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1 yo has been in a cold sweat for most the evening. He has no fever, but has had cold symptoms for the last week. Is this something to worry about?

5 weeks pregnant. I feel hot and cold at the same time. I will feel very cold but be sweating. Or hot but feel cold. Is this due to pregnancy?

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Can you have hot and cold flashes before you start your period? I have been getting really cold and then 5 minutes later I'm almost sweating! Thanks!

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Cold compress for a fever?

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Does the sun help a common cold how can sunbathing help relieve a common cold?

Does the sun help a common cold? How can sunbathing help relieve a common cold?

During cold temperatures, dry eye can be worse why?

Feeling cold from inside out without having headache and sometimes temperature?

Feeling hot and cold at same time is it a symptom?

Feeling hot and then cold are symptoms of what?

Had a cold, after that I have a headache throughout the day which is alleviated with paracetamol but it is not going away, is this related to the cold?

Had a weird pressure in my head and 2 days later, I had a cold. The pressure disappeared when I recovered from the cold. Is this normal before a cold?

Had back to back flu in Feb. Ever since, cannot get comfortable at any temperature. Too hot or too cold. Hot and cold at same time. Sweat and shiver.

Having excess cold ?

Having severe hot flashes and chills along with a stuffy nose and dry cough, is this just a normal cold? What can I do for the hot flashes?

Headache and cold sweats during pregnancy what should I do and what causes this?

Headache with hot and cold sweats, yellow flem?

Headache,cold,what will i do?

Help please! is changing from cold to hot to cold in the shower bad for your body?

Hot and cold sweats, bad headaches and no?

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Hot or cold for back spasm?

How can I be hot and cold at the same time?

How can someone be sweating and still be cold?

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How to know what is best for a common cold that is severe?

Hydrocephalus causes you not to be able to tell if your cold or hot?

I am always too hot or too cold - what can I do?

I am feeling hot in cold weather i sleep with no blankets and i'm burning.?

I been having a fever for a week now and cold and hot breathes me what could this be ?

I cannot hear well because of cold?

I feel cold all the time I'm 4 weeks is this normal?


I feel hot when its cold, but cold when its hot. What condition could this be?

I had a cold last month nownow i've been coughing up phlegm for this entire month what could this be i know a common cold is only 7 days?

I have a 8 year old and he has had fever for 3days and at night he has a cold sweats.

I have a cold why does my chest burn?

I have a dry cough when the temperature is cold but am fine in warm weather. Am I suffering from a cold allergy? Also, is there any treatment? Thanks

I have a mild headache that wont go away yesterday i was shivering and cold now i go from hot to cold hot cold what can i do? could it be dengue?

I have a runny nose and a chesty cough. I know I have cold. But why am i feeling so very cold? I cold to the core and can't warm up!

I have a strong cold? What do I do?

I have a very bad cold what can I do about it ?

I have been having a cold sensation of the top of my head, a cold freezing feeling. Could this be that I am just cold or something serious ?

I have been having a lot of night sweats and cold chills during the day. So strange for me....

I have cold for a log time and i feel fever with it as well what should i do?

I have cold for the last three weeks now. And soar throat . And been having hot flush .Can tell me what do I need to do please ?

I have cold shivers/ shakes, harsh coughing and sometimes vomiting why is that?

I have colds for years. I have it when i was in highschool but now i'm a fourth year college and i still have this cold. ?

I have had a chesty cough for 4 weeks now i am fatigued have hot and cold sweats and am so tired. Could i have pneumonia ?

I have had a cold that has lasted for well over a month now?

I have MS and sometimes I feel cold?

I have never felt shivering at cold days even ifeel too cold but now i'm shivering too much when i feel cold. What has changed about me? 1.77cm/82kg.

I have no appetite , no energy, headache, cough , hot then cold within a few minutes and during the night wake up cold but clothes wet from sweating.

I have temperature sensitivity to both hot and cold. What can I do?

I have the chills sensation, but I am not cold? What could this be?

I keep feeling hot and sick, even when it's cold, why could this be?

I seem to always have a cold. I have colds a few times a month. I'm run down and all I do is sleep. I'm always so tired and ill. Any theories?

I want to know if very cold weather can cause vertigo ?

I'm 31 years old and i suffer from cold sweats every night. Is this normal for my age?

I'm 5 weeks postpartum and I am always freezing cold, everyone says it is hot in my house but i will be shivering what could be wrong with me?

I'm at a lake and I have a cold I feel hot but no fever what to do?

I'm cold but I'm also sweating. Is that bad ?

I'm cold to the touch yet wrapped up in blankets. I'm not sick or with fever so what is going on?

I'm feeling nauseous and hot and cold, what do I do?