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After eye exam, doctor suggested that I wear eye glasses all the time (for nearsightedness) is this true? I want to wear in school & driving only.

Am a high myope, uncorrected. I do wear glasses. Can my distance vision actually get better on its own over time?

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Are there any good opticians who make glasses for albinos?

Are you supposed to wear eyeglass as often as you need or only when you need to?

At how many degree should the kid at 9 years old wear glasses?.She is myopic at 70 and 100 degree.

At what eye degree can you still watch tv comfortably without needing glasses or contacts?

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Can my vision get worse if i always wear glasses?

Can not wearing your eyeglasses cause headaches?

Can not wearing your glasses cause a droopy eyelid? I have glasses but don't have to wear them all the time. Never had this problem just notice it.

Can prescription glasses worn all the time with wrong strength have -ve impact i.e make eye sight worse for a 4 yrs old? He is near sighted.

Can there be a solution to wearing 3d glasses while still wearing normal glasses?

Can vision be corrected further/ made clearer by wearing glasses if it is already 20/20?

Can wearing 3d glasses improve your vision?

Can wearing a weaker prescription damage your vision?

Can wearing eyeglasses actually make your vision worse in the long run?

Can wearing eyeglasses have a long-term effect on your eyesight?

Can wearing glasses damage eyesight?

Can wearing glasses make our nose shorter?

Can wearing glasses make your eye worse?

Can wearing glasses make your eyesight worse?

Can wearing glasses make your vision worse?

Can wearing glasses or contacts count as having correctable 20/20 vision?

Can wearing glasses prevent your eyes getting worse?

Can wearing glasses, in the long-run, cause my eyes to shrink?

Can wearing improper eye glasses make me dizzy thanks?

Can wearing safety glasses every single day affect my vision long term?

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Can you get a lazy eye from not wearing glasses if you need to?

Can you get better than 20/20 vision when wearing glasses?

Can you increase the power of your eyey or stop wearing glasses naturally?

Can you please describe everyday problems with having to wear eyeglasses?

Can you tell me how it feel when you wear glasses for the first time?

Can you tell me is it bad to wear glasses all the time?

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Could it be healthy to feel crosseyed when i'm not wearing my glasses?

Could not wearing glasses cause you to have headaches the next day?

Could not wearing your prescribed glasses weaken eyesight?

Could use your help docs! my eye doctor told me to try OTC reading glasses, can you wear them all the time?

Could wearing glasses harm your vision?

Could wearing glasses make your vision worse?

Could you tell me what happens when i wear wrong prescription glasses?

Distorted vision when wearing my new glasses. What could be wrong?

Do colorblind people have to wear special glasses while driving?

Do I have to wear glasses everyday if I am nearsighted or can I take them off except to drive?

Do i need to wear glasses all the time?

Do I need to wear my eyeglasses 24/7?

Do I stop wearing glasses when I have headache?

Do people wear glasses for far or short sightedness more than hearing aid?

Do you think I should not wear glasses at all when doing bates method?

Do your eyes get tired from wearing glasses a long time?

Doctor said wear glasses for tv but my eyes are perfectly fine?

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Does it work to wear reading glasses over monovision contacts to see computer?

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Does not wearing your glasses make your vision worse?

Does not wearing your prescribed glasses affect your eyesight if your eyesight is weak?

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Does wearing contacts make normal vision worse?

Does wearing eye glasses cause one to become dependent on them?

Does wearing glasses change your facial structure?

Does wearing glasses for a long time mak your eyes smaller?

Does wearing glasses for the first time give a headache?

Does wearing glasses make eyes sunken?

Does wearing glasses make eyes sunken? If yes, is it fixable or permanent?

Does wearing glasses make you need to wear them more consistently in the future?

Does wearing glasses stronger than i need for 7/8 days permanently increases my eye-power?how much harmful it is?

Eye wear prescription, how long is it good for?

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Good or bad to wear reading glasses?

Hello docs. I was wondering can wearing 3d glasses give me blurred vision?

Hi docs, would not wearing glasses harm your eyesight if you need them?

Hi, wearing incorrect prescription glasses, will not harm eyes regardless if someone is nearsighted and continue wearing for next 1 year, correct?

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How can it feel to wear glasses?