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10 months ago i hit sharp edge of table with my thigh(didnt bleed)-still have grey discoloration(still looks like bruise )where it hit-when will it go?

2 bruises on 1 breast, 1 came up 2 weeks ago, the other today, no trauma has occured, anything to be concerned about?

5 y/o been bruising easy and says both knees hurt she also has dark rings under her eyes what could be wrong snd what should I do?

6 y/o son fell beginning of June and still has a bruise. No complaints, no other healing issues. What should we do for it?

70 yr old active working mom had unexplained bruising on arms. Dr said, broken capillaries, no worries.Today noticed one was bleeding. Is this normal?

83yr old mom fell and has a big bump above left eye. Was bleeding a bit but now just has "accumulated blood" and the bump. Visit ER or just ice it?

A bruise appeard on my knee out of nowhere, and i can't remember bumping myself either. What should I do?

A bruised knot on thigh above me is itching and warm - could this be a blood clot? I didn't bump anything and it came out of nowhere

A bump in my arm left after bruisinng has gone after a fall what is it?

A few light brown small bruises after deep massage for back pain. Don't have bruises anywhere else. Ok?

A few weeks ago I dropped serving heavy on my foot. The bruise is gone but a tender bump remains. ?

A friend of mine complained about having a bruise on both sides of her inner labia after sex,what can be done to heal the bruise fast cos itz painful.

A large, dark bruise randomly appeared on my calf this afternoon. I had taken Plan B this morning and had a minor bike crash last night (w/o bruises)?

Advice please i have unexplained bruises on my arm not fell or banged my self they have just appeared can you help do i need to worry?

Banged my leg against my iron bed frame, had a bruise that lasted forever, now it's gone and I have a lump that itches. Is this normal?

Blackend area on toenail. No bruise and not been hit in anyway what is this?

Broke my foot last Friday. There was no swelling or bruising. tonight I noticed a large blue bruise in the area of the break. Gone to work. bad idea?

Bruise like mark on my upper thigh. Don't remember getting it. It's been a few weeks?

Bruise on forearm from labs 2 weeks ago this Tues. Its healing but its starting to get sore. Like a cut under the bruise. Should i worry?

Bruise on knee keeps getting bigger and darker. What does this mean?

Bruise on my r arm about 2x2 in. Diameter, don't remeber how i got it, I have had it for several months, it doesn't hurt, but it blanches?

Bruise that does not go away for a year? Discoloration spreading in calves & groin. What could these dark-marks be caused by? I only take vitamins

Bruise won't fade completely. It's hardly noticeable. On my thigh. Been there for a few months. It was a bad injury, hit it on a table. ?

Bruises keep appearing on my legs and I don't know how I'm getting them. Any ideas why?

Bruises keep appearing on my legs when i haven't done anything to have gotten them is it nothing?

Bruises on skin, everyday there is a new one, should I be concerned?

Bruising easy. Large bruises, random pinpoint TINY bruises. Mostly legs, stomach. ? Scaring easily, legs are covered in red round marks. Ideas?

Bumped my head on table while on coumadin (warfarin). The spot feels sore to touch. No bruising or other symptoms. Inr usually 2-2.5. Should i be concerned?

Bumped my leg to coffee table, got a 3-inch long bruise.That was 4 weeks ago and most has healed but i can still feel and see faint bruise.Is it normal?

Can butalbacetamincaff pills cause me to bruise randomly and or easily?

Can i just randomly get a bruise on my bone?

Can u get black skined or bruise for masterbating alot?

Can working out too much cause bruises?

Can you get a red line/ mark on your foot that stays longer than the bruise if it is fractured?

Can you tell me how to treat a really bad bruise?

Can you, by looking at bruises, say how they are caused if unexplained ?

Causes of unknown bruises on the back? I did not fall or hurt myself.

Child has bruises that is purple and tender on the outside of thigh. No injury happened.she hasn't been sick?

Could you get a bruise from sleeping on your arm at night and is it normal if the area is swollen a little?

Cut her arm and know its all tendor and its never happened before and she can see her veins around it and its tendor there to.Anything to worry bout?

Daughter got a pressure bruise on bicep from lifting bed. Lump formed under the bruise. Bruise is gone, lump still here a week later. Reason to worry?

Do i need to see someone about bad bruising and a lump?

Doctor's opinion? My sister and i got these bruise like things but try aren't bruises i don't think?

Easy brusing on thighs and legs still going on saw hermatologist everything normal what should i do? Who should i see next?

Ended up with a bad bruise from going "paintballing" it was 13 months ago and the bruise won't quite heal. Tried ASA, some Vit K topicals. Any advice?

Everytime i'm near a campfire i get bruises on my thighs. I'm not sure if that can occur because of the heat. Is this normal?

Excruciating pain by underarm (under skin). Can't recall any bruises/falls whatsoever. (recently waxed) causes?

Fell 2 wksago&hit my knee. History of knee problems.Still badly bruised&little bit puffy.Worried y its taking so long to heal cuz have lesion in brain?

For the last few weeks i've had bruises popping up on my body that i cannot explain. 2of them are pretty big and dark what could make this happen?

Got hit in kidney area about a week ago no bruise no blood in urine but still very sore to touch feels swollen . Anything to worry about?

Got hit me pretty hard in my leg,calf.Few times,like when somebody patts you.Day later It hurts,no bruises.Could that cause a problem like blood clot?

Grey,dented bruise in thigh for 1 year and 7 months-result of hitting sharp edge of table-why this long is there,if it will ever go away?

Had a massive bruise that grew over few days, now 3 more on other leg and a big one under thigh. Is this serious? Hate unnecessary dr appts

Had a small bruise that was fine for 2 days but then just grew massive after that. Started as big as a dime and now takes up half my leg. Why?

Had filler put in my lips today... Very bruised! Anything I can do to make the bruises go away quickly?

Had IV and now have big bruise on arm. Its healing but this morning i now have a purple line going through the bruise. Should i be concerned.

Had normal CBC 2 mos ago, have isolated petechia comes & goes. Just got over cold, feel fine.Small bruises w trauma. worry about acute leukemia?

Have a bruise on my shin that itches and burns and making my leg hurt. Can't remember doing anything.

Have a bruise on next to shin bone. Little swollen. Dont remember hitting. And same side of thigh is sore. Is the a blood clot? Im worried

Have a huge,blue bruise on thigh.I don't recall injuring it.recently had long flight &concerned about DVT.could it look like a large bruise?

Hello dr, is it normal to have a bruise cause of a tight 8 bandage.. I already had a bruise cause of accidental fall for 6 days its still there..tnx?

Hello, I have hickies on my right breast and I was wondering are these permanent bruises and will they ever go away??

Hello, i will just ask what is common cause why the bruises is appear before or after your menses? Thank you .

Hi I keep getting bruises on my legs for no reason.... Is this serious?

Hi i was hit by a softball about a week ago in breast bruise is almost gone but pain is worse than before. Should i be checked by physician?

Hi there, I woke up with a large purple-ish bruise on my inner thigh. I don't remember bumping it. Should I be worried?

How can you stop a large bruise from hurting?

How come I bruise easily?

How come i get bruises from headbanging?

How come i wake up with random bruises and scratches?

How to tell why i always get random petechiae ?

Hurt foot 2wk ago felt burning right away bruising was right away &later that night got redline thru the bruise now bruise is gone and redline isn't ?

Hurt my head against a wall pretty bad.No bruise or swelling or tenderness but hurt at the time for 10 mins. Should I be worried bout clots/bleeding?

I am Three months postpartum & back at the gym working out. I'm noticing small bruises on the top of my my thighs that don't seem to go away. Should I be alarmed?

I am extremely concerned about a bruise on my baby's leg. I am with her 24/7 and haven't heard her cry or seen her hit anything. Should I be concerned?

I bruise easily and very badly. With knotting in the muscles in the bruise. Im 39 ys old is there a vitimin i can take for this?

I bruise extremely easily, everywhere, with or without explanation. What concerns me the most if the bruises I get from itching myself.

I bruise really easy and the bruises are nasty looking they are green and purple what causin this?

I bruise too easy. My son's 40lb dog can jump on me and bruise me. Is that anything to worry about?

I bruise very easily and most of the times it doesn't fade away and gets hardened. I have almost 6 to 7 bruised areas on my leg. What is the problem?

I bruise very easily the slightest bump on the arm and i get a bruise. Is there a reason for this?

I bruised my knee 2 years ago but the bruise is still there and it's black. How do I get rid of it?

I bruised my leg in February. It's still there just faintly. I can still see where it was. Should I be concerned?

I bumped my back a few months ago and my partner recently noticed i had kind of a scar although i t was only a bruise ?

I bumped my forehead 2 weeks ago. The bruise has gone but a hard lump remains. Will this go away eventually?

I don't remember banging my hands, but I have a bruise on each? I'm not anemic. Got my iron checked. Leukemia?

I easily get bruises since l was a kid whenever I bump into something. The stronger the impact, the larger the bruises will appear. Is it normal?

I feel like I have internal bruising, I have sensation that i'm bruised but i don't see any bruises. I just want to know if I should go see a doctor.?

I fell 7 months ago and got a large bruise in my leg. The bruise is still there and is still tender. Should i be concerned that it hasn't healed yet?

I fell about 2 to 3 weeks ago and as a result suffered a bad hematoma and swelling. Hematoma is gone, lump remains that's kinda painful. Normal?

I fell down the stairs in december and got a huge bruise on my leg. I still have the bruise almost a year later. How do I get it to go away?

I fell on my butt and i got a pretty bad bruise.. This was 4 days ago. And the bruise is getting bigger and blacker. Should i worry?

I fell on my wrist earlier today while skiing. It doesn't hurt, just feels tight and I have a blue mark- probably a bruise. Nothing to worry about?

I fell over a week ago. Very black bruising immediately. Seems to look better but feel worse. Bruising is spreading daily? It is centered on my knee

I get bruises on my hands or legs without any injury. Initially they are a little painful and later the pain vanishes and the blue spot disappears?

I get headaches everyday, tired all the time, random bruises, purple elbows, what could this be ?

I get random bruises from my back to my stomach, help?

I got a bruise about a week ago from donating plasma, it is still purple and has spread up my arm and tender to touch any suggestions?

I got a horrible bruise on my thigh.The bruise faded after almost 3 weeks. However, I have a small lump and the area feels tender.Should I see a doc?

I got a really bad bruise on my leg and my legs tend to bruise very easily. Why is this? It looks like someone punched me.