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A non-contact tonometer hurts my eyes. What can I do about it?

A piece of my contact lens is stuck behind my eye..What do you suggest to get it out?

A yellow dye test showed I have a dry patch on the center of my cornea. Is this because I wear contacts?

After completing a course of regular eye drops for conjunctivitis, when can I wear my contact lenses again?

After removing my contact lenses, i fell my eyes dry, any solution please. Thanks?

After wearing for a week of bandage contact lense because of corneal abrasion, what possibly the doctor will intsruct next?

An optometrist who had very dry fingers was rough with my eyes. What are symptoms of scratches to cornea/conjuntiva/sclera etc that I can monitor?

Any advice on how to get eye contacts in?

Any ideas why my eyes get a little veiny as soon as i put my contact lenses?

Are full eye contacts like the black sclera safe to wear?

Are your eyes supposed to burn when you put on contacts? If so, what do you do?

As im diagnosed witn dry eyes,can i still continue to wear contact lens and put eye make up as it irritates the eyes?

At night, my eyes are so dry that my contacts are literally stuck on my eye. What can I do to safely remove the lenses?

Been wearing contacts for 10 yrs. recently blurriness in right eye with contact. Can't focus. Have tried new contact and still blurry vision in right ?

Been wearing eye makeup for years, but a few months ago my eyes began getting bloodshot and painful every time I wear any sort of mascara/eyeliner, even "hypoallergenic" brands. Not sure what to do? Can't find a brand that doesn't cause irritation?

Best contact for eyes with ptyerigium scar?

Blurred ring around vision when wearing coloured contacts, should I be concerned?

Bump on the inside of my eyelid, should I stop wearing contacts?

Can a contact lens get lost in an eye, it was so dry when eye was rubbed it got lost inside eye, what should I do?

Can a contact lens get stuck behind your eye?

Can a contact lense get stuck behind your eye?

Can blepharitis make contacts uncomfortable?

Can contact lens slip back and be stuck behind the eyes?

Can contact lenses scratch the surface of the eye? Also are there any do & don'ts when wearing them?

Can contacts be worn comfortably when being treated for glaucoma with eye drops.

Can disposable contact lenses melt onto your eyeballs if you fall asleep with them on?

Can docs please explain are coloured eye contacts harmful?

Can full contacts lenses cover spots on the eyeball?

Can i add visine for contacts onto my eyes while wearing the contacts or do they need to be removed first ?

Can i put lubricating eye drops on my eyes while wearing contact lenses ? Thanks ;)

Can I use my contact lenses a day after my corneal abrasion feels normal?

Can I use visine or clear eyes while wearing contacts?

Can i wear a bit of mascara to work if I have blepharitis?

Can i wear colored contact lens for dark brown eyes?

Can i wear contacts/make up if I have pink eye?

Can i wear makeup when I have an internal sty?

Can it be harmful to wear my right contact lens on my left eye?

Can people with dry eyes wear contacts?

Can saline solutions for contact lenses help soothe dry and tired eyes?

Can sleeping with contacts in damage my eyes?

Can someone get an eye injury due to contact lens?

Can someone who's had a cornea transplant wear eye makeup? And would it be a problem to wipe it off by rubbing or tugging the eyelid.

Can switching to hard lens help with dry eyes?

Can wearing contact lens inside out hurt eye sight?

Can wearing contacts cause an eye infection?

Can wearing contacts stop your eyes from getting watery when chopping onions?

Can you briefly explain about keratitis?

Can you get contact lenses stuck in your eye without feeling it?

Can you get pink eye from changing contact solutions?

Can you give me suggestions with irritating eye from contact?

Can you let me know how many hours before eye exam should I remove my contact lenses?

Can you tell me about non-contact tonometer hurts my eyes?

Can you tell me if there are drops to cure red eyes while wearing contacts?

Can you wear a contacts with a stye that is on the eyelid?

Can you wear contacts when your eyes are red?

Can you wear contacts with a chazalion ? It use to be just a stye now I guess it's a chazalion it's been on my eye for months now !

Can you wear some mascara with a stye in your eye?

Clear bump/ spot Om cornea with no symptoms at all I'm not a contact lens wearer?

Contact has made eye have like scleritis. Help ?

Contact lens is really dry, irritate and itch my eyes. Should i try a different brand?

Contact lens stinging feeling, what to do?

Contact lens wearer with very dry eyes - getting back to full time contacts wear, what to do?

Contact lens wearer with very dry eyes - how can I prevent dry eyes after getting back to wearing contacts full time?

Contact lens: are my eyes too small or do I have to get used to not blinking when I put them on? Something's not working.

Contact lenses make my eyes burn, what to do?

Contacts burn when they are out of my eyes, should I be concerned?

Contacts trouble. Could it be worse because I have crusty eyes + long eye lashes?

Could all contacts make eyes itch?

Could contacts lens make my lazy eye look straight while wearing?

Could contacts rip in your eyes ?

Could I have an eye infection from wearing contacts?

Could i leave my non-prescription color contacts on my eyes for years?

Could use your help docs! my contact lense is stuck in my right eye?

Could you tell me if i wear two different colour opaque contact lenses, will any harm come to my eyes?

Could you wear one contact in one eye or something like that?

Do dry eye contacts ever get stuck behind the eye?

Do I have to throw out my contacts if a small stye pops while wearing them? Will it re-infect my eye, even after storing the contact in solution?

Do wearing contacts contribute to eye pressure?

Do you have any tips to make putting in my contacts easier with eye makeup?

Does aything happen to lens or eyes if we use contact lens ocassionally?

Does dry eye affect 1 eye or both? If only 1 eye - why? I 've heard people who have worn contacts are at risk but don't we wear contacts in both eyes?

Does wearing contacts usually make your eye bloodshot?

Eye contacts for basketball only or for classes too?

Eye irritation after inserting contact lens. Stop or keep wearing?

Eye is red after taking out contacts. What could be the cause?

Eye really red after sleeping with contacts so what now?

Eye redness and itching when wearing contacts. Could i be allergic?

Eye trauma while wearing contacts. Is that a problem?

Eyes desensitized from contacts, should I be concerned?

Eyes feel gritty after taking contacts out?

Eyes get red around the perimeter of pupils when contacts are worn? What causes this and how treated

For months my eye has been irritated when i put on contacts went to eye doc he gave me allergy eye drops & igave my eyes a 2wk break from contacts.

Happen if pepper spray is sprayed on someone's eyes who wear contact lenses?

Hello docs. I was wondering can wearing your contacts too long give you a lazy eye?

Help me please! I have really small eyes..Help with contacts?

Hi i'm 18 years old i have allergy and i'm using contact lenses because my eyesight weak i have problem of pink eyes what's treatment?

Hi, how can I get clear or white scleral contact lenses for my eyes? Do they look weird when worn? I'm researching opthalmologists now. Thank you.

How bad is it to keep wearing old contacts? What damage does it do to your eyes?

How can I change hazel eyes to brown eyes without makeup or contacts or surgery?

How can I disinfect my eyeshadow after pinkeye?