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All members of my family has reading eyeglass.i wonder why i never had it when i often read a lot everyday & i still have good eyesight for 20yrs now.

Am I nearsighted or farsighted if have trouble reading street signs?

And i'm wondering if I need reading glasses; how can you tell when you would need them?

Are reading glasses necessary while reading if one is farsighted?

Are reading glasses suggested?

Aside from glasses, what kinds of visual aids can doctors give you?

At what age do most people start needing reading glasses?

At what age do people normally need reading glasses?

At what age is it typical to need reading glasses in the u.S.?

Can any doc tell me what's the best material for reading glasses lens and what coating should I add?

Can I get contacts for driving, even if I only have glasses for reading?

Can I use reading glasses if i'm 20/20?

Can I use reading glasses with my contacts on, together?

Can reading a book from very far away damage my eyesight?

Can reading books or magazines cause eye strain?

Can reading glasses cause pain at temple?

Can reading glasses prevent eye strain?

Can reading too much about parasites make u think u have them?

Can someone correct his vision to not have to use reading glasses as he gets older?

Can someone who only has reading glasses but wants contacts get contacts (for reading)?

Can you really end up needing glasses by reading in the dark ?

Can you tell me how did people deal with impaired vision before the invention of glasses?

Could a concussion cause reading problems?

Could reading too many books cause vision problems?

Could toric contact lenses cause vision distortion, if i read books while lying down on the bed?

Could use your help docs! my distance vision is still blurry after new glasses. Snellen chart not working for the real world?

Could use your help docs! my eyes go blurry and out of focus when reading?

Could wearing my +1.25 reading glasses all day harm my vision?

Could you please help if you have any information about strong reading glasses thanks.?

Difficulty reading lots of text without sore eyes. Drops?

Difficulty reading signs from a distance. What is that?

Do i need glasses if eyes hurt during reading?

Do I need glasses if I have daily headaches, eye pain, and difficulty focusing when reading?

Do I need to have a different papillary distance value for the single vision (SV) reading, SV computer and SV reading?

Do I need to have a different pupillary distance value for the single vision (SV) reading, SV computer and SV reading? How determined for all three?

Do people who get lasik surgery need reading glasses later on in life?

Do reading glasses make your vision worse?

Do reading glasses reduce exposure light?

Do reading glasses use parabolas to focus the light to make your vision better?

Do you need to see a doctor if you think you need reading glasses?

Does everybody need reading glasses eventually, or do some folks never have this problem?

Does reading in dim light cause myopia? My daughter is nearsighted and needs glasses. I’m wondering whether her myopia was caused by reading in low light and watching too much tv. Is this possible?

From 3 years i can t read I have reading glasses every year I have to change them i can t see at all I am 46 years old?

Glasses for computer use? What are those? Different from reading glasses?

Have blurred vision only when trying to read something only starting afternoon to evening. I have reading glasses past 3 years for it and itsworsenow?

Have early cataracts & macular pucker. Why do I need reading glasses to read a book but not to read on the computer?

Headache because of eye strain when i'm reading. Do i need glasses?

Hello doctors, i need glasses when reading something closely and not need it for seeing regularly. What is this called?

How can I affect hydration readings via refractometer?

How can I improve my eye skills? It is very important to me because last time my glass number -7 -7.5 . And I am daily using PC . Pls help

How can you tell which level of reading glasses are needed based on prescription numbers?

How come i all of a sudden need reading glasses after prk surgery?

How do antiglare night vision glasses aid people who have difficulty driving at night?

How do I take an eye test to see if I need reading glasses?

How do you know if you need glasses? I squint to read the tv a lot.

How do you prevent blurry vision from reading a book for a long period of time?

How much can keratoconus affect reading?

I need reading glasses but don't understand the perscription so can't buy over the counter?

I am 48. I use reading glasses but I need glasses for my near sightedness too? Any recommendations?

I am having difficulty with reading even when i wear reading glasses +3.Eye. I have early diabetic cataracts what can I do ?

I am using progressive glasses, but having difficulty reading phone and computer so take them off. Defeating the purpose?

I get very blurries vision whenever I read. It last for about and hour or so after I'm done reading. Any thoughts? Had eye exam just said glasses

I got reading glasses, they worked, but after a few months my eyes are worse even reading w/ them gives me headaches. Do i increase the magnification?

I had a cataract one eye surgery 2 months ago. I still havereading problems. I have difficulty reading computer screenand books even with + 4 glass. What should I do?

I had a cataract surgery 15 days ago but i still can't read well even with +4 reading glasses. What should I do?

I had consistent visceral fat reading and in one week the reading doubled and have been at that reading for a couple of weeks now. What can cause this?

I had lasik 9and I still have difficulty reading?

I have cataract surgery before 15 days .But i still can't read well even with +4 reading glasses. Is it normal?

I have low vision, can video glasses be used?

I have myopia and astigmatism and now iam wearing prescription glasses can i use this glasses when reading books or in computer. Thank u?

I have perfect vision up close and far away. If i wear reading glasses for fun and just for reading will it do any damage on my eyes?

I have prescribed reading glasses. It does not affect my vision when looking in the distance. Is it ok for me to wear them 24/7?

I have problem reading through my glasses this year. Am I getting old (only 39)?

I have read on internet that reading glasses or plus lenses if used for close works can control or reverse myopio, how far is this true?

I it bad for my 12 year old to wear reading glasses even if he has 20/20 vision?

I need new glasses.Whats best, reading, bi-focal or varifocal?

I read a lot and now I need glasses. Is that bad?

I read a lot so is there a way to prevent myopia from reading?

I read a lot. At what intervals between reading should I rest my eye and what should I do to rest it? What's the proper distance to read a book?

I saw an ad for vision training glasses. Is it for real?

I use solar glasses but never used reading glasses. So which number helps as reading glasses +1 or different? Does it go with age ? I will be 38 soon

I want to spend the whole night reading, but how ?

I wear +2.00 reading glasses.Can i order them online without a written prescription?

I wear prescription glasses, would reading using an e-reader have an effect on my eyes?

If I have a slight astigmatism is it good to use reading glasses?

If I need reading glasses can I use contacts instead?

If I read a lot & use a laptop lots, is it okay to wear reading glasses that are +1.0 if I haven't been prescribed them? will it ruin my eyesight?

If my eyes get tired easily when reading words on the computer. Does this mean I need glasses?

If one has perfect vision, is it bad to use reading glasses; will it mess up the perfect vision?

If someone has basically no refractive error, what is the normal reading glass prescription as he ages? Also do things like the dashboard get blurry?

If you buy reading glasses at a normal store, can your optometrists change the lenses in them?

If you have long sight. Which is more effective for reading, bifocals or reading glasses?

If you try on some reading glasses and you see everything clearer, does that mean you need reading glasses?

Im myopic I do practice plus lense therapy for eg. I use reading glasses for close work like reading, surfing net etc, can it harm my vision?

In glaucoma can eye pressure readings vary if the same machine isn't used every time and there is a different doctor performing the reading?

Is it bad not to wear my reading glasses when i read?

Is it fine to use reading glasses regardless of how much you need them or not?

Is it normal that my vision is blurry after taking off my reading glasses?

Is it normal to have double vision while writing or reading or watching tv for long in dark?

Is it possible for you to year reading glasses if you don't have any problems?