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I have a 7 yrs old kid She has colds for almost a month now, she was treated, her meds given to her was (aerokid),but she still have colds?

14 to 15 week pregnancy, cold & cough coming. So what type of medicine is safe at this condition...

14 to 15th week pregnancy what medicine accepted for dry cough & cold ?

After taking cold meds my urination became more frequent, anything to do wth. Cold meds?

Anyone recommend a medication for colds?

Are there any cough/cold medicines that are safe to use when also on Escitalopram?

Are there any medications for the flu/ cold that contain no acetaminophen?

Been on zonisamide for two week have sores in mouth and terrible cough is it the medication or just some summer cold?

Best natural medicine for cold?

Can a 11 week pregnant woman take Tylenol (acetaminophen) cold and flu. She has cold with runny nose and cough. What is best medicine for her?

Can a give my 34 month old Advil (ibuprofen) and cough and cold medicine at the same time?

Can a person with asthma take medication for a cold? My daughter who is 3 has asthma, and right now she have a cold, her doctor prescribed her cold medicine(liquid)...Everyone is telling me not to give it to her because she have asthma that people with as

Can any doc tell me what's the best cold medicine?

Can anyone tell me if I have a cold or hayfever? How do you tell?

Can I give my 13month old daughter cough and cold medicine ?

Can I give my 3yrs old OTC meds for cough and cold?

Can i give my 6 year old children's flonase, a multi-symptom cold medicine, and Tylenol?

Can I give my baby over-the-counter cold medication?

Can I give my baby over-the-counter medication for a cold?

Can I know medicene to cold.

Can i mix cold medicine with antibiotics?

Can I take hylands cold and cough medicine while pregnant?

Can I use tylenol (acetaminophen) allergy relief medicine but for a cold/flu?

Can mucus relief dm and Vicks nyquil cold and flu relief be used at the same time?

Can someone get high and abuse daytime cold &flu medicine?

Can there be a way to recover from flu without medicine?

Can you die from overdosing on triaminic cold medicine?

Can you give a 3year old, children's cold and flu medicine? If so how much?

Can you heal a cold/flu without medicine?

Can you please tell me which is the top cold/allergy medicine for a child?

Can you tell me any ways to help alleviate the common cold without medicine?

Can you tell me some ways to help alleviate the common cold without medicine?

Can you tell me what is the difference between common cold and flu and should I take my medicine?

Catch a cold´╝îwhat medicine should I take?

Cold n cough medicine?

Coridian Hbp is the only cold and cough medication I have in the house right now. Can I give this to my 8 year old?

Cough and cold management?

Could you take equate basal spray with children's cough/cold medicine?

Could you tell me what are good medicines for a cold?

Could you tell me what is the perfect medicine for cold?

Could you tell me what's the best medicine for a cold?

Could you tell me what's the best medicine for cold/allergies?

Dear doc, at the first signs of uncomfort before a fever or cold what medicine should I take. Or what are the other ways from preventing?

Do advil (ibuprofen) cold and sinus make you recover from a cold quicker? Or are they just for symptom relief?

Do people take an antibiotic and cold medicine at the same time?

Do you know any ways to help alleviate the common cold without medicine?

Does children's nighttime cold and flu medicine have alcohol in it?

Does neo synephrine help you get over a cold faster?

For several says I have been coughing up a yellowish flium. I've taken cold medicine. Zicam, corricidin, and cough liquid medicine. It won't away. ?

Have you ever tried using elderberry to lessen flu symptoms?

Hay fever or just a cold? Is it ok to use the same OTC meds for either?

Help please? I want to know what are some good cold medicines for teens?

Hi docs, would cough and cold medicin get me high?

How can you relieve cold symptoms without medication while pregnant?

How come "cold" and "flu" medicines make you sleepy ?

How to reduce cough in cold ?

How to take care of cough during cold? I have cold issues

How to tell if I overdosed on dimetapp type of cold meds?

I am 31 weeks pregnant can i take nighttime hylands cold and cough to help my cold symptoms so i can sleep?

I am having cold and have been taking cold and flu medicines available otc. No improvement &the mucus from my nose is red now.What should I do? Thanks

I am having persistent cold over the past few months. Please suggest me a medicine.?

I am heaving headache due to cold . Please let me know medicine?

I am suffering from cold and cough please suggest me some effective medicine?

I am suffering from cold. what are the medicines that i should take?

I am type 2 diabetic. I am congested i might have a cold or the flu. What kind of medicine can I take?

I have a cold. What medicine will i take?

I have a head cold. I'm on prednisone for lupus. What's a good medicine for congestion?

I have a very bad cold so which medicine I should take?

I have an 8yo 56lbs.. Is it ok to give him cold medicine for congestion and ibuprofen for headache at the same time?

I have cold today. After 1 day of cold i will suffer by fever.Tell me medicine for this ?

I have cold. Which medicine should I get?

I have colds and cough but i don't want to take any medicine?

I have pulmonary fibrosis and now have a cold. What should I take/use to treat the cold?

I haven't gone to the doctor, so can I just take a week of tylenol (acetaminophen) and cold medicines to cure my flu?

I'm 23 weeks pregnant and I have a cold and cough. Can i take any cold/cough medicines? Is it okay if i take cough drops?

I'm 23 weeks pregnant. Can i take Robitussin (guaifenesin) multi-symptom cold medicine to help relieve my cold symptoms?

I'm breastfeeding and I am catching a cold. What medicines are safe for baby? Also how do I keep him from catching my cold. He is only two months old.

I've got a cold, so what are the safest meds to relieve my symptoms?

I've had a cold for about a week now but Advil (ibuprofen) cold and sinus isn't doing the trick, what should I do?

If a 1 year old is taking allergy medicine(claratin) can she take cold and fever medicine(advil)?

If I have cold ;can I get well without medicine?

If OTC cough and cold medicines don't really work for children why are they even sold?

If you overdose on cough and cold medicine, can the doctors save you?

Is antihistamines first generation effective drug for common cold and does vitamin c important during common cold?

Is beechams medicine good for a cold?

Is claritan d good for colds?

Is Combiflam better medicine in cold and fever?

Is homeopayhic medication effevtive against allergies regarding recurremt cold and cough?

Is it bad to mix coricidin cough and cold and major cough and cold both are the same just different brands?

Is it good to give antiallergy medication to my infant during common cold?

Is it ok to take cold medicine just for the decongestant effects?

Is it okay for me to be mixing medicines for a cold?

Is it possible for me to take ibuprofen or acetaminophen with cough or cold medicines?

Is it really necessary to take the medicine of cough and cold or no in 1 week its gone ?

Is it safe to give my baby cold or cough medicine?

Is the Coricidin cough & cold being recalled, there is none in town?

Is there any kind of cold medicine out there ok to take while nursing?

Is there any preventive medicine for cough / cold / running nose ?

Is tussin a good cold medicine?

Might i take two different sinus cold medicines at the same time?