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Severe thumb pain, not able to bend my thumb and it felt as though my joint popped out of place. No previous arthritis symptoms. Thumb injury?

+ANA RF, JOINTS PAINFUL but swelling in hands is between tendons and knuckes, not actual joints. Dr says not worried abt it. But it hurts! What is thi?

42 yr. old with non-injury, constant distal IP joint pain in 3 fingers for a month. Is this serious, and can it be arthritis ?

A few days pain in distal interphalangeal joints on both hands index and middle fingers when making a fist, not swollen nor tender, can it be RA?

Aching knuckles fingers are cramped up could this be arthritis?

All over sore joints, what can I do?

Always cracking MP joints in fingers and big toe and even DIP joints in fingers. Cannot stop as this has been ongoing for over 4 years. What can I do?

Arthritis symptoms? Hand /fingers achy stiff each mornin

Both hands on top r excuriating mostly at night and fingers stiff and sore. Gout or arthitis . Scale 1-10 at night is a 25!

Both little toes swell, red, joint pain, frozen could it be arthritis?

Both my elbow joints and knee joints hurt. What could be the reason?

Both of my thumbs are locking at the joint .very painful . The right started first now the left is locking.. what could it be ?

Burning pain at the side of the index finger and thumb. Physio says not tendon or ligament and no trauma to area. Present for 2 months, any ideas?

Can anyone help diagnose or suggest relief for base knuckle / mp joint pain in my left ring finger?

Can hep c cause joint pain & swollen joint in my fingers hands ?

Can i be 41 and have gout in finger?

Can I have rheumatoid arthritis without swelling? I do have pain in my wrists, fingers, knees, and ankles, alsp experienced stiffness in the morning.

Can joint pain in 1 index finger joint be caused by an infection?

Can joints be restored after tissue injury, from cracking nuckles? And why is it painful to stretch my fingers out?

Can rheumatoid arthritis always cause visible swelling in the fingers?

Can snapping your fingers excessively cause pain?

Can swelling of fingers, along with knuckle, wrist pain and redness on hands be a sign of which, scleroderma or lupus or both...No reynaurds here.

Can there be inflammation even if joints are not visibly swollen?

Can you get psoriatic arthritis at the metacarpal finger bones? Closest to your wrist

Can you tell me how can I know if I have arthritis in my middle finger cause the knuckle is big and i get sharp pains through?

Cause for the ring and middle finger to bend away from each at the 2nd joint down on both hands and a lot of pain between each knuckle, with swelling?

Colombia s.A. A doctor told my wife about wearing a finger splint to reduce pain, inflamation and joint deformation due to arthritis in her fingers?

Could it be possible to dislocate a finger joint without serious pain?

Could swelling of joints and nuckles be a sign of ms?

Could the arthritic lump on my finger joint be removed?

Could use expert help with why are my finger joints swollen?

Cramping of finger joints and toes...Cause?

Diagnosed w/advanced Lyme disease and am having joint pain & stiffness in fingers of both hands w/redness & small welts on thumb-side of pointer fingers. Could this be arthritis? If not, what is it?

Dislocated pinky finger about a week ago still swollen and have stinging pain in joint?

Distal phalanx pain in my thumb joint red swollen,painful, pops uncontrollably when I bend it &often is rough&dry in the area what's wrong?

Do frequent sharp pains in fingers and knuckles mean arthritis.?

Do I have a joint problem in my fingers, pain and swelling?

Do I have joint hypermobility if I can bend fingers back and touch arm?

Do i need splint in deform 5th finger due to arthritis?

Do swollen fingers mean arthritis?

Do you know if aching in thumb joint always means arthritis?

Does gout always present itself with swollen joints or can you just have achy joints without the swollen joints?

Does hair and my thumb area is hurting could it be arthritis?

Does musterbation has anything with joint paint in elbows, knees, and hands. Because every time i do, i get paint in my joints?

Does stiff elbow joint commonly occur with tennis elbow? Have difficulty straightening elbow with the pain and cracking. I've ice, injection, and NSAI

Does visible swelling in the fingers always accompany rheumatoid arthritis?

Every morning i wake up with pain in my joints on both hands. Now i'm 41, do I have arthritis?

Falling apart! got trigger finger l thumb. I have excruciating pain in the inner joint bone on my thumb <⬅️. Pls help me cure this trigger finger.

Finger joint pain after fever and bump on skin?

Finger joint swelling, is this psoriasis?

Finger joints are swollen. No pain. No injury. Any tips?

For several months, I have had pain in two fingers (top joints) - no swelling. More painful to touch than bend. One finger much more painful ?

Fractured the end phalange of my thumb on the outside near the IP joint at new year now have large hard bony lump on inside of thumb on IP joint?

Good Morning! My fingers hurt not all of the time how can I out if it's arthritis ?

Gout or infection from laceration sitting in the wrist and finger joints? Hi. I am 41 years old and I have pain in my left wrist joint, thumb joints and pointer finger joints. The other 3 fingers do not hurt. The pain came on all of a sudden approx. 8 d

Having pain and inflammation in thumb and wrist joint?

Hello, my mom has bad swelling at bone joint by base of thumb of side of wrist above thumb. Also bad swelling & pain of middle finger. Is this osteo?

Hello! My right hand, middle finger Distal Interphalangeal joint. This joint feels tender when I press down on it, then straighten it. What?

Hello. I've been having sharp pain in my ring finger joint. Also my left hand ring finger is Stiff from the knuckle joint to the finger.

Hi, I started having joint and knuckle pain in the fingers right hand, and a cold feeling in the joints. Not swollen or change in colour no injury?

How can I cure stiff n painful finger joints n ankle pain?

How can I ease the pain in my elbow, in the surrounding tissue , not the joint?

How can I keep osteoarthritis in my hands from being so painful?

How can I make my hand joint stiffness go away?

How can I relieve the pain in my hands & knuckles caused by osteoarthrits?

How can one treat a swollen finger joint?

How can you tend a swollen finger joint?

How do I prevent arthritis in my fingers?

How do tell if I have gout in my finger. I have a history of gout. Knuckle in my pinky has been swollen for a month. Indocine doesn't help.

How do you treat finger joint stiffness?

How long can the distal joint on my finger be swollen for?

How long should the distal joint on my finger be really swollen for?

How long to try splinting for ganglion cyst causing pain and trigger finger in middle finger joint before surgery? 21 weeks pregnant.

How to figure out why i can't move my lower thumb joint?

How to i get relief from snapping thumb joint?

How to massage fingers with arthritis that hurts and hardens?

Hurt index finger moderate swelling and bruising mild to moderate pain all around the proximal knuckle also 1/3 of normal motion what should I do?

I have RA and oa I am experiencing numbness in my left hand from my elbow to my finger tips is RA or oa the cause of this?

I am 22 and experiencing joint pain in fingers, toes, and back. Stiff fingers every morning. Shooting pain in toes. What is the cause?

I am 25 and my joints hurt and there is rough skin around my elbows. Could this be signs of arthritis?

I am experiencing finger pain and there are a lots of bone cracking sounds at my joints when i move around. Is it gout?

I am experiencing pain in my fingers on both hands. Its in the bones of my fingers and it is painful when i try to crack my knuckles. They also swell.?

I am getting thumb pain at base and joint of thumb - help please?

I am having pain in a previously broken joint on my finger, what to do?

I am having severe pain in my basal thumb joint of my right hand, arthritis?

I cracked my knuckles when it was cold outside maybe six degrees outside and now both hands are in pain from cracking my knuckles. How to relieve pain?

I cut my finger, left index finger medially at the ip joint and it is sore swollen and stiff after a month. Is my joint infected?

I dislocated my finger 10 yrs ago now and I have been waking up in the middle of night with pain at joint were it dislocated could it dilocated again?

I feel pain in my finger and toe joints i am 33 years old?

I feel pain in my finger joints every morning. Can it be because of deficiency of calcium?

I got a sprain in my thumb and all the finger joints are paining and i can't move my fingers. Can you give me suggestions on how to relieve my pain.

I got joint pain.mostly at fingers,wrist,elbow,knee.what is it?

I had a base thumb joint replacement a year ago and I am still have pain. What can I do?

I had a base thumb joint replacement a year ago and I am still in pain. What do I do?

I had surgery for trigger thumb 3 months ago. Now my thumb is swelling and stiff. This just started one week ago?

I have a little tophi on my toe and elbow but no pain or swelling or redness..Why does the tophi grow?

I have a lot of pain in my joints my feet and my hands n ?

I have a lump on the joint between my middle finger and hand. What is it?

I have a swollen joint 3 years after jamming my finger, what should I do?

I have a swollen knuckle and pain there. Could this be gout?