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11/3 I was diagnosed with a broken vessel/vein on the top of foot after a knot and bruising. The bruising is fading but knot is still there. Normal?

A 15 year old has bruise on her cartilage, she didn't do anything to it she woke up and it was there what could be the cause?

After banging my elbow hard 5 days ago Bruising have only just appeared is it normal for bruising to take a while to appear ?

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Bruises peel off instead of fading, is this normal? Could they not be bruises?

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Can my rib break from a fall / trauma without any bruising on the skin?

Can you answer, is painless bruises natural?

Can you bruise an artery, for example can a bruise be caused by a leakage from an artery if so does it heal like any other bruise?

Can you bruise your liver?

Can you bruise your spine?

Can you please tell me, should a bruised bone leave a bruise on the skin?

Can you tell me how could i remove my bruises on my knee if it was 10 months ago?

Can you tell me how to remove my bruises on my knee if it was 10 months ago?

Can you tell me is it normal for bruises to itch?

Couple of small bruises after very deep tissue massage. No other bruises. Can this happen?

Deep bruise in arm- healing time?

Do deep bruises from sports injuries last forever?

Do soft tissue sarcomas usually bruise. Lump and bigbruise on foot (no mem trauma) diagnosed as broken vein/vessel. Was told sarcoma wouldn't bruis?

Doctors! what actually happens when a bruise forms and how does it heal?

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For what length of time do bruises last?

Had a light bruise. Was told not to rub, but I rubbed abit.It has been 7 days and the bruise is still there.Should i rub the bruise? Or just leave it?

Hard blow to shin with no bruising normal?

Have yellow bruises on my chest and no trauma what causes bruising without trauma?

HELP! Do broken capillaries heal on their own??? Do bruises always cause broken capillaries?

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I always have a bruise during my meanstruation why is that?

I am covered in bruises?

I am easy to bruise , can a knot appear under skin with a bruise?

I had blunt trauma to my testicle and it has been hurting me for about a week and there is still a bruise, what should I do?

I had my blood drawn almost 2 weeks ago and I still have a bruise and it is still very sore. there is a purple spot on the bruise too. Is this normal?

I have a bad bruise that's healing but now I have a lump under skin?

I have a bruise on my kneecap how long will it last?

I have a bruise on top of penus on the skin where there's veins. Is it a bruise or something else should I be worried?

I have a bruise. I don't know how I got it, but I've had it for more than a month and it still hasn't healed. Could it be melanoma?

I have discolored bruise on my ankle for the last two years what is it?

I hit my shin (Tibia) 5 days ago, there is a lump on the bone with some bruising at the site, now there is bruising in my ankle could it be broken?

I stubbed my toe about a month ago and it bruised and the bruise was raised. Now the bruise is hard and last night it started peeling. There is no blood. What should I do?

I've seen my doctor about bruising under my toenails and they said it would heal on their own. The bruising is getting bigger, what do I do now?

If there was no trauma to ankles and they swell then bruise very painful and pain and bruising in thighs?

If you hit An extremity really hard and you bruise it. Why doesn't a bruise not ever come out?

In what way are bruises formed and what causes the colour of the bruise?

Is it normal for an area of a healed bruise to itch?

Is it normal for breast to sometimes bruise during pregnancy? And the bruise lasts for 2 weeks or so?

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Laceration still bruised months later?

Lump on forearm after bruising?

My 3 month old still has a bruise and lump from her 2 month shots. Is that normal? If not, what should I do?

My fingernails are purple and I didn't have an injury! Is this okay?

My nose is painful and swollen. There is no bruising or blood. Could it be broken?

Noticed a bruise next to shin and swelling around it. Is this just a bruise or could be a blood clot?

Pictures of leukemia bruises or petechias ?

Please explain why does my knee bruise easily?

Purple bruises showing up 3 days after hand injury. Is this normal?

Really painful under the nail bruise! any help?

Should a calf hematoma be wrapped?

Should i be concerned that i still have a bone bruise after one year?

There is a bump under a bruise on my calf. What can it be?

Very bad bruising after sclerotherapy when will it fade?

Went to the doctor about this knot on my thigh and he said it was a hematoma but it's still their.....Can hematomas last for three months?