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had episode of gross hematuria. no infection. CT scan shows 2 non obstructing stones. Could stones have caused the hematuria?

3mm stone show up on ultrasound , then I had a CT scan and it show no stones , so was the ultrasound wrong ? Or other blood in urine and pain sti

A CT scan revealed that my right kidney and ureter were very enlarged. No kidney stones were found. What does this mean?

After a ER visit I was diagnosed with kidney stones I had a cat scan done the urologist said I have a Tumor 1.9 CM on my adrenal gland now what?

An X-ray showed a 6mm mid-left renal calculus stone in my 17 years old daughter. Is this in the kidney?

Are bladder stones always found with ultrasound?

Are kidney stones not able to be seen in ultrasounds?

At 20 week ultrasound, the baby's kidney showed renal pelvis dilation with calyceal dilation at 6 mm for both kidneys. There was no blockage in ureter. Opinions?

Blood in urine reoccuing UTI CT scan 3mm kidney stone bladder ultra sound scan shows bladder not emptying proper what could this be?

Can a CT scan miss kidney stones. I am passing stones, yet not showing up on scan.?

Can a kidney stone or uretha obstruction in the uretha be seen by a. Ct scan?

Can a renal function lab test detect if a kidney stone is developing?

Can a tubular necrosis be found by performing a kidney and bladder ultrasound?

Can a ultrasound show a kidney stone blockage thanks?

Can a urine test show you have kidney stones?

Can an ultrasound tell if spot in kidney is a tumor?

Can I still have kidney stones even if they don't show up on a CT scan?

Can I tell if kidney stone has transited from ureter to bladder by change in symptoms?CT scan shows a 4mm stone 1.5 CM from bladder.

Can kidney stone not show up on catscan?

Can kidney stones be found with an ultrasound?

Can kidney stones be seen on mri?

Can you have gall stones and them not show up on scan?

Can you have renal colic due to kidney infection ? Been diagnosed with this. Had severe pain 2x this week. Ct scan did not show stones.

Can you tell me how precise are xrays for finding kidney stones?

Can you tell the size of the bladder from a CT scan? My dads doctor said he has a small bladder and I have a lot of bladder problems to.

Could a gall stone be mistaken for a kidney stone on a CT scan.?

Could you tell if you had pkd or other kidney problems with a CT scan or ultrasound?Have had same kidney stone for years and I thought theycane out

Ct scan of chest showed kidney stone and swelling of abdominal adrenal gland?

Ct scan on my kidneys and bladder, how is this done?

Ct scan results showed kidney stones and something in my liver. What could the something be?

Ct scan showed no kidney stones, but still having severe flank & abdominal pain! what else could it be?

Ct showed dilated ureter possibly megaureter 5 yrs ago.Nephrologist not worried.Different dr.Ordering 2 MRI w/contrast.Is contrast concern for kidney?

CT showed kidney 13cm in May, Ultrasound showed kidney 15cm in June is it normal for a kidney to change size?

Dark kidney on an ultrascan. What does this indicate?

Do all kidney stones show on a ct?

Do all kidney stones show up on a kub kidney xray?

Do all kidney stones show up on kub kidney xray?

Do ultrasounds ever miss kidney stones?

Do you. We'd to do anything if you have a upj obstruction righ renal showed up on cat scan?

Does a CT or ultrasound always show kidney stones?

Does a CT scan always show iup kidney stones?

Does a cystoscope show problems with your kidneys?

Does an ivp X-ray show kidney stones when they don't show up on a kub X-ray and can someone still have a stone if none is seen on a kub x-ray?

Does kub kidney xray show stone in the penis area?

Duplex kidney: what kind of doctor should I see?

Ever sense i had my CT scan with dye my kidneys hurt .I have small stones and sponge kidneys.Should i worry?

Fatty thing in kidney revealed in ultrasound. Still having pain?

Few 3 mm and 4 mm kidney stone in lower pole of kidney , pain hematuria for a month. Show on ultrasound not CT . Treatment options ?

Few 4mm in right , and few 3mm in left pole of kidneys , shows only on ultrasound and not CT scan? Why?

Found out I have kidney stones by CT scan to also find out I have cysts on my liver, what could that possible mean?

Gallbladder stones are visible on ultrasound?

Got my CT scan results and it said 1 to 2 mm calcications of botj kidneys and may be attributed to nephrocalcinosis does that mean kidney stones?

Gross blood in my urine off and on for several months. CT scan shows a stone in my left kidney. Its been there almost 2 yrs. No pain. When will itstop?

Had a CT scan and blood tests today. Doctors said they were all clear. Does this mean i don't have appendicitis, gall stones or kidney stones? Please

Had an abd ct scan looking for kidney stones. There was a white spot on my intestines that looked just like a kidney stone on a scan. What could it be?

Had CT scan to look for kidney stones, do they check gall bladder & appendix also, or only look for kidney stones?

Had CT scan w/o contrast of kidneys to check for kidney stones and it came back normal. Would tumors and cysts also have shown up on the CT scan i had?

Had CT w/o contrast of kidneys to check for kidney stones - was normal.Would adrenal tumor/mass have shown up if present?

Had CT wo contrast of kidneys to look for stones,also had urine checked and fine. Forgot to ask if bladder showed up in CT scan, would it have?CT nrml

Had kub us. Both kidneys are normal, normal bladder, prostrate measures 17.4 ml an calculus is seen on the left kidney (5.5 mm) is it normal?

Had routine ct's with contrast and without, for kidney stones. Now they want to send me for a CT urogram. What is the difference?

Had urq ultrasound today.Findings were 3 gallbladder polyps 3 mm.A liver hemangioma and kidney stone.Drs not worried.Should i be ?

Had uti and bladder infections 5 times, had a ct scan and ultrosound only find 2 small polyps in uterine wallbut in severe pain in kidneys,bladder hel?

Have calcified vein in pelvis.Radiologist report says unidentified ideology.( Also have kidney stones) Isn't that a phlebolith? Why then have a CT ?

Hematuria and 4 small kidney stones still having a lot of pain even though stones are not blocjin anything had CT scan to confirm this tips?

Hematuria. non- contrast Ct scan, urine cytology, cystoscopy all good. 2 painless non-obstructing stones in lower pole . Could I still have cancer?

Hi Dr, Last year i had a kidney stone, and when they did a ct scan for the kidney stone they found a nodule on my lung, and now its gone, possible?

Hi dr! i want to ask.. is it possible that a kidney stones was seen in ultrasound but can't be seen in ct scan with contrast?

Hi I had a kidney biopsy and was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease on the CT scan they found what appeared to be a non obstructive kidney stone but they are not a hundred percent sure that is what it is could this be something elsethey said that possib

Hi I'm 20 weeks and 5 days pregnant I had my second scan on Monday and was told 'lt kidney demonstrates mild pelvicalyceal dilation, with AP renal pel?

Hi, I have 6 mm calcification in my kidney. My family doctor said it is kidney stone and refer me to specialist. Is calcification same as stone?

History of kidney stones CT shows nothing but blood in urine and still severe pain?

How accurate are xrays in finding kidney stones?

How accurate is a xray for detecting kidney stones because its been a month since I was diagnosed and still no stone can it be something else in there?

How accurate is CT scan with dye for liver, kidneys, galbladder, kidneys?Thank you very much.

How can a CT scan tell if you have a kidney stone or cancer or something else?

How do a plain CT of the kidneyand bladder, and a CT urogram differ?

How do doctors tell from an ultrasound image if you have kidney stones or caner?

How do I know if i've passed a kidney stone without another CT scan?

How is a duplex kidney found?

How is it possible for CT scans to miss kidney stones? I continue to pass fragments but only have stones IN my kidneys according to my CT scan in June

How much is involved during a kidney scan?

How often is it really safe to have a CT scan for kidney stones?

How well do kidney stones show in a CT scan without contrast?

Hydrouterenephrosis with stricture of ureter. No stones found on ct. No previous surgery. Worried this is cancer?

I am 18 years of age, passed a kidney stone and my urologist has suggested a CT scan. Is it safe, due to the radiation near my reproductive organs?

I had a CT and it showed i had numerous puncate stones in my renal pelvis and that my common bile duct was dilated by 12mm what do these represent?

I had a CT and the radiologist and urologist found "something" in my gall bladder but they're stumped!?

I had a CT scan and the report suspects a 1mm non obstructing stone in my right kidney. Is it something I need to worry about?

I had a CT scan for pain near left kidney. Told there is a hypodense lesion of 1.5cm and a hyperdense lesion of .5cm. Could this be from kidney stone?

I had a CT scan they found a very small kidney stone in my bladder. Could that be anything else?

I had a renal ultra sound done last week and they said I have a 7mm kidney stone. What will they do about that?

I had a ultrasound of my bladder and kidneys and the report said "Unremarkable Scan" but it said "under-distended bladder" so would they see that ok?

I had an ultra sound that showed 4 stones 2 in each kidney all small enough to pass,3mm & 5mm. Later CT scan shows nothing. I did not find a stone while straining the urine. After CT scan (that night) I had excruciating pain in lower abdomen, that was 2 d

I had an ultrasound done and it showed a 6-7mm kidney stone. The X-ray showed clear. What one is right?

I had calcific densities in both renal poles and collecting systems found on xray. Do I need follow up?

I had hydronephrosis due to stone.i passed stone 20 days ago.US scan10 days ago told all r normal.Us scan today tells no stone but hydroneprosis. how?

I had kub utz in april and it says renal parenciymal disease. I had kub utz again just yesterday in another center and it is normal sonogram of kidney?

I had right kidney stone. Had ct scan. Along with the kidney stone the report says punctate calcification in lower pole of right kidney.What is this?

I have 2 kidney stones in my right kidney. My urine has bubbles in it. I had CT scan, blood work up and urinalysis--all was good. Should i worry?