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fell hard on my knee today,the cap swelled up fast with black bruise with white circle in middle really hurts to walk/bend,Could it be fractured?

I have a 1 1/2" bean shaped lump on my right shin under the skin, It is 4" below the knee to the left of my shin bone. Its movable and not painful.

~6wks ago I hit my shin hard on a shopping cart. Was a bump & bruise immediately. Still have bruise and slightly puffy and tender. What is wrong?! Tks

10 days ago I hit my shin. Bleeding & swelling werent too bad. It no longer hurts to walk on. Its still sore to touch there are hard bumps on the bone?

14 yr old suddenly seem to trip over nothing. Pain in upper inner thigh with fist size bruise bubble. Didn't hit it on anything. What cld this be?

16. 1 yr neph.Elbows me accidently in breast. They are sore & feel like knots are in them. Could this be cancerous or just a bruise ?

17 year old healthy female softball player. Hit hard in shin 1 week ago by line drive. Large deep purple bruise appeared almost immediately. Now a wee?

2015 I fell hit my head in the edge of the wall, I had a lump the size of a baseball. Years later I feel a lump in the exact same area now it hurts.

3 months ago i fell hard on my tailbone. Now there is a still swollen area nearly the size of my fist on my buttock. How should I treat? (without doc)

3 months ago i had a bad fall on to concrete and parts of one knee is still numb and the other one has lumps in it ?

3 wks ago I fell & hit area above shin on edge of sidewalk pretty hard. It was very bruised & swollen. Bruising gone, but area is numb. Normal?

3 year old fell from about 3 feet onto concrete floor and hit head. No bruise knot red mark or anything. Says she don't hurt. Acts normal.need worry?

3 yo has bruises on her knees and shins. One bruise has a white spot in the middle that is a hard lump size of a pea. Is this normal for a bruise?

4 days ago i rolled an ankle and fell flat on the asphalt , I have 5 inch by 6 inch bruises below my knees. Along w/small bumps. Cause for concern?

4 months ago I was it by a hard linedrive softball on the inside of my leg right above ankle. It's still swollen and has a large hard knot under skin?

4 months ago was hit by hard line drive softball on inside of leg right above ankle. Still lots of swelling and large hard knot under skin.

5 days ago i fell from a chair my right leg.It didn't initially hurt but a large bruise has formed. I am resting it now but should I do anything else?

7 months ago i bumped into corner of table and bruised my thigh-it never bled or had scratch-still have indent and shade in thigh-will indent go away?

7 y.O. Has faint bruise on shin with firm lump beneath (hurts when pressed). If he hit it that hard, should bruise be more obvious? Cause for concern?

9 days ago I injured shin. Most of the swelling has subsided except a large bump. It is still very painful even when I sit or walk. No bruising?

9 Year old boy (hockey player who wears hockey skates) has a large lump on the back of his heel. Bump is tender, firm, but squishy. Red?

A bruise like mark appeared ony left shoulder I dont remember hitting it anywhere ant it doesn't hurt ar all?

A couple months ago i slip on the stairs and hit my shin very hard it got bruise and swollen right I have a lump now that its kind of gettin biger?

A reoccurring donut shaped bruise on my son's back?

A rope snapped, hit hard on lower leg, left a knot. After a week the knot has only gotten bigger and it hurts. Should I be worried about a blood clot?

A tender knot has appeared on my wrist it hurts to lift anything i don't know what i done to it but I am concerned.

A tower of large Jenga bricks fell on my inside right ankle about a month ago. Since then I have had slight bruising and really tender to touch?

A week ago i injured my shin during mma. Might of been a kick. Had huge bruise and pain. Now bruise going but left with a lump. What is it?

A year ago i hit my head on the cement and recovered quickly. a month ago i noticed a dime sized soft bump over the spot. no pain just numb there y?

About 10 days ago I hit my lower leg (outside part of shin above the ankle) on a steel pipe. Got huge bruise with a big lump. Bruise healing, not lump?

About 3 months ago i felt a crack in my knee while walking, and swelled to the size of roughly my fist, nothing broken & MRI brought nothing up?

About a month ago I lightly bumped shin and had violent brushing discovering I had a hard lump on my shin. Feels attached to bone. Is this nothing?

Above my knee there's a place that is tender only when i touch it. Any idea what it might be? The only thing i might have done is hit it against mybed

After a fall one year ago I have some shakes if I touch or bump my left knee. Why? What can I do? Thank you.

After a pinching sensation, a golf ball sized knot arose on the shin of my athletic, teen son. No injuries, just the knot. Is this ER worthy? Ideas?

After drinking i sometimes get a bruise above my hip bone. This time, the bruise is large, swollen, and hurts on and all around it. What could this be?

After getting hit in the calf with a softball 4 days ago, it still hurts. Could there be a hematoma?

After hitting sharp edge of table with my thigh 3 months ago i had big bruise(no bleeding)that now is dent on same spot. will dent ever go away?

Am I likely okay if I was hit hard in the head 24 hours ago? It hurts a lot to touch but there is no visible bruising or swelling, which concerns me.

An osteochondroma below kneecap on my left leg. Doctor said not to worry, that was over 6 months ago. Recently, it got bigger. What should I do?

Baby has bruise on side of hip and it has a hsrd lump. What is wrong?

Banged shin left with a lump, is this normal?

Baseball hit a 14 year old boy and breast bone hurts. What does that mean?

Bicycle chain fell against my pinky - think it's a hairline fracture. Still a little red, swollen after a month but only hurts sometimes. Get trtmnt?

Big knot in my knee that is worrying me! how do I loosen it up?

Bruise with lump and very swollen after car wreck. Been icing it 4 hrs after wreck and have been. Whats this? How to heal it? Should i see my do

Bruising, muscle numbness and pain in my knee? The bruise is round with a spot in the center that's not bruised. I didn't hit it on anything.

Bump on my shin! what is it? How do I find out?

Bumped my ankle...forgot about it and now there is a sore lump there. Should I worry?

Can a slightly loose tooth heal on its own? Hi, i recently had a collision with a teammate playing football and was hit in the mouth. After that i noticed that my 2nd left bottom incisor felt tender and somewhat loose when i touched it. It has been 5 days

Can the blood clot behind my knee dislodge if i hit my shin against shower rail? Slight bruise sz of quarter with with a slight bump. On xarelto 20 mg

Can you get just a sprain (not break) if you fall & your foot bangs into something hard?swollen,very sore,weird color,but can walk on it sort of.

Can you give me list of things I should do to heal a lump?Ifell hard on the floor asi was running then trip.Ifelt no pain but lump or bump was on head

Cause of tender spot over cheekbone an inch b4 the ear, just below temple? Feels almost like a vein or bruise over the bone. Had long time. No injury.

Circular red swollen knee infected hit by plastic be be 12 year old boy - hit by a plastic be be in knee cap

Could I have a blood clot if i fell down stairs, have a bump on my butt, feel faint, big bruise covering my whole cheel chest pain, difficult to walk?

Couple weeks ago twisted my leg. Knee and thigh swelling and spongy. Very painful. Looks like a large bruise forming. Very hard to bend. Help?

Daughter Demi received knock to chest playing netball a week ago and has large painful lump (Physio says is hematoma). What is the best treatment?

Daughter hit ankle on table leg 5 days ago now it's bruised w/ a knot in the middle of it. The skin in the middle of the bruise at the knot is white?

Does a kneecap actually bruise inside? I thought it was a lump of solid cartilage?

Does someone with a banged up shin need to see a doctor?

Dropped heavy object on middle of foot and now noticing a hard lump.Little to no pain, no bruising.Broken?Could this heal on its own w/o cast/surgery?

During my period my private area is in pain as if I was punched down there,swollen or bruised. Or I had been riding a bike for a long time. Normal?

Explaination for sudden surface bruise like knee pain very sensitive to touch which suddenly disappeared as if it was never there after odd move?

F/30's/obese//left ankle a lot thicker than right. A few CM above the ankle (inside) I have a lump that was left after an injury/huge bruise years ago?

Fell 4 days ago, landed on my forehead on a hard floor. Iced it for the swelling. Bruise didn't form until day 4 and it was green.Did i skip purple?

Fell a week ago and injured front of leg, had xray saw doctor. Still very swollen and hard, noticed more bruising. Blood clot?

Fell a week agp hit upper arm on wooden shelf still have bruise and tender to touch popping sound what should I do?

Fell down 3steps and have a massive lump and black and blue bruise across most of my right cheek travelling round my thigh can sit, walk only sore?

Fell down 8 stairs \u0026 landed on my butt 4 days ago.Bruise has gotten progressively larger everyday.Swollen under bruised area. Should i see a doctor?

Fell down 9 steps yesterday, among other things have large softball sized knot and bruise on right calf. Been painful, and burning but now excrutiatng?

Fell down a flight of stairs over 5 months ago and a rather large bruise on my shin will not go away, and is still hurts to apply pressure to why?

Fell down concrete stairs and shin took force. Very hard to weight bare very swollen & bruise coverings majority of shin. Is it any major damage?

Fell down some brick steps in March, leg still hurts, I feel knots uner the skin, my aunt (she's a nurse) says it may be a tendon? What could it be?

Fell down stairs, banged shin last July. Recently found hard lump in same area. GP took x-rays, says it's subcutaneous scar. Chances of ST Sarcoma?

Fell flat back on ice 1wk ago, contusion on tailbone. Er said tailbone is unusual in shape and looks like a question mark. Really hurtsshould i worry?

Fell off bike, hit belly button hard on handlebars. Now it's black and blue and with a big lump inside it. Could it be something serious?

Fell off stairs and hit the inner area of right buttock .imprint of stair edge in flesh. Three days later bruised is numb Area size approx 4 inches ?

Fell on concrete about a month ago right knee skinned pretty good through pants. Hard lump developed below knee cap on the right side does not hurt ?

Fell on concrete and I have a gash & knot on my forehead, scraped knees, elbow and left shoulder is real sore?

Fell on ice a week ago. Still hurts on left lower back. Is that normal to take that long to heal? Tiny bruise visible

Fell on my knee yesterday, skinned it good but there is also a lump behind the wound...Never had that before is this normal?

Fell on stairs 3 days ago & have large bruise on outer thigh, 5"from hip. It hurts less, but looks worse/bigger. Foot feels tingly? Not just a bruise?

Felt 2 lumps on my tibia 1 below other. No pain at 1st, now 1 is painful-sore, and both have grown. Never bumped leg/no bruises. Causes/concerns pls?

For some crazy reason have been hitting my outer elbow on everything in the same spot. It's extremely painful and weak. Is it just bruised?

For the past 2 years, i've been having a hard lump appear (when dancing) on the middle of my left shin. Doctors said it is bruising. Is that true?

For what reasons might the insides of both of my shins hurt while i run?

Got hit in my shin playing football 4 weeks ago. Now have a mark and a solid bump which sticks up a bit next to my shin bone. What should i do?

Got hit with softball bruised instantly swelled up within 5 minutes a week later still painful to touch on inside of ankle right on the bone. and it t?

Got kick with cleat during football and i now have a large lump maybe pus filed or blood not sure and shin very bruised what is it?

Grandson has red place on thigh says that it's tender he has not raised it hasn't hit anything but it's warm there are no knots and the place. ?

Had a stress test turned out fine but they pulled out big needle from the bend of my arm , now vein is hard about 2 + inches why?

Had bony lump on shin X-rayed. GP says it's scar tissue under shin but I've been rubbing it until skin broke. Lump feels bigger since I've rubbed it.

Hard Collision of someone else's head on my cheekbone it's swollen, tender and bruising. (Pain persists) Is there a possibility for a small fracture?

Hard dime size lump just to left of right patella hurts:kneel,touch,Bent,stand.Don't disappear into joint.ran 3.2mi night before appeared.see:bentknee?

Hard lump on calf near the muscle after falling from a bike. Calf is also swelling a little. What is the lump? Should i get a x-ray?

Hard lump on lower top calf after injury(occured 3 weeks ago) not painful.Bruising is gone should i see a doctor?

Hard lump on my shin mine just under my knee doesn't hurt unless I push hard on it should I be worried? Been there a long time

Hard, painful egg-sized lumps on both feet at arches appeared suddenly. Have MS and have been breaking out in hives the last week. Are they related???

Has anyone had a lump on their shin? How soon does it go away after hitting it?