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Can I use Neosporin on a fever blister ?

1 blister in throat, could this cause dehydration?

1 yr old had a high fever, now has a fever blister on the side of her mouth and one inside of mouth. What can I do?

1 yr old with a fever blister. What to do?

2yr old has fever blisters & or cold sore blisters in corners of outside mouth.. Ran high fever days before what can I do to help her pain & heal?

3 yr old was exposed 2 HFM & now has red bumps all over the inside of his mouth but no where else & a fever, could that be HFM or something else?

A few days ago I had a fever and now I have blisters around my lips! what can it be? And how I can get rid of it?

A few months ago I developed a fever blister. Now when I tan I have white skin all around my mouth and a lot of white skin where my fever blister was.

Are cold sores and fever blisters the same thing?

Are the blisters from Herpangina in the back of the throat contagious ?

Are there any good ways to prevent cold sores and fever blisters?

Blisters on mouth, red eyes and fever?

Can cold sores/ fever blisters have different looks?

Can someone get genital fever blisters if someone had oral sex with an active fever blister? The fever blister wasn't actively bilstered the lip was healing but wasn't active but did bleed.

Can the flu cause lip blisters?

Can UTI cause blisters and fever ?

Can you breakout with blisters on your tongue from strep?

Can you get a fever blister without having herpes?

Can you get fever blisters or cold sores in your arm pit ?

Can you tell me how to relief or hide fever blister?

Can you tell me if I am dehydrated do my lips break out in fever blisters ?

Can you tell me what can a cold sore/fever blister look like?

Can you tell me what you suggest if you are dehydrated do your lips break out in fever blisters ?

Could a fever blister in the mouth or cold sore mean your body is fighting of sickness?

Could you tell me what are fever blisters?

Could you tell me what's the best way to treat fever blisters?

Do you know are cold sores/fever blisters same as herpes?

Does blistex cure blisters?

Does strep throat cause blisters on hands and feet?

Does zorivax ointment work after I have already developed a fever blister on my lip?

Help please! is cold sores/fever blisters always associated with being a std?

How can I clear up fever blisters on my chin and cheek?

How can I relief or hide fever bliste?

How can you safely go to work if you have a cold sore/fever blister if its a restaurant?

How do I cure a bad fever blister?

How do I know a blister infection is spreading?

How do I know if I have a fever blister or a cold sore?

How do you get rid of a fever blister on the lip?

How do you prevent and alleviate fever blisters on ones mouth?

How long does is take for a cold sore/fever blister rash to go away?

How long will my lip stay swollen because of my fever blister?

How to cure a fever blister in less than 2 days?

How to cure fever blisters on the mouth?

How to get a fever blister healed?

How to tell the difference between a burn blister and a fever blister?

How would doctors recommend i treat painful fever blisters?

How would you recommend i cure my fever blisters, fast?

I get a fever blister/ cold sore every month the week before my cycle. Is this normal? Also what causes it?

I have a blister on my hard palate on the left side. It's not a fever blister. I've never had fever blisters. It's like a regular blister you would?

I have a fever blister will that give me Bell's palsy or will the fever blister cause bp I also have a cold in panic ?

I have had ten fever blister like sores on my lips over the last two weeks. But no fever, in fact temp is always low.?

I have swelling in my lip from a fever blister. What should I do?

I would like help with my fever blisters (cold sores)?

If a fever blister on the roof of the mouth is gone, but the area is still tender is it still contagious?

If I have a fever blister on lip can it go to my eyes ?

If my mother has a fever blister, should I ask her not to kiss my 4 month old?

If you have shingles can you still have a sore throat 4 days after the rash/blisters appear?

Is a fever blister the same as a cold sore?

Is it harmful to put blistex on a fever blister ?

Is it possible that abreva cause fever blisters?

Is it possible to have a little fever in chickenpox when no new blister is appearing ?

Is it possible to have fever in chickenpox when you are not having new blisters ?

Is there a baby orajel for fever blisters?

Is there anything i can do so that i never get fever blisters again?

My 9 year old keeps getting fever blisters. Why? Are they contagious?

My boyfriend has these blisters all down his throat what should we do ?

My great nephew has a viral infection inside of his mouth with blisters high fever. Is there a name for this viral?

My husband has coxsackie and the blisters are under the skin. He's been sick for 10 days. Is he still contagious?

My son has blisters in his throat?

My son who is 9 years is having blisters in his gums..What can it be!!! Please help!!!

Need help with fever blisters?

On average, how long will a typical cold sore/fever blister last?

Please tell me what can you do for a fever blister/cold sore, to make it go down asap!?

She had a high fever them swelling of her gums now i just noticed blisters why?

Think my son has HFM. Never had a fever. Already scabbed up. A few blisters still. Going on day 6. How long will it last?

What antibodic is good for fever blister?

What are the causes of a fever blister or cold sore?

What are the causes of a fever blister or cold sore?

What can cause a blister on a child's throat?

What can I do if my lip is very swollen with fever blisters, what should I do?

What can I get for my lips to have after a fever blister has goneaway?

What can I put on fever blister?

What can u do for fever blisters?

What can you do to tell if your fever blister/cold sore is herpes?

What causes a blister on the uvula?

What causes cold sores and fever blisters in the mouth and throat of children?

What causes fever blisters on your chin?

What causes fever blisters/ cold sores on my upper lip?!?

What causes reocurring fever blisters on buttocks?

What causes rid of a fever blister fast?

What causes rid of a fever blister in 1 day?

What conditions can cause a blister or rash with fluid?

What do doctors do to take care of a fever blister that is in the nose?

What do I do to get rid of a cold sore/fever blister before school?

What do you recommend if I have a fever blister/cold sore in my lip and its itchy, how do I get rid of it?

What germs can cause cold sores and fever blisters in the mouth and throat?

What is a fever blister? A cold sore?

What is the best way to care for a blister?

What is the difference between a fever blister and a cold sore on lip area?

What to do about fever blisters?