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10yr female girl is refered to epilepsy dept she get unconcious for 20minutes i and dr find abnormalcy in eeg testing and her ct scan is normal is it?

17mm pineal cyst found on MRI, going to be discussed in MDT meeting. How worried should I be?

5yo daughter has sleepmyoclonus, has 1 ash leaf spot on waist, ped neuro ordered for plain cranial MRI scan. Is it safe to have MRI in small children?

A CT scan showed a finding of encephalomalcia possibly from a silent stroke. Should i see a stroke specialist even though it is 5 yrs old?

A follow up MRI states marrow edema or focal osseous lesion. Have pain & weakness lots of it. What should be the next step in figuring what going on?

A recent MRI showed I have mild athersclerosis disease, what kind of treament or tests could I expect?

A venous angioma was accidentally detected on an MRI. A neurologist said not to worry. Should I request an MRA to make sure there areno dangerous ones?

About inflamation the cereber I have 2 MRI bolth results no cancer no tumor bat mi docto send me test liquid mi spine I am wcre the encefaleia?

According to neurologist MRI lacunar infarct in left thalamus. But nothing is being done. No blood tests...I'm going to a new dr. Am i wrong?

After CT scan & mri, I have csm. I saw neurosurgeon today, said surgery was needed immediately. Tt neurologist who agreed. Taking dexamethason temp?

After a virtual consult can health tap doctors order tests like xrays and mris and echos?

Am I able to send my MRI images of brain to any neurologist over web to have the suspense of waiting for report stressed right out?

An MRI pathologist's report shows the presence of a liver tumor. A followup MRI to be done in 2 months. Would it be better to get a PET to compare?

Any ideas on when us medical centers will start using the stronger 7 tesla mris for brain mris and specifically for trying to find causes of epilepsy?

Are doctors able to do an MRI on a 15 year old to confirm she has ADHD??

Are MRI's as safe as they are said to be? Is it possible in the future that MRI's will be revealed to be unsafe ?

Are mris or cat scans better for migraines? I have been having migraines for some time now and want to get it looked into, but i was wondering whether an MRI or a cat scan is better for that. Or is there an even better test to diagnose what is causing he

Are multiple MRIs w/out contrast safe? I've had 4 in the past 11 months (ankle, brain mra, brain mri, and another ankle). I'm concerned about exposure

Are neuroradiologists and neurosurgeons equally qualified to interprete spine/brain mris for any type of injuries or damages? If one doesn't agree with the other, who overrules?

Are radiologists supposed to find everything on an MRI or just that which coincides with dr's diagnosis?

Are there different types of CT scans to clearly identify cervical stenosis? Just like there is a 32 slice MRI (extremely effective) vs. Just an mri?

Been seeing a neurologist who suspects Viral meningitis (said spinal tap unnecessary) CT scan normal. Symptoms persisting after 2 weeks. What next?

Been to neurologist had clear blood tests, EEG and mri. Suffering from something undiagnosed which is similar to dementia and MS what else can be done?

Booked in for pet-ct to investigate neuropathy. If cause is paraneplastic is tumor likely to show on scan.Neurological symptoms ongoing 18 months. Ta.

Boyfriend has inflated/damaged spine (mri) and eye test (pv) showed nothing wrong with brain. Doesn’t have obvious symptoms of ms, what's wrong?

Brain MRI in august was normal, getting another one next week for mri with contrast, what are the chances this one will be abnormal with the contrast?

Can a baker's cyst be seen with an x-ray? My doc , has ordered a MRI but insurance may not approve it. Is it best seen with a MRI or x-ray?

Can a cspine MRI wocontrast show any sign of vertebral artery injury / dissection or otherwise? Or is an angiogram or other diagnostic test needed?

Can a head and cervical MRI definitively rule out ms? Don't meet up with neuro until a couple of days but he said no evidence of MS on mri.

Can a neuroepithelial cyst go away on its own? New brain MRI doesn't mention the cyst and all previous mri's mention it.

Can a person keep his dentures (fixed) on while going for MRI (magnetic resonance imaging)?

Can a person keep his glasses on while going for mri( magnetic resonance imaging)?

Can a radiologist look at my MRI for it was done on 11/8/12 to see if i had another stroke I have been having severe headaches for 3 months?

Can a radiologist look at the MRI in my files and tell me if I've had another stroke the MRI is current?

Can an MRI cause bleeding?

Can an MRI tell how long someone has been schizophrenic ?

Can any healthtap Drs order imaging tests such as MRIs?

Can anyone explain MRI / nmr history?

Can CT and MRI see previous strokes or tia's?

Can doctor refer patients for mri?

Can i breastfeed my 6month old after having an IV contrast mri? Doctor didn't say, MRI tech said no, regular websites I use are conflicting.

Can I message a Neurologist regarding my MRI's of spine . Need interpretation please. See if they are of any neurological significance? Thank you.

Can MRI & X-ray miss sarcoma(both say normal)? 1-2cm bump near subcutaneous vessels in arm, they're normal on MRI. Can it still be cancer? next step?

Can MRI alone detect scar tissue in the leg or is a contrast agent required to see it?

Can multiple TIA be seen on imaging?

Can sarcoidosis look like possible vestibular schwannoma on mri? Have spinal marrow lesions. Wondering does internal auditory canal MRI use contrast?

Can you confirm a bipolar diagnosis with an imaging procedure, like a (spect) or (meg) scan?

Can you get an MRI if you have a pacemaker?

Can you get an MRI two weeks after a stapedectomy?

Can you still have schizophrenia with a normal mri... Diagnosed with schizophrenia but had an MRI for a different reason and it said MRI was normal?

Can you tell me how to understand my MRI results on my back. please help!!!!?

Can't have MRI but have every other sign and symptoms of ms. Could it be something rlseelse or is there a way to diagnose msms without mri?

Cardiology. what are the reason fro doing a MRA of the left ventricle , what dose this specific test look at, that a basic MRI heart scan wont show?

Could a dental issue cause body tremors? Haven't seen a dentist but have seen 3 neurors with normal mri/ct within last year

Could permanent makeup interfere with an mri? I know you are supposed to let the MRI technicians know before an MRI if you have tattoos. Could permanent makeup also interfere with an mri? .

Could someone please tell me what it means when neck MRI done 3 times in a month 1 w/contrast all say artifact. No surgery Ever at neck. I'm confused.

Could you explain what is an MRI or EEG like exactly?

Could you tell me when would you get a cardiac mri?

Diagnosed with TIA/Basilar migraine last night. Both cat scans normal. History of severe Chiari Malformation. Further testing warranted?

Difficulty walking. Will Doctor's be able to tell me what the Multiple Sclerosis is affecting just by MRI report. No film. 5 other test negative. 4 MS?

Diplopia for 4 years, mg antibodies negative, MRI shows "ms lesions" and just had lp. Any ideas on other possible causes, or type of ms? Thanks!

Do dti MRI results determine prognosis? My doctor says my neurological deficits will never improve enough for me to return to work.

Do I have to go into the MRI machine fully if having the liver scanned?

Do I have to see a specialist to get a neck MRI without dye ordered?

Do i need to get an IV when i get an mra/mri?

Do neurologists (or other drs) who accept medicaid sometimes not help a patient as much as they could?worried neuro is done w/ me after this MRI&EEG.

Do you have any suggestions on how I can get a brain MRI for free? Only went for one MRI after rathke cleft cyst surgery. Can't afford another mri.

Do you have to do anything special for a pelvic floor mri? Or is it just like a normal mri?

Do you have to wear a hospital gown in order to get an arthrogram mri?

Do you think that me getting an x -ray done at the orthodontist would show of any possible brain tumors?

Doc thinks paresthesias = anxiety but ordered brain MRI to be safe. Is gadolinium necessary or can I go without? Am atopic. Scared of contrast.

Doctor's mentioned a MRI for 2 yr old w/possible brain injury but after talking to the last one they all opted out..!? What do we do to get one..?

Does a standard brain CT or MRI go down far enough to be able to see a chiari malformation if there was one?

Does a stroke always show up on an mri? My friend is 36 years old and last week was stricken by the inability to speak or form words. She has had problems with headaches and loss of vision but is unable to find any evidence on mri, CT or test of that nat

Does a stroke show up on mri 6 months later? If it's suspected I may have had a stroke in past, is there any way to confirm it now?

Does it hurt to get a brain MRI with and without dye done?

Does it hurt to get a magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography done?

Does MRI show if I have water behind the eardrum, and does doctors knows also if I do has this, or only special machine can detect this?

Does MS lesion shown in MRI come and go?

Does my friend need to have specific symptoms in order to be referred for a doppler imaging x ray? If yes, what are they?

Does my friend need to have specific symptoms in order to be referred for a penis doppler imaging x ray?Doctor will not refer him to urologist

Does siemens avanto " MRA with and without contrast SPGR post coil protocol" has ability to detect small 1 to 2 mm cerebral aneurysm? Expl protocol

Dr used a 7 in" square EKG sticker on my chest as part of a cspine MRI, I can't find anything about cine MRI in my report, so why the sticker?

Dr. Bennett i. Machanic I have 2 MRI images cervical, how can I get these images to you to see if what i see on spinal cord are in fact lesions?

Endocrionligists.Nuerologist report saysnormal intracranial appearances onmri, refuses CT scan of head and put it in my medical file.How do I diagnose?

Ent question: if CT scan is needed of my sinuses, when will i get results? Will I have to wait until the results and see her again for diagnosis?

Family physician wants my 10 yr old to go for X-rays for possible mild scoliosis. Is this really needed if mild? Is MRI effective for imaging? Thx

For 2 months i've had symptoms which are similar to lymes disease. Lymes test neg, done CT brain scan and multiple mri's. What should I do now?

For thoracic outlet syndrome. What sites on the body should I ask my pa to request to do a X-ray , mri, ct? And which test would be best?

Gain insight on MRI results ?

Got postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. I am getting a brain MRI just for completeness nothing specific. Will a non-contrast MRI be of value?

Had an MRI for suspected MS got a call the next day for an urgent MRI on eyes. Would they possibly have found something or are they just checking?

Had a brain MRI (suspected MS) and had a call the following day to ask for an urgent scan for a clearer view. Should I be concerned?

Had a mri done and all they told me was there were nonspecific changes and to see neurologist for further discussion. Should I be worried?

Had a negative brain MRI w/o contrast on 1.5 tesla.Still having MS type symptoms.would another MRI be helpful ?should it be w contrast or is w/o fine?

Had brain MRI done on 1.5 tesla.worried it missed MS lesions as having sensory issues.can that strength still pick up lesions in most cases?

Had brain MRI done w/o contrast 3days ago. possibly had viral meningitis in March. result said enlargement of sulcus. what does this mean? I'm 25 y.o

Had cervical CT in sept.All notmsl rxcept " shows some prevertabrel swelling " and patient motion.Scared. Spinal tumor ?

Had MRI which believe was ok now being sent for another of brain and orbits with no explanation as to why?

Had n MRI scan as I have a static noise in my ear what will the MRI scan show n will it find the problem to what i'm having help please xx?