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A sore on my lip and im not sure if it could have been from a bug ?

i have a cold sore the scab fell off but the area is red is it ok to kiss my partner ?

14yo. No cold sore history. Have one small redish bump on upper lip. No clear fluid no yellowish fluid. Is it cold sore?

2times I get bump on my lip after stressful event, not a cold sore, when I had sore it would hurt, tingle. This bump is red no other sensation.Normal?

3 weeks ago there was a tiny painful bump on the inside of my lip. It went away in 3 days but now there are 2. Its not a canker sore. What could it be?

5 yrs ago to now had some on and off reacurr. itching then when scratchd sores noticed or pain..went to doc when sores..herpes?

6 yo has little red blister bumps on lips. Came after fever. Always gets fevers no other symptoms. Is this herpes on mouth? What else can they be?

7 mouth old is teething and drooling and I noticed a bump on edge of her lip and small bumps on her chin. Could this be chicken pox or cold sore?

7 year old daughter has sore on face. Is it herpes virus or something else. Not on lip . Between nose and lip. Can I upload picture?

A bump on lip for a week. No changes. Can barley see it and feel it. Is it a cold sore? Or what?

A couple of days ago I woke up and there was this bump on the edge of my lip. I popped it later that night but now it looks like it's a cold sore.

A few days ago i gave my fiancé head. There's no visible sores on my his penis but now I have a sore on my lip. What happened&why do I have this sore?

A few months back I had a cold sore on my lower lip, directly in the center. The cold sore left an ident in my lip. How can I fix this?

About 2 weeks ago I had what what I thought was a cold sore on the corner of my mout now it is a pimple that keeps pussing up even after I pop it.

After being kissed by this guy not only did I feel a tingling sensation on my lips but I woke up with a sore throat, small bump and a cut on my lips.

After I picked the cold sore now I'm left with this pink spot on my lip. Will this pink spot go away? It's been 2 weeks now. I've been applying Neospo

Are cold sores normally filled with puss?

Are cold sores suppose to have white tips?

Are the bumps on my elbow related to my cold sore?

Basically I kissed a girl with a pink bump on her lip that was peeling. Now a day later these two clear circle bumps on the middle of my lip appeared is it herpes or a cold sore ?? Or ???

Been getting sores on face, like a pimple, but when pop white core comes out of sore and face becomes red where sore is , have 5 spots and spreading?

Bit embarrassing I've developed a sore on my penis It's been sore for some time but it now looks like it's getting A scab I'm 60?

Blister on my top lip its tingling burning and itchy. The same in my nose the doctor said its HSV or dermatitis its been goin on since march 27th ?

Blister on the inside of my mouth and if i smile or grin it hurts a little. Is it a cold sore or canker sore?

Broke out with bumps on face. Doc said fever blisters? They hurt. Itched & scabed over with gold crust scab. Has canker sore on lip also.

Bump under my tongue getting bigger. Not sure if pimple or canker sore, help?

Bumps on lip.Appear to be cold sores.Not std.Continually reoccurring they burn , swell no puss.Initially three bumps at a time now only one at a time?

Can cold sores make you lip swell without any sign of blisters ?

Can a cold sore look like a canker sore after it's been popped?Can a pimple look this way if it was popped?Not sure if HSV or zit.No tingle, blister.

Can a cold sore look like a pimple on inner lip? Can they have a whitehead and pop like a pimple? No burning, itching or blister. Pimple or cold sore?

Can alcohol cause canker sores? I have an area that hurts between my molars and my cheek. But it seems too big to be a canker sore. Idk. Please help.

Can birthcontrol cause cold sores? I've had a bump on my lip in the corner for a week or so and been on the pill for over a month. Please help!

Can canker sores - not cold sores - be popped? Can they appear on lip?

Can cold sores appear on the inside of the inner lip? Or are they canker sores?

Can cold sores appear white in colour?Like a whitehead?No tingle, no blister. Feels like canker sore or bitten lip. Not sure how to tell...

Can herpes appear other places than lips mouth eyes and genitals? I get cold sores on my lips often but now I have had breakout on hands arms back

Can I have lip augmentation if I have a cold sore? I have an appointment for lip augmentation, but have developed a cold sore. Can i still have the procedure? .

Can I have lip fillers with a cold sore that as healed over? I have an appointment tomorrow but still have a little scab from the cold sore

Can i leave the yellow crust on a cold sore?

Can my lip cold sore spread to the genital and eye areas? What should I do to prevent the cold sore from spreading to other areas? I want it contained

Can picking a spot/pimple turn into a cold sore? Around the mouth

Can you get herpes cold sores on your tongue. Because I have this big red sore on my tongue since sunday?

Can you get herpes cold sores on your tongue. Because I have this big red sore on my tongue since sunday?

Can you get pimples on the inside of your lip when you have strep?

Can you have herpes inside the mouth? I have a painful ulcer on the right side inner cheek. I've had canker sores This ulcer is smaller n more painful

Can you please tell me which is the top cream for scars caused by cold sore on face?

Can you pop a cold sore or bump on your lip that has a white head? It is slightly sore and has caused my upper lip to swell a little bit.

Can you tell me how to soothe my sore anus?

Chapped lips all weekend now have a little blister on bottom lip. It feels nothing like a cold sore. Is it just due to chapped lips? Contagious?

Cluster of white bumps on inside lower lip, ear pain, fever, headache, slight congestion, scabs on lower lip close to the opening. Is this herpes?

Cold sore on lip. If i unknownly touch my vagina, would it pass it down?

Cold sore or pimple? Little red spot a bit under the lower lip, it's not really on the lip. 6 days old but still red with no scab.

Cold sore or pimple? White pus which was "popped". No tingle, burning or blister. Can cold sores be popped, if so, can the stuff be whitish?

Could emotional stress cause a sudden painful lip blister?

Could it be herpes whitlow? I've never had an outbreak but have burning/itchy around nose and mouth. Now my finger tip is stinging when I touch it.

Could wonder if its a cold sore of some sort. Any reasons why my lip is swollen that does not include herpes?

Could you tell me what's the best way to get cold sores and pimples, bumps, etc. Of your lips help please?

Dark, red blister like patch/spot on my bottom lip. never had cold sore before so what could this be?

Difference between a cold sore and a pimple on corner of mouth?

Discoloration on top lip, right in center. Whitish with little ridge bumps, no pain. Have also been fighting a cold, with canker sore in mouth. Help?

Do busted lips bruise? And what color should it be? ane during healing should it look like a canker sore?

Do herpe sores have fluid like snot ?

Do I need to see a doctor to treat what appears to be cold blister sores in the corners of my eyes?

Do most cold sores have blister and tingle feel? Want to know if pimple or cold sore. Pimple like whitehead popped on lip. No tingle, blister.

Do sore glands hurt or itch?

Do you get swollen and more pink lips from kissing?

Does a cold sore leave a black mark on your lip?

Does a red patch on your lip mean it's a cold sore?

Does cold sores grow inside the mouth? Like under the inner upper lip where red flesh is?

Does mono put sores on lips?

Dr told me I had a viral infection last wk cuz I had canker sores&sore red spots on the top of my went away,but it's back again.what do i do?

Entire area of lips, but primarily near edges, are red, swollen, and chapped. Does not look like a cold sore as it's all over, what else could it be?

Every now and then i will get these hard sore lumps under my skin on my chin and they have swelled and very sore. Could it be something im eating?

Face is swollen and inside my bottom lip i see a canker sore does anyone know what it might be?

Fever blister in between my lip and nose. On the skin. Just appeared. ?

Fever/sore body for one day, fine the next. Small white bumps on the back of throat and sores inside my lip that have spread to upper lip.What is this

Finger tips are sore and have puss coming out of them?

First thought it was HSV1/cold sores but no reddening, pain, crusting, itching, or scabs. Feels like bumpy lips and chapped...not sure what this is.

Five year old with soar with pussy looking sore on inner cheek?

For about 2 days my lips have been numb and red. I'm not having any other symptoms of anything I do have a cold but that's it what could this be?

French kissed this guy twice. Lips and gums burn and gums aches. For more than a week. No blisters, bumps or cold sore. Whats wrong?

Geay tougne with spots and sore through?

Good day Doctor I have blisters like sores between my buttocks,what could that be?

Had a canker sore on lower lip. Surface is healed but now a pea-sized lump in same spot. Under the skin. What is it?

Had cold x1.5 week. Had blisters inside and at end of nose. Cold is getting better so is blisters, now I woke up with a cold sore on my lip! Leukemia?

Had too much sun & now my lips are swollen & covered with cold sores. Any advice?

Had what looked like a canker sore/white head directly on bottom lip. Popped it and it went away. Not a cold sore. Usually get with chapped lips. ?

Half of my upper lip is swollen! possibly from a cold sore. What do you suggest?

Half of upper lip is swollen for few hours, no blister or fluid. The swollen is quiet hard. Bug bite or cold sore?

Have like a red rash to the top of my mouth, with a sore throat?

Have one sore red spot on the inner lip of my vagina. It hurt lots initially but is better after a few days. Could it be herpes or would it get worse?

Having cold sore-like bumps on the corners of my mouth. What could it be?

Hello, I have this cluster of blisters in the corner of my mouth. It came up quickly. It looks like a cold sore, however, it doesn't hurt or tingle. ?

Help identifying a pimple vs a cold sore on upper lip ?

Hi , I woke up with two cold sores on my bottom lip and right under my chin is a swollen knot like painful feeling , is this a virus?

Hi i would like to ask, i had something that shiwn on my mouth, i do not know if this is allergy or cold sores. I attached the picture?

Hi, I developed what I believe is a cold core in corner of my mouth then a big really dark blister appeared in middle of lips and my lip swollen?

Hi, I had small blisters on my tongue because of sore throat, the blisters have healed 3 days ago, but now I cant taste anything, I am really worried ?

Hive like symptoms on my upper lip, also very dry, somewhat itchy and numb Never had a cold sore before What is this?

How can I get rid of painful sores on the inside of my lower lip?