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Can i switch between acuvue oasys and acuvue trueyes on different days due to my time needs? I don't want to waste a daily contact for only 2 hours.

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Could use your help docs! my eye doctor told me to wash my gas permeable rigid contact lenses with tap water. Is that safe?

Could use your help docs! my eyes are rejecting soft lenses!?

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Could you tell me if my contact lens prescription is -4.00/-4.50 what is my glasses prescription?

Could you tell me if my glasses perscription is -1.75 on both eyes, then what would it be for contacts?

Could you tell me if my prescription is for the diameter 14.2 can I use lenses with other diameters?

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For the solution renu for sensitive eyes , do we need a seperate enzymatic cleaner to remove protein from contact lenses? Or does is it included in it

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Help choosing contact lense brand. What are some things to consider?

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Hi, can you suggest good and affordable brands for daily disposable contact lenses? Can you simultaneously comment on the brand Dailies?

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