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I have recently follicular study scanning done . in this " UTERUS: E/o : 2.3*1.8 CM posterior wall fibroid " is it necessary to surgery right now?

I was diagnosed recently with Choledocal cyst anterior to porta hepatis communicating with left hepatic duct.what is the appropriate treatment?

gallbladder needs to be removed due to gallstones. A CT scan revealed a 3.5cm solid mass abuts the pancreas. they said no cancer but can't identify ?

Had colonscopy that found "Small lesion near the cecum which needs CT scan for further evaluation." what surrounding organs could cause bump?

I fell and the fall left a hump in the middle of my butt. CT Scan shows no mass. Dr ref for orthro. Orthro issue?

Radiologist Ultrasound Bi-Rad 3 Possibly Benign; 1.4cm x 2.8 cm No Solid Nodule seen/no internal flow . Is it improvement that i have no more pain?

sister is diagnosed with PCO.ct scan showd clear left ovary cyst and a few prominent paraaortic lymphnodes.Ca125 AFP beta hcg normal.wat s diagnosis?

"ct scan of my wife age 41, says ovareies show cyst of size 83x62mm on left & 64x44 on right with fine septum." ?

"Scattered sub centimeter hypodensities" found on kidneys during CT scan for unintentional wt loss. No urine testing done. Possible concern/followup?

(on CT scan)" 4mm hypoechoic lesion -tail of pancreas-follow-up 1 yr. With mri" how bad is this?

1 m pelvic ab back pain. Ct shows: prominent spleen/liver follow up ultrasound shows: r 2.5 CM simple cyst/ l 4.0cm abnormal structure on ovary. What could it be?

1 testicule bigger than the other,no pain .Pet scan 4 wholebodywas done few months ago,and all was clean doctor asked for ultrasound,what could it be

1-2 cm cyst floor of mouth 2 yrs-no pain. ENT also sees & feels it and ordered ct scan and it showed nothing. Can also feel on neck. Can ct miss cyst?

1.2cm right ovarian cyst which showed T1 & T2 hyperintense signal which persisted bright in T2FS sequence on MRI !! what is it? Please explain

11 CT scans 10 xrays in 2 yrs gyn wants a pelvic ct- MRI of pel shows fluid and endomet. 14mm biopsy of cervix neg-fem 69 is CT safe for me? W. Cont

13 week scan showed cystic hygroma, no advice about size? What are my options now?

13 week scan told cystic hygroma present, no size or position indicated, why and how would the need tobe confirmed, thought the scan already did that?

17w preg. Amnio showed DS. US showed neck to bum 7.1mm cystic hygroma, inflamed bowels & possible hole in heart. Is there a chance he may not live?

18 months ago, left inguinal ultrasound showed nonspecific inflammatory lymphadenopathy with diameters between 5mm and 7mm. Feel without change. Worry?

18 week anatomy scan showed shiny spot on baby's stomach . What could it be?

19 weeks scan showed some fluid in baby's kidney.don't have a follow up scan because sonographer said its normal.i'm really worried. ?

1999 diagnosed MRI w/ spots on liver 1cyst 1hemangioma& possible other one as well I have u/s yearly one is saying anechoic w/ septation is that bad?

1cm angiomyolipoma left cortex, CT scan now abdominal and pelvic, Dr says just for definition of lesion and not to worry but am scared?

2 CT scans revealed a spot on kidney. Spot has not grown in size. What could this be?

2 cyst on ovary, found by CT scan. Hospital did blood work including a cea. Why. It was normal. But why. Is that a good thing?

2 cysts found in s2 (racepinephrine). Size not provided in MRI report. No symptoms at present. Need to remove them before they cause trouble or grow bigger? How ?

2 Ultrasounds 4weeks apart on solid lump in fatty tissue,first scan there was no bloodflow to lump second scan shows a bloodflow what does this mean?

2 years ago MRI showed 3mm side branch IPMN on pancreas. MRI today shows same size. But doctor is not doing anything other then yearly imaging. safe??

20 week scan showed up baby has 3 dark spots on his liver should I be worried?

27 m ab pain worried about pancreatic cancer had CT no contrast came back "unremarkable" family history of pan. cancer normal amy and lip concerned?

28/f.MRI for other purpose, showed a "tiny punctate cystic lesion in the pancreatic tail." Really no detail. Have to wait for dr appoint. Suggestions?

2cm lesion on liver.They think its a FNH. Go for rescan soon. Scared its cancer.Having lots of discomfort on right side.Is FNH easy to differentiate??

2cm liver lesion. Think it's FNH. Rescan next week. A lot of pressure on upper right side of abdomen. Could FNH be mistaken for HCC?? Very scared.

3 CT scans, 2 show 2 bilobed liver cysts on rit side, 3rd CT scan shows one on rt,one on the left? Was told no change, odd? Or error MD won't call

3 inch mass in groin area.Ultrasound said mass has blood flow. What does this mean? can this be cancer, very serious? referred 2urologist. I'm worried

3 nodules 5 3 and 2 mm.. Colonoscopy endoscopy brain MRI ab pelvis CT scan all normal. I was born with a blocked ivc....What are these nodules from?

3.2x2.8cm complex ovarian cyst didn't show on us but did on MRI 1wk later. Does this mean it grew that fast between the tests? Terrified of cancer!

30 year old female having sever anxiety over my first and only CT scan for a rib injury, terrified one scan is going to give me cancer in a few years?

31 y.o. F, worsening mid back pain x 8 mo - MRI found many enlarged retroperitoneal nodes, largest 1.5 cm. CT tomorrow. Can this be the cause of pain?

34 famele married found protain and invisible blood on my urine done CT scan, ultasound findings normal but still somethimes hurt my left lower back?

34 white f gave birth 3 months ago. Ultrasound detected mass on low/mid right-side near intestines. What r common causes of such? Will do MRI next

34 yr old. CT scan from ER revealed the following: "Slight prominence of the CSF spaces could represent premature atrophy." Very scared! What do I do?

3cm (growing) solid exophytic renal nodule. Am I probably in the 80%? Has taken va 6 months for CT and ultrasound and months more for MRI

3cts in one year bad?? Had 1 head ct, 1 abdomen CT and wanting to order one more head ct? Also had upper GI with the x rays

4 mo rlq pain. Tvus showed small fluid cyst. Follow up tvus neg. Abd CT scan neg. Increasing fatigue, pre syncope, and dizzy. Could cancer be missed?

44 year old fem, i went to the ER for abdom pain and CT scan shows 2 nodules in rml and 2 rll no calci, largest ar 8mm, doc says no worry, butt?

46M athletic, MRI of Abdomen, with Contrast 1.2 CM segment VI hemangioma on right Liver lobe, everything else normal,unremarkable. No pain. Next step?

4w3d showed a small bleed is seen anterior and right of the structure anechoic space seen no yolk sac or embryo I'm worried and scared?

4x4 ovarian cyst by CT but 2 US's are negative so far. The pain is becoming intolerable. My doc relies on US results, CT r from ER. Suggestions please?

4yr ago had small lumg nodule. Now calcified. Recent cts 6 mos apart multiple bilateral nodules all <4mm. Suggests stable 12 mos follow up. To long?

5mm solitary apical stable ground glass nodule persist over 1yr on 3 CT scans at 6m interval after antibiotics tx. Rad rec f/u [email protected] Is it necessary?

5mos RLQ (constant). Fatigue, headaches, malaise. 2x TVUS, 1 CT scan. Cyst on 1st US, gone on 2nd US. Ct unremarkable. Could something be missed??

6 months pregnancy . 4d report it was found that foetus is having calcification in heart and left side of heart is small. Also cysts is found in neck.?

7 year old son just had a CT scan and radiologist thinks its a bowel malrotation. What would the treatment be? Can thus be confused with anything else

7 yr old girl had CT scan after a seizure cause by fever and found a 0.6/0.7/0.7cm choroidal fissure cyst in right frontal lobe should I be concerned?

8 weeks late - ve pt. Just discovered a massive fluid mass on pelvis through an ultra sound scan. Breast a bit enlarged. Help?

8mm breast mass in Feb, 2015 is now 1.2 cm, seen on MRI on June 1, 2015, but couldn't be found on ultrasound? Any reason? Or cause for concern?

A 6 mm calcified splenic artery Aneurysm was found because I went for a cat scan I am worried now and don't know what to do?

A 6 mm calcified splenic artery Aneurysm was found because I went to a Dr for back pain and had a cat scan. I have gone to a few vascular drs and th?

A varicoceles can been seen via CT scan? I had a CT scan and the report is normal, no varicoceles were seen.

A 9mm hyper vascular lesion showed up on a recent ct scan, but did not show up on my liver ultrasound last fall? Is this normal?

A CT revealed a large liver lesion. I have a pacemaker so i can't have a mri. Should I have the biopsy, or wait another 6 months for a repeat CT scan.

A CT scan result showed a 13 CM mass on my right ovary. Is it likely cancer?

A CT scan revealed a 3.5cm solid mass abuts the pancreas. He said it did not look like cancer. It looked like pancreatic tissue. Any ideas what it could be?

A CT scan revealed a growth on my lingual tonsil. I'm awaiting biopsy results. What could they reveal and when will my throat feel better?

A CT scan showed a 2.5 cyst on one of my ovaries. Is that a large cyst and can it cause severe pain before and during a bowel movement?

A doctor i just met, took a quick look down my nose and said that I have a deviated septium without taking any CT scan. Can one tell by a quick glance? Should i go for a second opinion?

A iumbar x-ray also showed a aorta aneurysm at L4 and L3 but a follow up lumbar c scan reports abdominal viewed at same area unremarkable, confused?

A liver met showed on a scan in august . Jan scan shows an increase , if it was 16 mm then how much more would it increase by?

A pelvic CT Results stated 3 cysts on my Left Ovary. 1 is 3.64cm My Dr. & the DR. that read the CT are worried. Do I need to go to the ER? Ins is otw

A pelvic scan revealed an ovarian cysts of 4.8cm X 3.5cm with internal echogenic debris. I have slight pressure pain. Will this go away on its own?

A PET scan with contrast shows changes at the molecular level. So, why is it that a lesion larger than 2 cm's did not show up at all on a CT?

A recent cat scan showed thickening of uterus. I am 66 yrs old, menopause began 2005. Should i be concerned?

A recent chest x-ray revealed "a tortuous ascending and descending aorta, I am scheduled for surgery on my thyroid- there is a 3.7cm nodule on the lef?

A recent CT scan (originally to rule out PE) showed a 9x7mm hypoattuation lesion left lobe (that grew since January) and 2 - 13 mm, 3mm,2mm all noncalcified nodules on right. in scared!! Should I be?

A recent ct scan noticed a "benign appearing mass" on my liver that suggests focal nodular hyperplasia. I'm having an MRI to confirm this. Should I be concerned or stop taking my birth control pill?

A recent CT scan with contrast revealed two cysts on pancreas. What does this mean? Previous colon cancer and has esld. Also 6mm mass on liver.

A recent MRI showed a large, circular, bright white mass located near my tailbone. It looks almost as large as my bladder. What could this be?

A small black spot on my liver the size of a penny was found during an ultrasound. I'm being sent for an MRI scan but am worried sick?

Abd ultrasound showed 1.7x1.0x1.7 CM hypoechoic lesion in R liver lobe..."difficult to clear internal echoes to confirm simple cyst" step?

Abdominal cat scan showed "homogeneous contrast enhancement", pancreas related, insulinoma?

Abdominal CT scan revealed a trace pleural effusion. Gp says all is well and radiologist report says unremarkable scan. But should I be worried?

Abdominal CT scan sees nothing, last week. How soon can I have dedicated kidney Ct or pet for further eval of small bilateral renal tumors? 7mm, 1cm ?

About 2 months ago had a colonic manometry and this Mon we went to the hospital the x Ray they did it showed medal piece from the test is that normal?

About 4 years ago i ate unwashed strawberries (in ecuador); 3 months ago i had and MRI that revealed no anomalies or cysts. Am i in the safe zone?

Ache in/under testis for a year. Gp felt 'something'. Ultra scan showed nothing. Could scan be wrong?

Adenoma (liver) april 3, 2012 a CT scan was performed to rule out another pulmonary embolism . A large mass was detected on my liver and the radiology reports that it's a heptocellular adenoma. It was noted that on a previous CT scan in november of last

After a calcium screening i found out the proximal aorta is mildly enlarged. The dr. Said a repeat in 3 years. Is this normal?

After cscan found small spot in my liver I am 77 years old and have never had cancer. I do have a degree of "fatty liver" but now the ultra sound also found this spot which is small in the right lobe of my liver about 4., 2 x 2.0 x2.3 CM the ultr sound d

After diagnosis with C.T scan Abdomen results were liver cyst - small left lung base nodule, my mother have pain symptoms every four days pls advice?

After falling on the back of head , does CT scan shows all possible kinds of damage ? I mean if the CT scan shows nothing there's no problem ?

After lump and bruising on top of foot I had a ct (no contrast) and was diagnosed with a ganglion cyst. Can a radiologist tell this is a ganglion and not a tumor from just looking at the scan? They seemed very confident but I'm over researching.

After recovering frm plr effusion frm neumonia i had pleurisy., xray CT scan shows ok , how long will take to recover?

After SCS fitted IV a large lump at scar.Consultant unconcerned every time IV complained but today got called for PET scan tomorrow.why might this be?

After successful whipple operation and full removed of pancreatic tumer from head since 18 month.I found on ultrasound scan heterogeneous at sergury ?

Age 68, live in Worland, mri wo/w contrast shows intrarenal aaa of 3.4, not there 3 years ago. should i be concerned?

All labs normal but marrow heterogeneity showed up from ct scan of skull looking for frequent dull headaches. I am a 64 yr old male with no other issu?

An MRI in nov 2012 showed a radiological cyst on l. Femur; pain since may 2012. I have stage 111c breast cancer. Should i get a pet /ct?

An MRI results reveal a 2.5 centimeter malignant on my left ovary is this cancer and should I have it removed?

An MRI showed a lesion on my left iliac bone. Should i be concerned that this could be something serious?