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2 years and 3 months ago i got a head CT with and without contrast im now getting a mild headache can that be brain tumor caused by the CT radiation ?

21 y/o with severe vertigo. MRI was normal other than 2 small white lesions. Is an MRA also warranted?

247brain fog, dizziness, constipation, weight loss, tiredness. Ct of head chest abdominal MRI head CBC thyroid o2 tests all normal. What's left? I'm 25

32 y/o fem. Had negative MRI last yr w/2 mm frontal lobe lesion.Now having dull, VERY brief headaches,nausea,&dizziness. Should I have follow up MRI?

A CAT scan and found a meningioma and the right frontal paramedian convexity. I've been having headaches and speech problems with nausea and numbness ?

A few days ago, MRI showed small left occipital arachnoid. Should this be looked at closer for cause of sudden, first time headache?

A year ago last may my brain aneurysm was coiled. I get pains the last 8 weeks where my coils are situated. Is this normal? MRA shows occlusion

About my MRI need someone to indentify what I have on left ear ?

After a brain angiogram and coiling of an 8m aneurysm how will i feel and how soon will i be back to feeling normal?

Always with neck pain why it hurts to turn my neck & i get headaches had a normal MRI & normal mra of the brain?

Any idea of diagnosis of indentions on head, causing headaches, 68 yr. old, suddenly occurring 3 months ago at 1, now 8. Had X-ray, MRI, radiation im?

Are MRI scans really noisy I have sensory issues what's best too distract from noise?

Are two normal 3 tesla mra/mris and a normal cta enough to exclude brain aneurysm in the case of unexplained unilateral head pain and unequal pupils?

Bad pressure back of head, neck, fatigue, and weakness. Debilitating. What could cause thus? Neg MRI snd CT scan. Please help me.

Been having headaches & migraines for a year all day everyday. Face and neck become numb. I've had MRI head scab done and nothing showed what's wrong?

Been having headaches & pains n my head very scared for a anueryums i've had a mra dec2012 & MRI 4-18-13 & CT 2wks ago neck pain also what could it b?

Been having headaches migraines most of my life I've had MRI, CT scan EEG and I was always told I had maxillary sinusitis disease what is it?

Been having numbness in forehead everyday since around may no trauma CT scan showed nothing what can be causing this sensation?

Been having vp shunt pain for a while now. It is when i lie down flat and it vibrates inside my head. Had CT and xray and it was good. What would u do?

Blood normal, CT scan otosclerosis plaque showed in left ear, would this cause dizziness, fever, fatigue? What is otosclerosis plaque?

Brain aneurysm coiled year ago. 3 MRA scans show occlusion.Worried walking my dog,incase a football should hit me on the head would it cause problem?

Brain anuersyum if i had a mra done 3mths ago would they have seen on the scan if i would of had a weakness n the wall the weakness that causing this?

Brain MRI showed dark splotches on the thalamus (down-front) and cerebellum (middle), there was nothing there on a scan a month before, what are they?

Brain MRI tmrw. I think the pain may be neck posture (leaning head back). Will this show up on the scan if it is the case?

Burning head like acid being poured on it vertigo scalp tenderness MRI CT blood work emg EEG tilt table carotid/ transcranial doppler all normal??????

C4 slips had rhizotomy headaches ear pain now vertigo blurry vision ENT can't explain neurosurgeon says isn't neck closed MRI head w/wo contrast clear

Can a cervical spine MRI show why someone may have lightheadedness and dizzy spells almost each day?

Can a CT scan of head and neck completely rule out neck cancer?

Can a head and neck MRI be done at the same time?

Can a meningoma come from a head injury? I hit my head a year ago, and since then I have had headaches. I had a CT scan and it shows a 6mm meningoma

Can a small brain aneurysm be seen on an MRI with contrast(iodine)?I didn't get an MRA but back then I didn't have headaches everyday.I'm 20& worried

Can a small brain aneurysm be seen on an MRI with contrast(iodine)?I didn't get an MRA but back then I didn't have headaches everyday.I'm 20&worried

Can a small brain aneurysm show on an MRI with contrast(iodine)? I didn't get an MRA and have been getting pain on left side I'm scared

Can an MRI determine if your at a risk of having a stroke in the future?Been having sore neck and head pressure, head MRI had done was normal, tension?

Can an MRI of the head and a neuro exam rule out MS?

Can an X-ray of the head and neck after a carwreck pick up carotid blockages?

Can CT scan of head see brain swelling?

Can dizziness/off balance be from Vertebral Artery Dissection or any artery/brain issue if ive been dizzy for months? MRI of brain and CT normal,

Can head MRI show mouth , jaw cancer?

Can I ask my doc to change my ct scan for my head to with contrast to alleviate my severe fear of brain aneurysm?

Can migraines be seen with mri. of brain head?

Can mri contrast give you a headache? As had an mri today with contrast and felt sick and had a headache afterwards. It was mri of the heart.

Can MS be ruled out if you only had an MRI done on your head?

Can unruptured anuerysm present with neck pain with and without headaches. Would an anuerysm large enough to do damage be seen on plain CT scan?

Can you tell me what it mean to have a head and orbit CT w/ and w/o?

Claustrophobic in mris, but maybe not if its just my head in, what to do?

Clear head CT and brain mri, blood pressure normal, why do I have a constant headache that won't go away :(?

Constant numbness/pressure in forehead for over a month CT scan normal any ideas what can b causing this?

Could an MRI WITHOUT contrast miss anything serious causing my daily migraines??

Could I have ocvm or caa with a normal MRI 4-18-13 & had a mra done dec 2012 it was a close MRI i get pains in my head here in there headches?

Could I have temporal artertis? Had eye exam in July,normal. Since June,headsches, sinus infect.,eyes red,side of head will tremor.head CT scan norma

Could neck problems cause dizziness? Ct scan of brain,blood work,and heart monitor all normal need some help on what it could be please help

Could you still potentially have an aneurysm or blockage if an mra of the brain came back negative?

Could you tell me what are normal head and neck MRI effects?

Ct scan of sinuses are coming up, i've had pressure in forehead when standing and bending. Wobbly. Eyes are off. Should i be worried about brain tumor?

Ct scan was clear but suffering from blackouts and severe headache still. What is this from?

Ct scans good for catching brain tumors? I did a CT scan several months ago because i was having head and neck pain. The CT scan turned out to be normal, but the head and neck pain have returned. I was wondering what the odds are that the CT scan missed

Daily head pains that worsen when i lie down for 7 years. Could it be a brain tumour? Good neuro and blood test.

Diagnosed Chronic Sinunitus from CT scan. Is it normal to have dizziness, heavy head, and feeling awful with this. CT scan of brain normal?

Do doctors order a head and neck MRI at the same time?

Do I need to get a MRI to figure out the cause of my pulsatile tinnitus?

Do miagranes headaches cause bleeds to the head had a mri&ct 5 months ago everything was normal i'm 20 is this true miagranes cause bleeds to the brain?

Do you think I should get an MRI or cat scan imaging to see what is causing my migraine headaches?

Doctors can you tell me how often should I get cat scans for my migraines?

Does a brain MRI always include the entire head and face?

Does a brain MRI in an open scanner still require the cage over your face?

Does a CT scan rule out brain aneurysm? 6 months pain behind right ear and upper neck with dizziness/blurred vision. CT normal. What to do next?

Does a typical MRI and mra with contrast on the brain cover the entire head & neck area or does it just get the brain?

Does a typical mri/mra with contrast on the brain cover the entire head/neck area or does it just get the brain?

Does CT head scan (cpt code 70450) include facial bones or only neurocranium?

Does this ice cold sensation on the top of my head be an indication of anything that I need to get checked? MRI or CT SCAN?

Emg test normal, first MRI of brain normal, twitching on both sides of head in the "temporal muscle area" going for 2nd MRI, would mra be better off?

Eye and neck pain on and of for few weeks, mra normal CT normal eye tests normal ?

Eye sight degraded,MR venography shows narrowing to full occlusion of transverse and sigmoid sinuses,feeling headache in left back of head?

Eye twitching for a week now headache starting had Mri,mra,ct scan on head last year showed nothing nothin suffer headaches a lot but eye twitch bad?

Feeling unbalanced like rocking forward to backward popping ears head pressure had CT scan and MRI of brain checked out fine what do I do next?

Fell and hit my head on concrete floor 6 months ago. have had a MRI and CT scan both are clear. I still have stiff neck, pain to turn my head, burning?

For a head mri/mra do they have to inject dye? Will it be in my head?

For a head mri/mra do they have to inject dyes into my head?

Found out I have a calcification on my brain. (had CT scan. Waiting on mri) i've been having tremors, vision probs & headaches. Should i be concerned?

Frequent headaches, neck pain and dizziness had a normal CT scan a few months ago. Worried about aneurysms. Should my headaches be further looked into?

Had 2 cat scans of my brain when I was 15 I am now 18 and I've been having one sided headaches and pressure and change on personality ct cause cancer?

Had 2 normal CT w/o contrast in the ER this month due to severe, frequent headaches. Normal MRI in 2013 as well. Could it be an aneurysm or tumor?

Had a 6m old in office. Head circle was 98%. When should I do a CT head to ro hydrocephalus?

Had a cat scan and MRI just stuff from old stroke but headaches are still coming what could be the problem. Doctor says headaches might be migrains ?

Had a CT scan of my head about three months ago getting another for head aches and confusion .Is that many CT scans safe? Can anxiety cause that?

Had a head MRI for pulsatile tinnitus that showed a narrow vein but CT scan didn't. I've had PT over a year. Do I need a second opinion?

Had ACDF surgery, have had severe headache since. Will MRI show if there is CSF leak?

Had an Mri.. neuro doc checking for Ms but they also found 2 masses on my head but not in the skull..could it be cancer?Go back doc in a week

Had aneurysm coiled right internal carotid. Now loud whooshing in right ear. Recent MRI with contrast showed all clear. Any idea what it can be?

Had brain CT angiogram yesterday, strange headaches ever since. If my 8m carotid aneurysm was leaking would they have known?

Had concussion a month 17 days ago. No ct was done could i still form subderal hematomo?

Had CT in 2011 for headaches and tingling left foot-results normal.Still have same symptoms!how likely to be a brain tumour?

Had CT scan done cause having headaches. Brain was normal. Headaches went away. 3 days later my TMJ flare up (gum)and I develop tremors all over. Why?

Had CT scan to check dissected carotid artery. Said it was gone but still i had pain one day on top of head. Why?

Had CT scans done on head this year for migraines and confusion.Would it have shown increased icp? I have popping feeling and sound when turn head.

Had MRI brain due to headaches and tingling which showed 17mm pineal cyst. How worried should be? Will I need surgery? Very scared

Had MRI NECK XRAY MOUTH THROAT found mass in throat, arthritis in neck. set for a brain MRI . dr not to sure what is going on. any idea?

Had MRI scan of my ears. Have hearing loss in one side that's why I was sent for one. What could it be? Do you see brain also on this scan?

Had SAH 2 m ago, f, 50 y old, now has pain around ear and extreme dizziness? Had CT scan which was normal, does this r/o new aneurysm?What could it be