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After extensive cryotherapy in the perianal area, is it ok to use polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin)?

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Bacitracin and neosporin the same?

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Could silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) be used for stasis ulcers?

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Do you need a prescription for bacitracin ointment?

Do you use peroxide and neosporing ointment after two milia scraped off by dermatologist?

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Does ichthammol ointment work?

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Does silver sulfadiazine contain iodine?

Does sudocream or vaseline help with cuts?

Hello Doctor, is it safe to use Silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) cream on Penis? I had a dettol burn on penis (the tip)

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How often should I apply silver sulfadiazine cream on a burn?

I don't have polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin) or neosporin or anything to put on before the band aid. Is there anything else that would work?

I have read lots on this, but is it really that dangerous to use polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin) inside the nostrils?

I'm allergic to penicillin. Should I use polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin) or neosporin for cuts and scrapes?

If I use two diffrent neosporin ointments will that affect a scar or wound that I apply it to?

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Is neosporin ointment comedogenic? Used for pimples.

Is neosporin or polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin) safe to use for cuts and scrapes in pregnancy? If not, an alternative ointment?

Is polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin) a steroidal cream?

Is polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin) or calendula ointment better?

Is silvadene (silver sulfadiazine) over the counter?

Is silvex an OTC silver sulfadiazine? Any other non prescription silver sulfadiazine that you can provide?

Is there a difference between neosporin ointment and polysporin (bacitracin and polymyxin) ointment?

Is vandol ointment good for sun burns?

My 12 year old and 9 year old have a sunburn .Can I use 1% silver sulfadiazine cream on their sunburn ?

My nose is burning I am using Neosporin ointment. Sir how often I can use in a day contains neomycin polymyxin bsulfate bacitracin zinc ophthalmic?

Neosporin ointment available in asia?

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Silver sulfadiazine good for sunburns?

Tell me about using ssd (silver sulfadiazine) with lidocaine cream to heal and help a tattoo?