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Are X-ray,CT,MRI or ultrasound used to examine Hodgkin's Lymphoma?

14 yr old sister had lymphoma 2 yrs ago and now they see something in pet scan in esophagus. What could it be? Please any ideas

2 new nodules on a CT report on a colon cancer patient , why are not measurements stated?

32 female. Had CT Ab/pelvis in Nov and CT Pulmonary Angiogram to rule out PE in late Dec. Scared of breast cancer/other cancer from radiation?

51yo had 2 CT scans + 3 MRIS during lifetime + 50+mammo pics last year due to complication of biopsy. Is it too much radiation to do kidney CTw/ctrst?

A CT did not show the presence of cancer but a PET scan with contrast did. Why is this when they were looking for cancer within the pancreas?

A friend has been told they have colon cancer, diagnosed via a tumour marker blood test, high cea, CT scan showed contained mass. Is this conclusive?

A new findin of a liver lesion with 2.8 SUV uptake on pet scan in a colon can patient . Would this b a killed met?

A PET/CT scan (same day) can be very beneficial in pancreatic cancer detection situations. Can a PET/MRI be just as helpful in place of?

After 6 months would wilms tumor show on a ultrasound thanks?

After cancer surgery i had 2 clear pet scans.Nw after 5 yrs the pet scan is abnormal. Possible causes?

After chemo and/or radiation a person with cancer will never know if he/she is cancer free since ct's/pet scans will not show just a few cells?

An initial CT scan showed no Ln in a ceacal adenocarcinoma but the CT done 1 month later shwed 2 Ln.Did this mean change from stage 2 to 3 by delay t?

Any radiologist know why PET scans are not approved by medicare for evaluation of SCLC but is for NSCLC. Does it mean they don't visualize sclc well?

Are bright orange spots on pet scan cancer?

Are cancer cells big enough to appear in an ultrasound scan?

Are CT Scans accurate at discovering cancer?

Are pet scans accurate 8 weeks after radiation therapy to see if cancer has spread?

Are pet scans used for ovarian cancer?

Are small liver nodules less than 1cm cancer, didn't show on pet scan?

Are there risks with a 131-i-mibg scan?

By any chance can a neck ct scan pick up a pancoast tumor?

Calcified nodule on thyroid - slow growing. Not metabolically active on pet/ct however only 7mm so would pet scan detect? Does this rule out cancer?

Can 2 CT scans , 4 us during last 4 years picked up liver cancer? Ruq pain since 2007 and no diagnosis yet, would I be dead by now if it was cancer in 08?

Can a chest X-ray show pancreatic cancer?

Can a CT scan detect gastrointestinal cancer?

Can a ct scan detect liver failure in metastic colon cancer?

Can a CT scan detect ovarian cancer?

Can a CT scan diagnose endometrial cancer?

Can a CT scan radiation cause cancer in future? Done ct scan due to kidney stones. I am 52 male. Please reply.

Can a CT scan see stage 2 colon cancer?

Can a dr be sure by just looking at CT if a nodule is malignant or just be sure by making comparison with last ct? Or shd he do biopsy to be sure

Can a full body MRI or CT scan identify all tumors so that biposies can be done before they have a chance to become malignant?

Can a PET scan report miss the presence of appendicitis when the goal is to locate pancreatic tumors?

Can a pet scan tell if a tumor is malignant? I know that pet scans can find tumors, but can they tell if a tumor is malignant? Or does a biopsy always have to be done to tell that?

Can a tech get cancer from doing full body CT scans?

Can a vq scan cause lung cancer? Didn't drink much water after scan was taken?

Can an abdominal CT with oral and IV solutions show colon cancer? What cancers can this test show?

Can an ultra sound or a cat scan detect colon cancer?

Can an xray diagnose ovarian cancer?

Can at pt and CT scan be used to diagnose cancer?

Can breast cancer be spotted through a chest CT scan?

Can cancer look like arthritis on a cat scan?

Can chest CT with contrast rule out trachea cancer?

Can colon cancer be detected on a CT scan?

Can colon cancer be diagnosed only with CT scan showing lesion in right colon in elderly patient with anaemia, weightloss but no other symptoms?

Can colon cancer spread to a aortocaval node ? This was note few months after surgery by a pet scan .

Can CT of chest with contrast rule out lung cancer?

Can endometrial cancer be detected on a sonogram or mri?

Can having a CT scan 4 days after having an X-ray increase your chance for cancer?

Can I be screened for colon cancer with a CT scan instead of a colonoscopy?

Can it happen that ultrasound shows cancer and biopsy shows non cancer?

Can liver cancer be seen on CT without contrast?

Can lung cancer be mistaken for BOOP on a CT scan?

Can MRI detect stomach cancers?

Can MRI scan of lungs detect cancer accurately? Or whether nodule is caused by an infection , can it detect nature of infection without broncoscopy

Can my CT scan give me a risk for cancer?

Can neuroendocrine tumors occur outside of the colon in setting of CT & Octreotide scan showing in cecum but colonoscopy shows nothing in this area?

Can one chest CT scan cause skin cancer later in life? Should i worry about radiation induced cancer from one CT scan?

Can pancreatic cancer or cancer in pancreas be detected with CT scan?

Can pet scan always diagnose /confirm presence of lung cancer or can only give indication and later biopsy is vital to confirm cancer if a nodule seen?

Can PET/CT help find an early sclc that was not picked up with low dose CT?

Can photography or computer imaging be used for skin cancer screening?

Can scarring or cirrosis of liver be diagnosed by ultrasound and mri?I m scared of CT because of radiation.

Can single heat ct scan about 8 years ago (age of 12)lead to cancer?

Can small bowel lymphoma ( lymphoma of mesentery ) being missed on whole-body PET/CT scan?

Can small cell lung cancer cause malabsorption through zolinger Ellison syndrome. Would this be a presenting sign of sclc before it shows on ct scan?

Can somebody with stage 4 bone cancer have a clear pet scan?

Can Splenic Marginal zone lymphoma be missed in PET/CT and flow cytometry in early stages ?

Can testicular cancer be missed on ultra scan?

Can testicular cancer be present for 10+ months and still not be seen on a ultra scan?

Can transvaginal scan miss a cancer?

Can xrays give you cancer ?

Can you determine breast cancer with an MRI with contrast?

Can you have symptomatic colon cancer for five years without showing on ct scans (oral no iv contrast)? Have had five ct in past 5 years

Can you tell if a mass is cancer by looking at a CT scan?

Can you tell me about the machine called that scans you when you have cancer?

Can you tell me how pet scan reveal information about cancer spread?

Can you tell me if you have a pet scan what is the percentage rate the something showing up is just an infection and not cance?

Can you tell on a CT scan if it is lung cancer or something else? What reasons wouldn't a dr do a needle biopsy?

Can you trust the diagnosis of ovarian cancer that is detected through a CT scan and ultrsound?

Chance of developing colon cancer 20 months after colonoscopy removal 5mm polyp removed. Having ct scan with and without contrast for left quad pain ?

Clear pet scan with metastatic cancer, what does it mean?

Confussed . Colon tumor . All scans clear so no metastases . Operation march . Sept scan reveals a liver met . Does this mean escaped cells?

Could a CBC show brain cancer?

Could a low dose CT scan for lung mass detect thymoma if the scam is only intended for the lungs.

Could a pet scan detect ovarian cancer?

Could a sinus CT scan pick up nasopharyngeal cancer?

Could a spinal hemanginoma be missed as cancer?

Could first CT scan increases my risk of cancer?

Could heart MRI detect breast cancer?

Could I have a pet scan to check for colon cancer instead of having a colonoscopy?

Could radiation from mobile phones can cause brain tumor 10 or 20 years later? What about a CT scan its much more radiation?

Could you help me for my mother, she may have lung cancer. we did x-ray , CT and biopsy. thanks?

Ct MRI ercp all suggest likely or suspicious cancer but the ca19-9 is normal could it be autoimmune pancreatitis and how to know for sure?

Ct scan 2013 no nodules-2 on CT scan 10/2014 ago-ct scan 11/2014 3 nodules-all around 5 mm-diagnosed w/stage 1b breast ca 9/2013 triple+ is this mets?

Ct scan found mass on pancreas, adnocarcinoma in acities. Pet scan found no masses. Doctors said they are confused. What could this be?

Ct scan from 1 month ago showed my lung nodule grew 1 mm. Will a pet w/ CT tell me if its cancer?

Ct scan last summer showed no pancreatic mass. 1 yr later is a mass. Tumor markers high. Biopsy showed scar tissue. Is it still pancreatic cancer?

Ct scan radiation exposure during pregnancy, anything to worry about?