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Scan found plaques on lungs, never worked with asbestos, what will be treatment, going lung specialist, does this mean cancer....

a 3cm nodule on the right thyroid.. left side removed already The ct scan indicated 1.5cm rt upper lung. related? cancer risk?

"The pulmonary vasculture is normal.There are no intrapulmonary nodules or masses."on CT chest.Does above rule out clot(s) on (right) pulmonary vein(s

(36 and smoker)What could 3 noncalcified lung nodules sizes 6mm- 4mm left lower lobe be? Found on ct, what would be next step to identify cause?

+ PPD test, CT scan solitary pulmonary nodule. 5mos after nodule stable/slight increase pet2.9suv bronchoscopy inflammatory no cough doc said remov?

1/4 inch spot on lungs after CT scan what next?

10 yr bc survivor . Cxr showed a solid nodule in lung, or in chest wall. What's the difference of lung and chest wall? Scar tissue fm mastectomy ?

11/9 ct- multiple bilateral lung nodules. 11/22 ct/pet-focal increased activity suv5.5 suspect cancer in 1 of them. What could it be besides cancer?

11/9 ct- multiple bilateral lung nodules. 11/22 ct/pet-focal increased activity suv5.5 suspect cancer in 1. Should i see a pulm doc or thoriac surg?

1cm ground glass nodule RLL. Pneumonia in October 2014. 42 yo male with no hx of CA. 1PPD smoker x 20 years. Should I be concerned for cancer?

2 nodules found in my lungs. 7 and 8mm. smoker for 35 years. Why wait 3 months to see if they grow for 2nd CT scan as opposed to doing biopsy now?

26 old male , non smoker , i got acute bronchitis 3 months ago , and i did CT , they found mass of 3*2*1 in left lobe of lung .Is that mass is tumor?

28 yrs non smoker CA at 9.7 10.8 9.8 and 10.2 PTH at 38.9 hist of hemopsys chest pain normal CXR CT scn showed a calcified hilar lymph node. Cancer?

28 yrs non smoker.Hist of chst pais & minor hemopsys. Ca at 10.8 now 9.7. Normal CXR. Ct shwed calcified left hilar lymph node. Cancer? Bronchoscopy?

28/f. Subplueral lung nodule in peripheral base. Accidental finding on ct. Quit smoking 4 years ago. What's the chance its cancer? I'm petrified.

28/f/smoke10 yrs, quit 4 yrs ago. 2mm sub plural lung nodule in periphery base. What are chances its cancer? Very scared. Have to wait 6 months.

2mm granuloma was seen in lung CT report, and also 8 mm slightly lobulated well defined nodule, please can u advice me what r the possible causes?

2mm lung nodule lower left lobe - unrelated CT found it - on 1yr fu it's now 4mm. Any reason other than cancer it would grow? I just quit smoking.

2mm sublpureal lung nodule in periphery base.28/f 10yr smoker, quit 4 years ago. Found by accident on ct. Petrified its cancer. What are the chances?

2mm subpleural nodule in peripheral left base. Dr said 1 yr follow up. Report didn't have detail. Past smoker, quit 4 yrs ago. What's chance of cancer?

3/17/14 cxr showed scarring in lung. Oct/2014 cxr was clear.Asbestos xposre in july breif. Is scarring from xposre. Is scarring fatel?

30 yo female, former light smoker 4-5 yrs. CT scan in 2013 with small lung nodule, but no follow up. Should I be worried? The doctor was unconcerned.

31 m - Is a bronchoscopy / chest Ct scan with contrast and Vq scan good enough to rule out lung cancer or lung problems ?

34, non smoker , CT chest scan showd in right lower lobe posterior apical segmnt a probably calicified tiny nodule of non specific origin. Is it cancer?

35 yrs old male, found multiple lung nodules 2 are 4mm should I worry, pulmonary doctor says I should not worry?

37 wks preg. CT scan of lungs ruled out oulmonary embolism but showed minor dependency change and atelectasis. suggested air trapping. is this concern?

3cm nodule on rt lung hilerregion? Pet scan this am,can scan cause cancer & what are side effects? I'm scared to have cancer &nodule in lowerlft lung!

3mm nodule in upper lobe of lung detected by CT PET. No fdg uptake. Non specific. Age 32 non smoker. Should I follow up?

42 & female. Bibasilar pul fibrosis by CT scan 11/2010. Er doctor didn't seem concerned. Reading on this & is this fatal?

46, no smoker/healthy. Pneumonia w. 6x5 lung mass, ER Dr called tumor, Lung specialist say IS NOT , but after 4 months has no clues. So what i do?

47 yr old male non smoker w/ masses in both lungs from 4 - 6 mm found on ct. Mass on back of calf 6-7 CM leg 1/2 size of other calf. Lung cancer famil?

4mm nodule FOIND WHEN A CAT SCAN was done this past week when I was in the hospital for viral pneumonia. I never smoked or tried a cigarette.

5 years ago: right breast fibrosis. Now: chest X-ray shows minimal hyperthrophic spurring of thorasic spine. Is breast cancer possible? Other tests?

50 year old male, just found a 2cm lower left lobe nodule on xray, awaiting CT results. quit smoking 19 years ago. should I be worried?

5cm Pleural mass in right scan show not surgery still necessary and what are the risks ..thanks?

6 x 8 mm stable spiculated apical plueral based nodular scarring & pulmonary nodules 4 x 6 mm. Follow up CT scan in 6 mos. Ok? Quit smoking 20 yrs ago

6mm ground glass ill defined upper left lung what percentage that its not cancer I am getting another CT scan in dec. To check for growth?

6mm oval density found in lung. What next steps should I take?

6mnoths ago I did Xray for kyphosis Now doc asked for chest Xray for enlargement nodes I'm afraid of this amount of radiation Can it cause cancer?

9 mm uncalcified lung nodule followed for years said to be hematoma now how would they know unless they biopsies despite ct/pt scans could it still be cancerous regardless of no growth?

9mm lung nodule found lower lobe on abdomininal scan. Follow up scan 6 months later nodule grew to 1.5 cm. PET scan no uptake former smoker 15 yrs ago?

9mm non calcified lung nodule... Had MRI said to be hematoma .. But it's slow growing also stated...Couldn't it be carcinoid?

A Ct looking for PE,had incidental nodules finding in rt hiler.a 3.5 mass, Pet Scan suggests malignancy and Bronchoscope showed no cancer? Now what?

A CT scan revealed a spiculated mass 1 CM across in my dad s lung he recently had the flu with a bad cough he also smoked for 50 years and quit 2 years ago the doctor wants to wait 3 months and do another CT to see if it s still there if so he will biopsy

A CT scan says - emphysematous bullae, should be monitored regularly, and CT scan repeated if "medically warranted." What this means and what to do?

A recent chest xray my mom had done to check for metastasis showed no cancer spread but COPD or asthma. I'm confused about what xray may have shown?

A soft tissue was found on my lung from a CT scan what is my next step?

A surgeon told me that a lung nodule 2.7 suv is not cancer because cancer shows up at 4.1 and higher, do you agree ?

Abnormal lung CT scan, findings issue with soft tissue, want me to see Lung specialist. What could be the problem worried?

Adenocarcinoma pressing on the left main stem bronchus. Pulmonologist recommends an endobronchial stent and/or targeted radiation. Thoughts?

After 2 chest xrays should I still worry about lung cancer? Both were normal and i just turned 38

After pneumonia, 6mm ground glass nodule found in lung 7 years ago. Recent CT scan showed 11mm non-calcified nodule in very same area. Did it grow?

After waiting 3 months for 2nd CT scan after multiple lung nodules are found in smoker, what is the likelihood of it being cancer? Largest being 7.5m

An ER visit and CT noted an 8mm sub pleural nodule on low/right lung. Said to retake CT in 3 mos. Should I see a pulmonologist sooner? or wait?

Are calcium spots and nodule the same thing on lungs? If not what's the difference?

Are small nodes seen on lungs thru chest CT scan suggesting lung cancer or something else?

At an annual physical for work 45 yr old husband had spot in lung did CT 3cm mass in right middle lobe. 25 yr smoker military exposure to asbestos ?

Benign biopsies in Nov. Chance of Cancer? Recent PET fu- 1.7 cm non calc. lung nodule. Intensity greater than blood pool. Concern for malignancy. 2 mild FDG avid L hilar & L prevasc. media.lymph nodes. Concern for metastatic disease of L lung malign.

Best noninvasive test for mesothelioma. Asbestos exposure daily for a year in 1980. Dry cough and some sob on exertion. Think CT negative. Worried?

Bone scan revealed small lesions on lungs/ribcage. Could they be anything other than cancer?

Can a chest X-ray show clear lungs but 1 month later show multiple lung lesions 2.5 CM in size?Do lesions grow that fast?Or did the radiologist fail?

Can a few lung nodule disappear / cannot see in cxr over a year if you undergo treatment or something?

Can a pet scan light up with an infection (lung nodule)?

Can a single chest xray cause cancer or scars in my lung or any prt d body can d radiation cause infertility too please i need an answer my age 20 female?

Can benign nodules and many calcified granulomas [seen on my new ct] create obstruction in airways and cause lung portions to collapse, ?

Can breast (benign) calcifications show up as a 2 mm lung nodule on CT w/o iodine? So scared! Node on CT in Apr. 14 and Oct. 14. Recheck tomorrow.

Can CT of chest with contrast help diagnose cancer of windpipe or trachea? If not what doctor woukd i see for testing?

Can lung cancer ever appear on an xray, be diagnosed as pneumonia and then not appear on two subsequent xrays or was it really pneumonia.

Can multiple lung lesion 2.5cm in size be detected on routine chest x rays?

Can multiple lung lesions 3.2 CM in size be detected on a chest X-ray of the lungs?

Can one chest CT cause harm to the cells or soft tissue of the lungs? Is cancer possible? I m 30yr old male.

Can only one chest xray cause harm to d cells? Can it effect d breast tissue or soft tissue in lungs? Is cancer possible? M 20 year old female.

Can PFT show an obstruction in the neck area?

Can several calcified granulomas be of cancer if seen on lung ct, [6 months before only one 2mm granuloma was seen on CT ]?

Can t surgeons tell if 4 liver cysts are mets from a lung carcinoid 1.4cm 2.7 suv.By CT without dye.Going crazy?

Can you assist me in showing some x rays pictures concerning patients diagnosed with exptra pleural tuberculosis ?

Can you explain results of chest X-ray led 2 cat scan, which led 2 pet scan. results are multiple nodules. what causes lung nodules?

Can you explain results of lung CT - need help with understanding?

Can you simply know if a person have a tuberculosis through ultrasound on the neck? (even though the X-ray on the neck and lungs appears to be normal)

Can you tell me how chest circumfrence relate to lungs functional test?

Cardiology tests seem in clear but pulm CT scan of chest showed hyperinflated lungs and breathing function test was poor. What is next step?

Cat scan from 4 yrs ago showed fibrosis of lungs. Recent scan has some progression but also have shortness of breath now. Will this progress faster?

CAT scan says branching vessel in left lower lung not nodule. Doctor says nothing to worry about. Any opinions?

Caught pneumonia from my girlfriend, xray showing hilar lymphadeonpathy rightside. Could this swelling be from the pneumonia? Going for CT scan

Chest CT report "Tiny subpleural nodule right lung base" doc says rescan 3-6 mths. Anxiety is getting me down. Anything else I can do?

CHEST CT said I have a 2mm lung spot that has not changed in 6 months. Not there in '09 and rad and onc said no concern. Possible lung met?

Chest CT scan show multiple tracheal and bronchial polyps less than 6mm size? Old CT before a year show one polyp but no change in size? Is it cancer

Chest cts 2yrs apart, 2 bilat lung nodules (5-6mm) & several bilat and medias L-nodes most under 1cm, cts are same 2yrs apart, watch? Biopsy?

Chest xray revealed 1 CM nodule in right lung. I'm 47 & non smoker; can exp to ammonium hydrogen fluoride cause this? X-ray & CT scan 2 weeks later

Completed treatment for rectal cancer. Scans good, last pelvic scan saw scar/atelectasis bottom one lung. Had bad cold when scan was done. What??

Confused . Mcrc patient . Old CT scan says no lung lesions . New CT report 4 months after .. "Another upper lobe nodule which remains unchanged "?

Coughing blood after having primary diagnosis indeterminate pulmonary nodules.

Could a chest X-ray see if the were a tumor between the ribs or the upper part of kidneys adrenal glands or strictly just the lungs?

Could a small lung tumor be overlooked by a chest xray?

Could good quality images of a cta chest detect also detect lung nodules and coronary problems present in the thorax? They detected a liver angioma on mine for example, incidentally ...

Could lung cancer (of any type) not show up on an X-ray after 14 months of symptoms? (Theoritical question not for diag.)

Could my water retention for last two years be due to an undetected small cell lung cancer. Sodium has also been low over this time but pet/ct clear.

Ct angiogram shows non calcified opacity on middle lobe 4mm. Appearance of benign intrapulmonary lymph node on lung with no pleural abnormalites.

Ct chest no contrast says hyperinflation. Dr says CT was normal & long torso is the reason lungs look big. Would air trapping & bullous show up in ct?

Ct chest scan showed several small 2 mm noncalcified but stable pulmonary nodules in both lungs.Should i be concerned. What symptoms could this cause?