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About Contrast Media for MRI. Is it dangerous for the body? Is it safe to have contrast media many time in one year? I know my kidneys are ok.

After a CT scan with dye, the next day and for 3 months after I had excruciating pain in both of my hands. Was this an adverse reaction to the dye?

After an angiogram, how does the dye come out of the body?

After CT scan what is duration of contrast medium (iodine) in body?

After drinking 3 cups of contrast and an IV contrast can I eat right after?

Again tried MRI brain scan mild sedative, still can't do it. Claustrophobia, is there alternative test not CT done. Please help advise ruining out opt?

Allergic reaction to the contrast dye for cat scan?

Allergic to 2 CT scans iodized IV contrast exams, itching, rash. Dr. Wants MRI cervical spine with contrast. Is this a good idea, is this contrast diff?

Am I able to take a Multi-vitamin that contains Iodine when I am allergic to shrimp? I had to be on an antihistamine while prepping for a CT scan.

Am i more susceptible to having an MRI dye reaction if i did for a CT scan?

Am i ok to take solgar multi vits after CT contrast dye? Thanks

Am to have abdominal CT with and without contrast.Was given barium sulfate to take, will there be an IV also?Will the CT be as accurate w/o iv?

Anaphylactic shock in 1987 from ivp dye for ct. Now need CT w/ contrast. 1 dr says i can have it because dye is different. Other dr says no. Thoughts?

And what particular area of the body are ivp scans shields used for?

Any possible side effects of contrast used in MRI Pelvic Scan, though no side effects on most people?Any different types of contrasts for pelvic scan?

Are allergic reactions likely with drinking barium for a CT scan?

Are Contrast Dye for eye tests okay in CKD stage 4, gfr 24 ?

Are CT scans with oral contrast useless for see colon cancer. My doc has ordered multiple over last 3 years, all clean, but hearing they are useless??

Are the contrasts used during mris linked with bleeding or ssris? My radiologist said they'll avoid contrast because of hemophilia.

Are there any side effects of radionuclide scans?

Are there any side effects of using CT scan on a 2 years old ?

Are there deaths associated with CT contrast other than anaphylactic reaction? I read it can cause blood clots?

Aside from the needle site, is a venogram any more invasive than the typical CT w/ contrast?

Bad idea to have contrast CT & contrast MRI in same day (i.e., too much, different contrast at once)? Should I request creatinine test 1st?

Can a CT scan detect anything if the patient didn't have the medicine first because she has an allergy?

Can a CT scan with contrast and IV contrast show if a vaginal mesh sling is too tight or broken?

Can a CT with contrast/iv show arthritis and vaginal slings or other mesh, do both MRI and CT show these particular items?

Can an abdominal/pelvic CT scan with and without contrast effect sperm or cause the patient to become sterile?

Can an MRI scan "without contrast material" detect accurately an aortic aneurism?If it cannot, why?What are the side effects&harm caused by this MRI?

Can contrast used in chest CT stays in the body (lungs) and cause harm? Worried about radiation risk from contrast.

Can doctors tell me what does the CT scan contrast dye taste like?

Can dye in the blood to do a CT harm you?

Can I drink alcohol after a CT scan?

Can I get drunk the night before I have an intraveneous pyelogram?

Can I have red wine after having hip injection with contrast dye?

Can i mix oral contrast with orange juice for a CT scan?

Can I not get an MRI with dye while nursing?

Can I smoke weed an hour before a contrast ultrasound?

Can i take ibuprofen after CT scan with contrast? I usually take it 3 X day per doctor. No one told me. I read online not to take.

Can i take lexilium(benzo.) before my head CT with contrast?

Can iodine contrast used for CT scan inadvertently improve symptoms or issues?

Can migraines be a side effect of CT IV contrast dye? Had contrast before w/o issue. Today got migraine 15-20 min post-contrast injection.

Can MRI contrast dye have side effects?

Can MRI scan detect mild edema from water intoxication after 12 days of having water intoxication . How much time take edema to be visible in MRI ?

Can plain stomach X-ray with no contrast show stomach cancer?

Can repeated MRI scans using contrast cause kidney damage or death?

Can the oral contrast before a CT scan cause you to poop black?

Can you be allergy tested for iodine constrast dye before CT scan?

Can you please list the risks associated with the cat scan dyes?

Can you please tell me whether the contrast dye used in Chest CT is radioactive or not? If yes then can it damage any organ?

Can you take Xanax (alprazolam) before a CT scan with contrast?

Can you tell me about it's like to take optiray 300 orally before an abcominal CT scan?

Can you tell me in ercp procedures, is the contrast used: ionic or non- ionic?

Can you tell me the procedures to a CT scan of the lungs and dye being put in veins?

Can you tell me what is a special type of body scan called hydro scan?

Can't stop sweating after my CT angiography is this normal?

Cani drink alcohol after a CT scan?

Chances of experiencing nephrogenic systemic fibrosis from MRI contrast?

Compare and contrast polio and botulism?

Consuming alcohol day before CT with contrast, ok?

Could a cat scan show inflammation of the brain without contrast dye? I had a CT for amoeba and headaches & no dye was given but doc says i'm ok.

Could a CT scan miss appendicitis if i wasn't given contrast fluid to drink or wasn't injected with dye?

Could appendicitis be missed on a CT scan if i wasn't given contrast fluid to drink before the scan and didn't have dye injected? ?

Ct angiography offered. Terrified of dieing from allergic reaction to the dye. 22 male.

Ct scan abd-abd w/o contrast states: oral contrast in small + large bowel loops ,and I never had contrast in my life (no IV or oral),what else can it?

Currently in hospital. I need to have scan of cerebral arteries. I don't want the contrast dye, can I ask for a scan without?

Daughter is almost 4 and has to have a CT with contrast.I know she won't drink the mixture so do they have other ways of giving it to her?

Diagnosis of what conditions use radioisotopes?

Difference betwee bronscopy and CT with contrast?

Do hospitals supply iodine pills before a CT scan?

Do Mastocytosis patients need to pre medicate for IV contrast before a CT?

Do they still use gadnolinium in nuclear medicine to examine lipomas?

Does a cat scan see almost every medical condition with or without dye injection ?

Does an MRA of the chest use radiation?

Does contrast dye stay in your body?

Does contrast used for HSG make you poop?

Does non contrast abdomen pelvis CT show any problems with pancreas? Drank contrast but didn't have IV in arm?

Don't trust hospital here.Rn told other rn he put IV wrong so they had to hand inject my CT scan dye.Is that safe? Will i be ok .Not feeling well .

Due to have CT scan worried about allergy to contrast injection as my Son had Urticaria for a week two days after CT Scan with Contrast with Iodine .Have allergy to Almonds some metals nickel among others things .Suggestions please? Antihistimine?

During a brain angiogram, does the catheter remain in my artery while taking xray pics? Or do they take it out after injection of dye?

Dx for CT scan of abd/pelvic with an w/out contrast, not sure why both is needed but shouldnt it be stated if its oral or IV contrast?

Egd/ct scan -radioactive contrast dye leaked into daughters arm instead of going to her vein, should I be concerned?

Five CT with oral but without IV contrast of ab / pelvis over five years. Chance of caner being missed due to no IV contrast? Scopes are in February.

Forgot to drink gastrografin before CT scan, what to do?

Forgot to drink gastrografin before CT scan. Can I cancel?

Gadnolinium, MRI contrast, can produce adverse effects in a person with renal calcullus?

Gastric sleeve leak. Ct scan, endoscopy, and GI swallow test now shows no leak. When I drink blue dye it shows in jp drain...why.

Gastric sleeve leak...had CT scan, GI swallow test, and endoscopy and all show no leak. When drink blue dye it shows up on jp drain???? Why

Got asthma would premedicating prevent anaphylaxis shock from the dye on CT angiogram.

Had CT scan on pelvis/abdomen with contrast 2 years ago & a full body cta with contrast a few months ago. I have a vitamin d deficiency. Cancer risk?

Had ct scan with contrast in morning can I take Advil (ibuprofen) same day evening?

Had my CT angiography today and my sugar is a little high is that normal in diabetics from the contrast?

Had oral contrast with raspberry crystal light and IV contrast for CT. I've had diarrhea twice. Last time was all red. Is it blood or red from drink?

Had WBC of 16 and 5000+ in urine but docs cannot find where the infection is coming from to treat hd CT w IV contrast n drank iodine normal CT finding?

Hadct scan of abdo specifically kidneys w/contrast IV &kind you drink(although tech said didn't need drink for kidney scan)would this show diverticuli?

Have you use CO2 in your practice and has the outcome been just as good as contrast dye. do contrast dye need to be used to confirm patency afterwards?

Having abdominal CT w/o contrast but with barium shake. Will it be able to see if problems with pancreas and liver w/o the iodine iv?

Having CT scan with Onmipaque & Barium of abdomen & pelvis.How long should I wait to get pregnant? Will my eggs be damaged? Do contrasts stay in body?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a technetium sulfa colloid scan?

Hi having mri soft tissue scan with contrast will this tell if my airways are clear and what else will this tell me been given it from my ent ?