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11 mo old has blisters on her tongue from i don't know what? How do I resolve the problem? I know how painful they can be so how do I treat it?

2 ulcers on the tongue lining, since 45 days. Started off with a pain below tongue and during swallowing, pain occurs every month for 3 days.

21/2 year old ulcers in his mouth , fevers, dr said viral infection but i disagree, what else could be causing the ulcers?

2small ulcers on rooftop of mouth(1right,1left)for a change in size,no pain when eating nor when feeling it with tongue.Is it HSV virus?

3 mouth ulcers in different places appeared in the space of 2-3 days and I have on and off sore throat, what can cause this? It's so uncomfortable

A lot of sores in my father's mouth occasionally. What could cause this?

About every month i get ulcer on soft palate and tung it is painful and effect speach and eating what is the causes and the treatment?

After my gall bladder surgery with complications I got thrush in my mouth andin my throat and everywhere is there anything natural that would work?

Aphthoulscer so often?

Aphthous ulcer on my soft palate, not gone for 6 days? Why is it taking so long?

Are frequent canker sores in mouth and iritis always an indicator of beh├žet's disease? Is it serious?

Are gum sores associated with diabetes?

Are mouth ulcers a sign of pregnancy?

Are mouth ulcers a symptom of pregnency?

Are there some genetic reasons I get aphthous stomatitis off and on?

Big ulcer on tongue and skin taken off from constantly rubbing on teeth. How shall I treat?

Biterness of the mouth is it associated with pregnancy?

Blisters in mouth - could they be STD related?

Can a lip piercing related infection spread throughout the mouth?

Can a severe mouth burn lead to cancer?

Can Accutane (isotretinoin) cause mouth/lip ulcers?

Can cancer cause anything like bad breath or oral ulcer?

Can excision of nodules inside cheeks eliminate the excessive saliva in mouth and if so, how long before relief occurs?

Can foot, hand and mouth disease cause the swelling of the parotid duct? Multiple ulcers inside mouth with the parotid duct on the right side swollen.

Can I have HSV1 primary infection in the form of pharyngitis with a couple of buccal ulcers without any ulcer or vesicle on my lips? or this is odd?

Can it be possible to have any other condition that appears to be meth mouth but is not?

Can liver damage cause mouth sores?

Can mouth lesions in mouth be early sign of HIV no other symptoms whitish ulcer looking inside both corners of mouth?

Can mouth ulcer on lower labial frenum last longer than 3 weeks? Because I've had it there for 3 weeks now and it hasn't disappeared, what can I do?

Can mouth ulcers be caused by lack of sleep?

Can oral hygiene contribute to reducing chance of getting ulcers and cold sores?

Can oral sex lead to mouth related problems?

Can persistent tonsil ulcers be harmful?

Can taking huge amts of abx for h pylori cause a vitamin deficiency? I have a sore area on tongue and upper mouth mucus membrane. It's painful.

Can untreated chronic post nasal drip for well over a decade cause mouth issues, like tongue coating and dry mouth, scalloped tongue?

Can using indoor tanning beds cause severe canker sores to develop inside the mouth?

Can vitamin C cause an allergic reaction of mouth? Such as, inflammation of the mouth and/or gums.

Can you die from mouth trauma?

Can you get mouth ulcer from burning the inside of your mouth on hot foods?

Can you give me a simple homemade remedy for mouth ulcer?

Can you please describe the natural remedies to heal tounge/mouth/throat ulcers?

Can you please tell me the best possible way to remedy a burnt tongue?

Can you please tell me why lupus patients get mouth sores? I just had my first one .

Can you treat mouth swelling caused by domperidone?

Canker sore at bottom of lower gum. 3 days, getting painful. Good oral hygiene & been rinsing mouth after eating and drinking. What else to do? Hurts!

Causes of redness on roof of mouth??? And appropriate treatment for it??

Chronic mouth ulcers since i was a lil girl but never found out why what can I do to help with the pain?

Could cold sores appear on the tongue in a healthy young adult due to poor hygiene?

Could my untreated thyroid be causing the white film in my mouth?

Could you explain why does my mouth ulcer go white and bleed?

Dealing with irritated gums and mouth symptoms during chemotherapy, what to do?

Dear doctor recently i keep having recurring mouth ulcers anf last for a week and will attack agsin. What are the cures and why is this happening?

Dentist has scratched a mouth ulcer during check with instruments and now it us even more painful. What to do should I revisit a doctor?

Do lots of people get aphthous stomatitis, or is it unusual?

Do people get mouth ulcers on my gum?

Do you have to have a mouth and an anus to be classified as either a protostome or a deuterostome?

Does a mouth blister indicate a stomach infection?

Does Ankylosing Spondylitis cause mouth throat nasal and pubic Ulcers? I've had 188 Since March

Does bursting mouth ulcers help in recovering?

Does mouth ulcer means my lupus is active?

Dry mouth genital ulcer oral ulcers perephral neuropathy dry eyes nose fatigue acne folliculitis all STD tst neg at 8 months what else could it be?

Enlarged glance on antibiotic few days & healed.2wks later,mouth ulcer treated wt ulcer gel but glance enlarged,1side offace swaollen sore gum seriou?

For the last 10 days I have had a mouth full of painful ulcers - what could be causing them? Should i see a dr?

For the past month I've been getting mouth ulcers at least 1 or two a week. What could this be?

Gums and tongue sore, eyes burning and scratchy. Could it be vit. B2 deficiency?

Gums are swollen, multiple canker sores developed, teeth are in pain and unable to eat. What is it? And what might have caused it?

Hand-foot-and-mouth disease or just a simple oral ulcer/mouth sore? Any serious worry here?

Have a few ulcers on in my mouth and two on the side of my tongue my gums are very sore and i feel nauseas. Any recommendations?

Have had a mouth ulcer for several months should I be worried?

Have researchers found that you can get stomach ulcers from chewing gum?

Have you got effective remedies for mouth ulcers?

Help, what the symptoms are ulceloocin mouth ulcer patch applicable in?

Help, what the symptoms is ulceloocin mouth ulcer patch suitable for?

Hey there .. i just want to ask that i have painful herbea and aphthous ulcer on my mouth with bilateral swelling of submundibular lymphnode?

Hi doctors, was just wondering what is a full mouth debridement?

Hi i am 19 year old . i have tongue ulcer from last can i finish it and why it happen i am too much in tension please help me. ?

Hi I have a growth under my tongue and an ulcer on top... What is it?

Hi i have suffered from mouth ulcers all my life and I now have a mouth full of them can i take codeine for them or could you tell me what would help ?

Hi I have what looks like an ulcer on the opening of my vagina what are causes. I do suffer from mouth ulcers. Many thanks?

Hi there, I've had a mouth ulcer for a week. However I've now got an inflamed lip. I've been using mouth ulcer treatments but it doesn't seem to work ?

Hi there. I have been having pain in my inside mouth - the right cheek for 3 days now - I think it's a mouth ulcer as its White. What is the solution?

Hi, i'm facing some problem in opening my mouth and chewing food, have developed this condition for the last 3 days. Im also using ulcer gel but nouse

Hi, my friend often have mouth ulcers, which we suspect is a mixture of apathous and herpetiform ulcers. Is there any reason behind it and any cure?

Hi,Doctor my mouth roof and inside mouth area is totally red to much pain and its burn plz tell me medicine which i use,I am in saudia plz.thnx?

Hi. I keep having recurrent mouth ulcer (almost every week). I also hv a melanotic macule on my lip. Is there any serious underlying issue?

Hole in my mouth been there for two years and it gives me serious pain sometimes when i smile, eat and several other times when I use my mouth?

How are infections found in your mouth?

How can I best take care of a terrible ulcer on inside of mouth?

How can I cure a severely burnt tongue?

How can I deal with irritated gums and mouth symptoms during chemotherapy?

How can I reduce the pain associated with mouth blisters?

How can I stop my mouth ulcers hurting?

How can I treat a severely burnt tongue?

How can I treat an ulcer inside my nose? It's painful.

How can I treat my severe soure lips?

How can in a 10 year old aptheous ulcers be linked with abcesses recurring on her gums , paediatrician consultant yesterday said that its linked?

How can mouth ulcers and urinary infection be related? also some kind of blisters on my fingers

How can ulceloocin mouth ulcer patch effectively repair the wound?

How could i get four different mouth ulcers?

How do doctors treat a small hole in the roof of the mouth under the skin? Will there be any major side effects? What are the Causes?