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1 year old fell off shopping cart yesterday, sollowen forehead between the eyebrows. No bruise. Acts fine and normal.

16 month old just fell and hit forehead on the concrete...Has a bump on forehead. Do we need to call a dr? Or go to er? Can he sleep? What do I do?

1yr old fell out of crib,hit head on the corner of my bed about a 1/4 inch behind her ear.Small indent where she hit.No other symptoms.Should I worry?

2 weeks ago healthy 46 y/o f hit forehead on stall door, fell hit rt side forehead on paper holder. Hematoma on center forehead, gone w/ ice in 2 dys. S?

2 yo chasing bro today. Tripped & hit forehead on wood stair. Some bruising & small dent if you push it. Acting normal all day. Poss skull fracture?

2yo just tripped in bathroom and hit forehead hard. Heard it thunk. He cried for a second and is fine. Looks like broken blood vessels there. Worry?

2yr old hit head on floor,arm twitched 2x in 1st 12hrs,never again.2x Dr visits say all ok.Should i worry?Was it coincidence?What should i look for?

2yr old running with strawlike object in mouth bent down object jabbed him in back of throat bled a bit i can see where it hit he seems fine now?

5yo fell knees first then head on pavement with a thud. Bleeding from nose for several minutes. bruise on forehead and nose. What to look for?

84 grandma just fell garden swollen eye swollen cheek swollen temples. Not sure if she lost consciousness all happened in 10min found her floorEr/EMT?

89 year old mother hit area above right eyebrown, has goose-egg, treated last night with ice for 4 hours, has black swollen shut eye. Anything more?

A box of soap fell from the top cabinet on the crow of my head two days ago no bruise or bump! started a mild headache! should I be worried?!

A few days ago I went to put on my sunglasses. I was preoccupied and accidentally jabbed my left temple with the stem of my glasses. It's tender still?

A girl spike a volleyball at my friend's jaw, mandible. Then she got smack by someone hand twice. It hurt a bit, but then fine. Damage? Clues?

A metal rake fell and hit me in the corner of my eye. It broke the skin and there is a bruise developing as well as dried blood. What should I do?

A peice of wood hit my eye ball today no dirt in it just hurts when i blink what should i do? I think its just scratched well it heal?

A pencil was thrown at me and it hit my face accidently. It cut my eyebrow and caused it 2 bleed. Now it hurts to just blink. Why?

A rock hit me in my right eye what should I do? I was cutting grass with my push lawn mower & a rock flew up & hit me in my right eye.Its red & burning..I have looked at it but i think maybe its bruised.

A vase full of soil just fell and drop directly to my 2yrs old boy right on his nose in between the two eyes. It's so big bruise what should I do?

A week ago my 3 1/2 year hit her head hard on my dresser today her head and one eye are starting to bruise is this normal?

Airbag hit my sisters chest (breasts) in a car accident a few days ago. She didn't tell the drs because it wasnt bad but theyre covered in red bruises?

An object fell on my head a few hours ago and cut about an inch gash in my head. It bled profusely for about 10 minutes. It still is slightly bleeding?

Any way to make my nose back to its normal size i crashed into a pole and got a goose egg the goose egg swelled down but my nose got fatter

Baby is 22 months. Fell on pavement and scraped the skin above and under right eye. What should I do?

Baby w/ helmet rolled out of laundry basket onto the tile floor, landed on her face, has fat lip, bleeding lip stopped she seems ok. Brain injury? Er?

Banged head on floor and bled profusely from cut over brow. Er?

Banged head really hard and brown fluid flowed from nose like a tap, why?

Banged my eye, had to have gape glued shut. A day later new I have a persistent headache, black eye, upper swelling, tender. Could it be broken?

Bf hit w/ a golf ball on the forehead. split his head open pretty bad. Do I need to keep him awake if so how long?

Black opaque smoke like lines follows the centre of vision after being hit on the front part of head with a wooden plank that fell.No vomit or faint?

Bubble inside mouth after being hit hi, i was hit two weeks ago on the cheek with an object, specifically a badminton shuttlecock, at high velocity and a couple days afterwards, a bubble developed underneath the gum-line of the bottom set of my teeth. It

Bump on forehead from hitting Crn of bookcase. Only bruised lump no loss of consciousness etc. Ok to keep eye on or see doc? She is almost 4

Can anyone tell me what can I do to make my jaw not hurt after getting hit by a hockey puck?

Can getting hit with a hard rounders ball cause permanent damage to the brain?

Can I get rid of the knot in my lip after a motorcycle accident with a face injury?

Can my lymph node burst if I hit it hard enough? I was hit under the arm with the corner of a car door. Worried about sepsis?

Can one get detached retinas when getting hit hard in head?

Can you get a concussion by being hit hard in the mouth and nose area? I was playing soccer today and got shouldered in that area.

Can you get serious damage or give yourself a concussion from accidentally hit your temple? I hurried to pick up my phone,my fingers jabbed my temple.

Can you give yourself a concussion with your hand? I was holding a dog and it tried to bite so my hand went back, hit my forehead. Had one months ago.

Car door opened,hit me under my eye in the bone,eye is fine, moves fine but bruised underneath,bruise almost gone but feel a bump on the bone,worry?

Child hit in forehead with hard ball at speed, what to do?

Could getting hit in the face hard cause vision damage?

Could i get brain damage from being hit by a plastic coat hanger?

Dent in forehead ftom blow, will heal, somewhat?

Do you really need to hit rock bottom before looking for help for alcoholism?

Does a dent in the chest of my child mean that someone hit him really hard there?

Does having front bangs which cover your forehead cause accutane to be less effective because build up of sweat? i broke out on forehead on last month

Does hitting someone really hard in the chin or jaw knock them out like in the movies?

Does playing a brass instrument like a trumpet or trombone puff your cheeks or make them bigger?

Does playing a brass instrument like a trumpet or trombone puffins your cheeks?

Door hit nose last wk. Phys ast. Said wasn't broken. Noticed small bump where i was hit- touched it & it made popping noise. No pain. What is it?

Dresser tipped, hit 3yr old on head but did not land on her.Child cried right away, no bleeding or bump visible. She seems normal.Is she probably ok?

From Bangalore.While playing football at midnight yesterday,ball hit my ear which had a cut.Bats fly nearby,will I get ebola,Nipah if ball is infected?

Got a gash in the head. How do I treat this?

Got grabbed by the neck in a choke hold not too forcefully light/medium pressure hurts a little can this cause any damage?

Got hit accidentally by zip lock bag of ice near eye brow Small gash. No pain near sight just sore bit swollen. Should I worry about concussion?

Got hit by a cricket ball on the thigh and that part(size of computer mouse now) is very hard when touched. Does this require further attention?

Got hit in the eye w/ basketball and eye is now swollen and hurts below brow bone. been icing it & takin tylenol (acetaminophen). what else can i do?

Got hit in the face with a softball. Teeth broke skin but no stitches were needed.Bruise is gone but when will the knot in my lip go away.

Got hit in the face with a volleyball. How do I reduce the swelling?

Got hit in the jaw playing basketball. Was a little sore and now feels off when I open my mouth all the way but no pan? Should I be concerned?

Got hit vth steel pipe on head n near eye.Head hurts n under+around eye turns blackish blue &swollen.Do i c a doc? Applied turmuric+ salt warm paste

Got kicked in face by soccer ball, my nose hurts a little when I touch it and try moving it around, no black eyes but could it be broken?

Got radieesse injected into my nose to disguise my bump. What happens if i hit it and it moves up into my head and into my body?

Had a air grinder blade come apart and hit me in my tricep leaving a nasty bruise and cut on my arm what should I do?

Had a hit to face and side of head. Lump above ear in head, and black eye with much swelling. Happened at least 21 hours ago. Am I okay?

Had a pencil thrown at me. It hit me in the face right on my eyebrow cutting it open a little. It hurts me when i blink where the pencil hit me. Why?

Had staples in head 6 mos ago a week ago i fell hitting the same spot and now just hall of one eye remains bloodshot is this a symptom of anything?

Hello a shower head has fallen and hit my suns nose. He has a cut that's about 1cm wide and it looks deep. The bleeding stopped after about 5 minutes.

Hello I am Nikhil and had a accident a month ago and so i got injured in my face and that affected part has became back and it looks very ugly.

Hello i want to ask what should I do when a 4 years old get hit in the forehead and got 1 to 2 minute nosebleed after ?

Hello, my friend hit his head on a garage door! his skin on his skull has been cut and it is bleeding. I can feel a bump. Is it find to heal naturally?

Hi doctors, my brother (7years old) accidentally hit his teeth on the side of the sofa and it's moving a little. Should we yank it?

Hi doctors, my brother hit my tooth with a ball, will it fall out if it's a little loose?

Hi my 15 month old has tripped over and hit his nose on the tv side it's got a cut on the bridge of nose and bad bruising but no blood is it broken?

Hi my daughter fell and she busted her gum on the top and theres a piece hanging . What should i do ?

Hi, I was hit in my face three weeks ago and my cheek has a sore knot in it now. Can you tell me what this means? Is this a hematoma?

Hit forehead on top corner of car door yesterday 3pm. No concussion symptoms but big knot on forehead. Normal neuro tests done by self-Need 2 be seen?

Hit head sat.Blacked out..Bump and small cut.Above right eyebrow.Tingling..Yesterday extremely dizzy now 4 days later developing black eye.Concusion?

Hit in eye by basketball. How do I avoid shiner? Its picture day.

Hit in the eye by soccer ball, should I be concerned?

Hit my face on steering wheel in wreck 8 days ago.Middle inside of nose very tender,when moved makes front teeth&jaw hurt. Is this normal?

Hit my forehead 5 days ago with car door, now eyelid, corner of eye is bruised. It hurts to blink and lump on forehead is sure. Use cold or heat?

Hit my forehead last month; will the bump eventually go away?

Hit my head just above my right eye and below my right eye by my nose hard on dash board of hubbys semi. Its not black n blue but hurts should I worry?

Hit my head on a fence snow tubing. Next day headache and sentivity to light. Tenderness and huge bump. ?

Hit my head on freezer door yesterday a.m. having headache and pain behind eye as well as a bruise in area of impact. Should I get further screening?

Hit my leg with the car door and hit a vein. I have a bruise bout 3 inchs across and still pretty hard in the middle - should i see a doctor?

Hit the side of my face on the ground whilst playing soccer, had heavy eye lids and barely any headache but now I have proper headache. What to do?

Hit with a baseball and now have a lip laceration, will this scar?

Hit with a baseball.Lip laceration? Ice? Er?

Hospital or not? My son was playing soccer and didn't notice there was a tree in front of him and he ran right into it. He got a scrape from his eye to the middle of his cheek should I take him to the hospital?

Husband and i were playing basketball we went 2get the ball at the same time he head butted me real hard but no bump form can I get brain damage?

Husband was swinging son upside down, accidentally hit his neck against the door frame. He has broken blood vessels on his face/neck. Is that normal?

I accidentally hit my little sister's forehead, should I let her sleep?

I accidentally hit my nose tip, squashed the front with my hand. Could this make the cartilage grow slightly bigger?

I accidentally punched myself in the jaw, will this cause any damage?

I accidentaly drop my cellphone on my babys forehead when shes 2 months old, now i notice bulging veins in her forehead, is it becoz of the accident?

I am ready to catch a flight so i don't have time to see a dr. I have a blind pimple on my temple and eyebrow is all swollen. What to do?