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Have a knot on the inside of my ankle. It hurts bad when i walk ?

twisted my ankle 1 year half ago and it hurts when i walk,run my on left foot and swell up and there is a bump where the veins are what should i do?

2 days ago I stepped in a hole on the street and hurt my ankle it is still very swollen but doesn't hurt that much. How can I bring the swell down?

2 nights ago I fell on both my knees pretty hard, they are both bruised and one is swollen, hard to bend/walk normally, should I see a doctor?

3 months high ankle sprain now keep twisting and it burns and sharp pain in heal, hoot, deep pain in bone. Hurts to touch spots badly. Hurts when flat?

8 yr old ankle bone bruise from soccer, 8wks now and only 50% better, still can't walk on it, really painful to the touch. What can we do? Help pLS :(

A 5 y/o kicked me hart in the shin. It is not bruised but hurts to walk on it or if anything touches it. Could it be a fracture or something really ba?

A couple months about I tripped and sprained my ankle. It doesn't hurt anymore but my ankle is always swollen/ larger than my left one. What do I do?

A stool fell on my foot and I can't walk and it is bruised , swollen when I touch it , it hurts is it broken? Or sprained badly?

A thing fell on my foot and i think I have broke my 5 metatarsal.Can u walk on a broken metatarsal.Its a swollen and really hurts if u press on a spot?

A Week ago i injured my left shin, IT still feels bruised but no visual bruising, now my ankle is swollen/bruised with knee pain?

About a year ago I hurt my big toe and it swelled and bruised badly since then I have little movement of it and it's still painful?

After being kicked in the ankle going for the soccer ball my ankle/foot hurt it is slightly swollen but no bruising is it broken thank you?

After I swim, my big toe hurts when I step or I bend it. It's swollen. There's no bruise visible.

After playing soccer, front of ankle hurts when pointing toes/foot up and down. Been a week and still hurts the same. Ankle is a bit swollen. Thanks?

Ankle bruised and discolored for last two years and getting bigger?

Ankle hurts to bend down and inward. Feels like it may be tendon in front or outside. It's a sharp pain and very sensitive. No bruising or swelling. ?

Ankles hurt, heals hurt, joints hurt very anxious person any red flags here?

At work a resident squeezed & twisted my wrist about two weeks ago. It is very painful and has been swollen and bruised. Could it be broken?

Badly bruised bone in foot still hurting after 6 weeks?

Big bruised lump on wrist and hurts to move it. Painful and warm. Banged it in shower?

Bone under ankle (calcaneus i think?) hurts only when pressed on. (r foot r side) feels like it's bruised but no bruising on skin, should I worry?

Both feet at toes swollen hurt, itch, and burn when scratched . Feet hurt to bend and move.this is the second time1st time went to Doc no answers?

Both my feet are swelled i did not hurt them

Both my legs swell and hurt, its made my knees hurt, as well as my feet?

Both of my heels hurt and my left ankle is swollen and hurts also?

Both sides of my right foot hurts just underneath the ankles and it hurts so bad to walk on and its tender to touch ?

Bump on foot due to injury- hurts to walk.

Bumped my knee this morning, been icing... By 1:30 it's still swollen & sensitive, it hurts to bend it & to normally walk, should I get it looked at?

Can getting a cast on hurt?

Can you tell me if a few hours ago i stubbed my toe and it hurt alot. Now it doesn't hurt when i'm still but it hurts when i walk. Could it be sprained?

Can't afford xray, twisted foot, hurts to stand on but only minor swelling, no bruising, hurts to twist side to side but not up/down. what do I do?

Could use your help docs! my foot is swollen and it hurts to touch it on the top of my foot. It doesn't hurt to walk on it but could it still be fractured?

Did i sprain my foot? I hurt it cheerleading. It' hurts putting any pressure on it. I don't know if I should go to the dr.

Do i need an X-ray even though my ankle doesn't hurt but foot is bruised and is a little swollen? I twisted it 3 days ago.

Doc said i sprained ankle 3 wks ago. at the time it was size of baseball. now golfball. still a little bruised. should i see doc again? i can walk

Doctor thinks I have chip in my ankle have to get xray i sprained it 6 months ago it popped today and it really hurt it swelled and bruised how to fix?

Does a broken or fractured ankle sting in the bath or a bruised ankle? When i touch it it feels hot, very painful and is swollen what is wrong with it

Does it hurt when doctors drain your bruised toe?

Dropped a freezer on my foot and now it's swollen and hurts abit, can hobble on it and move it abit?

Fell 3 wks ago. Shin still hurts bad and swollen. Feel 2 lumps. Side of foot hurts to walk on it. Told I sprained it, no xray. Is this normal?

Fell done stairs hurt ankle it's sore to touch its bruised and swollen i'm limping on it i was wondering if it is a sprain or something else its sore ?

Fell done stairs hurt ankle it's sore to touch its bruised and swollen i'm limping on it i was wondering if it is a sprain or something else?

Fell done stairs hurt ankle it's sore to touch its bruised and swollen i'm limping on it i was wondering if it is a sprain or something elselike fract?

Fell down stairs 5 days ago. Left shin is still very sore and there are parts of shin that feel numb. Top of toes and ankle are severely bruised.

Fell down stairs, was seen. Said I have a sprain. Bottom and top of foot hurt. Shin where I have carpet burn feels warm to touch and numb. No xray.

Fell down the stairs 2weeks ago and hurt my ankle. It does not hurt much to try to walk, but my ankle is bruised and swollen.When will it go down?

Fell hard on my ankle, was bruised and swollen badly for weeks. Three months later, ankle still swollen and a little sore, why? Wasn't sprained.

Fell in bathrm and hit my knee pretty hard. Bruising, swelling, redness, a lump, cant bend knee, only pressure on toes, nausea, a lot of pain. Broken?

Fell over on cement. I now have a sore knee, swollen bruised shin and it feels stiff and painful when walking. My ankle has puffed up. Cold compress?

Fell over playin football (soccer) and hurt my arm yesterday. It's now painful when i move it and is very bruised and swollen. Broken?

Five years ago i broke my ankle. No the bottom of my doot has paim and is swillen. What should I do?

Foot injured. Xrayed not broken, was not swollen when dr. Saw it. It swells up now all the time. Shooting pinching pain if i put pressure. 3 week?

Got booted in the ankle during football and now it's swollen and bruised and it's painful, what should I do?

Groin injury 4 months ago. Still hurts. Any ideas?

Have i broke or sprained my ankle? I sprained one of my ankles bout 2 years ago and i fell 3-4-12 on the stairs an now both of them hurt my right one i can deal with it hurts a little bit but i can still walk on it my right one i cry when I have to move i

Hello i was at work on a ladder and turned and felt something pop in my foot and now have a lot if pain in foot. No swelling. Very tender?

Hi i had a bad ankle sprain at the end of august now its february and its still a little swollen what do you think is wrong?

Hi i hurt my ankle it is soo sore on both sides and the top of my my foot it is a little swollen and bruised it hurts a lot to walk is it fractured?

Hi I scraped my knee on concrete and its now swollen and i cant move with out it hurting. What do i do i think it may be infected?

Hi i think I have a hairline fracture. My leg is bruising badly, it also feels tingly and numb, and i can barely walk on it. Any help?

Hi my i sprained my ankle by landing funny from a jump it is not swollen and not bruised but hurts under my ankle bone it's not bruised or swollen?

Hi yesterday i feel over in netball and landed on floor on top of my ankle and twisted it since then my ankle is tender, a little swollen, no bruising?

Hit in the ankle, hurt to walk, a little swollen, a week later swelling went down, doenst hurt to walk on, but hurts when I touch it in some spots ?

Hit last week, fell, hurt my calf, its been a week, hasnt imporved, hurts to walk on, bruising on the calf, and foot blood spots, what could it be?

Hit my foot on sidewalk a month ago. It still hurts badly. Is it fractured or sprained?

Hit my shin 7 days ago, it hurt pretty bad, big knot on leg and now i noticed bruising and swelling in my foot,right above ankle.

How can I tell if my foot is broken, if I can stand on it with pain, very minor swelling, no bruising but hurts to twist side to side but not up/down ?

How to know if hurt or sprained your foot before where it was swollen and partly black and blue?

Huge bruise ankle tripped. Can walk and run. It is swollen is it broken?

Hurt ankle in volleyball. Pain about the ankle on the outer side but not swollen? Could there be something that bad? Hardly can bare weight. Help?

Hurt knee (fell hard) on Sat couldn't walk on it still pain no bruising. can walk now but streaky black bruising and redness on knee any ideas?

Hurt my ankle in volleyball and hurts right above my ankle on the outside and not swollen but hurts up my leg?

Hurt my foot a week ago, felt a click.Can walk on it but its sore and bit swollen around the forefoot no bruising.It can't be broken?

Hurt my knee a few years back playing b-ball. Knee was swollen, black and blue and warm to the touch. What could have been the injury?

Hurt my thumb at the pool put it in a splint very painful and swollen?

Hurt side of my knee playing football after a tackle. No swelling or anything noticeable. Did have a small bruise that went, hurts if I bend it-walk?

Husband rolled ankle, its swollen and bruised, painful too touch. ?

I am a cheerleader and my ankle hurts when i land my tumbling. It is the front part of my ankle its not very swollen though.

I am experiencing ankle pain from falling full weight in it. It is slightly bruised, swollen, and hurt some when walking on it. What could it be?

I am very sensitive, swelled and bruised and my forearm (only on the ulnar side) is bruised and swollen. Is it fractured?

I am wondering if my leg is broken. I was hit by a softball and it has been bruised for over a week. I feel some pain still as well. ?

I banged my toe 2 days ago , its bruised and sore but feels numb?

I bent my foot sideways and now it's swollen and hurts and I can't walk?

I broke my ankle 8. Days ago now top of foot bruised n swelling n hurts to touch right by my toes could i have broken more n xrays missed it?

I bruised my ankle 4months ago, it healed but its starting to hurt again. What should I do?

I bumped my elbow hard today on something. No bruising or swelling but really hurts! Should I ice it? Or what?

I can feel a bump on my toe. It still hurts to touch, land a jump or hit my toes. Could it be a hairline fracture?

I can rest my ankle on the floor but barely put any pressure on it. It hurts on the outside of my ankle. Any idea what I did to it?

i caught a foot ball wrong. I felt imidiate pain. it is swollen and bruised. I can move it a little then it hurts to move. is it broken?

I did something to my tailbone yesterday and now it really hurts. It's either broken, cracked or is bruised. Should i put ice or heat on it?

I don't know if I sprained my ankle , happend during match.Whenever I twist my ankle to the right,hurts but I still can run and walk,and is swollen ?

I dropped a bowl on my foot and it bruised immediately. Now it really hurts and is swollen?

I fell 2 weeks ago & badly bruised my leg above my ankle. It still hurts, is red & a bit swollen & has a slight bump. Will it heal on its own?

I fell 3 days ago and bruised knees and shins but the top of my right foot is painful and at the end of the day my ankle near bone swells?

I fell 3 days ago down stairs and fell and rolled ontop of the top of my left foot, there is a big noticable lump and hurts to the touch & wen i walk?

I fell 3 days ago my knee still hurts and a little swollen what should I do?

I fell 30 days ago. My ankle is still sore. It swells after being on it a lot. It's not horrible pain. Maybe it's just a sprain? Could it be broke?

I fell and hurt my ankle a week ago, it's still swollen and bruised. It hurts to walk on it and if I sit for too long, then try to walk it hurts bad.

I fell and hurt my ankle bone and area above it 3 weeks today.. Swelling gone and bruising pain is still there when i move it?