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My 2 year old has a chapped lips with a pus,she has also canker sore inside her mouth and very bad breath?

Along with genital sores, can you get mouth sores?

Are cold sores and sores inside the mouth related or the same thing?

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Can acid reflux cause white toungue and the roof of mouth to be sore (almost like its going away) and under the toungue to be inflamed?

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Can echinacea cause fever, sore throat, sores/ hives on mouth. finger, foot, and genitalia?

Can I have a canker sore on my tongue? I've got a sore on the underside of my tongue that kind of looks and feels like a canker sore, but i've only had them on the side of my mouth. Can this be a canker sore? .

Can it be that a cold sore causes someone to have swollen gums, canker sores, and causes tongue to have missing taste buds?

Can phentermine cause canker sores on the soft palate of the mouth along with a sore throat? Is it a side effect?

Can ranitidine cause a sore tongue dry mouth an tongue to swell?

Can sinusitis cause sores to roof of mouth?

Can sore throats result from having someones tongue in your ear?

Can strep cause sores all the way to your outer lips? Sores on gums ands lips

Can strep throat cause canker sores to form on the small palate? I am getting over strep but i have canker sores on the small palate. Is it normal?

Can stress cause mouth sore and throat sore?

Can you get a canker sore from burning your mouth on pizza?

Can you get a cold sore on the roof of your mouth?

Can you get a sore throat from biting the inside of your cheek too often?

Can you please help on how to relieve a very sore throat and other mouth related things?

Can you please tell me some good ways to get ride of a canker sore on the corner of my mouth?

Can you suggest tips for a stubborn canker sore underneath the tongue?

Canker sore like bumps all over mouth? An throat. Doctor says it's normal but I don't think so. They're white patches very sore very large on throat.

Canker sore like sores that are spreading fever swollen neck glands painful to eat, talk, swallow canker sore or cold sore virus? Help!

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Does throwing up make the gums on the roof of your mouth sore or swollen?

For past 2 days i had a tender spot on the roof of my mouth. It hurts if food or my tongue touches it. Not canker sore maybe food burn. What can I do?

Have minor canker sore under tongue , now I have a sore throat that hurts?

Have URI since 2/14, could sore throat move forward into mouth have sores on tongue? Small red sores on very back of tongue, kind of burn.

Hello. I have 3 ulcers in my mouth. I have I think 3 little "spots" at the end of my throat. Can tonsillitis cause mouth ulcers? Is it tonsillitis?

Hi I have a mouth ulcer just on the back of my palate next to my tonsils, it's sore when i swallow can u help?

Hi, I have 3 mouth ulcers on one side of my mouth which i think i got from hoy food. Few days later my throat is now sore, are these related?

Hole in back of gum and sore throat?

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I am 11 weeks pregnant and have sores on the tip of my tongue. Is this normal?

I am having sore throat, white bumps back of tongue,mouth sores, enlarged or tender lymph nodes. Worried mouth cancer. Mouth sore came 6 days later

I don't have a sore throat but my palate is sore and there are 2 big red spots just above the uvula. Swallowing isn't difficult but hurts my mouth?

I don't know this is to do with hayfever but I have a sore throat which is itchy and a kind of tingling sensation around mouth?

I had a canker sore on my uvula about 1 or 2 months ago. Now I see spotted canker sores on my soft palate and my soft palate is also yellowish. Help?

I have 2 spots or cold sores on the side of my lip and a very sore throat and toothache. What should I do?

I have 3 round red mouth sores on the roof of my mouth, none have white heads on. I do have sore throat / flu what could it be. They don't hurt?

I have a 3 year old child that has swollen tonsils and blisters on her tongue. What is this caused by?

I have a bad sore throat I looked in my mouth and my throat has pimpels or something?

I have a blister/sore on the side of my tongue why doesn't it go away?

I have a canker sore and when I woke up this morning under my tongue there is these flabs that are red and swollen?

I have a canker sore on my gum and it hurts really badly. Can canker sore cause jaw soreness?

I have a canker sore on the in side of my mouth on the top. Now is this herpes?

I have a cold sore on top of my lip. If i brush my teeth and used it to scrape my tongue is there a possibility of spreading the virus to my mouth right before i had the sore i might've had thrush?

I have a mouth sore due to a chipped tooth how do I treat the mouth sore?

I have a red soar throat, lips and inside of the mouth but only on one side?

I have a sore and swollen tongue, help?

I have a sore and swollen uvula. The roof of my mouth is red too what could this be?

I have a sore on my toung and it hurts what can I do for it?

I have a sore throat and the roof of my mouth is red?

I have a sore throat and ulcers in my mouth . Its very painful what can I do?

I have a sore throat in the back of my mouth. What does this mean?

I have a sore tongue, what can I do?

I have a swollen tonsil and canker soar at roof of mouth followed by irritation in my nose , why?

I have a tongue sore. What is the best treatment for this?

I have a very painful sore on my tongue... Why? What causes it? What can I do about it? What kind of doctor should I see?

I have a very sore throat, painful mouth ulcer and spots on my tongue. What should I do?

I have a white sore under my tongue. It looks like a canker sore but doesn't hurt?

I have blisters in my throat with a furry tongue and sore throat. My nose and mouth are also itchy ?

I have bumps on both sides of tongue. And sore throat. Would that be oral cancer?

I have bumps on the back of my tongue. And a sore throat and my teeth are tingling to?

I have canker sores and got a peroxide sore mouth wash crest it says do not swallow but after u spit it out and then swallow some will still go down?

I have constant mouth sores and sore throats, and red and white patches all over the back of my mouth and under my tongue. What might cause this?

I have constant mouth sores and sore throats, and red and white patches all over the back of my mouth and under my tongue. What might cause this?