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3.3cm soft tissue dens ant/sup mediastinum likely residual or reactive thymus tissue? Does ur need biopsy?

Are lips made of epithelial tissue?

Are muscle tissue and nerve tissue both involved in causing movement?

Are soft tissue models in the lungs cancerous?

Are tumors hard like bone or are they soft?

Besides radiotherapy, what can cause soft tissue thickening in peri rectal tissues?

Breast tissue then muscle then more tissue seen on ultrasound, is this normal?

Can a CT scan tell the difference between scar tissue and normal soft tissue?

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Can you get a soft tissue sarcoma without a lump as a symptom?

Can you get rid of soft tissue adhesions from a soft tissue injury in the knee? If so, what's the proper treatment?

Can you give me an example of two soft tissue injuries and two hard tissue injuries?

Can you smoke after soft tissue graft?

Can you tell me how is spongy and compact bone fed with blood?

Can you tell me if a soft tissue neck mri without contrast will show the esophagus and what other soft tissues will it show?

Can you tell me in what tissue is neoplasm most aggressive?

Can you tell me what kind of cancer can you have from a soft tissue mass/tumor in the knee besides sarcoma?

Cause of inflammation of soft palate?

Contrast medium helps distinguish between the solf tissues of what?

Costophrenic angles are not may bebdue to soft tissues.however possibility of pleural pathology should be ruled out?

Could soft tissue injuries show up two months after the trauma?

Could the hypermobility in my knee have had something to do with the soft tissue injury?

Crown lengthening, hard and soft tissue, what to do?

Dead soft skin tissue removed from the bone does it mean infection has spread to bone and how serious is it if it has?

Do pockets of dense breast tissue simply appear and disappear?

Do soft tissue sarcomas such as synovial sarcomas usually bruise? I have a lump with a large bruise diagnosed as broken vein/vessel. Scared of cancer.

Doctors told me I have "soft tissue inflammation" in my foot. What exactly is this?

Does a soft tissue neck MRI show esophagus tumors and what other areas does it show?

Does the penis contain connective tissue?

Had a breast ultrasound and there was a layer of tissue, muscle then more tissue, he said there was nothing to worry about, is this true?

Had a breast ultrasound, they said i had tissue then muscle then more tissue, said he could understand why it's painful how does this make it painful?

Hello, I have been on the sick since september due to damaging the soft tissues in my hand and still not right, could this still be the soft tissues?

How accurate is ultrasound in distinguishing between lipoma and soft tissue sarcoma?

How bad is subcutaneous soft tissue swelling at the medial aspect of the ankle ? I've had this for a yeah now. Can this turn in tumor cells?

How can a soft tissue sarcoma appear on a regular xray?

How come the myocardium be replaced by connective tissue rather than muscle tissue if an injury occurs?

How common are soft tissue cancers in the head and neck?

How could one tell the difference between a lipoma and normal swelling/minor tissue damage?

How do a papilloma and a soft fibroma differ?

How do I help a person with soft tissue cancer?

How do u tramatize a tissue in your mouth? Or any tissue?

How does a soft tissue sarcoma appear on an x-ray?

How does a soft tissue sarcoma appear on an xray?

How much time does it take for a soft tissue injury to heal?

How much time off work do I need after having a soft skin sarcoma removed?

How much tissue growth can alloderm produce? What is the amount of tissue growth possible with alloderm? .

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How to treat soft tissue sarcoma?

How would you know if you have a soft tissue injury or a possible bruised bone?

I am having edema in subcutaneous tissue of arm with a lymph node and vessels emerging from tissue. There is no mass. Been a year. What is it? Explain

I have a femoral hernia..What can a soft tissue scan show?

I have a soft tissue masses in the scalp, what could be these?

I have been told I have a ganglion cyst on the top of my foot as well as soft tissue damage. What does soft tissue damage mean?

I have inflammation of soft palate which is very painful?

I have just went to the hospital and they told me I have "soft tissue inflammation" in my foot. What exactly is this?

I have to go for an ultrasound to scan for soft tissue sarcoma, what is this?

I'm wondering how much time would i need off after having a soft skin sarcoma removed?

If a soft tissue injury is still swollen is it still acute?

In which tissue is neoplasm most aggressive?

Infalmmation of soft tissue- should this be further evaluated?

Is a soft tissue calcified mass in testicle worrisome?

Is an annular tear at your l5-s1 considered a soft tissue injury?

Is fibromatosis a soft tissue sarcoma?

Is having calcified tissues dangerous?

Is it normal to have soft fatty tissue in the arm pit?

Is soft tissue damage the same as arthritis?

Is swelling and skin discoloration common 4 weeks after a soft tissue injury to foot?

Just had dead soft skin tissue removed from the bone was told infection has started spreading 2 the bone?

My mother had soft tissue sarcoma. What is that?

Neoplasm of unspecified soft tissue or bone, what is this?

Normal causes for a non specific soft tissue growth along vag cuff 3 yrs after hysto?

Please advise what is the difference between necrotizing fasciitis and necrotizing soft tissue infection?

Please advise what is the tissue directly under your eyeball called?

Please help! what is the soft tissue mass in osteosarcoma?

Please interpret this tissue biopsy. Fibrous pericardium with granulation tissue and fibrinous exudate. There is mild fibroplasia?

Post pregnancy work outs. What should or should not a woman do when her connective tissues are still soft?

Prominence of retro nasopharyngeal soft tissue? inflammatory. What does this mean please? Thanks Samantha

Routine pap today doc says need biopsy off soft tissue that is harder than other soft tissue at vaginal opening is this cancer?

Sarcoma can be derived from which tissues?

Shin splints- how do I decide between soft or hard tissue?

Soft tissue fullness in the upper anterior mediastinum. What does this mean?

Soft tissue in shoulder near neck?

Soft tissue sarcoma - how can this be identified during a breast biopsy?

Soft tissue sarcoma - what to expect once diagnosed?

Soft tissue swelling infectious? Do you know if a radiologist can diagnose soft tissue swelling as the result of an infection through an MRI scan?

Tan-white to tan-gray soft tissue aggregating to 0.6x 0.4x0.3cm. Second one tan soft tissue 0.3x0.2x0.2cm what does this mean and tubular adenoma.

They found a 3.8cm soft tissue density in my girlfriends abdomen along with gall stones, What can the soft tissue density be?

Ultrasound states there is redundancy of the soft tissues of the introitus. Does this mean anything?

Wat is soft tissue edama?