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Get a burning painful feeling on the top of my left foot. It doesnt hurt to touch but i do have ankle swelling. Not an isolated incident. I?

scrotum is swollen on right side since last night. Applied ice packs tonight very painful hurts when he walks?

small swelling on the lft ft, lft side of ft that has been swollen for a couple days now. It hurts off/on at times when I walk. Could it be a clot?

" i recently fell off my coffee table and landsed on the side of it with my thigh its badly bruised and there is a bump swelling has gone down some but there is still pain in the area around the bump and at times there is extreme pain and stinging could t

18 weeks pregnant light purplish spot on leg under my knee. Leg hurts. It doesn't hurt to push on it so I don't think it's a bruise. ?

1wk after a severe ankle sprain, still swollen and bruised. Skin is tender and feels like burning. Cracks appeared bellow the swelled area. Normal?

24 hours ago, i was running and slid, smacking my low-mid shin extremely hard. It's still moderately swollen, extremely tender, hurts to walk, bruised

26 yr old female has swelling in left arm. First time it's happened, she don't remember hitting it on anything. It's cool to touch and no bruising.

2wks ago bruised feeling above kneecap, slightly to the right. Then swelling, this has gone down, tender spot/bump is there.Slightly achey - ligament?

5 days ago I realized my foot felt numb then my shins started to hurt when I moved, the pain connected to my knee. Just today I noticed a bruise.

50, . F, legs hurt badly for 3 days ?

A big purple mark started spreading all over da front and back of my left leg after a knee sprain i got i don't know what it is and i'm scared?

A few days ago I woke up with a couple bites on my leg and elbow.they are very itchy and got swollen now they're purple and hard?

A few yrs ago I sprained my ankle. Lately it feels like something is out of place(slight swelling), no pain,but very annoying. Should I be concerned?

A month ago i fell on my knee, and it swelled just below my knee cap for a month and started to harden. I drained the blood and black chunks came out?

A month ago i hit my leg. I hardly bruised on my lower leg. 2 day i feel a lump where i hit my leg @ sore to touch. Sd i seek a doctor.?

A thorn wentunder neath my leg ..It is paining a lot ..It happened 2 months ago..But still paining..What too do ?

About 6 weeks ago I slipped and banged my leg on side of tub. Is it still normal for my calf to be swelled and hurt of and on? Still a little bruised?

About a month ago, I fell on my knee and it swelled, and bruised. It seems worse. It has become stiff and sore. Could this be contusion?

About a month ago, I fell on my knee. It became severely swollen and bruised. It took about two weeks until the swelling was gone. ?

About a week ago I felt my knee suddenly started hurting. I did not injury it. There is mild swelling and its still hurting. What could this be?

After a fall have swollen red knee cap is also stiff hard to walk on painfull & warm, to the touch. It's painfull to elevate?

After a run yesterday i did some stretching and had a bath. After my calf tightened up and i got a bruised feeling in 1 spot of calf. No pain today.

After doing many hours of yard work, i noticed my right ankle is painful and swollen. It's been 5 days, could it just be a bad sprain?

Badly bruised leg on bedframe, almost 2 weeks ago still purplish on back of leg and stingy pain on laceration site. Is this infected or usual healing?

Banged left leg 3 inches below knee on the inner side on a hydrant. Swelled up, no bruise, can walk fine How can I tell if there's a little fracture?

Below ankle swelled up appeared bruised, sharp pain like it was cramping and visibly pulsating lasted for about half an hour.

Big toe has hurt over a week.Today I woke up its swollen a bit can't bend it at all. Throbbed and purple on pad of it. Don't remember hurting it at al?

Black bruise on inner thigh just appeared no reason leg hurts real bad and swollen with extreme foot pain?

Blew a vein 3 weeks ago while getting blood, it healed today I woke up and it's swollen and my arm hurts to move it. Is this normal?

Both legs from knee down hurt and feel swollen they don't look swollen. Only thing that helps pain is hot bath. Whats wrong?

Both my legs are completely swelled up and are very painful feel very heavy and tingling?

Both my legs at the top half feel swollen and both my knees hurt when bending was ok last night just woke up with this this morning?

Broke and sprained ankle in Aug. Noticed today a hard lump just above high ankle slightly to the outside of leg. Concern? Normal? What is this?

Bruise and swollen neck, can hardly talk. What do I do?

Cause for bluish grey hands in evening , swollen, achey and feel bruised but are not bruised. Goes up the arm and part of back. Help please?

Deep bruise from a fall on my right Achilles tendon 8wks ago. Still swollen, hurts to touch and is numb. Doc hasn't done tests. What do I do now?

Donated blood yesterday arm still sore headache all day pins and needles in arm swollen abit hurts to bend Two little purple dots beside needle entry?

Dr I have a pimple on my elbow but it got really swollen and it hurts a bit when i bend my arm the area looks bruised from where i pinched it. Help?

Dropped a computer on my foot. It bled a little bit and is now slightly bruised and swollen. What should I do?

Dropped a drawer on my foot 2 days ago. Bruised instantly. Hurts to touch and walk. Slight swelling. Bruise more defined. Check it out or leave it be?

Dropped long table against my leg 16 days ago.Still have bruise, lump and feels hot to the touch.Also, some surface numbness.Is that normal?

During wrestling practice, my boyfriends knee began hurting, swelling, became red, hot to touch, and fluid filled. Also hurts to bear weight at all.

Fell 1 step sideways on left foot. I limp when walk, it's swollen n a small circle on the side but not noticeable. Is it broke, sprained, how to cure?

Fell 3 weeks ago, landed on left knee, still swollen, numb, hot and very sore. How long should i let it go before seeing a doctor again?

Fell 3 wks ago, hurt left foot. Iced a few days, started to get better; still a bit swollen but less pain. Am still walking a lot. Shld I see a dr?

Fell and hurt my hand swelled up and gone abit purple what should I do hurts a lot help?

Fell at work last night & hurt my knee it swollen abit,hot 2 touch & still hurts should I b worried?

Fell down hurt my knee. Swollen & bruised. 1 week later side of foot has started turning black & blue & hot to the touch.Should i be concerned?

Fell down stairs felt a snap or tearing n my but its not very swollen but its red and warm I also can't move my toes?

Fell down.My leg, little swollen.But no wound seen from outside but pain is still there.Its been 6 days.Using move.Now itching, is it normal?

Fell Monday pretty hard on R Knee. Back of knee, calf, and ankle all swollen to double size of other leg. ER said no breaks, no clots. Suggestions?

Fell on knee hard yesterday. Swollen, bruised & very sore now, but I can move it. It's actually mostly sore above where the impact was. Any idea why?

Fell on my back, big swollen bruise above tailbone. I can walk, but quite painful. Cleaned it, put a icepack on it.Should I see a doc? Can I take med

Fell on my knees today hurting my left one. It is swollen, hurts and is sore to move.

Fell over and hurt leg. My shins a little bit bruised and quite pain full can only put a little weight on it. Is shin cracked?

Felt pop below calf/Achilles is not ruptured n wen it occured no swelling/Bruising/no pain wen I squeeze anywhere only wen I try 2 walk n calf tightns?

For the past few days I have been experiencing some pain in my hip, and it now hurts to touch, there is no bruising but it is a little swollen?

Front lower leg just above the ankle was sore this morning and now 10 hours later it hurts to touch, walk on and is swelling. Could it be a clot?

Got abrasion below my left knee, 4 days ago. Then i noticed my left foot is edematous. Why?

Got back fr vegas 4 days ago, legs/feet swelled up to my thighs. Very very painful, couldnt walk off plane. Still swollen, purple and painful?

Got bit 3 times by jumping spider approx. 2 weeks ago while asleep on left side of neck. Swollen, red, and hard now?

Got bit by at least 15 black flies while fishing all on my lower legs and my ankles are swollen and they burn and hurt to walk is that normal?

Got hit in back of arm w/ a firecracker that went the wrong way arm is bruised tender swollen can this cause a clot in arm since im already on xarelto?

Got hit in calf with softball 2 days ago. Swelling almost gone, bruising moved into heel today. Is this normal? Place in foot is slightly puffy now.

Got,pain in knee,swollen,fell last year,is that the cause now?

Had a motorcycle accident 6 weeks ago. Nothing broken but leg very sore and swollen. How long for swelling to go down? As still swollen little numb

Had IM B12 shot in right hip area bruised and painful has been 5 weeks bruise gone still painful when touched, walking or laying on it. Suggestions?

Half way down my spine it feels bruised but i dont see any bruise been hurting for a couple of days now?

Have a bruise or something that looks like it on under left knee.But it's been over year.Havent injured it experienced some throbbing lately.Bloodcot?

Have rsd getting worse had episode of pain then looked down at foot something moving protruding turned skin purple then went away very painful what is?

Have slight pain in my knee, its a little warm and swollen.Feel it in my ankle and bottom of foot to.Does that sound like a blood clot?Other leg hurts2

Hello I pulled a muscle in the back of my leg on Monday but I have woke up this morning and my ankle has swelled up ?

Hello I fell yesterday and hurt my big to it began to bleed from underneath the top of the nail I woke up this morning and has swollen?

Hello, I got kneed in the testicles pretty hard They swelled up loads and went black and blue, the swelling has now gone down but still bruised Wha?

Hello, I fell over 3 weeks ago and badly bruised my knee. It turned purple and yellow, and then the bruise came out on my foot. My foot gets hot fl?

Help! it has been over a month now when i bruised my achilles. It went completely black, should it still be sore?

Hey im 22 and my left testicle is hurting and when I touch it it's tender no swelling but i ride a bike with tight jeans on and it really hurts ?

Hi , my ankle has been in pain . It started to hurt on Friday afternoon at work . I don't know what I did to it . No swelling or bruising . ?

Hi last night i had this horrible burning in my right thumb it started swelling instantly and now it's all bruised?

Hi my knee is slightly swolen crackling and sore stiff, i got about my normal day though?

Hi, I have aching pains in my shins. My shins are very sore to touch like a very bad bruise but no bruise is apparent. Also the top of my foot is very?

Hi, I shaved my legs and since then they turned so red & it feels like my legs are burning, what should i do about it? It really hurts.

Hi, i woke up this morning with a very swollen knee. There is little to no pain its just extremely tight and swollen. I dont recollect whether i injured it or not but it may of resulted from squating. Its been 3 days since that and the swelling appeared t

Hi, my left ankle is swollen and hot to the touch and hurts when I walk or stand up. I also have 2 mosquito bites there what do I do?

Hi, yesterday I noticed pain in my left foot, on the outer surface. I haven't been injured , I woke up like this. It's worse today. What is it? ty

Hi! My mom has red dots in her left leg that don't itch or hurt. She sprained her left ankle last week. Just a coincidence?

Hi. My 9 yr old daughter tripped over a step and has a sore ankle, that is a bit swollen, in addition she has a bruise running up the side of her shin?

Hit and cut an area near my ankle one month ago. Now it's still a little swollen and hurts when i press it. Should i go to the hospital?

Hit my lower leg on metal drawer three days ago.The swelling has gone down a lot, but still bruised & sore. Can I run or exercise or best to wait?

Hit on left shin w softball. Huge bump rite away. have swelling, bruising on foot, slight achiness while walking or after icing. What could be wrong?

Hit pinkytoe/top of foot hard. Swelling/pain/bruising & not getting better. Red/purple/blue bruising everywhere. Can't bend&feels locked.visit a doc?

Hit shin hard yesterday on side of pool. there is bump,bruise, leg feels weak and numb. Hurts a little to walk and to touch. ?

How do I get rid of a bruise that is still swollen? Was out and ran into a mettle machine and now I have a painful swollen bruise on my upper leg?

How long until my leg is not tender anymore after a bout of cellulitis? Fine in every other way but still tender when press on it

How much swelling and pain is normal after a met. orif? Still swollen, esp. at end of day, sore to walk on or touch and usually red

Hurt knee, calf is swollen and sore to touch. Had ultra sound but there's no blood clot. What could be wrong?

Hurt my leg just below knee hit against metal dumpster now there is a bruise and I feel like the pain is going up leg?

I accidentally banged the inside of lower left calf @ gym. A few days ago and now it's warm to touch, vein painful to touch.Will it go away?

I am experiencing ankle swelling. And I noticed on my shin there's an indent and it's discolored?