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Please explain why would a CT obtained the 3rd day after a lacunar stroke be normal?

Please help me, I am 21 years old. I had a stroke when i was 16. I had a CT scan last week, and they said I have a narrow 4th ventricle. Should i worr?

Please tell me, could a CT scan see a brain lesion?

Please tell me, could MRI and cat scans show metals contained in the brain?

Please tell me, could MRI or CT scan detect brain cancer?

Recently i had a sinus cat scan. On the report i noticed that the radiologist remarked 'brain looks ok'. Would a sinus scan show brain tumors?

Should we CT scan the brain for dizzyness?

Since coiling of brain aneurysm year ago, I have had 3 MRA (without contrast)which showed occlusion. Should I be having a CT angiogram in the future?

The CT scan brain results suggest that they a probability of demyelinating disease. Is this normal at my age?

The MRI w/wo contrast showed a blood clot in my brain. I have many CNS symptoms. The CT w contrast did not show it. Should I ask for other tests?

What are the benefits of getting a brain scan?

What are the chances of a non contrast cranial CT not showing a brain tumor or evidence of one?

What are the chances of an MRI w/ contrast picking up something (such as a brain tumor?) that a regular MRI could not?

What are the differences between the "face" ct, brain ct, and "skull" ct? Don't they all show the same area?

What are the odds that a CT scan with and without contrast missed a brain tumor?

What are the risks of a brain CT scan?

What are the side effects of an unruptured brain aneurysm and how can I tell if my CT with iodine scan failed to show any signs of an aneurysm ?

What can a CT scan of the brain catch that a brain MRI scan cannot?

What can a mra detect that a brain MRI cannot detect?

What can they find out from a CT scan of your brain?

What could be wrong if a CT scan shows brain abnormalities?

What does a CT without contrast of the brain show?

What does brain cta scan mean-does it mean brain CT with contrast or without?

What does it mean to have a head and orbit CT with contrast?

What happens if my CT scan didn't show the brain tumor?

What is a brain cta scan?

What is a cat scan of the brain used for?

What is a CT scan (brain) used for?

What is a pet/ct fdg 18 test on the brain?

What is MRV of brain? What is purpose and what does it show?

What is the best mri/mra test (model) to rule out brain aneurysm in men and is it done with (gadolinium) contrast?

What is the definition or description of: orbit ct?

What is the likely outcome of an MRI brain scan?

What kind of brain tumor would not show up on a CT scan? Why would it not be seen?

What kind of information does a CT tell about the brain?

What kind of tumors would a cranial CT scan not show? Why would they not show up?

What to do if I had a non-contrast CT head scan in march of this year. if What to do if I had pontine glioma would it have been detected?

What types of brain tumors won't show up on a CT scan?

What would u be looking for on an orbits and brain mri?

What's an mrv on the brain?

What's the difference between the CT head the MRI brain scan?

What's the likelihood of a CT scan missing a brain tumor?

When do they need a CT or MRI to detect ivh?

Which one is better at detecting blood clots (in the brain) MRI or CT scan?

Which organs and glands are visualized during a SPECT scan with sipnal dye for a suspected CSF leak?

Which test is more conclusive: an mra of the brain or an angiogram?

Who is at risk of getting a brain tumor? What scans can detect it?

Why would a CT scan obtained the 3rd day after a lacunar stroke be normal?

Why would a hospital do a second CT scan following a spinal tap? Are CT scans always of the brain?

Why would doctor order mra without contrast if he is ruling in or out cerebral aneurysm? Isn't mra with and without contrast more accurate test?

Why would my doc give me a CT scan for my brain tumor fears if it doesn't pick up tumors? (he said I have no symptoms of one...Which is true)

Why would they want CT scan of brain?

Will a ?Brain aneurysm show up on a scan?

Will a brain aneurysm show up on a plain CT scan of the head?

Will a ct scan show whether I have a brain aneurysm?

Will a CTA scan show if I've had a stroke?

Will a ENT always need a CT scan to address a CSF leak?

Will a head cat scan show a brain aneurysm?

Will a MRI or CT scan of the brain so symptoms of a stroke days after a stroke? Think I may have had one I'm not sure.

Will a sinus CT show the brain?

Will an MRI show if you have arterial embolism in your brain ?

Will mRI with contrast catch even the most hidden tumor, even the smallest ?

Would a brain CT scan usually be enough in detecting meningitis?

Would a Brain MRI W/O Contrast & a CT Scan with and W/O Contrast show a brain tumor causing symptoms? Worried that it could have been missed.

Would a Brain MRI without Contrast & a CT Scan with and without Contrast show a brain tumor causing symptoms? Worried that it could have been missed.

Would a ct scan and sinus scan show labyrinthitis? Or lack of blood flow to brain?

Would a CT scan detect a brain annurysum and can they see the arteries by the cr scan?

Would a CT scan of the brain show blocked arteries in detail?

Would a CT scan pick up on parasites in brain?

Would a CT scan show cysts in the brain? If so, would a dr mention them if seen during a brain CT scan after a head injury from a car accident?

Would a CT scan show if sjogren's syndrome is affecting my brain?

Would a CT scan without contrast show a brain tumor or evidence one was there? What are the chances it won't? Doc not concerned but my anxiety is :/

Would a CT with and without contrast show any evidence of Alzheimer's or dementia?

Would a MRI of brain without contrast show any infection ?

Would a Mri without contrast and a Mra show a blood clot in the brain?

Would a plain CT scan show an unruptured aneurysm in the brain ?

Would cerebral small vessel disease be seen on MRI without contrast?

Would MRI detect CNS leak?

Would my regular CT scan have picked up an unruptured brain anurysm? I'm so scared tht I have one

Would swelling of brain tissues from brain tumor be shown on a non contrast CT scan?