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Cough for about 30 days, Chest x ray revealed partially collapsed lung (about 20%). Just finished azithromycin. PA at urgent care says I can fly?

2 yrs ago had early cdt lung test. Mage4 was slightly elevated. Ct of chest then was clear. Up back 2 yrs now. Recent chest xray ok. Still worry?

24 year old male persistent cough with no other symptoms a year now,i smoke i did a blood test ,a chest x ray ,transnasal esophagoscopy all normal ??

43, 2 cf mutations in trans very negative sweat test, negative chest x ray and excellent FEV. what are chances of awful finding on CT of chest with no hx of pneumonia or severe bronchitis and could I fail spirometry?

5y.O. Child with shortness of breath for past 3 mos. X-ray shows hight density lung tissue spots. Dr can't diagnose it! what other exams do you suggest?

A recent chest X-ray showed that I have hyperinflated lungs. What could cause this?

Acute tracheobronchitis, croup, stridor , RSV . Thought to be what I have . Normal chest X-ray , CT scan normal blood ox normal.Help. What test do next?

After an XRay and CT was performed on my chest, the findings stated that my heart shifted to the left to where my esophagus couldn't be seen. Explain?

After treatment of pneumonia will the chest xray improve?

All normal blood work, CT scan with out contrast, chest x-ray, rib xray. Was diagnosed with costochrondritis. I hurt in my right ribcage. Is this norm?

Are there multiple levels of suspicion for a chest xray shadow?

Asbestos- how long before pleural effusions build in lungs. Xposed 3mo ago and have chst pains. Docs say not do to xposre. Ekg, pft, cxr nrml. Any ideas?

Aside from tuberculosis, what other diseases can be infiltrates on a chest x ray?

Bilateral hilar enlargement with cardiomegaly.In chest x ray. What's next?

Can a chest CT positively rule out (or confirm) pulmonary hypertension?

Can a chest X-ray be substituted for a tst?

Can a chest X-ray confirm asthma or c o p d?

Can a chest X-ray diagnose asthma?

Can a chest X-ray or echo detect lung cancer?

Can a chest X-ray see a pulmonary embolism?

Can a chest X-ray show peritonitis(fluid around the heart)?

Can a chest xray show ammonia in the lung after exposure to high levels of ammonia?

Can a chet xray reveal a lung tumor?

Can a CT of chest for possible pe show the spleen?

Can a doctor see the trachea in the neck when they do a chest x-ray? If not, then what imaging can they do for trachea?

Can a normal chest xray see anything blocking your oesophogus?

Can a normal X-ray of the back and chest show if a melanoma has spread?

Can a normal xray see abnormality of esophagus?

Can a patient have pericarditis and have a normal chest CT with contrast as well as a normal echo?

Can a single chest xray damage a couple of cells in our lungs and can xray radiation damage the soft tissues in the lungs? Age 20 female. Please rply

Can a thymoma be detected via chest x-ray?

Can an xray be done of the lungs? Is that what pa laterel chest xray means.

Can an xray of lungs be taken? Is that what pa lateral chest xray means?

Can asthma cause lung nodule in non smoker 52 yr/F had chest xray april - negative, now chest xray july nodule showing?

Can bronchitis cause lung nodules?please mom had bronchitis in april-chest xray negative-now she had chest xray july now has nodule- worried of cancer

Can cat scan of chest and X-ray of chest have different results?

Can chest x rays miss a lung infection?

Can chest X-ray detect cancer in ribs?

Can chest x-ray show Pleural effusion?

Can chest x-ray show pulmonary aspiration?

Can Chest X-rays report on chronic diseases?

Can chest xray detect early lung cancer?

Can COPD be seen on chest x-ray?

Can CT of chest with contrast see trachea or windpipe?

Can doctors tell i smoke from a chest xray?

Can I ask my doctor for a chest ct scan if I have a cough for a month?

Can i be given fit to work if my chest xray result is fibrocalcific TB may be old?

Can i get a chest X-ray at 13 weeks gestation?

Can I have a chest xray in week six of pregnancy .Is it safe?

Can interstitial lung disease like pulmonary fibrosis and those like pulmonary fib. Be ruled out pretty good with pulse ox, CT of lungs, and chest xra?

Can lung cancer be detected in a chest X-ray for pneumonia?

Can pulmonary fibrosis be diagnosed with a chest x-ray, stethoscope and a spirometry?

Can serious lung conditions show up on chest x-rays?

Can shortness of breath be the only symptom of lung cancer...had clear chest xray and 2 negative d dimers (all 3 in December)...scared!

Can TB be seen on chest x-ray?

Can xray be taken of the lungs? Is that what pa lateral chest xray means?

Can xray result sometimes gives wrong resultsss... then when i re Xray after long months.. its NORMAL Chest Again :) annual medical xray exams?

Can you advise for my CT results of chest?

Can you have asthma and have a clear chest x-ray?

Can you have pneumonia and a chest xray not pick it up?

Can you have pneumonia and it not show on chest x-ray?

Can you please list the common causes of miliary shadowing on chest x ray?

Can you see an esophagus tumor on a chest x-ray?

Can you see an esophagus tumor on chest x-ray?

Can you see lung cancer in a chest x-ray?

Can you see sarcoidosis on chest xray? I am short of breath . When i stand

Can you tell if you have an air embolism from an ekg? what about a chest x ray?

Can you tell me if i could trust an EKG and chest xray?

Can you tell me is a regular chest xray an effective test to pick up an aneurysm?

Chest x Ray shows subtle scarring in left lung base after pnemounia and pleurisy. Is this bad and can it become a problem?

Chest X-ray borderline what does that mean?

Chest xray pa lateral taken... Show problem of lungs if any?

Chest xray result-Suspicious densities seen in both upper lungs?

Chest xray showed Viral Pneumonia, I have no symptoms other then chest pain. Could this be a misdiagnosis?

Clear blood tests and chest xray could it still be lymphoma?

Could a cardiac neoplasm show up on an echo or chest x-ray?

Could reflux esophagitis show on chest x-ray?

Could serious lung conditions show up on chest x-rays?

Could smoke show up on a chest/rib x-ray?

Could smoking show up in a chest x-ray?

Could TB be seen from a chest X-ray ?

Could you tell if a person has bone cancer just from having to normal X-ray done of the chest.?

D dimer of 278 mg/nl. Ct of lung/chest normal, echo normal, CBC normal chest X-ray normal what could cause this level? Should i be concerned.

Diagnosed with acute bronchitis, but Xray revealed abnormality in lung. Research shows that bronchitis doesn't show up in Xray. Possible pneumonia?

Do blocked arteries show up in chest xrays?

Do chest CT scans w/contrast include evaluation of the clavicle and shoulder? What about chest xrays?

Do I need a chest X-ray every year?

Do pulmonary embolisms show up on chest x-rays?

Doctor told me that symptoms of Pleural effusion won't go away in X RAY even after treatment is it possible?

Doctor told me that symptoms of Pleural effusion won't go away in X RAY even after treatment is it possible?

Doctor told me that symptoms of pleural effusion wont go away in X RAY even after treatment is it possible?

Does a cardiac MRI also show the chest area?? The Lungs etc..??

Does a chest X-ray confirm a diagnosis of pneumonia? If not, what does?

Does a chest X-ray rule out cancer in the chest area??

Does a smoker's chest X-ray look different than a non-smokers?

Does a sternum X-ray rule out lung cancer?

Does ap lateral chest r ray show the lungs as well?

Does chest xray of pa lateral take a picture of the lungs?

Does chest xray see rhe heart? Can it show if it's enlarged?

Does chest xray show your heart. Oes drs pay attention to that when a lung xray is done.