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On hypertrophic scarring on lower eyelid, is using betamethasone valerate and a steroid shot okay?

(I was prescribed Triamcinolone cream) How exactly do I apply it to my foreskin(before or after stretching)?

15 month old diagnosed with perioral dermatitis. Prescribed topical erythromycin gel. Burns and dries out her skin. Is it ok to use neosporin too?

A doctor that uses the combo 5 fu plus kenalog (triamcinolone) to treat keloids but I not safe ?

Aclovate cream is not helping my eyebrows. What are alternatives?

Am i at risk of skin atrophy after using a prescribed ointment on my face containing clobetasol propionate ointment twice a day for 2 and a half days?

Any advice? I have been using fluorouracil topical cream for two weeks today, should I stop using it?

Any OTC topical creams with ephedrine sulfate 1% or other ngredient you recommend? Told its a vasoconstricter. Want to use it to reduce swollen veins

Any topical cream (steroid cream) side effects?

Are anti inflammatory creams ok to use during pregnancy? I'm concerned as I have been using a topical cream for two weeks

Are there any non-prescription substitutes for desoximetasone (topicort)?

Are there any prescription strength creams or cortisone shots that can help reduce hair transplant scars?

Are there non-prescription tendonitis ointments?

Are topical anti-fungal creams safe to use during pregnancy?

Are topical steroids safe for women?

Around how long can elomet cream be used on face? I am an adult and the cream is helping a lot. How long can i use?

Bactroban (mupirocin) cream expired a month ago. Still safe to use? Thanks

Can Bnt ointment be used to cure ring worm?

Can a steriod cream called topicort delay a cycle?

Can anyone tell me if I can buy diprosone (betamethasone dipropionate) cream either direct from the chemist or anywhere online?

Can anyone tell me the difference between OTC hydrocortisone 1% and prescription hydrocortisone valerate?

Can anyone tell me the difference between OTC hydrocortisone and hydrocortisone valerate?

Can cloderm ointment be used as an alternative fusicort ointment? Cant get fusicort in laos.

Can de-sensitizing cream/spray really work for pre-ejaculation?

Can dermatologists prescribe anti-aging creams?

Can dermovate be used for allergic underarms?

Can desonide cream used for a long time?

Can desoximetasone (topical creme, .25%) cause mood swings or agression?

Can e45 cream take away eczema?

Can econazole nitrate (topical) 1% cream be used to treat shingles?

Can elidel topical cream interact with paracetamol or brufen (oral), zyrtec or actifed?

Can fluocinonide .05 cream be used for treating eczema?

Can fluocinonide be used for redness on the penis?

Can Foban Cream be used for thrush??

Can I safely dilute steroid creams?

Can i still use betnovate (betamethasone valerate)cream that expired in oct 2009

Can i take GLUTATHIONE skin whitening pills with other medicines?I am using betamethasone & methoxsalen.

Can I take mometasone furoate cream USP 0.1% for a poison ivy rash?

Can I use a cream that contains alpha arbutin in treatment of a mild post inflammatory hyperpigmentation?

Can I use a steroid cream on acne?

Can I use a steroid nappy cream on my son who has citrullinemia?

Can I use a topical steroid on an epidermoid cyst?

Can i use Beclomethasone Dipropionate, Miconazole Nitrate & Neomycin Sulphate cream while planning to get pregnant. does it kills sperms also?

Can I use betamethasone dipropionate to reduce scars?

Can i use betamethasone ointment for my eczema while taking naproxen?

Can I use betamethasone valerate bream BP for phimosis?

Can I use clotrimazole topical solution 1% and ketoconazole 2% 30g at the same time or would one with the other cause some sort of adverse reaction?

Can I use dovobet and emulsifying ointment BP at the same time?

Can I use mometastone furoate cream on a scar?

Can I use terbinafine topical in infant?

Can I use this cream for pigmentation 3 ,4 months this cream good,(Lazma cream)fluocinolone acetonide USP 0.01%Hydroquinone USP4%Tretinoin USP 0.05%?

Can I use topical steroid on rash while pregnant?

Can I use Travacort, ketoconazole cream, and azelaic acid cream at the same time plus take vibramycin (doxycycline)? Doc prescribed all 4 for seborrheic eczema.

Can I use tretinoin cream to treat the steroid induced rosacea (type 2) ? Is this safe to use it in long term?

Can I use Triamcinolone Acetonide .1 on and around my lips? It was prescribed for poison oak.

Can I use triamcinolone acetonide cream 0.1% on my 4yr old daughter for eczema?

Can I use triamcinolone acetonide ointment for a yeast infestion? If not what is this medicine for.

Can I use tricinolone steroid cream & neosporin antibacterial together?

Can jock itch cream&erthromycin ointment b used together on angular cheilitis?Is erthro topical available OTC or something like it available OTC?

Can kenalog (triamcinolone) be used if im allergic to animals?

Can Lidocaine Ointment usp, 5% .Used for the purpose of controlling dandriff, by pre-wetting hair , then messaging thouroghly then rinse out by shampo?

Can metronidazole topical cream be used vaginally?

Can mometasone furoate be used in treating dandruff?

Can mometasone furoate cream show up in drug tests?

Can my betaderm/clotrimaderm cream i'm applying interfere with my urine test results?

Can mystatin and triamcinoonr acetonide be used to treat poison oak?

Can nystatin and triamcinolone acetonide be used for ring worm on children?

Can nystatin and triamcinolone be used to treat hemorrhoids?

Can pevaryl be used on acne?

Can protopic be used on the neck?

Can pyrithione zinc topical cream interact with paracetamol or brufen (oral)?

Can stieva acne cream be used long term?

Can taro clobetasol be used to treat a penis condition?

Can topical application of Azithromycin cause any ototoxicity?

Can topical clotrimazole cream be used vaginally as well? Only difference between the 2 seems to be the inactive ingredients.

Can topical corticosteroids be used while on the Obagi Nu-Derm system? if so, at what step should it be applied?

Can triamcinolone acetonide cream be used for a chemical peel burn?

Can triamconolone cream be used for hemorrhoids?

Can using a topical steroid cream such as fluocinonide everyday for 6-months cause kidney stone to form?

Can vaginal estril cream be purchased without a rx?

Can we use clobetasol propionate and salicylic acid ointement cream on the sunborn place?

Can xenaderm ointment be used for shingles ?

Can you buy diprosone (betamethasone dipropionate) cream either direct from the chemist or anywhere online?

Can you please tell me what exactly is clotrimazole cream used for?

Can you tell me if i could mix my clobetasol propionate cream with my body wash?

Can you tell me if it's dangerous to ingest triamcinolone acetonide paste?

Can you tell me if it's good to mix topical creams together?

Can you use calmine & pramoxine hci anti-itch cream for eczema in the vaginal?

Can you use clobetasol propionate cream .05% on a baby ?

Can you use clobetasol propionate ointment USP 0.05% , for mor than 2 weeks?

Can you use hydrocortisone valerate cream usp,0.2% forward ringworm?

Can you use neosporin ointment to treat phimosos instead of using steroids?

Can you use OTC hydrocortizone cream and be taking coumadien ?

Can you use Penetrex cream for TMJ?

Can zinc oxide be used to treat itch?

Cheapest tretinon cream or equal substitute?

Clotrimazole cream USP 1 can be used for kids?

Difference between cortisone and hydra cortisone ? Can hydra cortisone creams be used regularly? Doing wonders to my skin!

Difference between cream and gel form of topical adapalene?, (indication), best regards.

Do topical steroid creams have any internal effects?