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A recent non-contrast CT of the abdomen/pelvis said, "there is likely some retained oral contrast in the colon." i never had contrast. What is it?

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Ct found 2 nodules in diaphragm , wants me to follow up in 3 months, is this normal and why would this have been spotted in my abdominal ct not chest ?

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Ct scan of pelvic abdomen showed 7mm lung spot on lower left lung dr now ordered a chest CT scan wondering why ?

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Doc wants 2 do CT scan of pancreas. Will this only scan my pancreas, or will it scan other places/organs...Or is this the same thing as abdominal ct?

Doc wants CT scan on abdomen & pelvis to be sure my nausea/constipation isn't serious. I've already had multiple scans so can I request an MRI?

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Does a CT colonography show pelvis/abdomen too or just intestines?

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Does a Fluoroscopic Single Contrast Enema Exam only reveal large intestines? If not. What other organs does it show.

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