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I have raynaud & walked in the cold, could it cause HSP vasc + the cold makes it worse. I coughed up phlegm three days ago could I have had a cold.

if you have a common cold or after the common cold is gone can you still get a flu shot and what happens if you get a fully shot when you had a cold?

2 months ago I caught a cold had it for a month and had sinus pain After having it a month it finally went now 2 weeks later getting a cold again!

3 weeks ago I was sick with a cold. I got better by the next week. I still have a dry cough though that comes throughout the day. Will it go away?

4 weeks pregnant, why am I so cold all of the time now?

6 cold sores in less then a month what cold it be ?

A few days later, i got severe cold and flu, after i treat it for like 4 days, why did i get dry cough?

Advice to getting rid of a cold sore fast! or at least alleviate the pain!?

All day today I feel hot, then cold, then hot, then cold and so on. What would do this? The only thing I did different today was take Claritin (loratadine) d.

Any tips on ways i can get to sleep with a cold?

Are there any ways to treat the sneezy feeling you get when you have a head cold?

Are there ways to make my cold sore in my mouth go away?

Bacterial infection/common cold? How do you know? I go to the dr's tomorrow for my cold and ears. Been sick for week now. No fever at all thru cold

Bad cold. What antibiotics do you recommend for a 7 year old?

Before the age of 23, the cold barely affected me. Since then (I'm a 30 yr old male) I get cold extremely easily. What could be causing this?

Can a bad cold/ flu make me loose my appetite completely?

Can a child get a sore throat or flu from wearing wet clothes in cold air?

Can a one year old baby with a cold go to the beach?

Can a sinus infection cause you to get cold sores and dizzyness and feel hot then cold?

Can bronchitis come on suddenly without a cold first?

Can cold weather make babies sick?

Can getting cold (body cold) cause pleurisy to recur and/or get worse?

Can gout make you cold everytime she gets it she get cold?

Can hives be a symptom of a cold? My daughter is 12 and has had hives all over for 2 days and now on the 3rd day she seems to be getting a chest cold.

Can I exercise if I have a bad cold?

Can i get cold po tonsillectomy? I read on few blogs that it's normal to feel like cold at 3 weeks

Can i get flu like symptoms if i smoke behind a person with a cold?

Can i get sick(cold) 2 times in just 4 days? The second cold is not going to get better, what can I do? Do I have iimmunity problem?

Can i get the same cold twice in one month?

Can I give my 5 month old anything for a cold?

Can I go swimming when I catch cold?

Can i go swimming when i get a cold?

Can I go to the beach with a cold sore ?

Can my allergy symptoms feel and last like colds do?

Can nipples get sore due to being in cold weather?

Can playing outside in cold water make my child's cold worse?

Can salt help make a cold sore go away?

Can stress cause you to get cold symptoms?

Can taking vitamin C when out in cold weather, help avoid getting a common cold?

Can there be any tips/advice on how to make the common cold pass over?

Can you advise me with my cold): I don't know what to do.?

Can you catch 2 colds in a row? Was starting to improve, but then cold is back. Nothing else is wrong. No fever or pain. Just the cold.

Can you catch a cold by playing in the rain for too long or feeling really cold?

Can you explain if it's possible to catch a cold again right after recovering from one?

Can you get a cold from just cold air?

Can you get a cold from a sinus attack ?

Can you get cold symptoms during.Ovulation?

Can you get sinusitis without having/having had a cold recently?

Can you get the flu or cold in cold weather? I have the flu but mom says don't go outside, you'll get more sick.

Can you get thrush by getting a cold or a sinus cold?

Can you go in a pool with my child who has a chest cold?

Can you please tell me the best possible way to take care of a cold sore?

Can you really get sick going out into the cold after you take a shower?

Can you tell me can I get the same cold twice?

Can you tell me how to get a cold, need it to be shorter?

Can you tell me is having a cold for 3.5 weeks normal or should I be worried?

Can you tell me more about cold sore?

Can you tell me, how are cold feet and getting sick related?

Cani get a cold sore on my stomach?

Cold for 5 days, felt 100%, then had an itchy throat 2 days later... Could it be another cold?

Cold sore is not healing and seems to be getting worse after 3 days. Help?

Cold symptoms after 90m swedish massage. Could I have gotten sick from that?

Could a cold cough get worse before it gets better please help?

Could being cold for an extended period make you sick?

Could having a cold make your eyes ache?

Could someone catch a cold or flu and then have that lead to something else after getting what it seemed to be feeling better from that cold or flu?

Could you please give me advice for a cold sore?

Diabetic...I have had flu, earaches(2) , pink eye and now cold! why i keep getting sick one after another? What can I do to get better again? 4weeks!

Do you know of other names for the common cold?

Do you think I should go to school with a leaking cold sore?

Do you think I should go to the doctor for my cold or wait it out?

Docs can you explain what is a common cause of the common cold?

Doctors can you tell me when should I go to the doctor if I have a cold?

Does a cold start with a cough?

Does cold weather cause colds?

Does getting cold very easily have anything to do with getting migraines?

Does it happen that people get the common cold but never the flu?

Does medicating during a cold make the cold help you feel better and get rid of the cold faster?

Does XL-3 cold medicine stop a cold? or does it just relieve cold symptoms? I'm starting to feel sick so I want to stop it before it gets to me.

During the winters i get common cold and fever whenever I do some exercises, but in the summers its fine....Why this happens?

Enquiry don't have a cold or flu but keep burning up even of a night when I go to bed is there something wrong ?

Every morning i get this cold and sneezing which lasts about an hour or two after which it disappears, what could it be..?

Everytime I take a shower, no matter how hot or cold, I still pass out. This has been happening for a few years now. But, it's been getting worse.

First cold sore, what to do?

For the last 48hrs i've had a really bad fever, mainly being freezing cold on hot days and nights. It doesn't feel like a cold. I train and work a lot?

For what reasons might the common cold get worse at night?

Friend has bouts of flu like symptoms with hot and cold and goose bumps every couple of weeks, lasts day or so then returns. What could it be?

Getting a cold all stuffed up and throat hurts. Doc has me on APO-amitriptyline 10mg for nerve pain. Can I take regular cold meds as usual?

Getting goose bumpswhen im not cold, why?

Had a cold for 6 weeks, is this normal?

Had a cold now for 5 weeks what do u suggest.

Had clogged ears due to cold and it take several day to get normal and cold is my regular what to do?

Having a flu and cold fpr the past three days....what should i do to recover soon and also i have running nose?

Hello doctors, i need help and advice with cold sores?

Help please. When i sweat, my skin gets so cold. Why?

Hey doctor please help to get rid of this daily cold m too tired please help i get cold in every month please suggest n give me reason for same?

Hi Doctors. How do I know if I have a cold or something more serious?

HI i have a cold sore and I need medication to prevent it from getting worse.

Hi there, how long will my cold sweats last? I quit smoking 6 days ago. I'm struggling to get sleep as it's so cold, yet so hot..

Hi, I started with very sore eyes two days ago and now I have hot and cold sweats and I ache everywhere. Viral infection that will go on its own.?