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I broke my fibula near the neck went to ed told them couldn't move or feel my foot or toes now have foot drop could they done something then?

I was at camp doing step ups and when I went down my ankle went inwards and I heard a crack, I got a x-Ray and there was no break and I'm still pain?

1.5 weeks ago I got a non-displaced 5th metatarsal break. Overall bruising has gone down but there's new bruising on my middle toes. Is this normal?

10 wks ago I broke fibula mid shaft sporting (direct impact). It was incorrectly diagnosed and I have walked on it since. When can return to running?

11 mo old weighs 11 kilo and not walking yet. Can cruise mostly on tip toes but can also put his foot flat. Should u b concerned? How to stop tip toe?

1200 lb heiffer stepped down and twisted her hoof on my 4th&5th toe.Broke! bruising in on underside, beside ice and elevate, anything else i can do?

2 weeks ago I was at a wedding and was dancing with my 5 year old daughter, I picked her up and I heard a loud pop. X-rays said no broken bones. But ?

2 weeks-toe surgery.X Ray last week: broken k wire, but still okay.Now,6 yr old stepped on foot.Wire now rotated 180 and painful.Wait until Monday?

2 yrs ago I got a cyst in my ankle and had to get surgery which required metal plates, I rencently got another on my wrist. What's causing the cysts?

3 years ago i stepped on broken glass and a small piece was left in the heel of my foot. I'm 19 now and it hurts sometimes. I'm an athletic sprinter. Will it be a problem?

30 yrs old, broke clavicle skiing in feb. Just broke again bowling! close to original fracture. Any ideas on how this is possible, given my age?

33 weeks pregnant with broken fibula, I keep swelling in my cast and it gets too tight. Shouldn't I be in a boot instead? 4 weeks post break

4 days ago I chipped a piece of heel and thought the swelling should be going down at least?

45 min ago I had heavy duty glass bowl fall on foot, bleeding extremely bad. 2 gashes on vein on top chunk out of toe; still bleeding; how long before I worry. Foot went from thumping pain 2 pins/needles and getting cold?

5 yo clumsy. Walks w/ toes out. Eval by ortho. said he'd outgrow it. Today he was running on driveway and fell face first on nose. Big scrape. Worry?

5th metacarpal fracture in left foot. Saw urgent care, will be Ortho Monday. Will I be okay until then? Have feeling but not having pain, is that fine

6 weeks ago i jumped on up the stairs on my right foot. I now have a bee sting feeling in my shin when i put pressure on it. What could it be?

6 yo son broke collar bone 3 1/2 weeks ago. Follow up appt is in 4 days but he wants to go to a pool party before then. He's doing great & moving- ok?

70yo man fell off ladder, broke back, can't move, intensive care. What can be done?

8 hrs ago foot fell asleep, went to walk and it turned under itself causing an audible crack/snap. Iced 7 hrs, no obvious deformity, can't bear weight?

A door came back on my foot as i was getting in vehicle and I have crushed nerves and broken blood vessel. How do I treat this?

A folding table slid from another table and slammed into my ankle bon, it swelled and is very tender to touch and only mildly uncomfortable to walk on?

A frozen bottle of water fell out of my freezer and landed on my ankle. Ankle is swollen and painful. Could this have hipped a bone or worse?

A heavy bottle fell on my foot, I have a massive lump of swelling, able to weight bare but keep hearing a cracking sound. Is it a broken or fractured ?

A small flashlight fell down 3ft and hit my big toe, was wearing shoes,better than a tennis,but not as good as boot for protection. Could it be Broken?

A year ago, i broke my both bones right arm, and today im 70% recovered from injury, will i be able to donate blood again? I used to do that way back.

About 2, or 3 weeks at our house, I've been stepping onto thorns in our house, in our carpets, rugs, so then is that maybe why my left heel is hurting?

About 3 months ago i dropped a soup can on my big toe which bled and broke skin. Today its still really sore and sometimes my foot will lock. Why?

About 4 days ago I had a very large piece of glass go into my foot. Now it is very bruised and Lost the ability to move some of my toes..

About 4 days ago, i accidentally hit my right foot (±1 inch above heel) & it gave me bruise.Will it go away without treatment or must I do something?

About 4 years ago I stepped on a piece of glass and tried to take it out but never did. It started hurting for the first time again. What should I do?

About a week ago I was playing on a field for a few days in the winter cold with my son. I wore only sneakers and sox but rest of my body was covered heavily for the winter. After the 3rd day of playing my tips of my 2nd toe on both feet were sore and red

About a year ago i got put in a cast for pain in my left ankle I ended up getting two casts on it in the span of 6 months or so It still hurts help!! ?

Accidentally stepped on a lamp base that was sitting on floor.Base smooth about 1" thick. Affected metatarsal of left foot. Could that cause fracture?

After a broke my hand can, t turn more than 45 degree. The doctor will take a peace of my hip bone, make a new controlled broke and set in. Is it righ?

After arm tendon repair,will tendon broke again?what will cause it broke again? Is it likely to happen in the first 2months and can I go back to gym?

After i had my daughter they thought i broke my tailbone heard pop in delivery xray was negative after nine months still hurts when i sit too long why?

After I played football one day, there was this dead skin on my feet and it hasn't gone ever since. It pains when I squeeze it. Is it something inside?

After riding bike in 50 degree temps, noticed big toes getting dark and numbness in feet. Recently noticed feet looking mottled when cold. Cleared up.

After surgery I went from a cast to a boot on mon. and since then I'm very uncomfortable laying down especially trying to sleep. I haven't slept normal since I had the cast, any suggestions to help me?

Am I going to be infected with something if I walked on the gravel with barefeet?

Approximately two years ago i broke my arm playing and i haven't been able to do a full push up since. Any advice?

Are you supposed to have sex with after having a dislocated hip?

Back surgry 5 yrs ago. Yard work yestrdy sore today. This AM one foot caught in root as stepped off ledge. If step wrong pain and legs collapse ?

Back to my original question. I am taking upto 8 oxycontin. Per day. Could this be more than osteoarthritis. Both femurs were broke and thumbs are nad?

Bad ankle injury oct 2013. Finally got MRI feb 2014. I was told "mild sprain". Could it have healed in that time if it was originally broken?

Been told one or both feet turn in when I walk. Recently saw video of me & noticed I waddle! Noone ever told me! Im not fat so what could be the cause?

Before 3 weeks i had a kneecap dislocation.I went to hospital and took xray.No #.Doc immobilized my leg with pop.How long it will take to walk normaly?

Bone spur on heel ok just wondering cause my girlfriends going for a operation on her bone spur on her heel shes not getting it taken out but filed down im just wondering what anthestic will she be going on and is it dangerous the doctor said that she w

Bottle in shower fell on foot and broke the vein, skin. What to do?

Broke 1 bone in forearm close to wrist been having cast for 2months should be off in 1more week.Im i gonna be able to work out soon? Like push-ups?

Broke 3 and 4 metacarpels 4 wks ago. What can I do at home to help swelling, stifness. Bones have mended. Start OC in one week.

Broke 4th metacarpal, and it will be 3 1/2 weeks before i can see the orthopedic. Got x-rayed, and it's angled up. What will the doc do to fix this?

Broke 5 bones per ER doc. Supposed to follow care w orthpedic spec but no ins no $ will it heal ok?

Broke big toe 6 weeks ago, was put in splint for 4 weeks, break has got bigger should it have a splint put back on?

Broke foot and big toe is slightly turned towards the other toes. Buddy tape? Seems no one will help me. No ins no $$$$$

Broke my 3rd metacarpal , right in the middle of the shaft , break isn't straight across but runs diagonally, what can I expect in terms of recovery?

Broke my ankle just got out of cast and it hurts quite a bit, should I be concerned?

Broke my collarbone (slightly)was told to wear a sling and did for 5 days and havent since,woke up with aching pain in elbow, broke 3 weeks ago,?

Broke my hand last week. Took off splint to bathe, fell, and believe i broke it more. Do I have to go to ER or can I wait until my ortho appointment?

Broke my left clavicle at a scrimmage. Could it end my football season and how quickly will it heal? Clean break and no surgery

Broke my left femur and punched a hole through pelvis, terrible knee effusion, was in traction, 3 rods, nails, cement inserted in 2010, still painful?

Broke my little toe 3 days ago it was pointing the opset whey . I went to er fix it but now my leg and foot move by it selfI?

Broke my m#5 in my left foot; what are the dangers of me not getting a cast put on it?

Broke my metatarsal 5 from my left foot.I had surgery and a rod that.S still in. It's been 6weeks on 1oct.Will i be able to go snowboarding in decemb?

Broke tibia-fibula 2weeks ago.Back slab was put there to stabilize for a week& then full plaster.Few doctors asking for surgery&others not.What i do?

Broken 12th vertabrae 3weeks ago in car crash, is ok to walk around wearing a brace and have i got to sleep on my back ?

Broken back, can I have sex?

Broken pattela won't close after 5 mths, worse?

Brokenwrist surgery a week ago with splint. Bought new brace from walmart cuz original got loose etcthis new splint is perfect. Will my doctor be mad?

By this day its 1 month i got injured in bike accident, in that left feet injured, we took x.Ray but its not fractured but still its swelling and un?

Can a fracture be treated if it has been over a week since it happened? I am a 55 yr old woman and fell about a week ago and did not go to the doctor, now my forearm hurts every time I use it or put any pressure on it i can't even open a jar with that han

Can a one month old baby get a broken femur while his diaper is getting changed? Can it be a accident? There are no bruising or swelling.

Can cellulitis affect the healing of an ankle i fractured 14 days ago.It was only put in a full caste yesterday after 7 days flucloxacillin ?

Can dropping a full unopened soda fracture your toe?

Can i get bolts and screws taken out of my ankle and if so is it safe to do it? Please help

Can i go for a run if i have a large blood blister on my big toe? i currently have ice on it

Can my Sacrum still have a fracture since 2012? If fell on the sidewalk off a skateboard badly but recently got an MRI

Can one have sex with a fractured leg?

Can someone with a broken back still have sex?

Can you help me, i broke my collarbone about 13 months ago and im just curious should I take the plate out?

Can you tell me how he broke it but we believe he got into a fight. his bottom jaw is fracture in the front will it heal on its own?

Car rolled over my foot. I had track marks on it. Doctor seemed to not care since not broken. Big deal or not?

Clean last week ladder collapsed with me on it fell into shower, had X-ray of ankle nothing showed now heel pain burning can't place pressure on ideas?

Compression fracture plus car scratched me and when I stepped out on my foot it feels like it breaks I need a doctor who is willing to trea 9702764101?

Consequences of putting rubber bands around ankles for 3+ hours? Few days later and numb white parts on foot. Help!!

Continuing issues with broken little toe. I broke my little toe close to the end near the metatarsal. I wore the shoe for weeks. It actually never felt exactly right from then on. I saw another doctor that put me back in a shoe and also had me wearing

Could a pa assistant have the rite to reset a dislocated elbow that really wasnt to begin with.?

Could I have had a broken scaphoid for over a year? I have had a lot of pain in my wrist since i crashed on a dirt bike almost a year ago. I have not had it looked at by a doctor or anything. Is it possible it could have been broken this whole time? Could

Could there be any way of getting infected if u step on blood and take shoes inside the house. I have a 6 month old always crawling on floor .?

Could you tell me what happen if your spine stayed crooked?

Crushed foot almost 3 wks ago. Xrays neg Wrapped and off it Swollen top and ball of ft. turning red even when left unwrapped all night Why?

Cut ankle with screw 3 days ago. Cleaned it well but now feel sick, help?

Dad got plates in broken leg's bone.Now has infection.Leg turns red and has pus.Doc says when bone'll join he'd remove the plates.Is it safe to wait?

Daughter broke ulna and radius. Cast for 4 wks, brace for 2 wks. Doc said to get back to normal. When at sports complaint pain. She complained about some pain. Shal she wait a little more to come back to normal practice? Her range of movement is perfect.

Daughter rolled ankle inwards(soccer)says it feels like there is a crack on outside of ankle under the ball on the outside of foot,growth plate maybe?

Daughter,16,injured toe last May(2015) in a soccer game, went to the doctors that dayand they said it was turf toe, she says it still hurts her, help!

Dear sir i fallen over . And broused my right foot ankle. I took 2week rest after that i went to work and one week later my two foot went on fire?

Dec I broke 2nd matitarsil in left foot has healed but can't walk normal it still hurts a lot of new bone growth. What could be the issue. No insuranc?

Dec2nd I jammed my big toe tore the entire nail off and broke it. They say my bone is healing find but I still have extreme swelling. How much longer?