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“I fell at work and landed on knee, now my knee is real sore and I have a goose egg just below the knee. What is the goose egg and what should I do?

2 weeks ago i banged my knee on the door and it still hurts to touch. Is the bone bruised or something?

2 weeks ago i fell & landed flat on my rear, injuring my coccyx & right ankle. I now have terrible sciatica in my right leg/knee/foot. Home treatment?

3 days ago i fell off my bike with my son in a seat on theback. All fell on my knee. Back outside of knee hurts bad & can't bear much weight. What do?

3 year old daughter fell down the stairs?

6 days ago i was skating and fell. I now have a bruise on my left leg just below my knee. And where it bruised there's numbness. Should i be concerned?

A couple weeks ago i fell down some stairs and landed on both my hands the xrayed and said suspected fraicture hand has a bone out and hurts?

A motorbike fell on my knee sideways. Had x rays no fracture.Doc said it will b fine in 3 week, it's 1 month still feels like my knee is slipping!

A week ago fell and hit my knee on a bit of curb. It still hurts and i can't go up or down stairs. I can walk with a limp. I feel an indent. Broken?

About a month ago,my knee buckled landing during a basketball game. It didnt hurt and i could walk but it swelled up. Now it gives out going upstairs?

About a week ago i fell off a dirt bike hard and directly hit my knee. It is still swollen and i can't bend it back all the way. Is this normal?

After falling on my knee cap weeks ago I still have a hard bump where it was hit. Any suggestions?

After falling on my knees, there is a big old bruise. Could I have damaged it in some way?

Ankle hurts fell down the stairs, could it be broken?

Around two months ago i fell on my knee while ice skating. It's still hurting, my doctor won't take me seriously. What could be wrong with my knee?

Badly bruised my left knee femur in november. It was starting to heal after the shot. Recently fall and it hurts bad. Did i rebruised it? What to do?

Banged my knee and it felt fine but now I can't walk (2 days later). What should I do?

Big dog hit shin bone about 5 inches below knee. bruised she knocked me down landed on knee, knocked off shoe pain is severe in knee when i bend it.

Broke 5 ribs falling down stairs. A week later my testicals are swollen. Why?

Bruised from roller skating, what to do?

Can I srain my ankle by falling down a flight of stairs and hitting it with my clarinet case ?

Did I break a bone in my foot? Yesterday I fell walking up the stairs...Horrible pains through the top of my foot and instant swelling and bruising

Do I need crutches. I fell on a Meadel stair and my knee is swollen and herts when touched?

Down the steps, the bottom of my sweatpants went under my foot and I slipped. as I slipped, my shin hit the. is it broken, how to know?

During pe, i played handball but one of my friend excidently hit my left knee with the ball. Now, it bruises, sore n can't bent my knee. Is it normal?

Fall down 2 mo ago & bruised my knee. I run and doesn't hurt. I healed but when i kneel down or press it hard it still hurts inside. Why is that?

Fell & hit knee on edge of metal stairs month ago at first hurt to ice then ok. Now hurts as i sit, stand and go up stairs. From fall or coincidence?

Fell 5 ft i landed on my right foot and i twisted my knee.Swollen above knee and cannot bear weight on it i'm in no pain.Walking on cruches.Been 2days?

Fell a few weeks ago and landed on my elbow, now it hurts to straighten out my arm, what could be wrong?

Fell and hit knee badly on cement floor what should do?

Fell and hit knee on cement. Slight swelling and stiff. Should i get looked at?

Fell and hit knee swelled up big. Xray ok. Dr ssaid hemtoma. Now back and hip sore day later. Why?

Fell and landed on knee. A week later can stand and bear weight but top of tibia painful when anything touches it and general ache in the knee. Idea?

Fell down stairs ankle is swollen and hurts to lift up or point. Bruising near the ligiments. What should I do?

Fell down stairs, sprain ankle and soar back and tailbone . can friend travel?

Fell downstairs and injured my tailbone. How do I treat this. ?

Fell from first floor window of frat house. Is my rib broken or bruised?

Fell hard on my knee on concrete. Bruising and swelling below knee and extremely painful when I walk especially up and down stairs. Should I see doc?

Fell hard on my knee while snowboarding and now i can't fully extend my left leg. What kind of injury is this?

Fell hit knee cap on wooden stair. Not bruised at sight but on left side of knee and hurts down front of leg and throbs at top of foot. Serious?

Fell hitting front of. Knee yesterday.. Now swelling, bruised, painful and limited mobility. How do I tell if needs evaluation?

Fell last night on the stairs my knee is swollen today?

Fell last night, left hip and thigh took brunt of it. It's hard to stand and walk, no swelling or bruising. What did I do to it? What should I do?

Fell off bike. Elbow scraped and arm has an angle to it?

Fell off bike. What can I do to soothe the abrasions?

Fell off dirt bike 3 days ago, landed on knees. Today my knee cap is very painful and can't bend/walk. I had X-rays and it's not cracked. any ideas?

Fell off my bicycle 5 days ago and landed on my upper tibia and the soft tissue between the patela and tibia. What should I do?

Fell on a log while snowshoeing and now my knee really hurts. What is wrong, and what can I do?

Fell on concrete and scraped my knee earlier this week. Now outside of the same knee feels numb/tingly when it's touched.

Fell on knee and it swelled up and now it is hot to touch what is it?

Fell on knee running i'm ok to walk but top of knee is extremely tender to touch what could be cause?

Fell on my elbow huts to touch and can't extend it all the way?

Fell on my knee during a rugby game it really hurts to bend or toutch it i can walk as long as i don't bend it what could be wrong it's swollen bruise?

Fell on my knee on concrete how soon will it swell?

Fell on my knees6wks1/2 ago.X-ray on right no fracture.Both knees still hurt.ShouldI walk/climb stairs as I need or walk less?What else to do?

Fell on wrist in swelling occurred or bruise but wrist has been hurting for 3 weeks going on 4.

Fell over nearly 1 month ago and my knee still really hurts. Could I have seriously injured it?

Fell to carpeted floor hard on one knee... What should I do for it?

Fell today and hit the top middle of my knee cap on wooden statue its grazed with a lump and bruising is developing. cant weight bare or climb stairs?

Fell two weeks ago down the stairs of the nightclub landed on my arm hurts from above wrist up to elbow some bruising tenderness and hurts to touch?

Forgot to unclip out of my pedals on my bike at a stop. Fell over and my bike landed on the point of myknee. My knee cap is swollen and hurts when b?

Had foot surgery, using knee scooter, hit unseen hole, fell hit my knee hard. Knee has a knot on top of cap, cap moves a bit, is catching on somethin?

Hard fall on knee 4 days ago, knee instantly swelled, bruising now extends length of leg into ankle. Is this normal? X-rayed day of fall no fracture.

Have hematoma under knee cap, happened 18 days ago, whole knee cap hit asphalt lots of scabbing not healing fast. Now I have a blister above my scab , ?

He hit his knee Hester day on the grass and it still hurts?

Help? I have had some really bad falls on my knees and they are really sore?

Hi i injured my knee when someone tripped and hit the outside of the knee on tgiving . It seemed to be improving but i reagravated it when i slipped.

Hi I was playing around and I put one leg in the air and then I slipped and hit the inside of my ankle. There is bruising and verry sore ?

Hi is it possible to break something if you fall down off the stairs I fell down when I was walking down and my arm or elbow hurts is it broken.?

Hi when I was in the shower I stepped in my ankle awkwardly and now it really hurts. ?

Hi, I fell on friday and hit my for and it twisted when I fell, I have been icing it and keeping it propped up but the bruising and swelling have not ?

Hi, My son fell at school today and landed funny on his foot. There is some swelling and light bruising just in front of his ankle toward his toes on ?

Hip injuries from falling down on indoor-outdoor carpet?

Hit knee on concrete should I see a doctor?

Hit my knee cap hard is now swelled, bruised and hurts to touch around the knee cap. Hit it on a corner of a bench should I have it looked at?

Hit my knee, now my foot burns, what's wrong?

How can I tell if my knee is infected? I fell and scraped it a couple days ago.

How concerned should I be about an elbow injury (twisted in fence rails) that is numb to the touch?

How hard would i have to hit my ankle with a hammer to break it?

I am 16 years old and i accidentally fell on our porch stairs half cement half wood and i landed on the cement on my leg what do i do for the pain?

I am a swimmer and i tripped over my dog about a month ago and i fell on my left shoulder. It has been hurting for a month, what could it be?

I banged my leg and now it hurts. Should I use ice?

I banged the front of my leg on a bedframe on tues ankle/foot and halfway up & all around calf bruised and swelled. How long will this last?

I broke my fibula. I am in a cast. I fell down yesterday and banged my leg hard on concrete. Do I need to have another xray?

I broke my right tibia and fibula approx. 20 yrs ago when ice skating...not compound. Injured it about a week ago when I walked head on into hard obje?

I did a front flip off the hood of the truck and i landed it but my feet bent in close to my leg and now my ankle both hurt a lot did i sprain it?

I dropped my motercycle on my knee and it's swollen or bruised how do I know if it's my arthritis or something else?

I fell hitting my knee now my leg is swollen and painful?

I fell & landed badly on my wrist just over 2 months ago and it's still hurting now. I haven't had any treatment or x-rays. Do I have a wrist injury?

I fell &felt my ankle twist but i know its not broken .I've been icing elevating it .When how long can I ride my bike?When can I walk on it again

I fell 10ft while hiking 1week ago and landed on with my ankle folded underneath me and it popped no swelling or bruising but pain around ankle

I fell 4 days ago and when i woke up my knee was locked what should I do?

I fell about 3 weeks and banged my knee. It didn't bruise but was swollen. My knee is still very sore & I am unable to kneel on it. Shld i c dr?

I fell and hit the top of my knee on a concrete block. I scraped it and bruises are around it. It swelled up for 2 days so far. It was aching for a day and a half. It hurts when I bend my knee. I have to put my leg straight to make my knee stop hurting wh

I fell and hurt my knee about a month ago it was bruise for a week. Two days ago i fell on it again now its hurting but NT bruise is my knee fractured?

I fell and hurt my knee about a month ago it was bruise for a week. Two days ago i fell on it again now its hurting but NT bruise is my knee fractured?

I fell and landed on my knee about 6 months ago.Just under my kneecap now is still too painful to even touch.How long b4 the nerves mend?

I fell and skinned my knee it is now a scraped and bruised. The scrape feels tight when i bend it i was wondering if this is normal?

I fell and slammed my knee into the door frame. The next day the dogs ran into it both from the front and back. That same day I tripped and landed on it. It hurts to bend or extend. I also have trouble putting pressure on it. What should I do?

I fell and sprained my ankle a month ago but the inside of my knee still hurts A little background i am in the army i stand a lot all day?