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My big toe has been hurt for over 2 weeks because I jammed it, so now it's swelled, hurts when I walk, and when I bend it. What could be wrong with it?

My big toe hurts a lot but it is not brusied or swollen but it hurts to walk on and sometimes bend what should I do?

My big toe hurts really bad, it's really swollen, tender to the touch it. Is it a break or sprain or something less?

My big toe is:Red around joint, bruised, painful to walk, swollen. I injured it jumping and landing on it turned. What do doctors do to an injured toe?

My calf muscle looks bruised and hurts when I walk on it and I have blood spots at my foot from it, is it bruised? Or strained? Or pulled?

My cousin kicked me while we were going for the ball playing soccer my foot/ankle hurts severely some swelling no bruising happened 5 days ago?

My daughter fell and hurt her left ankle it is bruised and swollen but she can walk on it what could be wrong?

My daughter jumped onto my ankle 1 wk ago and it never swelled up but is still very painful and bruised. It's hard to walk. Could it be fractured?

My daughter rolled her foot at soccer tonight and her arch is a bit swollen. Hurts to touch and she can't walk on it. Ankle doesn't hurt.thoughts?

My daughter tripped & when she landed she said she broke her pinky. Its a little swollen & she says it hurts to bend it. How do I know if its broken?

My elbows have been hurting me for about three days now. They are bruised and swollen and I have no idea why. What could cause this?

My eyeball feels bruised, I didn't injure it?

My fibula near my ankle hurts badly every time I press on it and sometimes when u walk on it. I have been running a lot recently. What should I do?

My foot hurts when i move it upward n inward . My ankle is not bruised or swollen but it hurts a lot.

My foot is swollen and it hurts to touch it on the top of my foot. How do I know if it's fractured?

My foot was hit by a car like a week ago. It hurts a lot and now my ankle is too purple/blue. What should I do??

My friend hit her wrist and it cracks and pops when she moves it, and pressure on it really hurts. Could it be sprained? It is also swollen & bruised.

My friends toe hurts to walk though it is not bruised my friend says they don't do anything to help it what should they do and what would a doctor do?

My hand is swollen bruised and feels hard. The ER says no bones broken but very painful.

My heel hurts like it's bruised but it's not--what could this be?

My knee clicked and now later on really hurts even to walk on it and is really swollen what do I do? I have put ice on it already

My knee cracks when i bend it, it is a bit swollen and it hurts what is it?

My knee has been in pain and swollen for a few weeks. I tripped 3 days ago and now it is very inflamed and so painful i cannot walk. What could it be?

My knee hurts tremendously when touched, but doesn't hurt to bend or walk with. There is no visible bruising, just pain when contact is made.

My knee i hit in a wreck is very numb and i iced it and it's still numb it kinda hurts when i walk on it but not too much. Is there something wrong?

My knee is all brusied and swollen and i don't know what i did i fell a few months ago and know its making my whole leg hurt what should I do?

My knee is painful it swells up and goes red and will crack when I straighten it. Also it can give way when walking I did injure it 16 years ago.

My knee swollen and hurts to put weight on it. ?

My knees began by swelling and hurting with no injury,after a week of ice and some rest they wont bend and hurt and swell,what is your opinion this?

My laptop fell on the top of my foot on my veins and it really hurts!

My leg hurts still from a hit and swells up, what is this?

My legs hurt and my heels feel like they are bruised. What do you recommend?

My pink is still swollen after 2 weeks, i cannot bend it all the way. I think i may have tore a ligament.

My pinky toe hurts really bad. I think I broke or sprained it. Even If I get it X-rayed would there be anything they could do to heal/fix it?

My question is what causes bruising on your feet ?I didn't even hurt them they have brusing on the sides on both feet?

My right big toe has been hurting lately. I don't know what would have caused it. Could I have sprained it? It hurts to stand on it or bend it. No swe

My shin hurts what should I do ?

My toe hurts but there isn't any bruising, but it is still swollen. Could it be fractured?

My toes are swollen, itchy and hurt when i walk. What could this be and what should be done about it?

On derby I sprained both of my ankles and my left one swelled up to the size of a golf ball on the outside of my ankle,I sometimes get sharp pain.

Pinky toe suddenly hurts, can bend it but it hurts like as if it got stepped on or over worked. There is no swelling or warmth. What could it be?

Please tell me, could a lacerated spleen make your knee hurt?

Right ankle hurts when I put pressure but my ankle is not swollen and I can move my feet in circle and alphabet and it doesn't hurt. Tennis week ago?

Right leg is swollen and hurts. Hurt it years ago running and it keeps swelling and then goes down and swells again. What could cause this?

Rolled foot inwards, swollen a bit after 1 week, can walk and jump on it with no pain, sore to touch and if stretched, how long before i can playsport?

Rolled my ankle two weeks ago over the top of my foot then landed on it. Still swollen and bruised and is causing my whole leg to cramp up. Help?

She hurt her foot playing soccer, landing awkwardly. The pain is on the top / outside of her foot. There is really no swelling or bruising. It doesn't hurt to the touch. She can walk, but says she still has some pain. Does she need an x-ray?

Should i be concerned that only my right ankle is swollen and my knee hurt?

Should i get crutches i sprained my ankle i can walk as long as i don't bend it at all it hurts even like that its badly bruised and swollen what todo?

Should I see a doctor if I sprained my ankle 4 days ago and it is still pretty swollen and it hurts to move side to side and up and down or is it ok?

Slammed my knee and now it's swollen and bruised. What can I do?

So i fell and hurt my knee. It is bruised and it is swollen and hurts when i bend it. Should i get it checked out?

So i hit my foot on a wall and now i can barely walk and it's not swollen bad or bruised bad. Is it broken? I can't afford an X-ray either.

Someone help my knee really hurts and its making my whole leg hurt from my ankle up its bruised and swollen help?

Sports injury... How bad does it look. Right ankle, underneath my ankle bone is swollen and bruised?

Sprained ankle 4 months ago in rugby now it pops about once a week it pops and feels like when i hurt it is not heald why is i doing it and what to do?

Sprained ankle 4 weeks ago still swollen and pain that shoots up my leg at times. hurts to put a little weight on it?

Sprained foot 12 weeks ago. Still swells & hurts. How long will this go on?

Sprained my ankle 9 weeks ago in rugby still hurts bad is swollen and bruised why does it still hurt so bad what can I do to make it hurt less plezhel?

Sprained my ankle like 2 to 3 months ago still a little swollen I could still play basketball but it's weak any little tweak & and it hurts is there a?

Sprained my right ankle, but now my left one is beginning to hurt because I'm putting most of my weight on it, not sure what to do. ?

Sprained or broken? Should i see a doctor 3 days ago i tripped and twisted my ankle, i landed on my toes with them curled under my foot. It is not disfigured but I have a bruise on the left top part of my food and there is minor swelling. I am concerned

Stepped in a hole and now the top of my foot hurts. Could I have sprained it?

Still have bruised foot from injury 4 year ago and it hurts when i press it. Is this normal?

Swollen lump on top of foot with pain, broken?

Swollen, red knee. No visible injury but hurts a lot. Hurts more when i walk and redness increases.

The head of my fifth metatarsal really hurts. It's a sharp pain but there's no swelling or bruising it just really hurts to walk ?

The joint in my big finger hurts after a fall, there is no swelling or bruising, I can move it normally, is it a sprain? What should I do?

The left side of my left ankle hurts to walk or move it's swollen tender and bruised no injury occured?

The outside top part of my ankle hurts and is quite swollen. Is that the malleolus which is extremely swollen?

The side of my foot has been bruised for a week now and is still swollen. It doesn't hurt unless it is touched and doesn't affect walking?

The top of my foot hurts when i walk, so i end up limping, it hurts to sleep, i can't bend my toes without it hurting, i'm wondering if its broken?

The top of my foot is swollen and bruised with a lump could it be broken?

The top of my foot is swollen and bruised. It hurt earlier but there is no pain now. I don't know what happened. Any suggestions on what is wrong?

The top of my left foot right b4 the ankle joint is swollen and hurts quite a bit. Have it elevated but not much relief. No trauma/injury. Hurt to up?

The vein on top of my foot is hurting. It only hurts where the vein is. It doesn't hurt when I walk but it hurts when I touch it.

The+ball+of+my+foot+is+swollen and hurts ?

This morning I fell on my knees but my ankle is really hurting and can't turn it without it hurting its not swollen or discolored please help ?

Thursday. Kicked on the inside of right foot. No swelling/bruising. Pain when walking/flexing foot. Buzzing feeling where kicked. Is it broken??

Today i bashed the side of my big toe really hard. And it hurts to walk put any pressure on it. It also bruised almost right away ?

Today I hit my knee very hard. Its slightly swollen and bruised but its so painful I cant walk. I've been applying ice and elevating it. Any advice?

Top of shin swollen, is it broken?

Tripped down the stairs last Saturday. 2/3 metatarsal bruised and swollen. Blue/ brown. Hurt immediately still hurts now. Is it fractured??

Tripped over my bed and really hurt the bones behind my big toe were throbbing and sore to touch and there a big bruise is it broken?

Tripped over my bed and the bones behind my big toe were throbbing and sore to touch and there a big bruise but it doesn't hurt to walk is it broken?

Twisted knee & fell on it, top inside is swollen and hurts to put pressure on, bend, & touch.?

Twisted my ankle pretty bad 3 weeks ago, the swelling went down a lot but its still a little swollen, im walkin on it normal but is sore after walkin?

Two nights ago i fell over and twisted my ankle, it is hurting when i walk and swollen. Do i need to see a doctor?

Was in car accident today, injured my knee. It's not broken. It's swollen, bruised, very tender, hurts pretty bad. What could be wrong?

Went over my ankle last week and I know it isn't broke but its painful to stretch. No bruising or swelling.. Just painful to move.

Went over on my ankle pain in the side of bone when bend foot up it hurts and hurts to walk not swelling ?

What can a sports doc do for an ankle spain i got 6 months ago that pops it really hurts when it does this and gives out it swells and bruises after?

What can I do for a sprained foot and contusion ? Can put pressure on heel but not the rest aches , throbs, bruised on top

What can I do if i hurt my toe 3 months ago and it still hurts?

What can I do if my swollen ankle has been hurting for a few days, should I be worried?

What can I do to ease the pain from a bruised/swollen thumb?

What could be wrong with my knee? I've had pain for 4 months its very swollen and kind of bruised and hurts all the time. I don't recall any injury.

What is it? I fell down the stairs and now I have swelling, a lump on my foot, bruising and pain.

What should I do about my right ankle it is swollen and hurts badly to put pressure on the right ankle.

What should I do if I hurt my wrist golfing, possibly sprained, 3 weeks ago, never treated it or iced it, and it still hurts. (iced in the 3rd week)?