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Had a fear of brain tumor for 7 months. Ct scan without contrast was clean. Would I be having severe symptoms by now if it was malignant?

2 years and 8 months ago CT scan w&wo contrast ruled out a brain tumor now im worry again can a brain tumor grow that fast and cause symptoms im 27?

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Brain CT scan revealed intracranial hypertension. B12 deficiency highly likely will be established. Could CT scan be interpreted as brain shrinking?

Brain meningioma CT scan why kidney function test?

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Can a CT and MRI without contrast detect a pituitary tumour?

Can a ct angiagraphy ( ct with contrast dye) show a pica aneurysm or an aneurysm near the brain stem or cerebellum? I heard you need the angiogram with the catheter, but some doctors said that's not true and this is also good test.

Can a CT scan also scan for brain tumors? I had a CT scan done a while ago to check my sinuses, but now i fear i may have a brain tumor. I was wondering if a doctor could look at the same CT scan to check for brain tumors.

Can a CT scan detect brain aneurysms?

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Can a CT scan miss a brain tumor?

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Can a head CT scan (with and without contrast) radiation cause a brain tumor to grow and cause symptoms in 2 years and 8 months or 3 years? Possible?

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Can a small brain aneurysm show up on a MRI with contrast? (I didn't get an MRA)

Can a spinal Tumor be diagnosed from the one MRI scan? Would they know if it was a Tumor? Thanks

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Can anyone of you drs give me a website link of a CT scan with contrast showing a brain tumor?

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Can you please tell me if a CT scan of brain would show signs of Dyplastic gangliocytoma?

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Can you see brain aneurysms on a CT scan??

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Can you tell me if there are other ways to detect vascular or neural abnormalities in the head other than a CT scan or brain mr?

Can you tell me of any way to overcome claustrophobia for fmri / MRI brain scan?

Cat scan no dye on brain what are those squiggle lines in you rbrain?

Chances of a 19 year old having an aneurysm/brain hemorrhage? Had CT and MRI scans a year ago. All normal. But suffering pressure in head all week

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Could someone send me a MRI r a CT xray of a tumor on the brain and a and....Rism of the brain just want to make sure i'm doing good?

Ct scan can reveal a brain tumour and an MRI showed nothing. Which to believe?

Ct scan dects brain aneurysms? Is it possible for a CT scan without contrast to reveal an unruptured brain aneurysm? Is the test meant to find that sort of thing?

Ct scan did not show brain tumor. Does that mean i'm in the clear?