findings?

Ent & CT scan showed sinus infection. Meds improved vertigo a lot but not fully. Infection was still there also. Could this be why symptoms didn't go?

ENT says petrous apicitis on CT and MRI may not be infection bc WBC is normal and no ptosis. Much pain/pressure and headaches. Could it be fungal?

ENT sent me to a CT scan after I saw him for simple front nose bleed. Said my passageways are crooked. Is this necessary?

ENT: p. apicitis is incidental finding, not treating bc no mastoid fluid or AOM. MRI/temporal CT show inflammation. Symptomatic. Get another opinion??

Ethmoid sinusitis and mild mucus in frontal and sphenoid . How can I treat it. Is this serious. Mri findings. Eye head hurt. Eye dr says eye is fine. ?

Every morning, I have yellowish/brownish nasal mucus. ENT did antibiotics, sinus CT Scan, everything looks good. On Nasonex (mometasone) too. What could it be?

Eye dr ordered MRI for aura while eyes are closed. Normal result, but showed an old sinus infection. What does it mean? I assume theyre not related?

Fluid opacification seen within the visualized left sphenoid sinus. Should I be concerned that I am leaking CSF again and have it checked?

Following a CT scan and MRI scan there is a suspicion of fungal sinusitis in my sphenoid sinus, how is this treated, what to do?

Following a recent MRI I have been referred to an ENT surgeon as they found 'bad maxillary inflammatory sinus changes' what does this mean? Thanks x

For what reason does my sinus CT scan have a perfect unclogged circle in the maxillary section?

Freakin out I have chronic sinusitis well I had a CT my dr said it was fine but my ENT saw it now wants to do a biopsy! WHY? Why does he want a biopsy

Frequent headaches and had ct of sinuses for unrelated issue it showed partially empty sella. Empty sella with headaches concerning? What causes this?

Getting CT scan for sinuses done in two weeks. Have constant congestion, loss of smell/taste. Issues swallowing. Could scan show issues swallowing?

Got a CT scan of sinuses and it showed I have inflammation in my sinus. What is treatment for this?

Got a mucus retention cyst in sinus CT scan blocking sinus partially.What are the treatments to remove it or dissolve it?Suffering from post nasal dip

Got CT scan of my nose and pns.Diagonsed with left concha bullosa, 11*9 mm cyst in right sinus and patchy mucosal thickening.Please somebody explain?

Got nose CT scanned with sinus , it shows left concha bullosa and cyst in right sinus. I have post nasal drip.Are these symptomps of sinusitis?

Got sinus and nose CT scanned.There is mucus retention cyst in right sinus .Doc says its blocking sinus partially and surgery to be done . Is it safe?

Had a CT scan show sinus drainage below ears but no where else. Can this be dangerous? Have pressure headaches.

Had a sinus CT scan for a deviated septum/chronic sinusitis. Now i'm worried about cancer from the radiation. Is it unlikely?

Had an MRI done everything normal mostly except mild ethmoid air cell and bilateral maxillary sinus thickening but don't get sinus headaches explain?

Had cat scan for car accident. It also showed sinus inflammation, but i had no symptoms. I would never have known, so would meds be necessary?