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Is it possible to contract herpes from someone who used to have a cold sore?

Is it possible to date someone with cold sores and not contract it?

Is it possible to develop cold sores from previously used chapstick?

Is it possible to get a blister or canker sore where the nose and throat meet caused by snoring?

Is it possible to have cold sores without itching or hurting?

Is it possible to have herpes outbreak (cold sore&mouth sore) 7.5 wks after exposure or less likely? Can it be due to extreme stress I've been having?

Is it possible to use zovirax (acyclovir) ointment for a cold sore on my lip?

Is it safe for someone with a cold sore to be around our newborn (4 days old)?

Is it safe to get a chemical peel after having a cold sore?

Is it safe to kiss my partner when my cold sore is healing or do I have to wait till it heals completely?

Is it safe to use abreva and vasoline on a cold sore at the same time?

Is it safe to use lysine to treat your cold sores?

Is it safe to use zovirax (acyclovir) cream for a facial cold sore during pregnancy?

Is it true cold sores can be fatal to infants?

Is kissing someone while I have a cold sore any different than when I don't? (This is assuming I shed the virus identically with and without a sore.)

Is my second day that i believe i have a sore throat,it hurts a bit when i swallow or open my mouth,should i get it checked or wait for it to heal ?

Is there a clear top treatment for a cold? What is it?

Is there a number one doctor-recommended solution for cold sores?

Is there a way to differentiate between a cold sore or impetigo inside nose? Get occasional cold sores on outer edge of nostril. Dangerous to brain?

Is there an easy and fast way to take care of cold sores?

Is there anything i can do about reoccurring canker sores? I get quite a few at a time and they continually come back. They're annoying & hurt a bit

Is there anything i can do to help reduce the chances of my sore throat progressing into a full-blown cold?

Is there medicine that can suppress/prevent cold sores from herpes?

Is there medicine that can suppress/prevent cold sores like herpes?

Is there two types of cold sores and what is the difference with the one under the nose?

Is Zicam effective in shortening the duration of a cold?

Ishingles blisters are healed but pain inside is horrible today.What can I do?

It hurts to open my mouth because of a cold sore, but I have a dentist appointment tomorrow. Should i cancel it?

It is illegal for a cold sore cream to be on the market and not work?

It it possible a cold sore could get infected?

It's been 10 days how long does a cold sore stay and how many times does it scab?

It's been 6 months and I still have a cold sore. Could I be at risk of getting hiv?

Its almost 2 years since i've got many sores in my mouth and throat, they just came and heal. Is kissing a healthy person can be the reason of it?

Just got shingles. Have pain from chin to my ear. Will it blister the whole way? Can not eat as my mouth hurts. My ear is so sore. Got meds. Now what?

Keep getting canker sores, go away come back in a week. Very small, and very yellow. Herpes?? I've gotten them 5 times the past 2 months

Keeping the cold sore dry is the answer to healing it quickly right?

Kissed my boyfriend who had a dry cold sore? Should he be virus-free at that point?

Kissed my boyfriend who had a dry cold sore? Can it shed virus if crusted?

Kissed sum 1 got a cold sore didn't think anything of it until it happened again .What does this mean?Should I stay away from him did I catch somethi?

Last year october i kissed my then boyfriend, i ended up with a sore dry cracked burning white tongue. Which has persisted up to now. Possible causes?

Lately everytime my husband kisses me on my mouth, i get a cold sore. Does this mean he has been unfaithful and carrying herpes?

Left ear is really sore a few days after I have cleaned it with a q-tip. Why did this happen and how long will it take for it to not be sore anymore?

Long-standing open sore on face. Much bleeding. What can I do?

Looking for answer to how can I prevent cold sores?

Lump on lower lip that comes and goes. Thought it was cold sore but it keeps coming back every month or so. Lip cancer? What Dr would I go to for it?

Make up pallete touched an old cold sore patch from a year ago that was faced down. I used the pallete and touched my phone. Can I get herpes whitlow?

Might holding a warm tea bag on fever blisters/cold sores actually help to heal them?

Mon I passed out in hospital where I am treated for migraines. Sternum rub really painful,tried lidocain patch. Now feels burned and so sore bruised.

Month half ago after giving oral to girl. Next couple days had sore symptoms but no sore then off n on sore throat then sty fection but all went away?

Mouth ulcer. Big n long time to heal.. It comes with a few little ones?

My 11yr old daughter has two cold sores on both corners of her mouth. She's had this for a mouth.She uses burt's bees but its taking long time to heal?

My 18 month old had cold sores in his mouth. Could this anyway be from my brother who has hpv? Or is that completely seperate?

My 2yo son has cold sore and herpetic whitlow. He is given cephalexin to treat infection on finger. Now we saw red bumps on chest and back. What is it

My 3 year old son came out of the bathroom with my husband' s tooth brush in his mouth. My husband currently has a cold sore! can he get the virus?

My 3 yr old has started gettin bad mouth ulcers an bruise like spoting in mouth. He also has lump his penis gttin bigger?

My 4 yr old has a canker sore on the inside of this lip, every time he eats he cries in pain, is there anything OTC we could try to help?

My 6 year old son has canker sores.Constanly in his mouth hardly a week goes by with lit one docs never say why...Why?

My anus is very red and sore, not itchy just sore and feel like it sticks together often, have had thrush but i don't think its related, please help?

My arm is sore . Sometimes it's sore it comes and goes can u help?

My arms have been sore for many months and now i feel sore all over. What's the matter?

My baby girl has a canker sore under her tongue that hasn't gone away for several weeks. What's the best way to treat it?

My baby stopped eating since he developed mouth sores, how should I treat them?

My bf get sores on his skin that start off as blisters and its on on his upper extremity what could this be?

My bf hAs herpes, i went down on him several times and started gettin sores in my nose, thoyght it was something elsr, its not. Its herpes, now what?

My bf playfully bit my lower lip when we were kissing and its been 3 days and it hurts. Any remedies to make the soreness go away faster?

My boyfriend had appendix removed a year & a half ago, and he complains of a sore/ itchy scar esp when its cold. why does it happen, how do we fix it?

My boyfriend has a cold sore he's 19 how long should I wait before i feel like its more den a cold sore?

My boyfriend has a cold sore, can I catch it considering i've already had several in the past?

My boyfriend has the common cold but he wasn't around people who had it?

My boyfriend said that his body is sore for no reason?

My boyfriends tongue is always cold, any explanation?

My breasts have grown bigger along with my nipples being sore and sore to the touch, i crave certain foods sometimes, and get hold and cold easily. .

My canker sore doesn't hurt like it use to is that normal?

My canker sore in the lower part of my mouth has not healed and it's been over a month. It stopped hurting after the first few days. ?

My child is 3years 8months old. What can i give her for her sore throat. The doctor told us she has a virus.

My cold sore is scabbed up, but i picked at it and it bled. I forgot to wash my hannds, and then touched my boyfriends penis. The cold sore isn't a lump anymore, its even with my lip and all thats left is a scab.

My cold sore is starting to dry and crust. Is it ok to take off that top layer of crust?

My cold sore isn't going away - it's been nearly 3 weeks and I'm on Valtrex right now. New blisters form after scab comes off every time. What to do?

My cold sores got worse. They appear every month in small amounts either in my nostrils or lip. What should I do? I apply acyclovir

My cousin has a cold sore.soon after he touched it.he touched my arm.could i get the virus.he only touched for a few seconds and i had no cuts?

My daughter can do so many activities a day and if I did what she did then I would be soooo sore. She is never sore. Why is that?

My daughter has a sore in her mouth on her lip from her braces she just got 7-2-13 is ther something i can do or put on it?

My daughter has an open sore on her arm the doctor called an ulcer. What could cause this?

My daughter has had a cold sore on her lip for 5 days. She popped it yesterday and its oozing liquid. The sore is larger now. What steps should be tak?

My daughter has had several episodes of strange open sores under her arms. They are sore and dry. I have pictures we cannot get into a dermatologist for 3 months. HELP!!!!!!!!!

My daughter hit my cold sore with her hand. But i washed her hands right away. Is there anyway that she can contract the hsv1 virus?

My daughter is 15. She worked out hard and now her hands are sore.Thenar eminence is sore. Done ice and it is tender/sore. What to do?

My daughter is 15. She worked out hard and now her hands are sore.Thenar eminence is sore.Done ice and it's tender/sore.What to do?Should i be worried

My daughter is 9yrs. She keeps getting canker sores on gum line. Why is this and what can I do to ease the pain?

My daughter keeps getting cold sores. Lots of dots then scab. Anything preventative I can do?

My dentist thought i had angular cheilstis but it keeps coming back. I have tried everything i used to get cold sores but that was over 5 yrs ago help?

My five years old started with a cold sore for the first time. Is there any medication or treatment for this condition?

My friend got teterus shot 3 weeks later she got skin leasons mouth sore skin pink and tingle sore in head is that normal?

My friend has a cold sore on her lip and she touched the end of my razor, can I get herpes from this if I use it?

My friend has gotten cold sores since we were kids so i know i've been exposed to the virus. Just got first cold sore after flu. Will i always get them now? I'm 23 and never had one before now.

My friends kids were over 2 my house & they have cold sores, active lesions, my 1yr old & 1month old were both exposed. Is there anything I can do now 2 ensure they don't get infected & is there anything other than a cold sore that I should n lookin 4?

My genital Herpes blisters are starting to get smaller but they itch and smell bad. I'm still feeling sore Does that mean the acyclovir is working?

My gf had a cold sore on her lips for more a month is it herpes ? Becsuse i knew herpes sore heals completly after 14 days max

My gf had a cold sore on her top lip for more 1 month is it herpes ? I knew that herpes sore stays max for 14 days what does this mean?

My girl friend thinks she might be getting a cold sore and some of her spit got down there if you know what I mean. Can I get herpes from this?