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I fell and hurt my left ankle..The ER said it wasn't broken but it's so swollen and blue. Why?

I fell at my friends house and my big toe was in a hole and bent wrong. And it's been throbbing and it's swollen and bruised and it moves weird. ?

I fell down and hurt my ankle and now can't straighten my foot. It's a little swollen and bruised. What can I do?

I fell down some concrete steps & hurt my foot last night its swollen and bruised & can't walk on it and it's tingling/burning.. What should I do?

I fell down the stairs and hurt my scaphoid. I went to the doctor but all she did was X-Ray it and she let me out. Swollen and hurts to the touch??

I fell going up the stairs 2 days ago. It swell, bruised, and my wrist bone popped out. The swelling has gone away. What does this mean?

I fell hard on my knee at volleyball, and now hurts to touch, but I have no bruising or swelling, and full motion. What's up?

I fell in a pothole 3 1/2 weeks ago and my ankle is still swollen and gets quite painful,I have not injured this ankle before,is this normal?

I fell in June & ankle swelled & hurt to move, the fell again in August & hurt same ankle. Still hurts to move around all the way. Healed incorrectly?

I fell in the ice & hurt my ankle I can still walk put it hurt when I step on it.?

I fell last night and have really hurt my knee it's very sore to walk and making me limp! Its at the head of the fibula and very painful to touch. ?

I fell on my foot and I hurts and I can barely move it without pain and I think it's swollen?

I fell on my knee yesterday and now i can't bend it or put weight on it it's also very swollen and red and bruised, do you think it's fractured?

I fell on my wrist and it popped inwards its very bruised and purple and it is a little swollen it hurts to straighten what did I do to it ?

I fell on my wrist it is bruised and swollen what does this mean it hurts when i move it?

I fell on the side of my foot, it's painful and there is a bump. Do you think I fractured it?

I fell over last week and my foot bruised but not too badly so I left it. I'm still struggling to walk on it well and the bruises haven't gone down.

I fell twisted my right ankle landed on left knee. Knee is most painful, swollen and nonweight bearing. Feel sick when i move. Do i need 2 see a doc?

I fell when passed out.I hurt side of foot.Still hurts after three weeks.Very painful to walk on with a brace never bruised.Possible broken?

I fell while moving a box and my foot / ankle went side ways but the outer side of my ankle has swelling and bruising what should I do ?

I fell yesterday. I twisted my ankle. Ankle a little swollen. I have some pain on top of my foot. Mostly behind my big toe. Could it be a fracture?

I felt a small pop in my ankle as i went up on my toes to reach something. It's slightly painful when i flex my ankle but i can walk fine. Sprain?

I got high ankle sprain, 4 weeks ago.Booted. My heel looks crooked big bump, swollen and brusing on opposite of ankle. More painfull. Stepping hurts.

I got hit in the side of the knee cap with a softball. It bruised bad, & it has been a week now & it keeps swelling & bruising worse . Hurts to bend?

I got hit with a cleat and it hurt to walk on it and I just bruised it a little It doenst hurt to walk on it but it still hurts and it's been a week ?

I got kicked in the shin, is it sprained or bruised?

I got kicked in the upper ankle two days ago. It was swollen and i iced it and now it is bruised and still swollen..What is wrong?

I got kicked on my ankle bone hard playing soccer. There is no swelling or bruising but I can barely move it and can't walk. What should I do?

I got stood on my left foot in football practice, it's swollen, slightly bruised, hurts and sore to walk on, what should I do? and could it be broken?

I had a ball charlie horse the other night i woke up screaming in pain now my foot is swollen and bruised why?

I had a hard hit to my knee bone. Feels warm to the touch , swollen and hurts some when i walk?

I have a bluish lump just under the outside of my foot below the ankle bone. It hurts to touch and it feels like it's burning when I walk.

I have a bump on the front tendon of my ankle...It done'nt hurt but what could it be?

I have a knot on top of my foot that is hard as a rock and my foot hurts to walk or to touch it and it also goes numb when you tap or touch it and fx

I have a lump on my ankle, it bothers me a lot, hurts when I walk or sit and stings if I touch it. There has been no injury either. ?

I have a pain like bruise on top of ankle it will sometimes hurt when I touch it but it will sometimes be hurting by itself. I've had this pain about?

I have a pain on the side of my gets swollen and to the point where I'm limping...I did not sprain it for it to hurt or swollen. ?

I have a painful swelling on my little toe which is hurting me now when i walk, what could it be?

I have a really sore ankle from falling down the stairs sore to walk on bruised and swollen have i sprained it or something worse ?

I have a stiff swollen right calf. I can walk and there was no trauma, just random. Why would it swell?

I have a swolin toe on my ankle in hurts bad ?

I have a swollen wrist joint it is red and hurts when u twist it is it sprained or broke ?

I have a two bumps on the outside of my shin, one right above my ankle and one about midway from my ankle to my knee. hurts to walk but not to touch. ?

I have been having really bad pain in my ankle. It's not bruised or swollen, but it hurts to walk on it. What could it be?

I have broken my ankle. And it hurt a lot when it first happened but now it doesn't really hurt even when I put slight pressure on it ?

I have hurt my ankle over 20 times and the bone is still big and it hurts all the time I don't know what else to do?

I have hurt my left ankle. It is not blue and a lil swollen.It hurs when i walk on it and hurts when i move it and hurts when its still. What could be wrong with it?

I have injured my foot it is bruised, slightly swollen an hurts when I touch the bone up from my ankle. I can walk on it, what would it most likely be?

I have pain on the top of my foot, it feels bruised but no bruising. It hurts to put pressure on my foot, could it be fractured or sprained?

I have servere pain all over my foot. I can't move or walk on it and it is swollen but not discoloured, is it broken?

I have swelling just behind my ankle and hurts to touch also hurts to touch my achilles?

I have swollen ankles and ones bruised but it doesn't hurt. Should i just leave it alone?

I have the need to pop my ankle like I would do my knuckles.I have alot of discomfort in my ankle if I don't pop it, but if I do it hurts to walk.

I helped a friend move and hurt my knee Not sure how dont remember doing it That was August 25 Extremely swollen stiff painful some days foot swelling?

I hit a foul ball off my foot last night, and I woke up this morning and could barely walk. There's swelling but no bruising. Bruised, or fracture?

I hit just below my left ankle a week ago on a metal table. It is a bit swollen and bruised and really hurts to touch and is numb. What is this?

I hit leg on a trailer hitch 10 days ago. It hurt was swollen and bruised but I could walk on it. Today my ankle is swollen and very bruised. It is starting to throb and hurt. Should I be concerned?

I hit my ankle about 2 weeks ago.I can walk on it but it can get sore when walking. Very tender to touch and is slightly swollen. What should I do?

I hit my ankle against a metal pole and there is no bruising but there is swelling and pain when i walk, press on it, and move it around. Help?

I hit my ankle bone on the side of my bed and it is slightly swollen. What should I do?

I hit my ankle quite bad on sofa after two weeks its still very painful and walking with a limp and swollen what could be wrong with it?

I hit my foot on a piece of wood on my bed and my foot is bruised and very swollen. It hurts a little to move it. What could be happening?

I hit my left ankle on the side of my skateboard 3 days ago. Ankle is swollen and very painful with every heartbeatHurts a lot to walk on it-justrest?

I hit my pinky toe really hard & now it hurts and its all purple and swollen?

I hit the the middle/top of my foot 2 hours ago. It is very painful; there is no swelling/bruising. It hurts to wiggle my toes. I can walk. Applying ice is painful. Whatshould i do?

I hit the top of my knee cap and it is swollen.It hurts when I bend or touch it.It has been aching for a day 1/2.Is it fractured or dislocated?

I hurt my ankle 2 months ago. My Dr said its sprained, now its still swollen and yesterday It felt like a elastic being torn broken now I cant walk?

I hurt my ankle 2 weeks ago in rugby the ER doc took xray said it was fine do do stuff on my ankle pops and cracks it hurts to walk its swollen bruise?

I hurt my ankle 6 moths ago and thought it was minor so I didn't do anything. Now, it is still swollen and hurts sometimes?

I hurt my ankle a week ago. It is still badly swollen and bruised. The doctor in the ER took an X-ray and said that it wasn't broken and that it was fine to walk. Please help.

I hurt my ankle during softball and it is swollen and looking like it is bruised by my heel a bit. Is there anything i can do to heal it faster?

I hurt my ankle it hurts on both sides on my foot and the top i can walk and move it but it hurts it isn't swollen or bruised what is the matter?

I hurt my ankle two days ago and its still very swollen and bruised.i can put weight on it although it hurts...its very PAINFUL to touch and to move.

I hurt my ankle while exercising a few weeks ago. There was no swelling or bruising, but it hurt a lot to put any pressure on the ankle for the next ?

I hurt my ankle/foot by tripping then it twisted it and its swollen but it hurt 7/10 when I walk and sometimes hurts when I lay down is it fractured?

I hurt my finger while playing basketball at PE. It isn't swollen or bruised. It's just a little red and throbs slightly. When I bend the top part of ?

I hurt my Knuckles . Bruised. ?

I hurt my pinkie toe from cheerleading.It was bruised and swelled up a little. Under the foot under the pinkie also hurts. I cantwalk without pain.

I hurt my shin while box jumping. My shin hurt immediately, the day after it hurts in a Resting position and is numb to touch. Is it just bruised?

I hurt my toe a few weeks ago. It was very painful, swollen, and completely bruised. The bruising is gone but not the swelling or pain. What did i do?

I hurt rolled my ankle I hurts to walk on and it has a slight bruise. I think it could be fractured but I'm not sure. On a scale of 1-10 I'm a 6 or 5.

I iced my ankle for 2 nights after rolling it 4 days ago. It is still swollen and hurts to move around in a circle every way. Should I see a doctor?

I injured my toe, it hurt, swelled up and bruised. Put ice on it and strapped overnight badly. After 2 weeks looks like a lolly and has internal itch?

I injured the top of my right foot a month ago and i'm still in pain. It hurts to walk and there is a squishy bulge where the injury occurred.?

I jammed my toe hard about a week ago. While it doesn't hurt much anymore, it's still stiff and swollen. Is this normal or may it be broken?

I kicked the bottom of my car door. It hurt when it happened not as much anymore. The top of my foot is starting to swell and bruise. Is it fractured?

I knocked my ankle quite bad on the vaccum cleaner two days ago it has swollen and painful and brused have i broken it. I can weight bear but sore?

I landed awkward while playing basketball and now the area around my ankle hurts. It is hard to walk and stretching my toes hurts aswell. ?

I landed on my foot wrong and I thought nothing of it. Now the bottom of my foot hurts and the top is bruised and swollen.

I landed on my foot wrong and now it hurts to walk and the bottom of my foot hurts and the top is swollen and bruised ? Any help? Fracture?

I landed on my foot wrong now it hurts to walk. It's hurts on the bottom and the top I swollen and bruised. Stress fracture maybe?

I landed on my foot wrong now the bottom hurts and it's bruised and swollen on the top also I'm limping. What could be wrong? Stress Fracture maybe?

I landed on my foot wrong now the bottom of it hurts and the top is bruised and swollen.. What could be wrong?

I landed straight on my knee and it doesn't hurt when I walk.a lot of pain when I touch it and very bruised and swollen, should I get it checked out?

I mildly hurt my thumb while snowboarding three weeks ago. It still hurts and pretty swollen even with a brace. Why is it still swollen?Go to the doc?

I play volleyball, 2 weeks ago I got a pain in the middle top part of my foot. Now it hurts when I walk and sometimes hurts all the way up my shin?

I popped my ankle a lot now it is hurting. What do you suggest?

I punched my wall a few days ago and there's swelling and It hurts to move. Is it broken?

I rolled my ankle 3 times in 2 weeks, and now it's been about a month and it's still not 100% better, why does it still hurt a little?

I rolled my ankle a little over a week ago. It doesn't hurt at all any more but the swelling has not gone all the way down yet. Why?