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1mth ago I sprained my ankle I heard a crack xray showed no breaks still in pain and swollen,doctor yesterday said rest that's it - is he right? Sugg

I had a bad fall . Went to a Dr for an x-ray of my knee, he didn't see a break or fracture .One month later my knee cap is still swollen and painfull?

Sprained ankle september 9th. Had xrays but nothings broken. PT 3x/week. I have no range of motion and its swollen and bruised stil. Any ideas?

10days ago woke up foot in agony x2 X-rays seen 3 dif doctors all say sprained foot but I didn't hurt it & can barely walk with the pain bone cancer?

11weeks after an ankle sprain been going to pt and for the past 2 weeks i've been having numbness in my foot i feel it the most when laying down. What is the possible cause?

12 days ago took a fall and sprained ankle. Xray was clear but in last 7 days brusing has gotten worse and spreading. Is this normal...

12 year old daughter knee injured, xray showed "crack" doctor said normal for child. Swollen, sore, can't bear weight. How long wait for 2nd opinion?

16 week post low fib fx and ankle Sprain. Running yesterday and had sudden sharp pain. Today bruised & swollen, diff walking. Could be Reinjury?

17 years old.Very athletic.I fell off a roof and one ankle took the impact, and i never rehabbed it right.Arch dropped now, been 2 years.Will it heal?

18, broke malleolus & tore peronous in oct playing soccer & had surgery. Want to go back to the field & wear heels again. What should I do to get back?

2 days ago I hurt my ankle and heard a pop. I had an x-ray done and nothing was fractured it was only a minor sprain. Now today, I have some pain but ?

2 weeks ago i hurt my knee and its not getting better i even couldn't walk.I took some X-ray and the doctor said my tissue is tornwhat should I do?

2 wks ago I was hit n the calf by a kids bike impact bruised me & tho the bruise is healin I still have some pain stiffness & numbness from calf 2 toe?

2 wks of cipro, (ciprofloxacin) pain in ankle and knee joint. Painful when put pressure on. Can walk not run. Played bball it may have made it worse. How to fix this?

2 years ago I sprained my right ankle twice in about a 1 month span. One sprain was a grade 2 diagnosed by a doctor. the other one I never went to the?

2nd day of my fall on knee its not much swollen but can I go up and down stairs which i work at or shuld i just get xray ?

2nd day of my fallen on left knee, is better but i was starting work tommorow and I have to use the stairs in office is that ok. The swollen has gone ?

3 months ago, fell sideways, hurt my ankle, no fractures. Can walk well but it pains near my ankle when i try to run.Whom should I consult, any home tips?

3 weeks ago foot broken per er. Got a cam walker but not ready to walk. Can I use my crutches? Foot is hurting since husband tried to move big toe.

4 days ago i sprained my 2metacarpal and my dr. Said to take it the ACE off ever 6 hrs it's still bruised, but there is a bump u can feel. What is it?

4 yrs ago i was in a wreck dr took xrays of my hip nothing was broken yet i still get horrible pain leg stiffness, and sometimes can't walk what is it?

4yr has had shin bone pain almost every night since she was 2yrs old, xray clear. Always only in one leg, hurt to bear weight on it yesterday.

8wks ago I sprained my ankle no break I'm still in pain doc said just rest and today I think I re-injured it by twisting it any sugg ?

8wks ago I sprained my ankle no break I'm still in pain doc said just rest, today I wasn't wearing my brace and I twisted it and it hurts- re-injury?

A few months ago I fell while ice skatig and injured my knee it was painful to walk and was very inflamed a couple of weeks later I had an X-ray nothing showed up but my knee has been numb ever since?

About 6 weeks ago i fell ova and hurt my knee i neva bothered going for xray I have been wearing a sock bandage and talking pain killers?

After ankle sprain I finally got back playing but sometimes after training it still sweels just a bit causing some minor pain the day after, advices?

After falling and twisting ankle how long should it take to start feeling better? Happened 6 days ago and swelling is down but still hurting:(

After kicking a wall I think I fracture my toe, should I wait or go to the doctor right now?

After recovering from a stress fracture in their foot/leg, is it supposed to hurt at all when first starting to run?

Ankle baseball size, blue/purple. went to er said it was a sprain i think it's more serious. metatarsals are swollen. still can't walk. should i do?

Ankle injury keeps coming back, what to do?

Ankle injury over 1year ago workmans comp injury Xray and MRI done told was sprained. Has hurt every day since and getting worse Could it still be a sprain?

Ankle sprain 2 mnths ago.Applied ice for 3days. Started going about my daily tasks.Since then i pop my knees a lot and rigidness in ankle. What to do?

Ankle sprain but have fracture clinic nxt tues. walking on it after day 1 will it make it worse?

Ankle sprain for 6 weeks now and it's still swollen and I'm still in pain. And when I sprained it I heard a crack got a X-ray no break there any sugg?

Ankle twisted during football.Occurred several times during past 5 months.Swollen alot.Cant put weight on it nor rotate it.How resting period how much?

Bad ankle sprain (front middle). Has been nearly 6 mnth. In PT and told that would help. Just reinjured bad trying to get back to sports. What's next?

Bad heel pain since tendon repair surgery in ankle now gone over on ankle again and cant weight bear can anyone give me advice please?

Bad MVA 3 days ago,dash shoved into L knee below kneecap.Still swollen,lg bruise, hurts to bend/walk on.What damage could've been done?No ER visit yet

Bad sprain last tuesday - rolled ankle inwards - hugely painful, XR showed no fracture but increasingly swollen, bruised and v cold ?

Basically I do mma and I kicked a guy but caught his hip and now my foot has gone num and swollen should I go get an xray?

Been 2 weeks since I sprained my foot; still have a bad limp. Didn't rice well afterwards; dr taped it up, said i'd be fine but it hurts. What to do?

Been deal wit a "sprained ankle" goin on 3 months i hav nerve damage & i hav a ligament out everytime i bend my toes i get sharp pain go up my leg?

Below Knee fracture.its already 2months over .still it pains .not able to walk. Will I b able to walk?

Bent leg & thigh ran over by truck tire, still severe swelling from 4 weeks ago, had seen doctor nothing broke how long will this last?

Bf got ankle sprain for more than a week now with hematoma. Hot compress or cold? Does he have to do the rehab exercise only when hematoma is gone?

Bout a month ago slams ankle into pavement went 2ER took X-ray no break bad sprain now I feel pressure n a burning feeling in my ankle

Broke ankle and calcaneus 16 weeks ago still pain swelling and hard to walk at times is this normal and when will it get better?

Broke my ankle 7 days ago now it's getting worse. What can I do for the swelling?

Broke my ankle in july with ligament damage. Just got the ok to surf again in about a month. Is it to soon or should I look into getting a ankle brace?

Broke my toe four days ago. Swelling, bruising, pain went down, but it's twisted and possibly dislocated. Is there any point in treating it this late?

Broke patella 9 weeks ago. At 8 weeks started pt. Can't bend knee and foot keeps swelling up if not elevated. Should I be concerned?

Bruise is gone on twisted ankle. Severe swelling and unable to put weight. Clinic dr said I had to go to ortho imm is this necessary since bruise gone?

Can a sprained back keep you in the hospital 2 or more weeks?

Can i get a walkingboot and crutches for my hurt foot. It's swollen. I can't put pressure on it. My parents won't drive me to the hospital! help me?

Can I go to work with a possible torn meniscus? It's a restaurant so I have to be on my feet. The pain is mild and I can walk pretty well.

Can i start walking on my broken foot? My doctor actually told me to stay off of it for 6 weeks but it feels fine. It's been a week since i broke it.

Can you tell me what to do if i broke my foot and I am in so much pain. Can somebody cheer me up?

Continue to have fluid and swelling on top and right side of ankle with use after a high ankle sprain in December. saw a doc. and now in PT. is this n?

Could my dad's torn ligament injury yesterday make him feel under the weather today?

Dancer's fracture a year ago followed dr.'s orders.Still sore if i stand too long or do any lengthy walking.No swelling or bruising.Should i go back?

Diagnosed with knee sprain & had an x-ray taken. Happened when jumping. I think something may be torn. It is incredibly swollen & can't bear weight. What could be going on?

Diagnosed with pulled tendon in heel area of foot. Doc gave me shot & wrapped foot up. Im in worse pain, can't bear weight. Is it normal? Apt was today

Diagnosed with torn ligament in ankle from rolling it over a year ago. Still hurts, swells. Has been approx. 15 months giv or take. Why hasn't it healed?

Didn't take care after an ankle sprain or use crutches n limp around from day 1. Now, 6th week after sprain n still in pain. What can I do now?

Do I have arthritis? Ankles and wrists hurt consantly. Sometimes they are stiff in the morning. Occasionally, the pain is almost unbearable. Went to doctors but they did not find anthing wrong with x-rays. I've tried massaging my wrists/ankles, wrapping

Do i need ankle surgery today i ran outside than i rolled on my ankle and i think i tore a ligament so i can't walk right it isnt even swelled and it been a whole day and its almost morning

Do i need to go get x-rays i hit my ankle three weeks ago it hurts and keeps swelling although i can walk on it

Do you need to visit doctor for possible broken toe? (2nd toe). Swollen. Pain on movement or walking . Started 2 days ago. Don't remember any injury

Do you think I should go see an orthopedist after i fell and hurt my ankle?

Doc said yesterday I have a stretched ligament in my foot. What can it turn into ? Since I will be unable to rest it all week due to work

Doctor said i tore my mcl, but i've been able to walk with my brace on, and a couple of weeks ago my leg got swollen and stiff is it my meniscus?

Earlier today I had a bad accident at a trampolining competition and since I've had excruciating pain in my ankle. Is it just sprained? Please help.

Extreme pain in my ankle where i broke it a few months ago. Should i get it treated?

Feel like I'll never heal from my navicular stress fx. Whenever out of the boot it starts aching bad again. Been 4 months. How to manage?

Fell & hurt ankle. BAD pain & unable to bear weight. ER :distal fib fx. Got a boot & instr ok to walk/boot after 24. Tried it & still bad pain, why?

Fell about 9 feet yesterday and ankle feels sore. Wait or get an x-ray?

Fell down a few weeks ago. Now my right foot hurts when I walk sometimes throbs. Had an X-ray done and no fractures were seen. Pain been getting wor?

Fell of ladder 3 weeks ago and twisted knee, pain when straighten and walking, but no limping, swelling gone down, can it be sprained, can bear full w?

Fell off a 3 story roof. All impact was on one foot. Didn't rehab because of sports (3weeks in cast). Two years later, it still hurts (dull pain). ?

Fell on foot Saturday. Major swelling , unable to bear weight , and last two toes do not move. More then a sprain?

Fell on front of ankle 4 years ago, never got it checked, but it was not pretty. Now ankle makes grinding noise when rotating. Do i need surgery?

Fell on knee 15 days ago. Dr. Said xray ok but hematoma. Knee woun d healed but have little lump. Is this normal. Does it take awhile to go?

Fell on knee 2 months ago knee after was black and very swollen had x- ray said it was fine. I have now started getting a deep throb when walk/rest.

Fell on my knee 3wks ago.Was gave crutches but couldnt get to xray so didn't find out what id done.Still painful after 3 weeks.Cant bend it fully still?

Fell while running 2 separate times. Knee is bruised, swollen, numb. Is unreasonable to hope to be running again in 2 weeks? Should i see a doctor?

Fluid swelling in leg and ankle sprung up a week after knee injury went down with ibuprofen and elevation overnight concern? Dr appt in a week anyway.

For a severe ankle sprain/possible fracture, would I need an X-ray? I hurt it a while ago and it's gotten worse. Regular doctor or speaclist?

For my cousin that is 12 years old she has a grade 2 sprain when can she go back to gymnastics?

Four months before twist my left ankle stable fabula fracture. Still feel stifness when i try to walk nore more swelling whn stiff and swelng finish?

Fractured my ankle back in July. Healed fine but yesterday after a high impact workout, I am having bad pain & hurts to walk on it. Why is it hurting?

From the knees down my legs are swollen and hurt to walk. Took a 6 hr car trip, both ways this wknd. How long will it take to get back to normal?

Going to family doctor tomorrow for ankle injury I've had for 4 months now and limits me from cheerleading. What's going to happen at appt.?

Gone over on my ankle this morning can't weight bear on it iced and elevated very swollen and painful how long should I wait ?

Got 2 ankle chips in skiiing, urgent care doc gave me a boot and crutches. Should i see an ortho doc after going back again?

Got hit in the ankle in the inside of my foot 4 days ago and now have bruising and swelling and cant put weight on it and if i put and kind of wrap on it or shoes it start to hurt more and having pain up to my knee?

Got navicular accessory type 3 and quit my job to rest. Been going to therapy to help but woke up with a swollen ankle today?

Had a anklesprain 6 weeksago. Immoblized ankle for 2-3 weeks,followed by physiothrp as per doctor.Able to walk but wen will swelling completely go?

Had ankle sprain 9 weeks currently in cast and pain is still terrible and I am not sleeping well with it... Is this normal(yes I have had xray-all good)?