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4yr old has 1 canker sore in the back, top part of mouth. How do I treat it? Will it heal on its own? Healing time?

Are sores that won't heal is caused by lupus?

Burned roof of mouth a few days ago now it still is sore and tissue is swollen could be infected how can I heal it faster?

Can a cold sore heal without ever scabbing? If so, how do you know when it has fully healed?

Can I give oral to my partner now that my cold sore is healing or is it best to let it heal completely?

Can I go swimming with a scabbed over cold sore, that in the last stages of healing?

Can motrin help heal eczema?

Can someone tell me how long will it take my cold sore to heal?

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Can you tell me how I could help an eyelid ulcer heal?

Can you tell me how to heal a cold sore inside your mouth?

Can you tell me if there are good treatments to help heal a canker sore faster?

Could you describe how to heal a sore throat?

Do cold sores heal faster if popped? Do doctors advise popping them or leaving them alone? Just want to know if cold sores should be left alone to heal, or pop them and remove the liquid?

Does amoxicillin heal a sore urethra?

Does gentamicin heal a cold sore?

Does neosporin speed healing for cold sores at the corner of the mouth?

Hello I am infected with a cold what is the fastest way to heal and thank you?

Help please? How long do cold sores take to heal?

Help with painless cold sores that won't heal on hard palate? 2-3 weeks.

Hi well I have many open sores in my vagina area and I am on acyclovir but i need advice on how to heal the sores quicker?

Home from college with a cold sore, how to heal it?

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How can you remove or heal cold sores?

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How do I know cold sore healed all the way? It's been 10 days with minimal scabbing

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How do you heal a cold sore quickly?

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How long does it take for a sore trap muscle to heal. My back has been sore for 10 weeks?

How many scabs form for a cold sore until it's completely healed?

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How to heal a cold sorescab on nose?

How to heal sore throat?

How to make a cold sore scab heal faster so I wont shed?

How to make a mouth sore heal faster?

How to tell if my canker sore is healed or infected?

I am experiencing a painful canker sore - how to heal it rapidly?

I am leaving for the beach tomorrow and want to know if there is a way to heal the cold sore scab any faster?

I had a c-section 3 weeks ago how long will I stay sore for cause. I am still sore from it?

I had a cold sore which heal and now I have redness where the cold sore used to be, does this heal?

I had c5-c7 surgery really sore did I break it?

I have a bite that is bothering me it is sore and on my thumb what do I do for it to heal?

I have a really bad sore thoat, and I would like to know the best way to soothe and heal it. Any suggestions?

I have a sore in my left nostril for the last 6 weeks that will not heal. Please help?

I have a sore on my foot that won't heal?

I have a sore or something around the outside of my anus what is it and why is it so painful and how can I help it heal?

I have an awards night tomorrow ! and i want this cold sore too heal ! what's the fastest way?

I have sores and scabs on the back of my head that are taking a while to heal?

I think I have herpes what can I do to heal?

I was just wondering why does my canker sore hurt so much for so long after healing?

I was wondering how i could heal a cold sore. Help please?

I was wondering how i could heal/soothe a sore throat?

I'm curious as to what's the best way to heal a sore?

I've a sore in my have that won't heal. Help me please. It' will try to heal and it will open back up. It's very irritating ?

I've just stopped popping my neck and it is sore from when I did will it heal on its own ?

If I have a canker sores, will rose hips help to heal it or are they too acidic?

If you had CABG and sternum infection 2 weeks later what would healing time be? Its been 11 months for me and still sore.

If you pop your cold sore blister, will it shorten healing time?

In major pain with blister healing tips really sore ?

In what way can I help an eyelid ulcer heal?

Is it a cold sore if there is no weeping fluid and it starts to scab and heal over right away?

Is it harmful to drain a cold sore to speed healing?

Is it normal for a scar to hurt when it's cold?

Is there a quick way to heal blisters?

Is there anything that can help with the itching as my herpes sores heal?

Lesion on the nose that will not heal?

My doctor prescribed some medicine to heal my canker sores faster. Is this healthy or is it healthier for me to just let it heal on it's own?

My heals really hurt, what can I do to help them?

My nostril has been cracked now for over 6 months and will not heal. It is getting deeper and is very sore?

My round sore on my leg won't heal i had it for 4 years, why?

Open sores, will not heal?

Please advise how to shorten the healing time of a coldsore?

Please help! what is the best relief or any way to heal mouth sores?

Please tell me how to heal a cold sore?

Quick ways to heal a canker sore?

Recurrent cold sores, literally one starts the day after the one before heals... What should I do?

Sore under nose won't heal, parasites?

Sores on the face that don't heal. ?