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Diving in a basketball drill and hit my head off a brick wall twice within about 10 minutes of each collision. Throbbing headache and eyes hurt ?

I passed out for a seconds and fell on my left side of the body and hit my head on the closet a few hours ago and i cant hear well from my left ear. ?

I Was in a car accident two days ago and i hit my head and was knocked out for a couple of minutes now i stilhave a bad headache and nauseous feeling?

i went to move my phone it slipped out of my hand and hit him in the head around his forehead/side of the head. He is 2 weeks is he okay?

(2) hit his head 12pm. 7:30 pm threw up Tripped 3 times today. Eyes & talking & answering fine Says his head does not hurt. Should I be worried?

1/7 head injury after falling from a table, ER: 5 staples in my head. My neck is stiff, hurts at base of head. I cannot turn to the Right. Headaches ?

14 year old got kicked in head off my son,,then had a nose bleed,since its stoped she can hear ringing,keeps laughing for no reason what should i do?

2 days ago I hit the top of my head on car door suffer with health anxiety so was really scared now all day have a slight ache/pain in the spot I hit ?

2 days ago, I hit my head on an open cabinet door (thin wood). Have headache & today feel slight dizziness & some difficulty concentrating. Thoughts?

2 month old forcefully hit her head into my head while I was burping her. Could this hurt her head/brain?

2 month old hit side of head into my head while I was burping her. Will this hurt her head?

2 nights ago i fell off chair and hit the back of my head on the edge of the table. I still have headaches and my eyes hurt when i try to focus. ?

2 years ago i fell in the toilet and hit my back head on the floor. I bcome very forgetful, like smtime i frgot what I do in the morning.Is it normal?

2 yo fell forward in shopping cart to floor. Not sure if there head bump. Bros jumped on cart. I think i caught in time.Very light if so. No crying.

2 yo fell on cement & hit back of head. Few min later he slipped & dad caught him but he still hit nose &forehead. Seems fine. Didn't cry. Nose stuffy?

20 month old was running on laminate floors & when I tried to stop her she slid through my arms onto floor & hit back of head. Could this hurt her?

21month old just fell off of bed and hit her head on our metal floor fan. Has a small bump on the back left side of her head! visit er, or just ice i?

22m old fell from chair&hit back of head yesterday.Woke up threw up 2xthis morning&now has101.2fever.Acting normal, vomit normal.Related2fall or flu?

26th of last month. I was in a car accident. I hit the top of my head on the ceiling of my car. I was never unconscious. I cry outof contrl evryday?

28 hours ago I stood up and hit the top of my head on a beam. Friends saw, I didn't pass out & I recall it clearly. Today I have a slight headache.

3 days ago fell down a couple stairs and hit back of neck on the stair. Since then I've been dizzy and have headaches on and off. Anything wrong?

3 weeks ago i hit my head hard. I was sprinting and ran into someone. My glasses frames shattered on impact. Head hurts in spot that was hit. Worried.

3 year old fell off bike and hit head on tile floor that left a bump last night. No concussion. Today he is congested and throwing up after eating. ?

3 years ago I fell and got a concussion as well as skull fractures and contusion. Have been dizzy lately (same as after accident). Should I worried?

3 yrs ago i was hit in the back of the head by a 15lb ball i went to the doctor and was okay recently i've had major migraines. Should i be concerned?

4 concussions on the same spot .Its been 4 yrs from the last 1 n I still have my concussion bump on my head n my memory is getting worse. Is this bad?

4 yr old fell back onto concrete; hit head, but was somewhat braced by arm. Showing no signs of concussion, & is running around. Take to dr?

4yr old complaining of headaches for lst 4 mnths. They are at back of her head/bottom of skull/top of neck. Trampoline fall 14 mnths ago to concrete?

5.5 hrs ago i fell on ice &landed on back & hit my head. Didn't lose consciousness & hopped right up. No dizziness. I do have a mild headache&sore hip?

53 year old man fell off bicycle and hit his head. He has been in a coma for 3 days now. Has not woken up. Chances of survival?

6 month old baby boy sometimes go and hits head against sofa or wall repeatedly and it normal? how much should he intract with others in 6 m

6 month old fell off of changing table onto carpet and hit forehead and landed on side of shoulder. When should I take her to ER or be concerned?

7 week old hit the back of her head into my chest and started crying. Could this hurt her head or brain?

7 week old threw her head back and hit the back of her head into my chest. Is she ok?

7 week old was sitting on my lap when she threw her head backwards & hit the back of her head into my chest. Will this hurt her head/brain?

7 year old took a fall and hit his head concrete, do I need to take him to a doctor?

8 mth old fell off bed(3ft high) I caught her body but her head still hit the floor. Has small goose egg on back of head.No puke.Should I be worried?

90 yr old mom hit the top of head. No symp. ER?

A 17 year old boy grabbed and kissed me when i was about 8 yrs old. He pressed himself on me and banged my head. Having dreams and upset after years?

A ball hit my head but no injury. Felt dizzy and cud feel it swollen. Dis mornng, i vomit once n feel like seeing stars. Should i be worried?

A box fell from the wardrobe and hit my wife on the head she did not get knocked out but her head is now sore and she is getting intermittent headache?

A couple days ago I was on the merry go round with my 8yr old.I was flung off and mg head bounced off the ground hard. I have been nauseated since the?

A few days ago I hit the back of my head(sort of the bottom of my skull)on an edge of a desk while trying to sit down on a stool on the floor. Risks?

A few seconds after coughing, my head starts to throb around my temples and it feels as if someone or something is squeezing my head.

A football hit me at the back of my head. Although i didn't feel any dizzyness yet 2 days from the incident I am having a bit pain in the shoulders. ?

A ladder fell on my head last feb.14,2014, i got it CT scan and its all normal, today june 15, i feel neck pain. what could it be?

A month ago I hit my head twice kinda hard since then I get like pressure on my head or headaches. Subdural hematoma? Or would I've died already?

A sweeping brush hit me on the front of my head today instantly my right eye started twitching and hasn't stopped since ?

A week ago, i fainted in a bathroom at a resturaunt and i hit the side of my head/face pretty hard. I still have a headache.What should I do?

A week ago, I was playing basketball. Then someone's head hit my head, I fell to the floor for about a minute. My right eye was blurry, and I couldn't?

About 14 years ago I was in a store. When things begin to fall off the shelve and hit my head. Since then my right nostril bleeds. On and off. Why?

About 3 weeks ago I hit my head barely. This week I had a headache all day on monday in that exact location, now its a stabbing pain on and off. Bad?

About a week ago, i fell and hit the back left side of my head on a chair arm, and ever since then i've had a constant headache. What could it be?

About once a week i get these head splitting headaches, should I be worried?

Aerosol exploded and hit my boyfriend in the head near his temple. He has a cut on his head, bad swelling around eye n temple but has not been sick.?

After 4 days from a car accident, i still can't turn my head to the left. Pain behind ear and deep..And around to base. Causes?

After a fall & hitting my head, I had numbness in my face. It's been 6 months and it's still numb. Is there anything that can be done?

After a head to head hit in a recent football game, I got a slight stiffness/crick in my neck that soon went away. No other symptoms. Head concussion?

After being hit around the head quite hard, what could be the cause of random blackouts which last anywhere between an hour and 5 minutes?

After hitting my funny bone, i fainted. Should i worry about something?

After i wake up why do my eyes and head hurt. Why?

After midway rides I began feeling dizzy, got a headache and vomited. The next day I slept all day. I have a previous head injury. Should I worry?

Always waking up congested and head hurts?

An hour ago I hit my head near my templw. Should I be worried. The spot is sore and I had a headache before I hit it. No other symptoms? what do I do?

An old head injury just started hurtin 2 dys ago and its tender. Im sleeping all the time too could that be i jst feel ill or soetingo do withthe head?

Anyone know about how hard you have to hit your head before going into a coma?

At the playground with kids. I stood up & hit the top of my head on metal bar by the slide. Vision went fuzzy for a second. No vomit. Pupils ok. ER?

At work i hit my temple on a corner pretty hard. didnt loose consciousness but it was close. my head still hurts and is still foggy can i drink a soda?

Baby head is burning hot, but forehead n body pretty cool could this be bacterial meningitis, and he consantly hits himself in the head and bangs his?

Back right side of head hurts near bone when I shake head back and forth, what causes this ?

Banged my head few hours ago felt sick went to sleep woke up have burning sensation on the side were i hit it got a headache fell bit dazed?

Been felling out of it for a month I've did nothing stayed in bed for a month head pressure and head fells weird my neurologist said it's anxiety?

Been past 72 hours since i hit my head didnt black out or anything felt fine after hitting it never went to er

Been past 72 hours since i hit my head didnt black out or anything felt fine after hitting it never went to er what should i keep an eye out for?

Beginning of spin hurt like at bottom of head why is that,?? I hit my head can that be a reason??

Bf whipped my head back and forth and now my neck hurts a lot?

Blacked out Sunday hit my head. No bumps but after a few hours a headache. Not intense. .dull..achey. feels swelled inside. Serious or no?

Boxing blow to top of head a week ago. Feeling A LOT off pressure and pain when I move head back and forth. Is this normal?

Boyfriend woke me up i was shaking in my sleep and jaw clenched shut thats all he said my head felt fuzzy when he woke me what could it be or why?

Bumped head 20hrs ago went to dr this am 4 headache stiff neck bc im on xarelto she saw no lump or bruise so she gave me pain med head still hurting?

Bumped top of head hard 6 days ago still nauseous headache tired eyes lightheaded 4th day legs tired neuro test on 3rd day ok is it subdural hematoma

Can a basketball hitting your face from a teammate passing it cause a concussion?

Can a child suffer from retinal hemorrhage from falling off a couch onto a hard wooden floor?

Can a hit to the back of the head cause exophoria?

Can a hit to the head cause brain damage? I was smacked at the side of the head and the back of the head with a t.V remote could anything bad happen?

Can a man stay conscious while being struck in head with maglite?

Can a mild concussion kill you? Ive got blurry vision and i feel yesterday. I didnt hit my head though. I just feel outta the bed on my butt. Got a small bruise on my back on the right headache and sharp pains in head and neck

Can a toddler shake them self to much to cause a brain bleed? My toddler rocks back and forth hitting his back hard on the couch repeatedly.

Can a toothache cause pain in back of head like the base of your head close to the top of the neck?

Can being in a car accident while on a bicycle cause me to have blatter problems if I hit my head so hard that I couldn't answer any questions by EMS ?

Can getting hit on the head cause a fever?

Can hitting your head and getting an injury make you bipolar?

Can one get a concussion from headbanging (moving head back and forth really fast, like at a rock concert)?

Can pushing on your temples kill you? Or does it have to me a blow to the head

Can putting some pressure on the top of your head give you a concussion if you had one before. I was leaning back on my bed's hard cushioned headboard?

Can whiplash from someone playfully punching you in the arm?

Can wind give you a headache? While riding in a car and wind blowing on top of head, can you get a headache from this?

Can you get a concussion from a pillow thrown and landed on top of your head? It did not hurt. No bump, no headaches, no lite headedness.

Can you get a concussion from braking hard while traveling 50mph without hitting your head on anything?

Can you get a concussion from braking hard while traveling 50mph without hitting your head on anything?