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'm currently wearing 1.67 high index lenses with no anti glare coating. Is it reasonable to think that?

11 month old has been diagnosed with +1.5 diop hyperopia on re and 0 on left. Will he need to wear glasses?

3yr old has astigmatism ( sphere : od : +5.00 os+0.75 ) cylinder : od : -0.75 os : -0.50 ) (axis : od 110. Os :020 ) does he really need glasses? Ty

3yr old son has astigmatism ( sphere :od+5.00 os:+0.75 ) ( cylinder od: - 0.75 os: -0.50 ) ( axis od:110 os: 020) does he really need glasses? Ty

4 months out-still diplopia after horiz. Eye muscle surg. Am eso after exo out by 5-6 dp. Will i need further surgery? Was only 15+ dp exo-47 yrs. Old

42 year old with a -0.75 eye prescription. Will i still need reading glasses at some point? Or will this level of myopia cancel it out?

5 yr daughter's eyesight prescription as follows:right (sph +/-, cyl +0.75,axis 90) left (sph+/-,cyl +0.75, axis 100) does she have to wear glasses?

6 months post-op (left eye muscles for exo), still double vision. Doc says can't operate, deviation too slight-8 prism dp. Can it correct over time?

A month ago I was diagnosed with astigmatism. Can I improve it with my diet. Because I don't want glasses a permanent part of life. Thanks!

A reading of 3 on the Goldman tonometer dial indicates an iop of 30 correct? You multiply by 10 is that correct? Thanks

According to the eye doctor I have about 20/300 vision. What does this mean?

Acrysof toric lens put in R eye 10/14. +5 -2.75 correction. Good vision, etc. Temporal crescent. Flicker in most light. None in dark. Prognosis?

After 1 month after rd surgery my daughter refraction is as " sph -0.50 cyl -1.25 axis 175 va 6/7.5 . Is this good readings? Will it improve later?

Alcon I caps - will they help my eyes?

Any methods ,precautions supplements to make myopic eye power contant???,power increasing rapidly

Are there any ways to reduce diplopia caused by divergence insufficiency other than using prisms in glasses? (I.e. Exercises to do?)

Are there license requirements to sell eye glasses?

At what avg age does a person become far sighted as he ages?My le -8, 're -9, -1cylindricl in both eyes, m 33 nw bt still my myopia hasn't stabilised yet

Baby is 6 months and dr. Said that if has high grade astigmatism. How to improve or Cure it without corrective glasses?

Been wearing glasses with power -6.25d l, -7.5d r for 5 yrs.Corneal topography today(dilated pupil)-power came out as -5.5d l, -6.25d r.Problem?

Briefly explain the seven natural therapies for refractive error?

C.R.T. Is the contact lense you wear at night, then remove in the day to achieve 20/20 vision, does this work?

Can medical marijuana be used to treat high myopia and astigmatism?

Can 6/9 (with -8 minus power) of one eye can be corrected to 6/6 (without any minus power) through lasik?

Can a woman with poor eyesight -5 in both eyes join a swimming course? As she will not able to use spectacles or contact lens during swimming.

Can an astigmatism prescription of 2.25x100 require a high index lens?

Can an eye prescription of -0.5 and 180 deg be corrected naturally?

Can contacts work on someone who has myopia of 725 degrees in both eyes?

Can focal length change during eye accommodation?

Can I adjust the arms on my spectacles at home by myself?

Can I be farsighted but 20/20 still?

Can I be fitted for regular RGP lenses, rather than toric rgps? OD: -6.25 -1.00x015, OS: -6.00 -1.00 x 175 My doctor insists that I need toric RGPs..

Can I use sph, cyl and axis of my eye test to rate my vision strength?

Can myopia improve? Went to new optometrist have new glasses with L-.5 R-2, vision problems. Before L-1 R-3, never vision problems or lot of headaches

Can plus lens therapy reverse/cure myopia? I'm seeing improvement with that, if it can't then why its improving mine?

Can plus lense therapy really improve myopia i've read many peoples comment saying they improved their vision ?

Can someone blind in one eye see in 3d through the new 3d glasses?

Can someone tell me how to know if my eye vision is 20/20 or correctable to 20/20?

Can specialty eyeglasses be made with magnification for distance that work similar to binoculars?

Can the degree of nearsightedness affect the size of the iris?

Can the doctor know if my daughter who is 7 months has myopia -5 degree and she has to wear sunglasses ?

Can there be any machine that can detect eye acommodation or adjust in the lense?

Can there be really so called perfect vision since 20/20 is considered normal vision?

Can there be special eye-glasses available for driving at night even if the person has pretty good vision?

Can vision therapy help restore depth perception due to accommodative esotropia? I am 41, glasses from age 2, eyes cross only when tired, no depth per

Can wearing glasses because of poor eyesight count as sensory disability?

Can wearing glasses considered to be a form of disability?

Can wearing glasses with a prescription of -0.25 hurt your sight if your vision is 20/20?

Can wearing glasses with a prescription of -0.25 when you have 20/20 vision damage your sight?

Can working in a steelmill cause optical neuritis be?

Can you please describe the downsides of mixing refractive indices for eye glasses lenses?

Can you please explain what this eye prescription means? 0.D. Cylinder -0.25 axis 90 o.S -0.50 axis 75?

Can you suggest any remedy for multi objects vision?

Can you tell me about what it means by visual acuity not exceeding 6/60 or 20/200 (snellen) in the better eye with correcting lenses?

Can you tell me for first pair of bifocals or readers, generally how strong will they be?

Can you tell me for prescribing glasses, is the visual axis or the optical center axis more important?

Can you tell me for shortsighted, single vision lenses, how much of a power difference is there between -0.75 and -1.00?

Can you tell me in astigmatism, he wrote od 43.75 43.00 os 43.50 42.75 does anyone understand these numbers?

Can you tell me what the + or the - mean on my sph section of my eye exam?

Cataract: Would an aspheric monocular IOL typically be stable when placed or move around like multifocal and accommodating IOL's can? Thanks.

Chances to treat amblyopia in anisometropia OD + 2.75 OS + 4.00 in 7 year old? Patching 2hr per day as well. Thanks

Cn a high myope(-8re, -9le, -1cup) devlop lattice degeneration later in my eyes, my eye power is yet to stabilise?

Could 3d glasses enhance your depth perception?

Could ortho k lenses cause blindness?

Could you give me some information about anti reflective lenses?

Cylinder -3.00 left axis 175 i know I have an astigmatism but how bad is it?

Cylindrical power -6.5 in both eyes, is this really bad?

Cylindrical power -6.5 in both eyes. What does this indicate?

Cylindrical power of -.25 in both eyes..Is this considered bad?

Do babies with prader willi syndrome need high powered eye glasses; do they have bad vision?

Do bifocal contacts vary in their rate of distance sharpness or does it depend on the person?

Do i need glasses? R : Sph: Plano Cyl -0,75 Axis 125 L: Sph: Plano. Cyl -0,50 Axis 35

Do I need treatment for my kerataconus even if my spectacles prescription has not been increasing over the last four years?

Doctor says that my nine year old has convergence insufficiency and should go for vision therapy instead of Prism in her glasses. Agree?

Does axis 170 and 175 makes much difference for the eye? Sphere: +0.25 cyl: -2.00

Does changing eyeglasses prescription, tinting and uv cut help with minears disease. ?

Dr said my vision has improved and lowered power in my monovision contacts. He said it can happen with age. I'm 59. Is that common?

Dsek prem.Iol & cornea slipped, vis 20/70. Dr. Lifted cornea & it wrinkled. 2nd cornea trnsplnt but dev. Cme.Shots ok but blurry distance vision. ?

Dual pupillary distance, what does this mean?

Eye prescription change of from 2.75 power to over 4.0 power in 3 years. I should get a physical to check for diabetes and other conditions?

Eye prescription for my daughter for her left eye is sph -1.25, cyl -0.50, axis 150, optometrist has increased check ups from 6 months to 3 months, ?

Eye prescription is +0.25x-1.0. So my power is "+", but spherical equivalent is "-". Am i myopic or hyperopic? Is near or far vision better?

Eye technician said my vision is 20/20, but exam result -.25/-.50. So then my vision technically isn't 20/20, am I correct?

Eye test report spherical +.75 cylindrical -.5 axis 180 axis. Symptoms headache work on computer daily basis for 4 hours?

Eyes used to alternate. Will they relearn how after strabismus surgery or will I have intractable diplopia? 4 months out-i'm 4-6 dp eso after exo surg.

For eyes, is the "axis" on the eye prescription different from the "axial length" of the eye?

Glare around street and headlights at night mean cataracts, right?

Had a big increase in floaters 1 yr. Ago. Bothers me most reading/keyboarding. Nearsighted with bifocal contacts. Suggests to treat or live with it?

Have glaucoma & received 2 opinions. One dr said corneal thickness was 510 + 2 & other said 516. Why would the readings be different?

Having visual problems after using 3d glasses. What should I do?

Hello doctors, what does -5.25 vision prescription stand for?

Hello. I have used my old glasses for 7 years, the new one is high in power, 3++ while the old one is about 1++, so it is ok for me to switch between ?

Help! need to know if there's a correlation between the axial length of the eye and ocular mass?

Hi Doctor... my daughter is 3 years old. She has accommodative esotropia. As per latest eye check-up, she has +8 on her both eyes. Is it abnormal?

High myopia category involves the astigmatism also?

How accurate is auto refractometer in telling refraction error or prescription...100% or not ?

How are the eyeglasses helping the functioning of your lens?

How bad is it to be overcorrected at 42 years old for lasik for myopia? +0.5x-0.5 is the left eye result. Worried how bad presbyopia will be now.

How bad is my eyesight ? Right eye - SPH-0,CYL- +0.25, AXIS-70,VISION-6/6 Left eye - SPH-0,CYL- +0.50, AXIS-85,VISION-6/6

How badly can eyesight need to be before someone is classed as 'visually impaired'?