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I rolled my ankle at skyzone. The shin on that leg hurts ALOT. It just hurts when I move other leg hurts a little but not near as bad. No swell?

I rolled my ankle February 8th, & it STILL hurts & gets a little swollen after being on it. I've sprained both my ankles several times &I this is odd.

I rolled my ankle in basketball yesterday i can walk on it but it hurts bad! it hurts to rotate my ankle, wiggle my toes!there is a bump where it hurts?

I rolled my ankle playing basketball. It is swollen, painful, bruised on 2 sides, but I can walk on it well. Sound like a sprain? Signs of fracture?

I rolled my left foot out in a soccer game yesterday. I can't Walk on it. moving it hurts and is sore around my ankle. Little swelling and no bruising?

I rolled my r ankle doesn't hurt to walk but soon as I'm still it hurts & its swollen hurts wen I flex my foot or move my ankle I missed a step & roll?

I rolled on my leftfoot playing basketball and the left side of it hurts right bellow my ankle and its swollen?

I rub my leg above kneecap & it feels rug burned or bruised but I didn't damage it. No trauma to it. Why does it feel on fire when I touch it ?

I ski every weekend, and my ankle really hurts. When i touch it, it feels bruises on the bone. It hurts when i walk, and when i rotate it. Help?

I smashed my me on a rock there's swelling and pain should I go to the doctors?

I sprained both ankles over a year ago but they still hurt and are tender to the touch, what can I do to help get better?

I sprained my ancle a year ago. It was swollen, not blue. I had exercises, but it still feels unstable and hurts with running. How long can it last?

I sprained my ankle 9 weeks ago there is still a hard bump infront of my ankle bone on the outside is this normal it hurts to push on it what do I do?

I sprained my ankle about 2 weeks ago and it is still swollen and hurts when bent a certain way while sitting or standing. what to do?

I sprained my ankle SAT. It swelled up on top of foot & in front of ankle bone. I RICEd it and no more swell.. when i walk it makes/feel big pop?

I sprang my ankle about a month ago and it's still swollen and still hurts. Can you tell me what's going on?

I stepped on a rock that injured the outside of my foot. 17 days later, swelling and bruising down. Discomfort still. Will walking hurt the healing?

I stepped on my foot sideways and it's slightly swollen and bruised. Hurts to move it and pops every now and then. Should I see a doctor?

I think i broke my ankle i slipped on ice. It hurts to walk and it's bruised also my big toe is tingly?

I think i broke my pinky last night, but im not sure. Its swollen and purple and hurts to move. How do I know if its broken, sprained, jammed...Etc. ?

I think i broke my toe. Middle one, right at the joint and up it's bruised and hurts to tuch on the sides(not so much top) somewhat painful to walk?

I think i hit my elbow i'm not sure but every time i touch it , it hurts a lot . Could I have bruised my bone?

I think I sprained my ankle three days ago. The ankle has remained swollen even now. But it doesn't hurt at all -- just a little tender.?

I think I twisted my ankle hurts in different spots hurts when there is no movement ?

I think I've broken my foot but there is no bruising or swelling. It hurts to walk or put weight on it and is throbbing constantly. This started aroun?

I think my 2nd toe is broken. I hurt it playing basketball when I landed on it weird. It didnt hurt too bad when it happened. It was tolerable pain. Last night the toe looked normal so I didn't think anything of it but now the toe is noticeably swollen co

I think my daughter might have broken her clavicle but there's no bruising or swelling but when i touch that area she says it hurts ?

I think that I broke my big toe. It's swollen and there's a purple bruise over the joint that won't bend. It hurts pretty bad. Should I go to er?

I twisted my ankle about 2 hours ago. Its swollen a little and hurts to walk. Do i need to go to dr or will it be ok?

I twisted my ankle it is swollen and bruised..I can walk in it but it still hurts cld it be broken?

I twisted my ankle whilst landing after a jump. It's been 3 weeks and it's still swollen. I applied ice and deep heat. Still swollen. What do I do ?

I twisted my ankle yesterday it hurts a lot when I move but I try my best to move. There is no swelling ?

I twisted my foot a bit while walking,i t hurt and swelled up. It's been a few days, it hurts only slightly now, but a little swollen.Is that normal?

I twistwed my ankel 2 weeks ago and it is still really painful and puffy should I be checked out?

I was doing a round off and I landed wrong. Now my ankle hurts really bad and my one shoe fits tighter than Normal. No bruising. What could be wrong?

I was going downstairs and i fell down . There is a swell on my foot right now, but it hurts like i sprained my foot. What do I do?

I was hit by a car in september last year and my foot my badly brused. It it's now very painful and i walk on the out side of it. Any.Help?

I was jumping and landed funny right under my ankle bone is sore sides as well the top of my foot not very swelled is it fractured?

I was playing basket ball and I was kicked above my ankle an it's swollen and when I touch it it hurts?

I was playing basketball, and when i jumped i landed on the side of my foot. I heard a crack and hurt my ankle. Now it's swollen and hurts if i moveit?

I was playing soccer 3 weeks ago and was kicked just above ankle, bruising gone but still swollen/tender, should I be worried?

I was running and twisted my foot sideways now my ankle is swollen and hurts a lot Its been a week since this happened?

I was sick for few days and now my ankles really hurt?

I woke up this morning with a soft lump rite above my ankle could you tell me what it could be because i didn't injure it?

I woke up with a big bump and bruise on my leg and it hurts and stuff and when walking on it my toes feel weird and ankle hurt what might it be?

I'm a gymnast and I have a painful, bony bump on the top of my foot. It goes away sometimes but when it is there it hurts to flex, walk and touch it.

I'm a gymnast, rolled my ankle back in June and there is still a swollen lump on the outside?

I'm a runner. My inner ankle bone has gotten larger & is tender after a run. It is not swollen. I have sprained that ankle badly in the past. Advice?

I'm worried because my foot hurts what is this, what do you suggest?

I've had a bruised knee for 3 weeks. How can I make the bruise go away?

I've had a pain in my ankle for a week and now it's starting to swell what could it be? I haven't twisted or hurt it.

I've hurt my elbow it's bruised badly now but only 2 days after I hurt it hospital says it's not broke but 4 days later the pain is unbearable?

I've tweaked my ankle a month ago, it doesn't hurt but is still kinda swollen, what does this mean?

If you roll your ankle inwards then can't stand on it for 10min now have bruise ans small swelling its painful but i can walk on it what have i done ?

Im 17 weeks pregnant and hurt my big toe...Its a little swollen and hurts when i walk what can I do so it could heal?

In July, I was running and my ankle bent in a cracked, it instantly hurt for 3 weeks. Now, it doesn't hurt but it looks like it is popped out deformed?

Injuy to foot two weeks ago. Started off as a knot, then bruised all over top and swollen. Still bruised and swells w/ activity. Now hurts...didn't b4?

Inside of my ankle hurts, what's wrong?

Is it bad if my knee is injured but doesn't hurt and is swollen?

Is it normal for a broken cancellous to be still swollen and bruised a little after 9 weeks?

Is my little toe bruised or broken? My laptop fell on it last night and it still hurts.

Is my toe broken i stubbed it really hard in the pool about 4 days ago and it still hurts but there is no swelling or bruising?

Is swelling normal for a bruise? I dropped a block on my ankle. Feels bruised, doesn't bother me to walk.

Is there a reason it hurts so much to have a bruise on my foot?

It feels as if there is a bruise on my heel. It doesn't hurt when i run, just afterwards. What could be wrong?

It feels like i've broken my foot, but there's no bruising/swelling. What do I do?

It hurts to bend my foot down. My veins are popping out and I have wrapped it up and elevated it for 2 day but no help?

It's been 15 days since i sprained my ankle and it's still a bit swollen and stiff and it hurts when i roll it to its side. What should I do? How long

It's been a little over a week after i badly sprained my ankle and it is still pretty swollen. Is this normal?

Kicked a bed about 3 months ago, now my toe still hurts when I try to bend it. Maybe jammed or fractured?

Kicked chair and now toe is swollen, help?

Kicked side of bed. 5th toe bruised, swollen, hurts. ER doc said not broken but this is pretty bad. Could he have been wrong with X-ray?

L front side of ankle sore when super flexed. Sore to touch but does not hurt to walk nor does it feel unstable.

Landed on a foot playing basketball and ankle made a pop sound and it hurt later that night, no swelling and it hurts bad to walk. sprained or broken?

Last night I dropped my laptop on my foot and now it hurts to touch it and it hurts a little bit when I walk. What do I do?

Last night I dropped my laptop on my foot and now it hurts to touch it and it hurts a little bit when I walk. What should I do?

Last week Friday I injuried my right thumb.It was severely swollen & bruised.The swelling is still present & it still hurts. What can I do?

Lateral malleolus still swollen and feels hard after a twisted ankle a month ago?

Leg joint was hurting then I fell down. now it is swelled up and hurts too much. what can i do?

Line drive to the left ankle at softball game. Not bruised or swollen but hurts and pops to move and hurts to walk on. What could it be?

Might of sprained my outer ankle 5 days ago it's painful/swollen but not bruised? Did same 2 yrs no dr It hurts to walk should I see someone, who?

My 35lb daughter jumped on m ankle 1 wk ago and it never swelled up but is still very painful and bruised. It's hard to walk. Could it be fractured?

My ankle cracked when I was playing basketball last week it hurt a lot and got swelled up but the pain is gone and its still swollen?

My ankle feels jammed and sore what causes that?

My ankle feels like it is burning in the joint it really hurts i sprained it 7 months ago i dident heal i turned it today and it really hurt what todo?

My ankle feels like it's on fire and it hurts after I twisted it. Could that mean it is sprained?

My ankle has been hurting for a while on the inside. Its swollen on the inside and not sure. I can still walk, but it hurts any ideas?

My ankle has been swelling like every other week for the last year or so, doesn't really hurt, but wont seem to go away. I don't think it was injured

My ankle has been swollen for three day and it hurts no matter what I do don't hurt to touch but the pain in moving into my shin and my foot a+e?

My ankle hurts and feels like it needs to pop. I hurt it earlier. There is no swelling but could it be sprained or fractured anyway?

My ankle hurts but it is not swollen it hurts more when i run. What should I do?

My ankle hurts on the outside. I have not injured it but it feels like a ligament or tendon. It pops everything I roll my ankle. Only hurts when movin?

My ankle i swollen slightly, not bruised but quite painful. I rolled it when i was out jogging. How bad of an injury is it and what should I do?

My ankle is still swollen & painful after hitting it 2 weeks ago what could be wrong with it and what would doctor do to help it be more comfortable?

My ankle is still swollen but doesn't hurt to walk unless bent the wrong way. Haven't seen a doc and it's been 2 weeks. What to do?

My ankle is swollen and it hurts to walk on it. It didn't hurt this morning but now it hurts. What's wrong with it?

My ankle is throbing in pain and it really hurts to move it but it isnt swollen or bruised can't walk on it can't move it

My ankle really hurts. I can't move it up and down without it hurting. It feels bruised on the bone. I'm a skiier and i fell during the weekend. Help?

My ankles and knee are swollen and brused. I didn't injure them. It hurts to walk. I also gave hard bumps on my shins. What could cause this ?

My ankles been hurting and swelling for four months now, what should I do? It started out only hurting during ballet but now it hurts to walk.