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2 extensive Inflammatory bowel disease blood tests in past year showed nothing. I have no red flag symptoms either, is it still likely to be IBD?

2 month old has a sacral dimple, no other symptoms present. So far normal development and normal on exam. Should we still be concerned?

2 years ago was dxd with status migrainous, esophageal inflammation, GI issues and now s pneumonia antigen deficiency. Ongoing, vagus nerve issue? UGG

212 IGF-1 (191);repeat 218; no SX acromegaly but recently diagnosed with cardiomyopathy; coincidental or should I get MRI to rule out pituitary tumor?

23 yr-old, since puberty had facial "bloating" and other symptoms suggestive of thyroid or cortisol issues, but hasn't found effective treatment....?

25 yr old previously diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Increasingly worse symptoms. Recent lab work shows SED rate of 50 and CRP of 1.4. Misdiagnosed?

28 yr-old with 8 yrs of autonomic, endocrinologic, and inflammatory symptoms, which have both a daily pattern and a seasonal pattern.....?

28yr old daughter had MRI for numbness & fatigue results non specific what does that mean? She also has severe anemia cause unknown, will see neuro.

3 years of non specific symptoms then diagnosis of small cell lung cancer. What is likelihood of 3 year of symptoms relating to sclc? Thank you.

31 white female. No previous medical history of any disease. What are my chances of lymphoma and what are some early symtpoms?

49 year-old female meeting all of the diagnostic criteria for myalgic encephalomyelitis is also unable to eat due to multiple food intolerances.....?

54 yr old male who can't recall a urinalysis in 10 years. I continue to experience undiagnosed issues from skin anomalies to dizziness. Test advised?

67 yr-old with years of monthly blackouts, with a history of PVC's, adrenal insufficiency and hypothyroidism, looking for a definitive diagnosis.....?

9-year-old diagnosed with kawasaki''s disease and aseptic meningitis. What's the follow up as she still presents with headaches and palpitations?

A continuing high WCC can be indicative of an infection. But can it also be caused by an underlying hematological disorder?

A few liver cysts have been found on my MRI. Does this mean I have a specific disease? Will these multiply over time? Is there a test to check for infection?

A friend was initially diagnosed with kidney stones but it is now being suggested that its an internal tear. What tests would determine this?

Aeromonas found in stool. no gastro symptoms but fatigue/malaise for a year. autoimmune conditions ruled out. blood counts fine. treatment needed?

After going through brain cancer treatment if it were to worsen what signs would show?

Age 20 female. Doc says one optic nerve is different than the other. What could this mean? Going in a week for more testing.

Age:40, early osteoarthiritis changes are seen on my knee x-rays. How to find out if it is primary or secondary? Any tests? Does hypothyroid cause it?

ALS VS MMN.... Doctors were tossing around both diagnosis... 2 Months of IVIG treatments... no results... Been 1 years symptoms worse. what next???

An MRI has shown white matter build up in the periventricular area. Without other symptoms of ms, and with a history of diabetes and hypertension, how likely is MS as a diagnosis? Can it just be bp?

ANA 1:80 Anti- Centromere 1.9 no symptoms of scleroderma Is it possible that Ill never develop symptoms? Or will I likely develop them in the future?

Any symptoms directly related to azoospermia?

Anyone out there ever diagnosed with IgA deficiency but have no real symptoms?

Are fibro cfs bfs actually the same condition? I mean a neuro told me bfs a pathologist fibro etc and symptoms are kind the same

Are localized headaches a relatively common symptom of brain cancer? What tests are needed to figure out what it is?

Are the pattern and sequence of presentation of signs/symptoms useful in diagnosing autoimmune disease or are they different in every case?

Are there any conditions that mimic symptoms of pregnancy, including similar proteins in urine?

Are there any dr's in mi thats know, that patients can be sent to for hard to diag intestinal diseases/disorders or conditions that others have missed?

Are there really definitive tests that show an inner ear fluid buildup that may result in dizziness as a main physical symtom?

Autonomic neuropathy symptoms for 21 months. Anti hu tested negative. Could this be a paraneoplastic neurological syndrome? Any advice, thankyou.

Been taking Forteo since 10/14, some concern by MD might be pagets. Is there a definite test for pagets?

Beensickwithoffbalance,vertigo,and orthostatic hypotension.was also hospitalized severe dehydration all test negativ including HIV.Have hsv1&2&hpv?

Besides patient history of gait issues, are there any clinical signs of tumor in cervical spine?

Best way to diagnose tumors of the endocrine system or the digestive tract inc carcinoid syndrome accuracy please advise best way and accurate. Thanks

Can a doctor pick up endocarditis with his steposcope and what are the symptoms?

Can a progressive case of dementia be determined by a spinal tap, blood testing, or an MRI during very early onset or at all?

Can a pulmonary func test rule out anything if you feel like your having breathing issues Can it rule out resp distress or clinical vs perceived issue?

Can an astigmatism become slightly worse without the presence of another etiology? Am correctable to 20/20.

Can anca test be helpful to diagnose digestive/ crohnes disease. I go to the washroom adlease 4-5 times a day.History of acidity/neuropathy/hsv ?

Can ANS dysfunction/damage cause symptoms similar to a pheochromocytoma (including elevated urine epinephrine)?

Can autoimmune disease disappear without treatment? Can the blood markers go up and down without any apparent reason?

Can autonomic dysfunction difficulty to diagnose? Can it still be present and not captured during testing?

Can bacterial meningitis cause an irregular heartbeat? What does this mean especially if the pt. Has no history of this?

Can CNS lupus diagnosis easily be missed in a person with lupus diagnosis with frequent episodes of confusion, mental fog, giddiness, black outs but normal mri?

Can connective tissue diseases like sjrogrens or lupus cause debilitating headaches? My md did a CT scan to rule out major problems. If the report comes out to be negative, could it be due to ctd?

Can CREST disease be diagnosed solely based on blood work with no symptoms?

Can diagnosed generalized social anxiety ever be related to a diagnosis of high blood pressure?

Can doctors differentiate between ulcers causes by stress vs nsaids? Like in tests

Can floaters alone be a sign of eye lymphoma? Are there any other symptom the absence of which guarantee that i don't have lymphoma?

Can having chronic leukopenia affect other lab tests or cause other problems? I've had this for many years with no known reason for it.

Can hepatic porferia (sp?) pass to women? If so, what are symptoms inluding those that would show up on lab results..?

Can hives and tremors be related? Seen allergist. Normal tests. 3 neuro docs. Normal tests. Thyroid normal. Cardio normal. Normal gi. Next option?

Can IgA and resolving post-infectious glomerulonephritis be differentiated without biopsy? Also, can the acute onset of post-inf gl be asymptomatic?

Can lupus be diagnosed on clinical symptoms alone or is blood work also required?

Can lupus cause glomerulations (seen w/ cystoscopy) in bladder & pelvic pain? I am being treated for lupus d/t other symptoms & test results but I have this too.

Can negative ulnar variance be treated?

Can sine sclerederma show up all of the sudden. Without previous symptoms or other ongoing problems?

Can sinusitis cause muscle spasms all over body? Lab tests ok for electrolytes. No anxiety issues either. Previously diagnosed with sinusitis.

Can someone list the disorders that might be possible with abnormal electromyography results?

Can symptom of MS are similar to other disease also, and can they figured out in mri.

Can weak ab wall causing insides to rise during strain with ultrasound but no sign of hernias, be just another symptom/result from eds?

Can you live a full life with scleroderma-i am undergoing testing for it, i don't have rashes but my ANA + and I have major belly issues linked.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (cfs) diagnosis after vigorous testing which was all normal. I live with brain fog on a daily basis. Anything that can help?

Could a vertical nystagmus, that happens sometimes early in the morning, indicate something about the symptoms/conditions listed on my profile?

Could be possible confuse an metastatic lesson onliver in an MRI with and infection/inflamatory sequela?

Could ehler's danlos present w/spontaneous pneumomediastinum? Desperate for answers. Ongoing GI bleeds and low-grade fevers (6+ months) with no explanation, livedo reticularis, definitely hypermobile

Could hormonal imbalance cause the same signs as bpd? How many psych tests are needed for a dx?

Could you have done to test to see if you have ever had transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, or if you do now, or how to recognizre it in someone?

Could you tell me the symptoms of hemoglobin d, and any other useful information?

CP test results reading this means what many phenotypic patterns have been described, including deficiency states with F, S, Z or other alles.

Ct say there may be mild sigmoid edema raising possibility of some mild changes of ibd, clinical correlation could be of further value.No symptoms?

Cushing's being ruled out, what else could be an alternative diagnosis for a PCOS patient with swollen face and slight buffalo hump as symptoms?

Describe the aspects of blood tranfusions and its possible complications.?

Diagnose of microvascular ischemic dissease in brain. Symptoms are now gone will they possibly return?

Diagnosed Primary L Sclerosis 2012. Had years of herbicide/pesticide exposure. Never been told if was the cause. Symptoms are worsening. ?

Diagnosed with CREST. No symptoms. Could it be attacking me internally without causing pain? Could I possibly not have it? Showed up in blood work.

Diagnosed with low testosterone. Endocrinologist tested for all tumors/disorders.None present;however, he didn't test zinc levels.Is that unusual?

Diagnosed with MVP, now waiting for holter results for more info. Having all severe symptoms every day does it mean the state of condition is bad?

Diagnostic diagnosis of isotonic dehydration? Is this condition seen anywhere in the bloodwork? Obv sodium levels look normal so its not shownthere

Differential diagnosis for increase in height in an adult over age 35? No other real symptoms and no symptoms for acromegaly.

Do 10-25% of those with classical eds who tested negative for vascular eds have vascular issues?

Do Active MS legions correlate with active symptoms, meaning the more lesions the more symptomatic a person with MS is?

Do all symptoms of crps need to present for a person to be diagnosed with crps?

Do oncologists know how to test for suspected paraneoplastic autoimmune issues? I can't find neurologist that knows which ab's to look for.

Do the presence of plasmocytes in child with flu like symptoms indicate malignant disease?

Do those who have Down syndrome always have the physical characteristics to show it?

Doctor confirmed my child has blood in eye and will need to follow up. Will this be a longterm problem?

Does a low cd57 nk result of 36 mean I have lyme disease? What else could it mean? I have many neurological symptoms and am scared of als or ms.

Does a negative pet/ct exclude lung cancer as a cause of my non specific symptoms including fatigue, muscle loss and night sweats. Thank you.

Does a normal frataxin test result rule out the possibility of friedreich ataxia.And does a normal result of a cat scan rule out cerebellar ataxia ?

Does being dehydrated affect the outcome of a CF sweat test?

Does having a history of pituitary dwarfism (GH therapy x 2 years) predispose me to future pituitary issues? several possible symptoms are rising.

Does pathology routinely test for amyloid? Recently had thyroidectomy and have smoldering myeloma so would like amyloidosis to be ruled out.

Does serum cortisol 145 ng/ml done at 8am indicate anything? Does it show adrenal insufficiency if the patient has related symptoms?

Does the drug q urol (produced by farr labs) can help with ED caused from chronic pelvic pain syndrome?

Does the infectious diseases isolation ward have their own CT & or MRI ?

Does viral pulmonary infection on 87 year old man cause anemia and leukopenia on the cbc test and could this infection mimic mds symdrome on same test?